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Band Profile: Yul Brynner
Yul Brynner are an aspiring young 6 piece band from Batley, West Yorkshire. | 348 hits
Band Profile: Kaylium
rock | 1,397 hits
News Article: Shake Your Halo Down single release on PhilophobiaMusic of Wakefield
Shake Your Halo Down today release the first of twelve singles this year. Until Everything's Over is the lo-fi collective's first new material since 2014's Signals EP. | 188 hits
CD Review: The Hidden Revolution - Nightmares/Conscience
Debut from a Rochdale four piece; two very self-assured, well produced, competent pieces of stadium-aspiring rock. | 360 hits
CD Review: Cha-Cha - Phonographic Love
The debut single from Cha-Cha, 'Phonographic Love,' comes across a little unsure of its identity. On the one hand, it seems to be aspiring towards cool, quirky indie-rock, with piston-like drumbeats and lurching riffs, but the band then splatter random, garish electro over the top, and transform 'Phonographic Love' into an awkward hybrid. | 470 hits
News Article: The Leeds Music Hub set to host free Music Industry sessions
A range of free music industry support sessions for 2012 at The Leeds Music Hub are now open for booking via the Music Industry Yorkshire website. | 340 hits
Live Review: Six by Seven
Any aspiring pop stars out there, and I'm not talking about the ones that get a slagging by that horrible twat Cowell for ratings and self-publication, should be forced to know the story of Six By Seven. | 321 hits
CD Review: Tin Soldiers - Wait For You
'Wait For You' by Tin Soldiers is a solid, light-rock ballad that follows firmly in the footsteps of Snow Patrol, Coldplay, and the like. | 348 hits
News Article: Bodixa to play the acoustic stage at Glastonbury 2004...
Following on from their successful Roadworks 04 UK tour earlier this year, Leeds' own Bodixa have been chosen from over 2500 aspiring bands to play the acoustic stage at this year's Glastonbury festival. | 454 hits
CD Review: The Invention - Voltage
The Invention are a lovable bunch of lads armed with all the weapons a band needs to survive nowadays: a vocalist; guitarist; bassist; and drummer. | 945 hits
News Article: More acts announced for Oakwell Music Festival
More local acts have been added to Oakwell Music Festival's line-up after the addition of a third stage. | 364 hits
CD Review: Mama Scuba - You're Long Time Dead So What's the Hurry
There can be few things more frustrating as an aspiring band than having an outstanding record ready to release and then having to sit on it while the wheels of industry slowly grind. | 1,070 hits
News Article: Centre Stage 2015 heats announced
The Centre Stage 2015 Heats will take place at the Belgrave Music Hall on Tuesday 28th, Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th April. | 444 hits
News Article: The Passing Fancy release split single via Geek Pie Records
Ultra DIY Wakefield based label Geek Pie Records is proud to announce the release of its first record in 2 years; a split Folk-Pop EP between Glasgow based songwriter Siobhan Reilly and Wakefield based The Passing Fancy. | 509 hits
Live Review: Luke Sital-Singh
Luke Sital-Singh, looking like a young Mark Ruffalo with his shaggy hair and black rimmed glasses, has a number of tips for aspiring live performers, not least of which are: don't wear a thick winter jumper with nothing underneath it when you are playing under hot lights and don't eat a whole pizza shortly before you take to the stage if you don't want to be interrupted by wind half way through a delicate acoustic ballad. | 494 hits
CD Review: Shock Defeat! - How Did We Make It So Angry?
The modern age, it's a killer ain't it? With the millions of infobytes each of us has to deal with every day why is it that music reviews are running longer and becoming increasingly verbose? | 365 hits
News Article: HiFi Club to host a music and spoken-word workshop "Phrased & Confused" ...
The hub is excited to introduce Phrased & Confused, an explosive combination of spoken words about music and music about spoken words, a live literature tour devised to explore the links and differences in our attitudes towards words and music, raps and beats, lyric and song. | 313 hits
Live Review: Glasvegas
The much hyped Glasgow 4 piece came to a sold out Faversham with a crazy amount of expectation, was there a 'picks for '08' piece that didn't feature them? | 1,172 hits
Live Review: Milf
I ventured out to see Milf after a recommendation from a friend (who is however slightly biased, being the bassist's girlfriend!). | 686 hits
CD Review: Hail Animator - Days For These Nights
Relatively new Leeds outfit Hail Animator's debut, three-track demo kicks off with the weaker of the three songs, 'Days For These Nights.' The verses knock along to a bone-jarring combination of clunking drums and sharply-plucked chords, before spinning into a loose, jangly indie-rock chorus. | 406 hits
Band Profile: The High Chairs
indie rock | 5,450 hits
CD Review: Rhode Island - Horsefly
"We're in for a treat here," was my first thought when glimpsing this rather professional looking, although homemade, I'm assured, CD. | 393 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Anthems From The Phantom
Anthems From The Phantom is a compilation released by fledgling record label Phantom Power Records, based in Sheffield, and consequently weighted heavily towards Sheffield and Derby artists though not exclusively so. | 715 hits
News Article: Red Bull Music Academy comes to Leeds on April 23rd
It's Red Bull Music Academy time again - which means that aspiring DJs, producers and musicians hoping to attend the inspirational sessions in Toronto this autumn should get their applications into pronto. | 704 hits
Band Profile: The Idol Dead
Polly Phluid - The Voice Tim - The Squeal Nish - The Beat KC - The Scratch Dan - The Rumble Ok, how does one go about writing a bio for a rock n roll band without either sounding like an aspiring journo hopped up on sugary drinks spoutin' hyperbole like some demented PR machine or resorting to tired clichés and delusional fantasy? | 1,387 hits
Live Review: The Sunshine Underground + Harrisons
So is this the beginning of the big time? You chat with some fool on the CDUK sofas. You are spotted on the high street in The Sun's Bizarre column. | 1,212 hits
CD Review: Grammatics - Shadow Committee
After listening to this hurtling rollercoaster of a musical offering, one would be forgiven for imagining Leeds' Grammatics create their masterpieces holed up in a candlelit gothic garage, in between earnestly skimming Tolstoy, purely for artistic merit. | 643 hits
CD Review: Rhesus - Narcolepsy Baby
This three track EP from Midland's four-piece, Rhesus kicks off in truly uplifting fashion, with feel good anthem 'So Alone.' Blending melodic, easy-on-the-ear indie-rock with sugared lyrics and pop-music vocals, 'So Alone' manages to be thoroughly pleasant, without being bland. | 635 hits
Live Review: Random Impulse + Post War Glamour Girls + The Spills
Much more than just a gig, Big Fish, in conjunction with Leeds City College, offers aspiring journalists and media students the opportunity to gain experience whilst studying. | 503 hits
Interview: Brody
Andy Roberts talks to Brody ahead of their end of year festivities at the Royal Park... | 520 hits
CD Review: Red Light Company - Fine Fascination
'Fine Fascination' is an album that makes no efforts to disguise its ambitions: it's an album that wants to fill stadiums, and it sounds fittingly huge. | 729 hits
Live Review: Wolf People
A comfortably full Brudenell Social Club greeted Wolf People on the Leeds leg of their four date UK tour. | 785 hits
Live Review: Caterpillar + Time of Hibu + The Blonde + Tom Bradley
First up at the 360 Club tonight and undaunted by a sparse early crowd, Tom Bradley has our attention the second he opens his mouth, revealing the kind of voice every aspiring singer-songwriter wishes they had. | 661 hits
Interview: Polar
Sam Woodgate speaks to Polar's Max O'Neill and Fabian Lomas. | 602 hits
CD Review: Badly Drawn Boy - Have You Fed the Fish
Badly Drawn Boy's "Have You Fed the Fish" (AKA All Possibilities) is a recording project devoted to two questions: "who is Damon Gough?", and "how can he survive as an aspiring artist in 2002?". | 715 hits
CD Review: Full Scream Ahead - We Write Our Own Anthems
'We Write Our Own Anthems' does pretty much what it says on the tin, delivering six tracks of anthemic choruses and soaring vocals, with brief flirtations with screamo and punk to keep things interesting. | 530 hits
News Article: Over fifty bands to play as part of the Live At Leeds music celebrations this May
To coincide with Leeds celebrating its 800th birthday this year, Leeds City Council and promoters Futuresound have put together a ground-breaking city-wide, three-day music festival over the second May Bank Holiday weekend (25th, 26th and 27th May) with hopes that the event will become an annual event on the music scene's calendar. | 1,570 hits
Live Review: Grade + Dugong + Stand + The Leif Ericsson
Considering the torrential rain wiping out anything on the streets across Leeds, the Well was surprisingly full. | 500 hits
CD Review: Run From Robots - Sorry You Don't Love Us
This mini-album from Run From Robots blends modern, melodic punk with the sneering edge of good old fashioned punk rock, to mixed effect. | 574 hits
Live Review: The Lies + The Portraits + Melody Maker + Metro
It seems that everywhere you turn these days, someone is writing a review or on TV or maybe just down the pub declaring the excellence of the current Leeds music scene. | 666 hits
CD Review: Lost Calm - Untitled
The debut EP from Salford five-piece Lost Calm gets the balance right between choruses that are big and brash enough to fill arenas, and the sharp, emotional edge that makes all that noise feel personal to you. | 453 hits
Live Review: The Invention + The Isles + Micky P Kerr
Well to say it's my first gig of the year, it's a packed Mixing Tin, and how impressed was I this evening - VERY! | 712 hits
Live Review: Bombay Bicycle Club + Dry the River + Dog Is Dead
The contour of two floral-figureheads from the album cover of "A Different Kind of Fix" looked lengthways across the stage as Bombay Bicycle Club brought their tour to the city. | 775 hits
Live Review: Fozzy + JettBlack + Verses + Senzafine
"I heard people in Leeds like: filthy, dirty, sleazy, slimy, disgusting, mildewy heavy metal!" The inimitable Chris Jericho knows how to work a crowd, and judging the reaction to his sublimely hyperbolized declaration, the packed house at The Well is prime for Fozzy's first ever performance in Leeds. | 1,227 hits
Interview: International Trust
When it came to getting a Q&A with Leeds Music Scene there was only one man they could turn to - the guy that misspelt their lead singer's name and alluded to the fact that he'd like to stone their heads in... | 1,310 hits
CD Review: Balto - Monuments
It's almost a year since Balto's debut album "October's Road" found me and it's now fondly located on the bowing shelves and features in my playlists more than ever. | 511 hits
CD Review: Ellie Goulding - Lights
Ever since I watched young Ellie Goulding, from my bedroom, picking up the forever anticipated 'Critic's Choice Award' at the 2010 Brit's, I instantly trusted that this album was going to be the most highly recommended track of the year. | 1,026 hits
Interview: These Monsters
Leeds Music Scene caught up with Sam Pryor from These Monsters in the run-up to the release of their debut album, 'Call Me Dragon'. | 897 hits
Live Review: Nerve Engine + Rise To Addiction
Another Saturday, once again striving for that elusive intimate gig, the night that blows all the others out of the water, the Leeds hard rock fraternity, raise two fingers defiantly toward its heavily subscribed, yet vastly popular indie scene, and turn out in force to the one place they feel at home. | 562 hits
CD Review: In This Moment - The Dream
Right from the start, it's clear In This Moment are desperate to distance themselves from their metalcore debut 'Beautiful Tragedy.' Kicking off with the short intro 'Rabbit Hole,' In This Moment begin to sound vaguely like female-fronted, operatic goths Within Temptation. | 946 hits
CD Review: Flood Of Red - Leaving Everything Behind
'Leaving Everything Behind,' the debut album from Scotland's Flood Of Red, is a frustrating album. Effortlessly churning out dense, emotionally-charged, stadium-sized songs with towering choruses and heartfelt vocals aplenty, the first few songs will blow you away. | 1,263 hits
News Article: The Leeds Debacle
From Mae to December - what the year has in store for Leeds brightest rock starlet. I'm not happy, I am far from happy . | 1,140 hits
Interview: Thunder
Victoria Holdsworth spoke to Luke Morley from Thunder before another sell out gig in Sheffield. | 1,670 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Kerrang! The Album '09
The genius of the annual Kerrang! compilation is that, like the Kerrang!-sponsored Download festival, if you're an avid reader of said magazine, then chances are you're already familiar with every last band on this mammoth forty-two track compilation, even the acts being billed as 'ones to watch out for.' Spanning two CDs, it's conveniently split into mainstream-bothering punk and rock songs on the first CD, and metal and heavy rock on the second. | 2,038 hits

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