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By Any Means Necessary by Disarm

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Reviewed on 28th May 2008.


By Any Means Necessary

By Disarm

What can I say about Disarm?

This is a band of energetic musicians that makes a team Sir Alex Ferguson would be proud of.

A vocal talent from lead singer Brad, that words can't praise enough. The power, the harmonics mixed together with this pure vocal talent is something I haven't heard in a very long time. The rest of the band play their instruments like demons, they must have been good because the truth of the matter is it kept my wife quiet - fuck me that's a first - she usually hates rock/punk/thrash, but it opened her eyes to a music that's fantastic and it will grow on you.

Everything from the drums, lead guitar etc was a pleasure to hear, these guys are amazing! Whoever wrote the lyrics is a mastermind genius (recommended to be a member of Mensa).

Disarm has a thrash punk-ish style with a 'who gives a shit' attitude, but they have certainly hit a nail on the head with this album. All 12 tracks are different; all sung with a great deal of effort, but played with a great deal of talent. This is a band you WILL want to see and buy every single, album, and gig ticket for their next tour. Disarm are as addictive as beer and I love the golden stuff. What Disarm put into their music is pride, passion and pure punk rock that this type of music has been missing for a long, long time. The drummer, Ant, has an element of thrash metal in his style of play and the lead guitar from Brad and Jamie could rock all day and my head will still be banging. Brad's vocals could crack the world open with a talent like he possesses and I wish you guys luck! You all flow with talent that is unbelievable, a dream of a band that will someday make it in this crazy faddy world of music.

Disarm are a band that put this genre of punk into a new age, a true tribute to new punk/metal after all these years proving that the music still lives on.



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