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Burn America Burn by Levellers

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Reviewed on 1st July 2008.


Burn America Burn

By Levellers

'Burn America Burn' is the second single taken from the Levellers' upcoming 'Letters From The Underground' album. It's a chunk of folk-rock perfection, brimming with folkish hooks and bursts of dizzying electro. With it available to download free from www.lettersfromtheunderground.com, there really is no excuse for you not to experience its charms.

While on the surface 'Burn America Burn' may be an exuberant, catchy-as-hell number, at its heart are some surprisingly dark lyrics regarding that most controversial of subjects: school shootings. It's jarring when you realise just what this song is actually about. But, this is what makes 'Burn America Burn' so great: you'll love its upbeat country strains on the first listen, but repeat listens will reveal that it's so much more than just a catchy tune.

'Burn America Burn' delivers disdainful lyrics in a fun, folkish package, luring the listener in and then walloping them with their hard-boiled political message. Best of all, this thought-provoking song won't cost you a penny. Go and download it now.



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