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Band Profile: Andy Stephenson
Andy Stephenson is a singer/songwriter from the Yorkshire town of Leeds, UK | 386 hits
Interview: Andy Whittle
Matt Bentley speaks to Andy Whittle. | 659 hits
Feature: Andy McKee Preview
Preview of Andy McKee's City Varieties Gig | 806 hits
Band Profile: Andy Whittle
Andy Whittle is a singer-songwriter from Nottingham, UK, who started making live performances in 2002. | 308 hits
CD Review: Andy Burrows - If I Had A Heart
Sometimes it's brilliant to be surprised, and this single from Andy Burrows is a truly welcome one. The former Razorlight drummer and I Am Arrows frontman seems to be on a mission to prove his worth as a songwriter and this little gem does nothing but add weight to that objective. | 459 hits
Band Profile: Andy Beverley
acoustic | 635 hits
Band Profile: Andy Burrows
We do not have a biography for Andy Burrows | 272 hits
Band Profile: Andy McKee
We do not have a biography for Andy McKee. | 138 hits
Band Profile: Andy Barton
Singer songwriter from Bradford. | 511 hits
Band Profile: Andy Macdonald
Vocals & Guitar; mainly acoustic style blues | 74 hits
Band Profile: Andy Clare
acoustic | 692 hits
Band Profile: Andy Votel
We do not have a biography for Andy Votel | 187 hits
CD Review: Andy Clare - Only in Your Glory
Andy Clare follows his three track demo with a consistently well tempered 6 track mini album "Only in Your Glory". | 455 hits
Band Profile: Andy Bodean and the Bottom Boys
We do not have a biography for Andy Bodean and the Bottom Boys. | 131 hits
Band Profile: Andy Doonan
Andy Doonan combines an intimate indie-acoustic sound with pop and alternative influences to deliver powerful honest songs. | 1,061 hits
CD Review: Andy Clare - After Everything
This is big hearted music. "After Everything" is a 3 track CD with one very fine song and two OK tracks. | 446 hits
News Article: Andy Willoughby, 2002
In six years of promoting an event with the best of the young talent from the North East I can honestly say no one has moved me more than Bee. | 323 hits
Live Review: Andy McKee
I am happy to stand corrected, but I doubt there has been a gig in history where Prince has shared the bill with Toto and Tears For Fears. | 975 hits
CD Review: Andy Votel - All Ten Fingers
Record label boss for Badly Drawn Boy, DJ, entrepreneur, sleeve designer, tea maker and generally good bloke Andy Votel has his own proper album out. | 518 hits
Live Review: Phono Arts Theatre + Audio Republic + Deadwall + Andy Doonan
It's mid-April and by now all the students have well and truly buggered off leaving Hyde Park a ghost town (albeit a decidedly sunny ghost town). | 793 hits
Feature: StrangeForms Interview - Lost In The Riots
Next we caught up with Andy (drums) from Watford post-rock outfit, Lost In the Riots. | 649 hits
Interview: les Flames!
Andy Roberts gives les Flames! a grilling... | 505 hits
Interview: Downfall
Downfall - those long-serving purveyors of rock speak to Andy Roberts on the hiatus surrounding their latest release, perfectionism and The Music... | 524 hits
Interview: British Sea Power
In a full transcription of the interview that appeared in the May 16 issue of the YEP, Andy Roberts talks to Noble - guitarist from eclectic Bowie-esque soon-to-be superstars British Sea Power about growing up in Leeds and more... | 951 hits
CD Review: Andy Whittle - Reflections of an Illusion
When I started this album running for the first time, I was in the car with my dad. We were on our way over to watch the new Harry Potter film in Burnley, and I thought I'd have a quick listen during the drive. | 615 hits
Band Profile: Paramedic Andy
rock | 450 hits
CD Review: Andy Beverley - Swords in the Sunset
This is a brave thing to do. Andrew Beverley is not an accomplished singer or guitarist, but he has a pile of heartbreak and a real story to tell. | 402 hits
CD Review: Andy Bodean and the Bottom Boys - Autumn Lee
One of the most dubious band names for some time coming at you all the way from the USA. This is standard 12 bar blues sung with distorted Strokes wannabe vocals. | 525 hits
Interview: The Dave Bakewell Plot + Herrod + Buen Chico
Andy Roberts finds out about the Halifax music scene... | 1,057 hits
Interview: The Charlatans
Andy Buchan catches up with The Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes... | 1,408 hits
Interview: Catylyst
Andy Roberts catches up with Catylyst prior to their Joseph's Well gig special... | 1,563 hits
Interview: The Casual Terraces
Andy Roberts catches up with The Casual Terraces before their gig with Radio Clash... | 2,061 hits
Interview: Lyca Sleep
Andy Roberts talks with Lyca Sleep prior to their Joseph's Well show... | 783 hits
Interview: Fulc
Fulc talk to Andy Roberts about single, tours, Kerrang and strippers... | 590 hits
Interview: The Call
Ripon's The Call get collared by Andy Roberts on their debut visit to Leeds... | 821 hits
Interview: Brody
Andy Roberts talks to Brody ahead of their end of year festivities at the Royal Park... | 509 hits
Interview: Charly Six
Proper Charlies: Andy Roberts catches up with Charly Six prior to their Royal Park gig... | 410 hits
Interview: les Flames!
Andy Roberts reaquaints himself with the punk pidgin-French world of Leeds' very own twisted firestarters: les Flames! | 596 hits
Interview: The Somatics
Andy Roberts heads round to The Somatics' house for a cuppa and a chinwag about their debut platter, local themes canal spotting and how prog will be cool once they release their new album... | 643 hits
Band Profile: Commonside
Commonside are a four piece guitar/indie/rock band based in West Yorkshire | 638 hits
News Article: Local bands have their chance of radio airplay
Ridings FM continues to show its commitment to the up and coming music scene with the Local Music Update, every Thursday evening at 9.15pm. | 614 hits
Band Profile: Unknown Brother
Acoustic singer/songwriter from Leeds | 324 hits
Band Profile: The Infected
punk | 408 hits
Band Profile: Rebel Rabble
Rebel Rabble - Wicked Covers and Original Pirate Material | 693 hits
Band Profile: The Prowlers
Singer: Andy Townend Lead guitar: Andy Dawson Bass guitar: John Heap Drums: Kev Shaw The Prowlers are a band from Leeds that have been playing since the early 80's. | 2,893 hits
News Article: The Blind Dead McJones Band announce Delicious new Bass Player!
The Blind Dead Mcjones Band have replaced long standing Bass player Andy "The Cake" Johnson with a actual slice of sponge cake, named Howard Crumb. | 372 hits
News Article: 2010-2014
We are sad to announce that Canaya is calling it a day. No dramas, bad blood or musical differences, just time to move onto pastures new. | 296 hits
Band Profile: Us4//U2
U2 tribute band | 602 hits
Band Profile: Elizabeth
Andy from That Fucking Tank and Kill Yourself. | 247 hits
Band Profile: Blue Note
Leeds based Blues and Funk Rock! from a set of students from Leeds, Doncaster, Liverpool and Singapore! | 398 hits
Band Profile: Zoo In Flames
indie | 812 hits
Band Profile: The Syndicates
The Syndicates are a Leeds/ West yorkshire based Rock/Indie band. | 480 hits
Band Profile: The Mourning People
David Ward Buster Charles Andy Morrey Ryan Booth | 149 hits
Band Profile: Cruyff
Alternative band influenced by Johan Cruyff. | 1,286 hits
Band Profile: Red Riding Quartet
4-piece metal outfit based in Wakefield, UK | 334 hits
Band Profile: Accept Decline
NEWS 05/03/2009 - We have just finished recording our EP which is free to download, you can also listen online at our MySpace page. | 652 hits
Band Profile: Olvidar
hardcore metal | 635 hits
Band Profile: Capitals
Capitals were formed by ex-members of the Leeds based band '...And The Return': Sy Greg Jeff Lewis Andy | 436 hits
Band Profile: The EBGBs
Indie funk band from Huddersfield | 662 hits
Band Profile: The Echo
The Echo are a group of musicians and songwriters descending from various backwaters across Northern England. With its Americana twist and tequila-toting atmosphere The Echo conjure a cinematic live sound. | 1,890 hits
Band Profile: Fontaine
Leeds Based Party-Noise duo Fontaine | 244 hits
CD Review: Mozer - An Aural Demonstration
Getting around to reviewing the four-track CD from Mozer - not to be mistaken with Mozzer... "We're not a Morrissey tribute band" - has been brought to the fore in the last few days due to dialogue with former Seahorses drummer, Andy Watts. | 420 hits
Band Profile: The Woven Project
The Woven Project are lo-fi, acoustic, experimental musicians collective from Hartlepool, London and Leeds | 238 hits
News Article: Local music on the agenda at Ridings FM
Radio station Ridings FM is extending its work to support up-and-coming musicians in the local area. The station launched in 1999 and covers Wakefield and the surrounding area, including Castleford, Pontefract, Featherstone, Normanton and Knottingley. | 1,156 hits
Band Profile: The Red Room
The Red Room are a 'orrible Bradford based band, who mix Dali surrealism with raucous music and performance. | 182 hits
Band Profile: Sooner Than Now
Electro-screams-and-breakdown-core | 173 hits
News Article: Local music on the agenda at Ridings FM
Yorkshire radio station Ridings FM is extending its work to support up-and-coming musicians in the local area. | 565 hits
Band Profile: Road To Remorse
An alternative metal band from West Yorkshire. | 335 hits
News Article: 96.3 Aire FM continue to offer airplay to local bands via its Music Express show...
96.3 Radio Aire is continuing to show its commitment to the up-and-coming music scene in Leeds in 2005 with the continuation of a weekly Music Express feature. | 1,143 hits
Band Profile: The Reams
Rock / pop covers band form Leeds. | 978 hits
Band Profile: The Cylinder Opens
Paul D'Cruz - Guitar/Vox/Keyboards Andy O - Bass/Vox Jimi D - Vox/Guitar | 353 hits
Band Profile: Inner City Sumo
rock indie | 479 hits
Band Profile: Social Rejects
punk rock | 542 hits
Band Profile: Progenitor
Andy Glen - Bass Chris Steenson - Guitar Aiden Dulay - Drums Liam Cook - Guitar | 192 hits
Band Profile: The Flex
Hardcore band from Leeds | 495 hits
Band Profile: Death Disco Club
Electro indie band | 394 hits
Band Profile: Northern Vinyl
Wedding and function band based in Leeds | 376 hits
Band Profile: Time To Leave
Rock/Alternative/Progressive | 1,708 hits
Band Profile: Paraffin Alien
Jonny Teanby - Guitar/Vocals Andy Robinson - Guitar David Parry - Bass Brendan Karnik - Drums | 457 hits
Band Profile: Solitary Mass
Craig Jackson - Guitar Andy Crosby - Guitar Kersh - Drums Joe Hall - Bass Neil Travers - Vocals | 345 hits
Band Profile: Mainline
Indie/Rock/Psych/Blues | 2,144 hits
Band Profile: Daybreakers
Fronted by the 3 previous members of The Touch, Daybreakers are a 6/7 piece blues rock collective combining huge soundscapes with psychedelic groove-pop licks. | 653 hits
Band Profile: Half Sight
Formerly known as Atlas, Half Sight are a band who focus on making melodic, original and meaningful music. | 684 hits
Band Profile: Foley
Formed from the ashes of Leeds band Beeker. Consist of regulars Con Curtis & Damian Curtis; plus guests Kevin Hitchen (Rogueflys) & Andy Walton (The Ace) and more ... | 375 hits
Band Profile: Flee The Plague
Deathcore/Hardcore band from West Yorkshire | 366 hits
Band Profile: Five & Dimers
Anne Jackson Gayna Grimshaw Rosie Clegg Ricky Silvers Andy McDermott A bunch of session players who got together to play a mix of Old Timey, Bluegrass and Country music. | 769 hits
CD Review: The Horror - First Blood Part II
The word of the day is Incendiary. The mighty Horror return from what seems an age to unleash a fresh strain of succulent thrash hardcore onto an eager public. | 455 hits
Band Profile: Big Bad Rabbit
Big Bad Rabbit are an eight piece pop/jazz band playing original music inspired by the likes of ELO, The Beach Boys and Snarky Puppy. | 84 hits
Band Profile: Moonfleet
Orchestral Post-Rock band from Leeds | 189 hits
Band Profile: The Sneakers
The Sneakers were one of the most popular bands on the Leeds pub circuit between 1977 and 1979. They are fondly remembered by fans who went to the gigs, Haddon Hall, Staging Post, Fforde Green and many more. | 781 hits
Band Profile: All Systems Go
alternative punk | 612 hits
Band Profile: Nope
Andy Abbott - guitar Gus Bousfield - bass James Islip - guitar Steve Nuttall - drums Jonathan Nash - drums Patrick Dowson - vocals | 1,124 hits
Band Profile: Fauns
Folk / alternative / acoustic band from Otley | 722 hits
Band Profile: Flatliners
Andy - Vocals Paul - Drums Tony - Bass Dave W - Guitar Dave B - Guitar | 316 hits
Band Profile: Polly's Medicine
rock | 685 hits
News Article: Dance to the Radio celebrates its 5th birthday
Leeds record label Dance to the Radio was originally formed by Whiskas (ˇForward, Russia!, Honour Before Glory) and Andy Roberts and while its forming partners have since left the label to work on other ventures, the label has continued and this week celebrated its 5th Birthday. | 494 hits
Band Profile: Wilson Lloyd Cole
Up and coming, stripped down Blues rockers | 330 hits
Band Profile: Thieving Lloyd Cole
Jonny Stott - Vocals/Electric Guitar Andy Cole - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Harmonica Thomas Cuddy - Bass Graeme Megson - Drums/Percussion | 1,157 hits
Band Profile: Videowax
Jack O'halloran - Vocals Callum Rogers - Bass Guitar Sean Forde - Drums Joe McKeown - Guitar Andy Stevens-Davies - Guitar James Atherton - Guitar | 252 hits
News Article: Ophelia release their debut EP
Leeds band Ophelia have released their first EP, titled "Errors, delays & then (finally) Rejection". The single is available as a Digital Download via iTunes and Amazon and was mastered at Abbey Road by Andy Walter [Radiohead, Sigur Ros]. | 294 hits
CD Review: Eddyfink - Immuno
Eddyfink's current single does what many of their more well-known contemporaries fail to, by grabbing us right by the balls with Andy Pisanu's voice of conviction. | 536 hits
Band Profile: Radio Silence
Wakefield punk rock | 123 hits
Band Profile: Bleed
Punk hardcore band from Wakefield | 378 hits
Band Profile: Brothers on the Slide
Brothers on the Slide are a collective of Leeds based musicians who have performed together since 2004. | 551 hits
CD Review: Andyshades & Us - Untitled
Tell me I'm not the right audience for Andy Shades and you're probably onto something, but I've seen him in concert and know he's a decent musician who works with others of the same ilk, some of whom are the US playing here. | 364 hits
Band Profile: Melody Maker
indie rock | 602 hits
Band Profile: The Academy Is...
The Academy Is... are: William Beckett - vocals Mike Carden - guitar Adam Siska - bass Tom Conrad - guitar / vocals Andy Bishop Mrotek - drums "We want to move people... | 501 hits
Band Profile: New Portlands
A new band based in Huddersfield playing a unique breed of grungey rock blues. | 172 hits
Band Profile: Pushbike Army
indie punk | 1,445 hits
Live Review: Kerouac
It's certainly an ambitious move to name your band after a bit of a left-field literary icon. As far as beat generation goes, old Jack is arguably the man and so you're always going to have to live up to that kind of expectation with those familiar with the object of your affection or demonstration of knowing cool. | 290 hits
Band Profile: Humanfly
Progressive Rock | 2,616 hits
Band Profile: Jimmy Glass
covers | 700 hits
Band Profile: Gunnarson
Punk Rock from Wakefield | 263 hits
Band Profile: White Heat
WHITE HEAT Maria Tjader (Falling Spikes) - Vocals Andy Steingold (Pablos) - Lead Guitar Sasha Raoul (Blanche Hudson Weekend) - Guitar Paddy Phillips (Pablos) - Drums Stuart Fear - Bass | 802 hits
Band Profile: The Reprobates
rock | 1,653 hits
Band Profile: The Sick Men Of Europe
Vocals/Guitar - Sam Carter Pots and Pans - Jim Bee Bass/Upright Bass - Andy Jessop The Sick Men Of Europe are a 3 piece, gin drinking, basement dwelling outfit from Leeds. | 336 hits
Band Profile: Ordinarily Different
punk rock | 452 hits
Band Profile: PlaygrounD
Playground was born in around 1993, and after many summers practice in the bottle shed of the Cricketers Arms Seacroft, we emerged a pale and interesting bunch, with some raw talent and some dark grooves. | 479 hits
Band Profile: The Rise
indie | 1,928 hits
Band Profile: Kali
Leeds Based Grunge Post Rock | 582 hits
Band Profile: Cottonwoolf
Five-piece psychedelic alt-rock band steeped in blues and 70s progressive undertones. | 545 hits
Band Profile: Outline
Oasis, Libertines Monkeys and Pistols influenced northern 4 peice band. | 586 hits
Band Profile: Albeit
Albeit were formed in Bradford in 1997. Regulars on the West Yorkshire gig circuit, the band supported the likes of Mansun and Idlewild before going on indefinite hiatus in 2001. | 368 hits
Band Profile: Lost Souls (2006)
Leeds-based rock band. | 1,042 hits
Band Profile: Molotov Sandwich
Molotov Sandwich has been knocking around for a couple of years, being in its current incarnation since sometime in 2005!!!! | 331 hits
Band Profile: Anchored by Avarice
Tom Bellamy - Vocals Andy Parkinson - Guitar Danny Widdowson - Guitar Jack Bhogal - Bass/Clean Vocals Blue Thorn - Drums Anchored By Avarice are a five piece band that produces a unique sound combining melodies over fast paced riffs with heavy breakdowns threaded throughout. | 658 hits
Band Profile: Last Of The Sirens
Last Of The Sirens are Chris Windsor, Phil Beedham, Andy "Bungle" Mckinlay and Jimmy Newsome. Based in Leeds/Huddersfield, the band formed late 2009 with a love for big epic sounds with raw heart felt lyrics. | 497 hits
Band Profile: One Day Remains
Liam Jarvis - Vocals Andy Ledder - Guitars Jord Doherty - Bass Daz Brearton - Drums With a mixture of influences from Guns n' Roses, Pearl Jam, Zakk Wylde, Alter Bridge, Prince and Iron Maiden..Finally we have come together to create new music heavy and melodic with a frantic live show not to be missed...Spread the word, One Day Remains... | 326 hits
Band Profile: Polaris
Andrew Pollard - Guitar, vocals Joe O'Sullivan - Guitar John Ford - Bass Neil Turpin - Drums Polaris began in the autumn of 1993 in the Hyde Park area of Leeds. | 635 hits
Band Profile: Tacoma
Tacoma are a local four piece made up of Kenny Harkis:-guitarist, songwriter Marc Britton:- Vocals, Bass Jonny Clarke:- Drums Andy Hollings :- Keys Over the last 12 months things have started to pick up for Tacoma. | 588 hits
Band Profile: Polar (Leeds)
alternative | 540 hits
News Article: Lifescreen's new EP 'The Lockup Sessions' is out now
The new EP 'The Lockup Sessions' is out now. Produced by Mark Burrows Mastered by Andy Richards The EP is available for free download from: As part of the launch, Lifescreen will be performing an acoustic session and doing an interview with DJ Alan Raw on BBC Introducing, Thursday 24th November at 8:30pm. | 261 hits
Band Profile: Delmonica
Delmonica as a band has existed for a couple of years, growing and evolving. In one of their earlier incarnations the musical leaning was towards Detroit punk, New York garage & Motown, but the eclectic musical tastes of the band has resulted in the current line up and sound taking a more refined yet lo-fi twist. | 625 hits
Band Profile: Dead Sea Strategy
From the depths of Leeds, we are Dead Sea Strategy. Consisting of Ash Beck on guitar/vocals, Nick Wootton on guitar, Andy Clark on bass and Damon Reid on drums. | 530 hits
Interview: Lanterns On The Lake
Lanterns Light up Leeds | 755 hits
Band Profile: Desilva
Vic Wheatley - Vocals + Guitar Scott Johnson - Bass Mark Cooper - Guitar Andy Wilson - Drum Desilva are a Leeds based band originally formed in 2000, playing original material and covering bands like The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Snow Patrol, Stereophonics, Radiohead, Kings of Leon with a few classics thrown in for good measure. | 1,716 hits
CD Review: Middleman - It's Not Over Yet
Now if you haven't heard of Leeds based greats Middleman, then the most fitting introduction to them is this upbeat, fast paced, storm trooper of a single. | 2,701 hits
Band Profile: Eskimo Fandango
Luke Hirst - Guitar/Vox Jonny Miller - Guitar/Vox Andy Kniveton - Bass/Vox Jason Winder - Drums Formed in the depths of a basement in 2011 by songwriter Luke Hirst, Eskimo Fandango came together over a love of all things Buddy Holly, Brian Wilson & Rivers Cuomo. | 510 hits
Live Review: That Fucking Tank
That Fucking Tank, confounding expectations as usual, are here on the BBC Introducing Stage like basking sharks in a paddling pool. | 773 hits
Band Profile: The Turnarounds
A blues souled rock and roll band from Yorkshire | 1,472 hits
Band Profile: Spaceball
punk new wave | 1,211 hits
Band Profile: New Minds Eye
rock pop | 1,332 hits
Band Profile: All My Friends Are Dead
post-rock | 3,639 hits
Live Review: Edison Medicine
Seeing as Kate expertly reviewed Inertia Crisis, who I missed a lot of, I thought I'd review EDISON MEDICINE. | 301 hits
Band Profile: Inbetween
Formed in 2005, Inbetween is Sophie (Vocals), Gary (Lead Guitar), Andy (Rhythm Guitar), Dave (Bass) and Wolfy (Drums). | 564 hits
Band Profile: 9 Bar
9 Bar are a top covers rock band from Leeds playing a varied mix of quality thoughtfully picked songs from the last thirty-five years. | 687 hits
Band Profile: Do Miss America
Cieran Miller - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar Danny Sapko - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals Luke Carter - Lead Guitar Rob Bullock - Keyboards Travis Denwood - Drums/Backing Vocals Andy Ruddy - Keyboards/Backing Vocals | 733 hits
News Article: Infrasound to release single in March...
Having recently inked deals with Versity Music (based in Sweden) and BMG Publishing, Leeds based band Infrasound are currently recording their debut single, scheduled for release on March 29th. | 492 hits
News Article: Kaiser Chiefs to release their third album in October
Leeds band Kaiser Chiefs have this week revealed that their third studio album will be 'Off With Their Heads'. | 608 hits
Band Profile: The Dots
Classic Rock Covers Band - THE DOTS Russ Entwistle (guitar/vocals) Peter Goacher (bass) Andy Myres (drums/vocals) The Dots formed in Jauary 2007. | 429 hits
News Article: Secret Sirens announce the release of 'My Favourite Obsession'
'My Favourite Obsession' is the second single to be released from Leeds duo Secret Sirens. Loosely based on the story of a Facebook stalker Narelle had encounters with, it tells the tale of a girl who is unhealthily obsessed with a particular individual. | 371 hits
News Article: New songs from The Wick Effect
The Wick Effect's new songs "Go", "Everknowing" and "Been Let Down" can now be heard on the band's MySpace and Reverbnation pages - and respectively - and can also be downloaded for a small fee from both the Reverbnation page and from Amazing Tunes - Recorded at Cottage Road Studios, Leeds with Andy Hawkins (The Pigeon Detectives, The Damned) producing, these songs are now getting regular airlplay on and | 361 hits
Band Profile: 5 Counts of Treason
rock grunge | 627 hits
Band Profile: prpGROUP
experimental rock | 424 hits
News Article: "Live Music Updates" set to return to 96.3 Radio Aire...
Good news in the regional commercial radio world! After a couple of years spent in the wilderness the popular local "Live Music Updates" are soon to be back on the airwaves via 96.3 Radio Aire. | 394 hits
Band Profile: The Stays
Melodic, atmospheric indie rock and roll. | 1,212 hits
Band Profile: Johnny Poindexter
Johnny Poindexter's music was often described as bleak, bold, beautiful, and anything inbetween. Safe to say, you wouldn't find it down the disco. | 1,258 hits
Band Profile: Sam Payne
I do a raunchy, moody, entertaining set solo. Thumping blues/boogie, jazz on piano and vocals. As well as self penned songs I pay respect to the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Big Mama Thornton. | 297 hits
News Article: Gang Of Four release a new album on 24th January
Gang Of Four have unveiled the video for 'You'll Never Pay For The Farm', one of the stand-out tracks from their forthcoming new album 'Content', which is released on the 24th January via Gronland Records. | 566 hits
News Article: Cake eaten, Cake reinstated!
The Blind Dead McJones Band are once again back to their original line up with the beloved Andy "The Cake" Johnson being reinstated as bass player. | 342 hits
Band Profile: The Bribes
The Bribes have a sound which can be described as quirky and upbeat. A driving sound which instantly grabs you by the lugs and kicks you in the stones, leaving you heaving in a pile by the side of the road waiting for another kicking. | 1,225 hits
Band Profile: The New Unsociables
Accomplished songwriters and musicians Nick Waters and Mick Ward served many enjoyable years in 'The Lost 45's'. | 224 hits
News Article: Glass Caves release new single 'Do you have a name'
Pontefract's prodigal sons Glass Caves release their brand new single, 'Do you have a name', on 9th December. | 491 hits
Band Profile: Gang Of Four
Gang of Four are a post-punk group from Leeds | 754 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Urban Fusion II
Mark Wright of Our Tuli sent this great CD in to LMS. And that tells a tale, by omission. Arts Leeds of the City Council, and a whole boatload of worthy sponsors put time and cash in to make the project possible. | 843 hits
Band Profile: Cooberstone
rock | 833 hits
Live Review: Coaltrain
Every once in a while your evening turns out to be so very different from how you planned it. A normal routine might be to get home from work, undertake a little desultory housework, perhaps have a nice cup of tea; and then pop down to The Junction to shoot the breeze and leave just before the band takes the stage (well, perhaps "stage" might be exaggerating a trifle). | 922 hits
News Article: Lifescreen's new album 'Connexions' is out now
The new album from Lifescreen is out now. Titled 'Connextions' the album was recorded, mixed and produced by Mark Burrows and was mastered by Andy Richards. | 409 hits
Band Profile: Skinless Battalion
Vocals - Scott Guitars - Matt Bass - Andy Drums - Jason This band was made by a bunch of guys in college who wanted to make a good sounding interesting band, we put together our musical influences and came up with what we believe is real metal. | 261 hits
Band Profile: The Attic Project
ska rock | 834 hits
News Article: Cut Out Shapes release Debut EP on 20th September through D.I. Records
Cut Out Shapes release their debut EP on D.I. Records on the 20th September on Limited Edition CD and download through iTunes. | 439 hits
News Article: Gang Of Four announce details of first album for 16 years
Gang Of Four have announced details of their brand new album 'Content', their first album of new songs for 16 years. | 455 hits
News Article: Scams will release a four track EP on 18th April
Scams have announced the release of a four track EP entitled 'Lost For Words' on 18th April. The EP was produced by Johann Scheerer at Clouds Hill Studios, Hamburg. | 358 hits
Live Review: The Cut + The Rise + Vanquish
"The first band will start at 8," shouted the manager of the cockpit. Ah good I thought. 8.10 ... 8.20 ... | 999 hits
Band Profile: Doctor Dot
Max - Guitar, Vocals Tash - Guitar, Vocals James - Bass Guitar Andy - Trumpet Stevie - Drums Doctor Dot is an exciting, original new band formed at the University of Leeds in September of 2008. | 1,046 hits
Interview: Crystal Stilts
Amelia Rivas caught up with Crystal Stilts after their Leeds gig at the Brudenell Social Club | 672 hits
News Article: Hawk Eyes announce new album
Hawk Eyes have just announced details of their brand new album 'Everything is Fine', which is set for release on 9th February 2015. | 386 hits
CD Review: Manchester Orchestra - Shake It Out
'Shake It Out' is the third single to be released from Manchester Orchestra's second studio album. Frontman Andy Hull's restless alternating between yelpy, exaggerated, and hoarse vocals sees him come over like a cross between gravel-throated Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil, and pre-'Only By The Night' era Kings Of Leon. | 392 hits
News Article: Ellen and the Escapades set to release a Christmas single
Ellen and the Escapades have announced the release of a Christmas single, set to hit the shops on Monday, 13th December. | 456 hits
News Article: Bridewell Taxis offer fans a double Christmas treat
Leeds-based crowd pullers Bridewell Taxis are set to hand their fans a double Christmas treat. The band will be launching a copy of their new DVD - live at Joseph's Well - on Thursday, 8th December when they play at Pudsey's Bien Venue. | 748 hits
News Article: Soul Circus to release debut single 'The Myth'
Soul Circus are to release their debut single 'The Myth' on 17th October 2011 on Soundpeople Records. | 453 hits
News Article: New album from The Pigeon Detectives to drop in April
The Pigeon Detectives will release their new album, 'We Met At Sea', on 29th April 2013 via Cooking Vinyl Records. | 450 hits
Band Profile: Arizona Rifles
Arizona Rifles are a Leeds 4 piece rock band formed in March 2013. | 253 hits
Band Profile: Little Night Terrors
With an arsenal of irresistible tunes, sell-out hometown gigs and a huge inflatable shark (don't ask), brothers Andy and James Stone, and mad man Dan Holyoak, collectively the Terrors, are ready for action. | 147 hits
News Article: Superpowerless win MTV / Vodafone's Fast Track competition
Superpowerless is electro artist Oliver Hindle from Leeds and he was recently announced as the winner of MTV / Vodafone's Fast Track competition. | 910 hits
Band Profile: Andyshades & Us
acoustic psychedelic alternati | 506 hits
CD Review: Chicken Legs Weaver - Street Cleaner EP
Royal Park Cellars' favourite Sheffield band Chicken Legs Weaver are unfeasibly good. Doing research on the band I have turned up virtually nothing. | 1,659 hits
CD Review: Outraze - Rebel Blues
The second single from Oxfordshire five-piece Outraze oozes confidence. Packed with pumping drumbeats, classy riffs and long, wailing guitars, 'Rebel Blues' is a poised and professional-sounding second release, delivered with a cool, bluesy edge. | 384 hits
Band Profile: Girl Kills Boy
Girl Kills Boy are a Castleford based rock band | 417 hits
Band Profile: Child Loses Arm
Child Loses Arm were a grunge band from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK. | 391 hits
Band Profile: She's Not Dead
Band from West and North Yorkshire, with critical aclaim for both thier first EP and thier long-player in 2005, the talent of this band is boundless, expect expert piano and guitar parts with cutting bass and drum sections | 967 hits
Band Profile: The Kaleids
Leeds band The Kaleids consist of Ollie Dickinson (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Mike Robinson (Bass & Backing Vocals) and Rich Thomas (Rhythm Guitar), three lads who have decided to make an original acoustic sound. | 473 hits
CD Review: Dub Pistols - Six Million Ways To Live
From the initial crooning lecture on the history of Dub this is an eclectic crossover journey through hip-hop, funk, dance, dub and ska. | 522 hits
Band Profile: Brasil
indie | 874 hits
News Article: Eureka Machines release "Remain In Hope" on April 15th
Eureka Machines will release their third album, titled "Remain In Hope", on April 15th via the Wrath Records label following an enormously successful Pledge Music campaign, with over 1000 pre-order 'pledges' helping to pay for it. | 289 hits
Band Profile: Victors
Leeds based pop/electronic/rock 4 piece | 378 hits
News Article: Yonderboy announce release of double A-side single
Yonderboy have announced a new double A-side release, 'All Bob Minor' / 'Too Easy', available from 30th April 2011 online and in selected record stores. | 431 hits
Band Profile: The Untold Sorrow
After forming in January 2010, The Untold Sorrow brought a fresh and different sound to the local music scene and debuted at the Sportsman in March 2010. | 347 hits
News Article: The new EP from The Wick Effect will be released on 16th August
The Wick Effect are pleased to announce the release of the "Everknowing EP" on August 16th 2010, on iTunes, Amazon, Napster and many more digital download sites. | 420 hits
Live Review: John McCusker Band
How far beyond expectation is the word 'lush' when describing Scottish traditional music? Well, it can turn up here - because the musicians are the John McCusker Band, and listening to them you get the quality of the playing, the power of the sound, and a strength that is not a matter of amplification. | 512 hits
CD Review: The Ya Ya's - The Last
The Ya Ya's certainly have potential for a mass appeal with a very straight and highly listenable foot tapping sound. | 366 hits
Live Review: Percy + Floozy + Harold
What an honour, reviewing 2 of my favourite bands in the world, as well as the added bonus of Harold. | 391 hits
Band Profile: Scams
Andy Morgan : vocals/guitar/samples and programming Jamie Macneal : guitar/vocals/samples Adam Fenwick : bass/vocals Daniel Harvey : drums/vocals Depo : drums/samples/vocals Whether playing to expectant audiences in their adopted hometown of Leeds, or showcasing everywhere from Europe to the US, Scams are rapidly establishing a reputation as genuine purveyors of a unique sound and a dynamic and infectious live act. | 707 hits
CD Review: Sound Of Guns - What Came From Fire
There's something vaguely Snow Patrol-esque about the general aura of earnestness and feeling that enshrouds Sound of Guns' debut full-length. | 2,076 hits
CD Review: Gary Stewart Band - Tables, Trees and Tripods
I first came to hear of the Gary Stewart Band at the Futuresound heats in July of last year, when I was bowled over by their performance. | 1,108 hits
Band Profile: Ashes
Consisting of five talented, like minded musicians from Yorkshire, Ashes formed in the summer of 2010 producing innovative material designed to blitz the music industry. | 481 hits
News Article: Royal Park Cellars announce their autumn line-up and a new booking policy...
Panama Promotions have announced their preliminary listings for the Autumn Season at the Royal Park Cellars venue in Leeds - and along with it, a new policy of aiming to have at least one band at every show from outside Leeds. | 273 hits
News Article: Live At Leeds celebrates tenth anniversary - first bands for 2016 announced
Earlier this week the organisers of Live At Leeds - which is now celebrating its tenth anniversary - revealed the first wave of bands that will be appearing at the annual festival in 2016. | 689 hits
News Article: The Pigeon Detectives confirmed for MFEST 2012
Leeds band The Pigeon Detectives have been added to the bill at MFEST, a new summer festival that will take place on the weekend of Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July in the beautiful grounds of Harewood House. | 1,375 hits
CD Review: Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything To Nothing
The second LP from Atlanta band Manchester Orchestra is one they will be hoping can catapult them firmly into the public eye. | 358 hits
CD Review: Luva Gunk - Luva Gunk
Luva Gunk are a four piece rock band from Leeds. They've been around for a couple of years and Luva Gunk's 'Luva Gunk' is their debut EP. | 343 hits
Live Review: Lunar Camels
Around three weeks ago I received, in my capacity as an erstwhile music reviewer, an invitation to something entitled "Lunar Camels". | 464 hits
News Article: Scams to release a single in September and an album in October
Released on 8th October 2012 through Devil Duck Records their new album 'Add and Subtract' showcases Leeds-based band Scams as one of the finest upcoming indie/rock acts about. | 342 hits
CD Review: The Rise - New Situation
The Rise provide a dose of familiar baggy indie guitar dance crossover on this debut CD - think Manchester 1990 if that description was too confusing. | 557 hits
News Article: Hamerex Reveal New Album, Traitor
Heavy Metal band Hamerex announce their upcoming third album, Traitor, which is set for release on 7th October 2016 under their own label IX Music. | 650 hits
Band Profile: FOG
Covers band. | 882 hits
News Article: Eureka Machines to release their third album in March
Eureka Machines are currently gearing up for their third album release in March 2013, following their enormously successful ongoing Pledge Music campaign. | 330 hits
CD Review: Outraze - Under The Influence
'Under The Influence' the second single from Oxfordshire five piece Outraze is a prime example of how one great bit of guitar work can make a song. | 431 hits
CD Review: The Twilight Sad - No One Can Ever Know
I shall start this review off with saying, personally, I'm not a great fan of previous Twilight Sad remixes, just because the beauty is drained from the track and some have sounded too forced to sound 'remixed.' After weeks of listening to the Liars remix of Nil after the Sad posted the track up on their Facebook page I've been sceptical into how this album would sound. | 410 hits
Band Profile: Boss Caine
Like Tom Waits singing Ryan Adams if they had both had the good fortune to grow up in Yorkshire. | 1,513 hits
CD Review: Herdwhite - Put Down Your Weapons
Herdwhite sounds like more of a music lover and collector than a music creator. Their digital empire runs to a lot of neat bits and pieces, lovingly spliced out of the earlier days of electronic dance euphoria. | 413 hits
Band Profile: Simon Pollard Band
We are now called "The Bondurants" | 1,809 hits
News Article: Leeds bands unite behind international AIDS event...
Four Leeds rock bands will be taking to the stage in support of the One World Beat Global Music Festival at Josephs Well on March 19th. | 847 hits
News Article: Louise Distras pays homage to Green Day in new music video
Wakefield firebrand singer-songwriter Louise Distras pays homage to punk legends Green Day in a new video covering their 1997 hit 'Nice Guys Finish Last'. | 575 hits
CD Review: Loyal Trooper - The Doctor
'The Doctor,' the debut single from Loyal Trooper is a beautiful, downbeat and heartfelt ballad that avoids the pitfalls that often befall this type of song, and emerges as a gorgeously understated, heart-string-bothering ballad. | 415 hits
News Article: Futuresound 2008: local bands to get the opportunity to play at Leeds Festival 2008
With the announcement in March that the BBC will be bringing their Introducing Stage (formerly known as the Unsigned Stage) to the Leeds Festival 2008, we can today reveal to bands in the West Yorkshire area how they can be one of just a handful of lucky bands that will be selected to play on the same bill as their idols. | 1,413 hits
Band Profile: The Blind Dead McJones Band
Blind Dead McJones - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Diddley Bow, Kazoo "Big" Ben Slack - Guitar Steven Nixon - Drums Andy Johnson - Bass The Blind Dead McJones Band formed out of a pure chance meeting between the blues legend and the Boys back in 2008. | 1,530 hits
Band Profile: LITTLEgiants
LITTLEgiants' music is a unique blend of old time, blues, country, bluegrass, rockabilly and just about anything as long as it's raw, and passionate. | 319 hits
CD Review: Floozy - Untitled
Five nice blokes, four affable tracks. Some springy little guitar riffs and a load of enthusiasm. A goofy, friendly CD with a big SG type guitar in moody black and white on the sleeve. | 460 hits
Band Profile: The Keatings
Jake and Nick Keating, two brother's from Bradford, West Yorkshire. We love making music and hopefully you'll enjoy some of our material. | 541 hits
Live Review: The Raindogs
If blues-rock is as close as you like to get to the blues and you like it revved-up and with the occasional touch of rowdiness, then a pretty positive forecast can be made for The Raindogs. | 519 hits
News Article: Leeds band Superpowerless scoop another award
Leeds based electro artist Superpowerless has reached number one on the YouTube Spotlight Video chart after receiving 12,000 views in 24 hours. | 588 hits
News Article: Redtrack play BBC Introducing Stage at Leeds Festival
Redtrack release their new single The Trier on Aug 30th via Club Fandango. Their previous single has already feature on Steve Lamacq's show in June and the video is currently across the country on the Topman retail shops TV screens. | 932 hits
Band Profile: The Pablos
The Pablos are: Mitch Cameron - Vocals, rhythm guitar Andy Steingold - Lead guitar, mouth harp James Pepper - Bass Paddy Phillps - Drums Hailing from Leeds, the band is an original psychedelic garage outfit formed in winter 2008 and quickly rising from obscurity to playing at popular venues including The Cockpit and The Brudenell Social Club. | 1,736 hits
Live Review: Middleman + Milk White White Teeth + Pet Accessories
The Brudenell social club is the venue for tonight's antics. The highly anticipated album launch for Leeds' Middleman is finally upon us. | 1,017 hits
CD Review: Personal Hell - Untitled
The biog of Personal Hell tells the tale of one man's fight (Arfan Shah - the man behind the music) to push his poetry accompanied alternative dance beats to the masses. | 316 hits
Band Profile: Cav
Acoustic Rock | 1,056 hits
News Article: Superchannel Live announce a new festival in Leeds for 2012
This week Superchannel Live announced a new summer festival that will take place on the weekend of Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July in the beautiful grounds of Harewood House. | 716 hits
Live Review: Oneman + Future Of The Left
[Follows on from our review of Friday at Beacons 2012] Saturday came, and the weather was glorious. Literally the best possible conditions, a raging sun with a breeze just enough to cool you and your beer down. | 344 hits
Band Profile: 3 Man Bench
Rock / Pop / Alternative | 811 hits
News Article: New Additions to Beacons Festival 2011
Frankie and the Heartstrings have been added to this year's Beacons Festival and will be opening the event a day early. | 610 hits
Interview: Local Natives
Chris Haywood caught up with Local Natives before their headline gig at The Brudenell. | 865 hits
CD Review: Pino Forastiere - From 1 to 8
Guitar Chemistry at its very best. Affectionately known as the 'mad scientist' of acoustic guitar by fans, Forastiere cradles his guitar, hunched over it, utterly engrossed. | 544 hits
Band Profile: The Rose of Avalanche
Formed during 1984, in Leeds, England by founding members Phil Morris, Paul James Berry and Alan Davis. | 298 hits
CD Review: Sound Of Guns - Architects
Sound Of Guns continue to carve a niche for themselves as pedallers of earnest, stadium-rock anthems with added personality, with their latest single, 'Architects.' 'Architects' is a towering roar of impassioned, mainstream-friendly rock where everything is pushed to extremes: the vocals are bigger, the guitars are louder and the drums go off like heavy artillery. | 616 hits
Interview: Revenge of The Psychotronic Man
Revenge of The Psychotronic Man are still smoking | 655 hits
News Article: Slaves, Wild Beasts and White Lies announced as first acts for Live at Leeds 2017
The award winning metropolitan festival, Live at Leeds, returns on Saturday 29th April 2017 and the first bands have been announced this week, including Slaves, Wild Beasts, White Lies, Jagwar Ma and The Pigeon Detectives. | 481 hits
CD Review: Instant Species - Home Alone
"All songs written by Instant Species, except track 3 - written by some other guy" What the inlay is trying to say is that the third track on this CD is a cover of the well known country theme tune "The Littlest Hobo", rocked up and thrown back at you as a cheeky addition to a well produced CD. | 411 hits
CD Review: Chichino - It Could Happen To You
Pop, soul, jazz, funk. Chichino are inspired by all areas of music, and it's paying off. Having played all over the UK, London, Manchester, Newcastle, and of course Leeds, gracing the airwaves of various radio stations across the land and supporting the likes of success story The View, this is the next song from the funk-a-riffic group. | 509 hits
Live Review: Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. + Walter Schreifels
Walter Schreifels (ex- Quicksand and Rival Schools) is up with his acoustic guitar. A charming New Yorker, now residing in Berlin, he has many songs revolving around bicycles that mend themselves, friends ('Distressed Friends'), people he meets and things he eats. | 591 hits
Band Profile: The Touch
Three Dirty Psychedelic Blues Dogs from Bradford! Shared the stage with many a fine artist including - We Are Scientists, Milburn, The Pigeon Detectives, Wolf & Cub, Hey Gravity! (ex. Dodgy guitarists new band), The Lovers (ex. Inspiral Carpets) | 1,723 hits
Band Profile: Otherside
Melodic/indie/pop rock | 2,252 hits
News Article: Salt Song at Hyde Park Picture House
Something unusual's happening at Leeds' oldest cinema this week, as Salt Song combines the talents of musicians, artists and performers to bring the sea, and the sea shore to Hyde Park Picture House, spilling out onto the street with fortune teller, magician, a very large lobster, and a chorus of forgetful mermaids. | 269 hits
News Article: Kasabian named as headliner at Leeds Festival 2017
Organisers of the annual Leeds Festival have today announced Kasabian as their second headliners for this year's festival, joining Muse who were previously announced as the first headlining act. | 1,223 hits
CD Review: Silverlode - A Glimpse of Lightening
Silverlode's new EP 'A Glimpse of Lightening' is a bit like learning to like olives or appreciate a complicated wine. | 480 hits
CD Review: Berretta - Untitled
An electro-guitar experimentalist five piece named after James Bond's original weapon of choice before the now legendary Walther PPK, Berretta formed in Leeds in 2001. | 472 hits
Live Review: The Convulsions
The Convulsions are a four piece R+B band who add a new dimension to the concept of "high energy". The Junction is a small venue used to more sedate entertainment; perhaps a game of darts while enjoying a nice pint of Timothy Taylor's for instance. | 442 hits
CD Review: The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - The Royal Society
The Brighton boys of mayhem and disaster are back with their follow up to "Horse of the Dog" and they're sounding leaner, meaner and darker than ever before. | 527 hits
Live Review: Therapy? + Winnebago Deal + Tokyo Dragons
It's an oft-repeated fact that Therapy?'s bassist Michael McKeegan was in a Judas Priest tribute band before linking up with Andy Cairns to form Ulster's fiercest in the early '90s. | 732 hits
Feature: Playing in Leeds: July 15th - 21st 2013
Watch the latest video playlist on the Leeds Music Scene channel on Youtube covering a selection of the events taking place in Leeds this week. | 342 hits
Live Review: Wrinkle
Having never seen or heard of Wrinkle until a friend told me I should go - I had no idea what to expect. | 387 hits
Band Profile: Percy
the original West Yorkshire Super Heroes... | 1,454 hits
Band Profile: South View Juniors
South View Juniors are an indie band from Leeds, West Yorkshire who are influenced by bands ranging from The Beatles to Doves. | 1,123 hits
Band Profile: The Moot
Experimental band from Huddersfield. | 664 hits
CD Review: Hanoi Rocks - Fashion
The last time I heard anyone mention Hanoi Rocks it was in a Pitchfork Media roundup of the best records of 2006. | 384 hits
Live Review: Seth Lakeman
The old days when folk was seen as only for the "crusties" are gone. Thanks to troubadours like Willy Mason, Frank Turner and Get Cape,Wear Cape, Fly, folk is now in the lug holes of many young as well as old people. | 1,031 hits
CD Review: New Order - Krafty
It's a tricky one, the remix CD. It can prove to be a bit of a pain in the rear sometimes, as your fans want the one they heard on the radio, not the 'DJ Killbot 12" extended techno-dub mix', but as evidenced here, sometimes it can prove to be a fruitful exercise. | 611 hits
Live Review: Chicken Legs Weaver + Cardboard Cowboy + Tom Rodwell
First, a grumble. Tonight, there were three great acts on for a measly three quid, on a well though out bill, in a venue just outside the city centre, with probably the most consistently good sound in the city. | 2,373 hits
Live Review: Elliot + Dugong + Future Adventure + Kids Near Water + Skuttle
e·mo·tion (-mshn) n. An intense mental state that arises subjectively rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes; a strong feeling Emo is a type of music that is rapidly gaining popularity in the UK, despite being popular in America for some time now. | 547 hits
News Article: Want to play at Leeds Festival? Applications for Futuresound 2009 are now being accepted
Summer is peeping round the corner and that turn of the season heralds the annual Futuresound Competition, offering West Yorkshire bands the phenomenal prize of playing Leeds and Reading Festivals. | 1,501 hits
News Article: Leeds bands invited to enter Futuresound 2010 to win a place on the line up for Leeds Festival 2010
With the Leeds Festival 2010 line up announced at the end of March, and with the summer just around the corner, it can only mean one thing. | 1,559 hits
Band Profile: Scassa Monakee
drum 'n bass | 1,295 hits
Live Review: White Heat
Let's say, you're in the centre of Leeds, surrounded by armies of hen parties, hungover students out on the lash and after a tiring day at work...I'm wandering around Leeds trying to find Santiago's bar (if you were wondering?). | 553 hits
Band Profile: LIfe
Numerous artists have used the name Life, including: 1. LIFE - British Post-Punk band formally known as The Neat. | 67 hits
CD Review: Ten Seconds Of Chaos - Don't Cut Me Out
Within the limitations of full-on rock guitar-band music Ten Seconds of Chaos squeeze out every possibility to maximum effect. | 908 hits
Band Profile: Pink Peg Slax
Anarchic rockabilly beloved by the late John Peel. "If Elvis had been a Marx Brother, he would have invented Pink Peg Slax" (James Brown, NME) With a name derived from an obscure Eddie Cochran rocker, Pink Peg Slax promise rockabilly revivalism, but these veterans of the Leeds 80s music scene deliver musical subversion. | 900 hits
News Article: Heats announced for Futuresound 2013
Organisers of the annual Futuresound competition have this week confirmed which 60 bands will battle it out for one of six slots at the Reading and Leeds Festival 2013. | 577 hits
News Article: Line up announced for Across The Tracks festival
The line up for Across The Tracks, the two-day festival (29/30th July) that takes place in the Leeds city centre, has been announced this evening. | 1,176 hits
Band Profile: Leadtheway
ADAM HANLEY - Vocals / Guitar DAVE BAUGH - Guitar / Vocals ANDY YOUNG - Bass Guitar STEVE HAWTHORN-EMMETT - Drums LEADTHEWAY was formed in 2002 with the sole intention of rocking Wakefield to its very foundations with their own brutal brand of raging political melodic Hardcore. | 951 hits
Live Review: Tempting Kate + Jon Does + Acacia Avenue
Before we get stuck into the review I feel it's necessary to have a whinge. Stealthman were supposed to be playing tonight but unfortunately the landlord decided to be a prick and ban them from the venue due to them being under-age, after they had lugged all their gear in and sound checked. | 461 hits
Band Profile: Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy is: Patrick Stump - Vocals, Guitar Joe Trohman - Guitar Andy Hurley - Drums Pete Wentz - Bass, Backing vocals While walking across the stage to receive the MTV2 Award for "Sugar, We're Going Down," the only thing on Fall Out Boy bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz's mind was "please don't drop an f-bomb." Shortly thereafter the band, originally from suburban Chicago, was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist. | 1,702 hits
CD Review: Kerouac - I Hope Everything's Alright In Your World
Andy Aitchison and Dan Little are in ambitious territory with this CD. There are the basic shapes of three good songs. | 546 hits
Band Profile: Unexploded Shells
Awkward indie noise-pop | 2,131 hits
CD Review: Stars Of Track & Field - Not Here To Shop
Having spent the last three years in Carlisle (at University) I watched the development of a local band by the name of Stars Of Track & Field. | 503 hits
Interview: Go Audio
Leeds Music Scene caught up with Go Audio, the group who have been hailed as the biggest unsigned band in the country! | 449 hits
News Article: Line up for Rock & Rail 2011 announced
Organisers of Rock & Rail 2011 have announced that Steve Cradock, well known as a long standing member of Paul Weller's band and guitarist in Ocean Colour Scene, will be headlining the inaugural festival this June. | 791 hits
Live Review: Mash + Nebula + Peepshow
Saturday night and four bands take to the stage at Leeds' Premier pub/venue location, The Duchess. First up are the duo of Andy Parrott & Rob Karl, who unfortunately I missed. | 426 hits
News Article: Invisible Hands release 'Storm' on 1st July
Invisible Hands spent the best part of two years holed away recording with various producers including Simon McGrath, Lee Malcolm (Vessels) and Andy Hawkins (Pigeon Detectives / The Twang). | 378 hits
Band Profile: Manning
The band Manning has been around since 1999, formed around the prodigiously talented singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Guy Manning. Having previously been an associate of prog legends Parallel or 90 Degrees (PO90) and also having been a founder member of the internationally respected, The Tangent, Guy has an impressive record of releasing ten studio albums in ten years! | 534 hits
News Article: RECON Festival 2014 to commence next week
RECON Festival 2014 takes place at multiple venues across Leeds and Bradford between 18th-29th September. | 446 hits
Band Profile: Canaya
Metal | 1,098 hits
Live Review: Slipknot + Cowpuncher + Rage Against The Machine + Blink 182 + Mo-ho-bish-op-i + Turn + The Crocketts + Cay
When I set off to the Leeds festival this year, I'd decided upon writing a full length weekend review. | 1,337 hits
CD Review: The Young Knives - Voices of Animals and Men
On the face of it the casual observer may assume that The Young Knives are just another overnight arrival from The Futureheads' pressing plant, but how wrong they would be. | 594 hits
Live Review: Diawara + Fobia + Jimmy Glass
Having settled myself down before soundcheck with - wait for it - a glass of water (not being one to skint the rock and roll lifestyle), I watched with interest as a varying and frankly baffling array of workshop tools, guitars, miniature drumkits and animal-print amps were wheeled onto the small stage by an equally delightful assortment of long metal hairstyles, arranged tent-like above the leather-jacketed Fobia, and the tie-and-shirt-type figures of headliners, Diawara. | 543 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Some Things Still Matter
To celebrate their one year anniversary, Leeds-based record label Philophobia release a sixteen track compilation of some of the bands they've worked with over the past twelve months, with a few additional bands thrown in for good measure. | 792 hits
CD Review: Instant Species - Meat Pie Argument
Instant Species have been on my musical horizon for a couple of years now. The presentation always looked professional and serious. | 509 hits
Live Review: Piskie Sits + The Acutes + David Broad + The Seven Inches
First up tonight in this the first Bone of the year is the mighty The Seven Inches, and special mention must go to singer Ian (or Crazylegs as some of us know him) - he's become a proper frontman, camper than Pete Shelley and possessing all the synchronisation dancing wise of summat very asynchronous indeed. | 855 hits
CD Review: No Hope In New Jersey - Steady Diet Of Decline
I first heard No Hope In New Jersey's debut single release 'Narcolepsy' about two years ago. Much anticipation was thus created. | 829 hits
Live Review: Future Of The Left + The Victorian English Gentlemens Club
A locked Faversham at 10pm, what is going on? Eventually, we get in to wander the empty spaces, waiting for punters and atmosphere to appear. | 630 hits

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