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Cost Of Living / Turn Away by The Tunics

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Reviewed on 29th June 2008.


Cost Of Living / Turn Away

By The Tunics

What a lovely surprise. My first thought upon hearing the opening of The Tunics' creamy new substance, 'Cost of Living' was a bit "meh" to tell the truth.

I'm right wrong, like.

These two songs are taken from their forthcoming album, snappily titled 'Somewhere In Somebody's Heart'. Rather than write 50 piss poor words about how the lyrics are 'poetic' and the singer sounds a bit like Alex Turner, I feel it would be more worthwhile to discuss a particular comment left on The Tunics' website, as there seems to be some confusion as to how this indie three piece should be pigeonholed (if I had my way I'd ban pigeonholing, but we must adhere to the rulebook kids...)

While I don't wish to dispel the thoughts of Maximum FM, in honesty they're about as useful as an Englishman in a cultural drinking competition. The Tunics are most certainly not reminiscent to The Streets or Oasis, not to my ears anyway. It's an unfair comparison to make, and riddled with hyperbole, considering the aforementioned acts both made defining records of a generation of music listeners. Cost of Living is certainly not a 'Weak Become Heroes' or 'Live Forever', yet merely a solid three minutes of good, fast paced, easily listenable music. It follows the tried (or rather, tired...) and tested social commentary that has become a favoured lyrical status of many of the current crop of guitar heroes. Some do it well (Arctic Monkeys), some not so well (Hard-Fi). While most certainly not a 'Weak Become Heroes', it's thankfully not a 'Cash Machine' either, and serves its purpose well. Solid, yes. Spectacular? Very debatable. But then real life is better than psychedelic cravings of dragons and warlocks I suppose.

The second song is 'Turn Away', which is a slow maungy ballad. In all honesty, it's quite boring and lyrically uninspiring ("Turn away / And come back some sunny day"), yet shows the band are not merely a one trick pony. Let's not forget too, that this is just one track taken from 12 that will make up their upcoming album 'Somewhere in Somebody's Heart'. Considering that hardly anyone can make even three quarters a great album these days, it really isn't a bad effort thus far.

Carry on, chaps.



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