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The Creeks @ The Library

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The Library

229 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 3AP


The Creeks

Live at The Library on Friday, 28th October 2011

The supplied line up for this gig is The Creeks, Maggie8, ICS, Rupert Stroud.

360 Club presents a monthly special:

This gig is being recorded and filmed for BBC Introducing and the BBC big
screens in the north.

Alan Raw (BBC Introducing) is DJ'ing the event and any bands/ artists who
bring a demo will get them played during his set, he will then have a copy
he may play on his two BBC Introducing shows.
The Creeks: http://www.TheCreeks.co.uk/

Having played Leeds Festival gig, where they were instantly asked to return
for 2012, come check these guys, they are fresh and original and superb

"Two songs in and it's clear that the buzz is not for nothing. The band
perform as one and there's a wealth of energy pulsating from frontman Ste
Pye's cocksure vocals. The sound has its parallels in balls-out rock outfits
like Velvet Revolver - A solid backline with some lively and loose drumming
is equalled by some flashy classic rock guitar-work and gritty vocal
displays. Fresh from Leeds Fest, the confidence and banter belie a band
ready for bigger things" Tim Hearson - Leeds Music Scene

Shattered Glass Media:
"With their unique brand of alternative rock and tight live show, The Creeks
are one of the most impressive bands on the Yorkshire scene right now.
Whether jamming in a bedroom or playing to a huge crowd, they give 100% and
it's the combination of that attitude and great tunes that'll help this band
go far"

Jay Vermin-No Title Magazine:
"If you listen to the lyrics in the way they were intended on being heard,
then they are every bit as defiant as Sergeant Pepper after a few whiskies
and a couple of tabs of acid"
Maggie8: http://www.myspace.com/maggieslovelymusic

Maggie8 make music that combines Indian and English folk styles with
massive tunes to live your life by...

'With a mash-up of trumpet, banjo, melodica, viola and Hindi lyrics
splattered onto a pop-rock canvas it would be very difficult for Maggie8 to
come up with something that was anything other than bloody entertaining. On
that score they did not disappoint' Tim Hearson - Leeds Music Scene

"Delightfully unique and inspiringly sprightly" - musicbrokemybones.com

"They play banjos and trumpets and make a Beirut/Beach
Boys/Pentangle/beautiful noise that is joyous and melancholy, naive and
wise, all at the same time and is... is... just really, really good!"

"The girl singer sings trance like in, I think, Hindi (?), that completely
transports me"

"There seems to be a buzz around this band. Definite highlight of the
Gavin Meagher - Leeds Music Scene

"Tonight Maggie8 are blissful." Tom Keighley - Leeds Music Scene
I.C.S. (Formerly known as 'I Call Shotgun')


"They look amazing, they sound fantastic, totally relevant, i would love to
see them live, totally refreshing!" - Simon Gavin - Universal Records

"Amazing, such good production, its a stand alone tune, awesome."
- Nick Grimshaw (BBC Radio One)

"Their name is I Call Shotgun, you must MUST check it out." - Perez Hilton

They've had airplay and interviews on BBC Radio 1 by Both Nick Grimshaw and
Steve Lamacq, Nelly's 'ride with me', went viral after 'Perez Hilton' posted
a cover they did for the BBC. They then reached number 1 on the Hype Machine
as being the most blogged music in the world that week.
Rupert Stroud: http://www.rupertstroudmusic.com/

"This is where Rupert inspires you to listen again, you want to learn the
songs. You want to get to know the performer, you definitely want to see him
live....The album ends with 'For the best', a power ballad complete with
strings and two thousand lighters being held aloft, stadium rock poetry and
the perfect end to a near perfect debut album!"
Tom Murray - Eraze Magazine

"Stroud's voice shines through brilliantly on the songs, and the album is
produced to a high standard- Rupert Stroud does have an undeniable talent..."
Justin Myers - Vibrations Magazine Leeds

"his menacing vocals paired with intricate guitar lines and minimal yet
powerful drumming came together to create a mesmerizing style of acoustic
rock. Rupert's voice stood out well in the mix, and the lyrics were
generally well thought out" Ross Muir - Leeds Music Scene

Rupert Stroud and his band, have a fan base which stretches from their home
town to all 4 corners of the world. Including USA, South America, Australia,
Europe and the Far East. Rupert toured Hong Kong to promote his debut album
and also appeared on stage at the MGM Grande in Macau.
Doors 8pm - 11.30pm
4 adv - Jumbo Records & Crash Records. 5 on the door.
ID may be required if you look younger than 25.



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Live @ The Library on Friday, 28th October 2011



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Rupert Stroud

Rupert Stroud is an Acoustic/pop/rock singer/songwriter

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