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A list of selected music, arts and culture 'zines, both web-based or printed...

    Music reviews, gigs, bands competitions and more | 1,534 hits
  • Black Velvet Fanzine
    uk glossy independent rock zine | 2,298 hits
  • Collective Zine
    punk / hardcore / emo / indie reviews e-zine | 1,800 hits
  • Counterfeit
    Counterfeit, the descendant of Sandman Magazine, is a new Music and Arts Zine put together to support and give exposure to budding new bands, artists and groups throughout the North of England. They provide a platform for writers and photographers to show off their work, whatever their background. | 871 hits
  • Diskant
    excellent all round music resource | 1,452 hits
  • Drowned in Sound
    excellent internet coverage of the UK music scene | 1,597 hits
  • ESP Fanzine
    Do you remember the Leeds based 90's fanzine ESP/Expression She Pulled? If you do please like my page: Or follow us on twitter @espfanzine I am trying to trace my missing back issues in order to write a book documenting the story of the independently produced fanzine. The book will feature the best bits from all 24 issues plus highlights. It will trace the story of the fanzine as it first documented the then emerging Madchester movement (from Ally Pally to Spike Island); promoted the local Leeds music scene (with free cassette compilations); embraced the Britpop era (the rise of Oasis, Creation records et al) before establishing a more prominent sixties/mod influence over later issues. | 171 hits
  • Five Miles High
    uk rock'n'roll resource | 878 hits
  • Folk and Roots
    folk gig information for the UK | 490 hits
  • Hairless Heart Herald
    news and reviews on that oft derided music genre, progressive rock, prog rock, art rock, jazz rock or whatever... | 673 hits
  • Hyde Park Heat
    Rants, pics and opinion on Hyde Park, community news, politics, satirical, music news and independent promotion. | 472 hits
  • Joe's Big Toe
    Based in Sheffield and Birmingham, Joe's Big Toe originally focussed on rock, metal, and punk, but now host a large number of reviews and editorials on a variety of different types of music, ranging from folk to dubstep. | 436 hits
  • Leonard's Lair
    Weekly music reviews and webzine produced by Jonathan Leonard, featuring post rock to indie to alternative and more. | 933 hits
  • Necronomicon Fanzine
    Leeds horror culture print fanzine | 259 hits
  • No-TiTLE
    Leeds-based free monthly music magazine. | 1,121 hits
  • Planet Loud
    Planet Loud - where the volume is always set at ELEVEN! rock journal and more... | 732 hits
  • Raw Nerve
    haven for alternative music, life and culture, reviews, downloads, competitions, forum, interviews, creative and more... | 1,161 hits
  • Real UK Music
    extensive music resource website | 732 hits
  • Rock Stop Scene
    Devoted rock institution dedicated to providing the latest reviews, news, and interviews via a series of weekly posts. | 309 hits
  • Sandman Magazine
    Sheffield-originating magazine that has now expanded to produce a monthly 'zine for Leeds. Website also contains additional articles those that could not fit... | 1,481 hits
  • Screaming Tarts
    A cool new music based e-zine, featuring exclusive interviews, reviews and a very popular forum | 887 hits
  • Subba Cultcha
    Pro-active unsigned band promotions, zine, competitions and message board for people who love music | 748 hits
  • Tasty Fanzine
    Indie guitar based pop music fanzine | 1,108 hits
    A website that promotes music to a global audience based in Yorkshire. A combination of bloggers from around the world and Yorkshire provide insight into the world of great music. Working with labels to provide links to free EP's, reviews, news and more. | 198 hits
  • Vibrations
    Bi-monthly mag supporting the local scene. | 1,533 hits
  • Whisperin' And Hollerin'
    a mix of music reviews from Leeds and beyond | 1,378 hits

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