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Kitch Bitch by Isosceles

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Reviewed on 24th June 2008.


Kitch Bitch

By Isosceles

Charging headlong at us with spry eyes and barbed words of wit come Glaswegian four-piece Isosceles and their not particularly innovative brand of wry and irreverent art-pop jerkiness. The waif-punk on offer here is reminiscent of yet again those forever referenced stalwarts of arty music XTC or Orange Juice, even very early Talking Heads (before David Byrne discovered Africa and Brian Eno).

Whilst the chorus of this, their second single, is undeniably infectious, catching like the common cold when temperatures dip, its incessant ranting yelp does become mildly annoying after only a few plays - much in the same way that the misspelled title, deliberate or not, grates somewhat. It's almost as if they're trying too hard to be clever, and have overlooked some of the basics. Their lyrical word play seems to occasionally stoop to tiresome irony, but taken in good humour, it's all rather jaunty and bouncy and quite good fun really. This counts for the music as well; the cheeky wolf-whistle mimicry of the guitar in echoing "she's staring at the boys" certainly raises a smile.

At times though it's dangerously uncertain whether we should be taking any of it seriously at all; the full pelt guitar riff, for one, has a hazardous resemblance with those lords of laughter Electric Six and especially the riff of 'Gay Bar'. If this similarity was more pronounced it might threaten to undermine any lasting value for the song, as well as Isosceles' genuine musical sensibilities.

B-side 'Watertight', as its title implies, possesses some much more assured merit. With a Franz-esque turn into the fantastically crafted faux-funk hook of the chorus, and instrumentation a little more exploratory than the A-side, it's executed with just the right amount of eccentric panache that could carry this lot further afield than most indie popsters.



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