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How Come Loretta by The Ryes

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Reviewed on 20th August 2008.


How Come Loretta

By The Ryes

Having heard a lot of good things about The Ryes it was with great interest I loaded their CD into my iTunes. And it turns out all the good things I've heard were true. 'How Come Loretta' is definitely an encouraging first release, it's just a shame it was the only track on the promo CD as it would have been good to hear more from them.

The track is a good slice of catchy guitar pop, and catchy is the word most used by most other reviewers but it is probably the best way to describe it. The rhythm section is strong throughout and the drumming in particular is particularly impressive, the pulse of the song really keeps it moving. It does have quite an old school feel to it with its definite verse bridge chorus set up like a classic pop song. There's nothing experimental or ground breaking here, but when a song is this catchy it doesn't need to be. It gets in your head straight away and you'll be singing the falsetto 'How Come Loretta...' chorus by the end of the first listen. Toe tapping doesn't even begin to do it justice...

On the basis of this first single it's obvious more mainstream attention will come the band's way and more material will provide an insight into where the band are headed. If the other material is as strong as this then they will be an act to watch out for.



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