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Vanished by Crystal Castles

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Reviewed on 20th August 2008.



By Crystal Castles

I thought I'd give Crystal Castles a chance as I was seeing their name all over the place, so new single 'Vanished' was the perfect grounding zone for a peek at their work. The band is made up of Canadian duo Ethan and Alice and this single is taken from their 'critically lauded' debut album.

It's been branded as the missing link between the Clash and Kraftwerk, a bridge between the riot of punk and the precision of electronics. I think it's borderline chill-out at times, the melodic futurist beats combined with a crisp vocal perhaps make it slightly more mainstream pushed than the direction it could be trying to take. It's not really as long as it could be either, the electro noise is effortless and could last at least double the amount of length as I view Crystal Castles as more of a background noise than tracks I'd intentionally put on to listen to.

It feels it should be more 'under the table' than it is; though maybe that's a good thing for exposure and success. Not really my cup of tea, not as strong or bitter as I'd like it.



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