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Dan Audio @ The Library

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The Library

229 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 3AP


Dan Audio

Live at The Library on Friday, 25th March 2011

The supplied line up for this gig is Dan Audio, Ols Moore And The Gypsy Dogs, Mimi & The Leaders, Light Shape.

360 Club presents:

Gig being recorded for BBC Introducing & Filmed for BBC.



" DAN AUDIO in parts remind me of SPEARHEAD and I reckon they're going to smash festivals all over the world". LSK - FAITHLESS

'The music is a little bit indie, a little bit reggae, a little bit hip-hop and little bit rock. They have an amazing ability to remind you of the Streets (but cooler), Bob Marley (but with more energy) and Chunky Butt Funky (but less chunky), all at the same time. They have their own sound and they really rock the joint.' Henry Jones - Leeds Music Scene

"with their brilliant reggae funk sound and humorous politically charged lyrics. With just two years of gigging experience under their belt and describing themselves as 'a solo project gone wrong' they sound really together. The bass parts are excellent and its nice to actually see an amateur band utilising the bass to its fullest. The two voices complement each other brilliantly, the harmonies are spot on and the funk influenced guitar parts complement the occasional rapping perfectly"
Rebecca Atkinson - Leeds Music Scene

DAN AUDIO is currently in the studio recording his debut album.

An EP is on the way to give a taste of the album with a release date planned for 2011.



"Ols Moore And The Gypsy Dogs are really a breath of fresh air in a Leeds music scene dominated by acoustic folk..."

"Their encore and the slower more heart-felt number tops off a really brilliant set. Their 7 track EP ...is out now and it most certainly worth a listen" Rebecca Atkinson - Leeds Music Scene

'a band that play the kind of positively filthy folk blues you would expect to hear playing in a bar in a Cormac McCarthy novel. Ols Moore is in possession of a voice that has surely been subjected to a litre of whiskey and a carton or two of cigarettes a day for the last 20 years. The end product: a quasi Tom Waits growl that is as stirring as it is abrasive.

Throughout the set, the up-down rhythm of The Gypsy dogs is imposed so aggressively that the only thing I've been able to imagine with any clarity for the last two days is 'dun dicka dun dicka dun dicka'. On 'Religious Man', Ols sings: 'God is not my biggest fan'. Well in that case, God mustn't have much of a taste in music.
Josh Lewis - Leeds Music Scene'

MIMI & the LEADERS: http://soundcloud.com/mimi-and-the-leaders

"Amazing, vibrant, fun and exciting music. You cant help but dance"
Crumbs and the Butter - online magazine"

"Mimi herself is an accomplished vocalist. She flexes her chops with some greatly confident vocal lines and improvisation"
Josh Lewis - Leeds Music Scene

With influences from Massive Attack and the Carpenters to Rage Against the machine, Mimi and the Leaders are the sound of today's electro/pop/rock.

Light Shape: http://www.myspace.com/lightshapeband

"Are a exciting new band on the Leeds music scene.

Sharp, mechanical drums are behind punchy guitar riffs and synthy fretless basslines to make you dance like your dad.

Formed last year, this three piece have a sophisticated yet brutal sound which will leave you wondering what hit you"
Doors 8pm - 11.30pm ish
4 Adv - Venue or Jumbo Records. 5 on the door.


360 Club: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=49019584593



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Light Shape

Live @ The Library on Friday, 25th March 2011



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Dan Audio

DAN AUDIO mixes elements of Dub, Rock, Ska and Drum&Bass and has recently played live shows with the BBC and at the O2 Academy in London.

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