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Reviewed on 15th July 2008.



By We The Faceless

Let's get this straight - despite the marketing blurb that was enclosed with this CD describing We The Faceless as 'new grunge', there's nothing particularly new about them. This 6 track EP showcases a love of Pearl Jam and Nirvana, and much of the CD follows in a similar vein (save for the bizarre steal of the riff from Jose Gonzales' version of Heartbeats in Burn The Witch).

Firefly kicks off proceedings in an encouraging manner, riding in on a riff straight from the Josh Homme school of hard rockin', and rides home by way of a vocal performance reminiscent of Kurt Cobain after eating a mouthful of sandpaper. Taxi Driver does similar things, but with an extra beefed up and distorted bass groove.

This, however, is a band with their sights on something much more epic, hence the Pearl Jam influence. Yellow House is by far their most interesting song, all mournful arpeggios and atmospheric synths, which doesn't really earn the term epic - clocking in at 3.18 - but contains a chorus which you can imagine being bellowed back at them by 30,000 festival fans sometime soon, sounding as it does very reminiscent of Alive.

This being a debut EP, it's far from perfect, with Franco's Parrot being a bit of a poor Limp Bizkit impersonation, and their ambition far outweighs their ability at the moment, but this is a promising EP from a band with ideas, even if not many of them are their own.



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On 3rd October 2008 at 17:45 Anonymous 7179 wrote...

Well well well,..atlast a band that actually do try to save grunge,..I mean so what that they sound like Nirvana, that's like dissing a girl because she looks like Jessia Alba,..It's great sound, love the lyrics and tunes, takes me back to the ninetees when I was still a young man finding my way in this world,..I predict big things for this band



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