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Outside Asylum @ The Library

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The Library

229 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 3AP


Outside Asylum

Live at The Library on Friday, 30th April 2010

The supplied line up for this gig is Outside Asylum, Origami Bullets, Further From The Truth, Broohaha.

360 CLUB - presents:

If you can take a hard one come on down!


'A four piece, (though one man down tonight) meat and potatoes rock act. They bound pleasurably through a decent set of tunes. "Keep smiling and no one will notice the mistakes," the singer jokes with a broad grin. But the final song, and possible single, showed a darker side to their Foo Fighters inspired plectrums. The drums continue to pound throughout and the bass growls to chants of "We are so cold and lonely," much to everyone's delight'. Reece Stables - Leeds Music Scene


'Visible through the shuffling crowd is a reflection off a small brass arsenal, and a guitar. Shit. As a general convention I have learnt that suits saxophones guitars all upstairs in a pub = tedious ska, perhaps even some incredibly dated elbow jutting, "ows ya farver" cockney dancing. Made worse when coming from an iPod generation group going for the... "We are NOT a Ska band!" ...Eh?

The first rasping words of the vocalist silence the crowd's voices and preconceptions. Slicking back his greased hair and unleashing a chest full of air into his saxophone they begin their set. This is Broohaha, and they play grunge-jazz.

To begin, as their name suggests, they are a collection of loud fragmented noises coming from everywhere and anywhere, however given a few minutes to digest what is being projected, you begin to see the logic that holds the outfit together. The guitar and drums intertwine, as the saxophone first echoes, then leads with a series of sinister squeaks like as hysterical laughter. Instrumentation is lavished with the angry snarls of Ollie Dover's voice as he prowls the stage having the lyrical convulsions of a man possessed.

Of course for the average Joe there is not a major place in their hearts for progressive grunge jazz, (even as a genre it's difficult to comprehend). However rather than isolate the crowd with their own pretensions they throw us a hand with a tongue well and true in their cheeks. After a nonsensical madcap journey entitled "Tuesday" front man Dover quips with the audience, "as you can see we really like Tuesdays." And while not to everyone's taste they safely leave the stage by far and away the most interesting band of the night'. Reece Stables - Leeds Music Scene


Fresh from their BBC Introducing feature!

They are a 4 piece hard rock band from Leeds.. the band are set to burst on the the scene in 2010 with their eponymous 3 track debut EP. Their inimitable brand of melodic hard rock touches it's beer stained cap to LA Rock luminaries such as; Motley Crue, Buckcherry and Snakepit with hard and heavy riff's offset by a 'don't bore us get to the chorus' philosophy that breeds infectious, raw, heavy rock'n roll anthems.


A super-charged, female fronted heavy rock band from West Yorkshire, UK, formed in 2008 - straight from the studio just having recorded tracks for their coming release.

10pm - 1.30am 4 Advance 5 on the door

contact: info@360-club.co.uk



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Live @ The Library on Friday, 30th April 2010



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Outside Asylum


Five piece Alternative / Jazzy / Rock / Grunge outfit from Leeds

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