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Building Blocks by Broadcast 2000

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Reviewed on 31st August 2008.


Building Blocks

By Broadcast 2000

I'll begin this review by thanking Broadcast 2000. This CD is like a breath of fresh air and perfect for chilling out and laying back. It's the type of music that you can have on in the background and just feel the infectious melodies swirling around your head. This type of music my not be to everyone's taste, but there's no denying it has a certain charm to it. A charm that has not gone unnoticed by advertising types either as one of the tracks actually features on an Eon advertisement at the minute.

Opener 'Run' sets the tone with simple melodies and harmonic vocals and it quite refreshing to hear music still being made this way. That's not to say it's old fashioned, it sounds very much like a modern interpretation of how music used to be made. The emphasis is very much on the harmonies, backed by limited guitar and percussion, and a nice Xylophone riff in the case of 'Run.'

Over Soon' continues the trend and the soft vocals really are soothing on the ears. The harmonies and 'ooh wah' parts throughout the song really float over the instruments to great effect. Even two songs in you can tell these are songs that are not being rushed anywhere, the listener is being brought along to enjoy the ride rather than merely get to the next song. The more you immerse yourself in these songs the more can appreciate each element individually.

'Don't Weigh Me Down' features twice on the CD; in its original form and in the form of a James Yuill remix. The original is probably the most striking and memorable song on the CD thanks to the male group harmonies in an almost medieval sounding chorus that will not leave your head for the next hour after hearing the song. In contrast to this is the next track 'Get Up & Go' which is staccato plucking and Xylophone with glissando strings gliding over the top of them.

Strings also feature prominently in 'Pep Talk', but the following track 'Everybody & Me' is probably the 'loudest' track on the CD. An acoustic riff keeps the song moving as keys join the song and add a bit of meat to the track. It does make a change to hear more of a wall of sound, but it's the more stripped back sounds that really appeal to me. And minus the James Yuill remix, the CD does revert back to this laid back feel for 'The View' with gentle acoustics and more plucking with the soothing vocals over the top and more vocal harmonies that just sound perfect especially on a nice sunny day. Or in my case, can take me miles away from the dullness I see out of my shop window!

This band has been a real find for me, and if you want a break from the myriad number of guitar acts kicking about you'll find plenty to like about Broadcast 2000. Thoroughly recommended.



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