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In Our Hands by New Adventures

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Reviewed on 1st August 2008.


In Our Hands

By New Adventures

To say this is only New Adventures' second release (and their second single at that) is impressive. The title track is a slab of radio friendly, uplifting rock with the sort of soaring chorus that would give radio-rock superstars Coldplay and Snow Patrol a run for their money.

It opens with a relatively hook-free verse that may not immediately grab your attention, but the second that huge chorus kicks in you'll be caught hook, line and sinker. Frontman Jez belts out lung-busting notes with ease, and even the chorus' occasional strident vocal only adds to the song, giving it an edge whereas otherwise it might have become too slick. 'In Our Hands' is a big, urgent rock song that feels custom-made to win over the masses on national radio.

New Adventures also have the winning habit of introducing new lyrics towards the end of their songs, giving them a last-minute boost. Jez's impassioned delivery of these fresh lyrics makes them feel spontaneous, it's almost as if he's imploring the listener. This final shot of life-affirming energy will have you reaching for that repeat button, if only so you can experience that end high again.

B-side 'Spotlights' is a slower number that may lack the instant appeal of 'In Our Hands,' but repeat listens will see the subtle melody fix itself firmly in your head. You'll also grow to appreciate the surprisingly complex lyrics. This is a song that seems to have a story behind it, and New Adventures manage to get most of that across without sounding like they're rambling, and without burying that sublimely addictive melody. The soaring guitars ensure that this song expires on a high, and again you'll want to put that repeat button to good use.

'Something Amazing' is the weaker of the four tracks, with hazy vocals that may infuse the song with a sense of summer, but don't grab your attention as more defined vocals would. But, 'Something Amazing' gets better as it goes on, climbing steadily to a crescendo of crashing drums and guitars, helped along by some more spontaneous-sounding end-lyrics. Once again, this song's finest moment comes just before it ends, cleverly leaving you wanting more.

Previous single 'How I Got My Devil Back (Part One)' showcases frontman Jez's voice at its best as he belts out another heart-wrenching chorus. Some stirring string-work make this New Adventures' most affecting song. The fact that it doesn't go all-out towards the end actually works in its favour, proving that New Adventures don't have to stick to the same formula in order to cook up a tear-jerker. You don't even miss that last-minute blow-out, as each repeat of that beautifully understated chorus gets you a little more emotionally involved in the song.

'How I Got....' is a winning end to a top-notch four track CD that marks New Adventures out as a band with the sort of mass appeal that could make them very, very popular. All they need now is that chart-bothering, radio-rock ballad to really get them noticed.



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