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CD Review: Stars Of Track & Field - Not Here To Shop
Having spent the last three years in Carlisle (at University) I watched the development of a local band by the name of Stars Of Track & Field. | 506 hits
Live Review: Alt Track + Shaheen + Mr Gary C
Three acts for the 360 Club this evening. The first of which is local, one man show Mr Gary C with a battery of Van Morrison inclined, jazzy pop numbers to entertain the audience with. | 877 hits
CD Review: The High Chairs - s/t
Dan International, Pete, Roj, Simo and T. Any ideas? Yes. You got it. They are The High Chairs. Well done. | 423 hits
Band Profile: Dollshouse inc
Based in Leeds and Wakefield. Playing a fusion of punky classic rock with a touch of powerpop thrown in. | 793 hits
CD Review: Cosmonaut - Untitled
Think early New Order or Joy Division, think Arab Strap, remember the Blue Aeroplanes and take a pinch of Echoboy for the backing tracks and you will be somewhere near the mark for describing Cosmonaut. | 392 hits
CD Review: The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - In The Garden
Orientating around Adam, Eve and the whole Garden thing they had going on way back when, The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster hit back with their new single. | 539 hits
CD Review: The Black Madonnas - Judas
The Black Madonnas rock - they're on a Sonic Mook Experiment tour, they're mates with The Beatings, they recorded at Toerag before it was cool and the b-side of the new single is a cover of Gwen Guthrie's "Rent." Title track "Judas", follows a similar style to their last single "White Sands" and sounds like a slightIy chirpy Nick Cave backing a laid back to rawkous sound that by the time the last chorus chant of Judas comes in you can't resist. | 295 hits
CD Review: Tompkin's Square - Untitled
Tompkins Square, from what I can gather, are a female vocalist and male guitarist playing to an overproduced backing track comprising of keyboards drums and pianos. | 214 hits
CD Review: The Futureheads - Area
It's a bit difficult to review an EP when the record company only send you one track from it, but when it's one track that wears down the play button they may be forgiven. | 518 hits
CD Review: Zero 7 - Futures
Futures is the first single to be released from Zero 7's new album "The Garden" which is set to be released in May. | 364 hits
CD Review: Lethal Bizzle - Going Out Tonight
Three seconds into 'Going Out Tonight,' the second single to be taken from Lethal Bizzle's forthcoming third album, and you'll be wondering what the Download organisers were smoking when they booked Lethal Bizzle to play the festival in 2008. | 1,437 hits
Band Profile: NGOD
NGOD are a four piece experimental rock/pop band from Bradford. | 3,494 hits
CD Review: Mondo - I Am You
This latest release from Mud Hut new boys Mondo, left me wondering if there was more to this band than meets the eye. | 286 hits
Live Review: Hiss Golden Messenger
According to Hiss Golden Messenger's MC Taylor, a woman sat with her fingers in her ears throughout last night's entire set. | 808 hits
CD Review: Rhode Island - Sunshine Skylark Bridge
Type the words "Rhode Island" into Google and you'll find websites on The Rhode Island Department of Transportation, The Rhode Island School of Design and The Official Web Site of the State of Rhode Island - Your gateway to information about living, working, visiting, and doing business in Rhode Island. | 637 hits
CD Review: Röyksopp - Happy Up Here
After 2001's debut album 'Melody A.M.' sold a million copies, and the acclaimed sequel 'The Understanding' paved the way to further success, the duo of Svein Berge and Torbjorn Brundtland, announce the release of their new album this spring. | 667 hits
CD Review: Personal Hell - Untitled
The biog of Personal Hell tells the tale of one man's fight (Arfan Shah - the man behind the music) to push his poetry accompanied alternative dance beats to the masses. | 320 hits
CD Review: The Hold Steady - Boys & Girls In America
From the opening chords that travel through heavy guitar and jangly piano riffs, this album feels like an old friend. | 540 hits
CD Review: Jim Kroft - One Sees The Sun
Firstly, it needs to be acknowledged that Jim Kroft doesn't have the world's strongest voice. A few times during the course of this single, he seems to be making a bid for those big notes, only to back out at the last moment. | 458 hits
Band Profile: Eskimo Sandwich
Eskimo Sandwich are an explosion of soulful sound, as memorable vocal melodies intertwine with intricate guitar and bass arrangements, underpinned by dynamic drumming, complementary keyboards and heroic vocal harmonies. | 772 hits
CD Review: Club Smith - Appetite For Chivalry
Can you be Beautiful and Useless? On this evidence yes; in places Club Smith's new release 'Appetite For Chivalry' is beautiful: plucked strings and echo electronics. | 434 hits
CD Review: Little Big Men - Lord & Lady Muck
A simplistic, but well presented three-track demo package from Little Big Men, this is a CD I've particularly enjoyed listening to over the past few days. | 334 hits
CD Review: The Hedrons - I Need You
Thank God! The all-girl Glaswegian band are back with their latest release 'I Need You'. This is an alternative love song, but don't let that fool you into thinking it'll be soppy. | 281 hits
CD Review: Chungking - Making Music
Writing songs about writing songs can be a tricky business. Lord knows I've tried it when I'm either bored or suffering from writer's cramp, but somehow Chungking have turned it into some kind of beautiful hymn. | 804 hits
Band Profile: The Mexanines
Indie/alternative 3 piece. | 2,812 hits
CD Review: L-Mo - Got Gumption
The Leeds based band L-Mo and their album 'Got Gumption' bring a fresh, feel good factor to your day. | 462 hits
CD Review: Qualia - Untitled
Qualia are Leeds University students Gez (vocals and guitar) and Dan (keyboard and backing vocals), who formed a musical partnership just over a year ago and have already attracted substantial record label interest. | 271 hits
CD Review: Mojo Fury - We Should Just Run Away
Northern-Irish alt-rock quartet Mojo Fury have released "We Should Just Run Away" as a third single from their debut album "Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus". | 567 hits
CD Review: The Riverside Happy - The Beaumont Sessions
Starting like some soppy mid 80s rock ballad, 'It Hurts' the first tack on this two track CD from The Riverside Happy, isn't sounding too good. | 494 hits
CD Review: Zola Jesus - Poor Animal / I Can't Stand
With its throbbing trance beat and buzzy synths, the opening notes of Zola Jesus' 'Poor Animal' will have you bracing yourself for some trendy, electro-indie fare, but then Nika Roza Danilova opens her mouth, and 'Poor Animal' becomes a much more interesting prospect. | 447 hits
CD Review: Biffy Clyro - Who's Got A Match
This is the final single from Biffy's fourth album 'Puzzle', and gone are the days where a couple of songs were released in single format. | 947 hits
CD Review: The Go! Team - Doing It Right
The Go! Team release another song from their ever imminent forthcoming second album 'Proof Of Youth', and if this second single is anything to judge by, it's going to be one hell of an album. | 769 hits
CD Review: Team Me - To The Treetops!
The Oslo Six-Piece are a tumultuous, snowstorm of Scandinavian, indietronic magic. The first full-length release is a lavish shrub of mountainous, motorway-music; pumped full of jaunty exuberance. | 616 hits
Band Profile: Nonpareil
alternative rock | 748 hits
Band Profile: Escort Knights
Jonathan Doherty - Keys, Backing Vocals, Programming Ewan Santer - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming Lewis Foster - Bass, Guitars, Backing Vocals Joe Montague - Drums, Percussion Escort Knights are a 4 piece Dance-Pop band mixing funk bass lines, house beats with that pop sheen. | 1,175 hits
Live Review: Mover
Three long years I've been waiting!!! Finally Mover are back in town... hurrah!! I had never heard of the band before I saw them support The Bluetones in 1998 at the T&C but they completely blew me away. | 1,119 hits
CD Review: Emergencies - We Are The Waves
'We Are The Waves,' the debut single from Leeds' Emergencies boasts a skittering, off-kilter central riff that bands with far more experience would be proud of. | 571 hits
CD Review: Dead Disco - Untitled
I wasn't sure if it was because I'd just seen the picture that came in the CD sleeve that I thought this music sounded really sexy. | 809 hits
CD Review: Messina - Split Your Heart
Wakefield based band Messina are new on the radar, and are carving out a dynamic, aggressive style of prog/alt rock. | 579 hits
CD Review: Seed - Smoke and Mirrors
According to their press release, the three members of Seed are only 16. Blimey. At such a young age, it's fair to say that they have plenty of potential. | 574 hits
CD Review: Rob Nichols - Untitled
Rob Nichols has become a familiar face in Leeds of late after regular performances in the city, and he recently reached the final of the BBC's ReCovered competition with his acoustic take on Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart. | 351 hits
CD Review: The Scaramanga Six - Are you one of the Family?
Save for the first twenty seconds of the opening and title track "Are you one of the Family?" (On their own Trinity Records label), an opening in which The Scaramanga Six have recorded some very strange effects, including explosions, I actually like this track. | 468 hits
CD Review: All Star 69ers - Transition
The opening guitar induces a wince, the shaky drumbeat turns the wince into a grimace and as the vocals come in teeth grind until there's nothing but flesh. | 377 hits
CD Review: The Sailmakers - Unsteady On His Feet
The Sailmakers are an acoustic three piece indie band from Keighley, formed in late 2008. Having started out as an acoustic act; they added a drummer and then went electric. | 666 hits
Live Review: The Streets
"Do you think your weekend could get better?" Mike Skinner asks the crowd as opening track (also the opener, title track and latest single from his new album) Everything Is Borrowed comes to a close, and he is greeted with euphoric response from the crowd packed into the new (though you wouldn't know it from the state of the floor) Academy in Leeds. | 690 hits
Band Profile: March of Dimes
Laid back folk-rock with heart. "Movingly Poignant" - Sandman Magazine | 1,163 hits
CD Review: Earl - What Are You Waiting For?
Now this one's a hard one, not often do I recieve or listen to dance tunes with a huge amount of interest, but as I put this CD on, I suddenly like dance music!! | 371 hits
CD Review: Kasiuss - Untitled
After watching the promotional clip, and certainly after listening to this five track EP from Harrogate band Kasiuss, one cannot help but wonder how they manage to musically multi-task to produce a complete sound with only two band members. | 810 hits
Live Review: Roots Manuva + MIA
It's a sub-zero crowd when MIA turns up which is an absolute shame as she drops beats and rhythms more precise than an army precession. | 939 hits
CD Review: Hot Club De Paris - Live at Dead Lake
A seductive opening near minute to 'Call Me Mr Demolition Ball' kicks the album off. It's anything but demolition-like, but after this, the pace changes and the idea of a wrecking ball becomes more apparent. | 417 hits
CD Review: Brigada Mercy - Recovering Catholic / Roto Chico
Brigada Mercy were formed from the now-defunct punk band The Yorkshire Rats, who wrote songs about the downfall of the Yorkshire mining communities. | 494 hits
CD Review: Wheat - Everyday I Said a Prayer for Kathy and Made a One Inch Square
A rather morbid album title and a rather uninspiring band name wouldn't make this album stand out to most people. | 396 hits
CD Review: Far - Pony
Far's cover of Ginuwine's RnB hit 'Pony' has an interesting backstory: after announcing that the band would be reforming for a handful of tour dates, Far booked two intimate warm-up dates under the pseudonym of Hot Little Pony. | 609 hits
CD Review: Codego - Untitled
Codego are slightly difficult to fathom. Opening track 'That Wall' begins promisingly, guitars gently chiming and backing vocals lapping up alongside like gentle sea waves. | 383 hits
CD Review: Situationists - This City Holds Us All EP
Formed in their native Sheffield in 2006, Situationists have received much critical acclaim prior to this debut EP, notably from Radio 1's Steve Lamacq and XFM's John Kennedy. | 373 hits
CD Review: Micawba - Linear
In the first fifty seconds of joyous simplicity, Micawba burst through all the barriers. "In all her dresses" is a shimmering song in a performance to put alongside "There she Goes" by the Las. | 535 hits
CD Review: Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell
After reviewing 'Tessellate' a few weeks back, I was very much looking forward to 'Elephant Shell' hitting the shelves. | 336 hits
CD Review: Newton Faulkner - Dream Catch Me
"Every time I close my eyes, it's you". The opening few words of Newton Faulkner's new single are quite mysterious. | 816 hits
CD Review: Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire
"This track is going to be massive" says Zane Lowe, a man I tend to trust, as he is usually right. And with the added backing of such Radio One heavyweights like Jo Whiley and Daniel P Carter, Bullet For My Valentine are set to take yet another step on their road to world supremacy. | 627 hits
CD Review: Merchandise - Listen Up!
Merchandise's second single from forthcoming album 'For The Masses' is a laidback slice of pop that forsakes big, brash hooks in favour of a rattling acoustic guitar that better showcases 'Listen Up!'s twinkling synths and toe-tapping piano notes. | 351 hits
CD Review: The Jones - Untitled
This three track EP from Leeds-based band The Jones opens with the twinkling, synth-studded stomp of 'Wideawake.' Built on one of those relentless backing beats that manages to be mind-numbingly repetitive in a good way, it's clear where 'Wideawake' is going right from the very start. | 408 hits
CD Review: Ben Howard - Every Kingdom
Emerging from the serene waters of the West Country, Ben Howard's 'Every Kingdom' produces a collection of acoustic arrangements and harmonies that embody the singer's natural surroundings and experiences, which gives Howard a distinctive edge against other singer/songwriters of the moment. | 986 hits
CD Review: Club Smith - The Process
Following up on their debut EP, 'The Loss,' Leeds' Club Smith release their new, four track EP 'The Process.' EP-opener 'The Green Room' proves that a good drumbeat can take you a long way. | 837 hits
CD Review: The Wooden Spoons - Tales of the Professional EP
The Wooden Spoons are made up of identical twins with an ear (or four) for lush melodies and the gift of good storytelling. | 344 hits
CD Review: The Twang - Barney Rubble
It's commonly accepted that The Twang are one of Britain's worst bands around at the moment. Just when you thought it was safe to remove your earplugs though, they're back with a new record! | 474 hits
CD Review: Lisa Hannigan - Sea Sew
Lisa Hannigan is a name you might not know, granted, but a name that you will soon know, fall in love with and want to know everything about. | 508 hits
CD Review: Elliot Minor - Electric High
Elliot Minor's new single, 'Electric High' replaces the giddy, classical-music swirl of previous singles 'Parallel Worlds' and 'Jessica,' with wailing, classy guitars and a towering pop-punk chorus of glimmering chords and addictively breathy vocals. | 460 hits
CD Review: Heroic Trio - Summertime EP
This second offering from York-based alt-rock outfit Heroic Trio, the follow-up to last year's Driveby EP, is a decidedly mixed affair. | 394 hits
CD Review: The Fret - Mr Beat
Sometimes I hate writing reviews. I got into it because I love writing and love music. But sometimes you have to review something that you really don't enjoy and it's horrible because it's no fun slagging off bands that put their heart and soul into their music. | 872 hits
CD Review: Maia - Pepper Stars
In the United States, the term "twee", has been adopted retrospectively to describe some examples of indie pop. | 373 hits
CD Review: Metronomy - Everything Goes My Way
Mercury prize nominated Metronomy have been a busy bunch lately, touring to sell-out shows and making an appearance on "Later...With Jools Holland". | 502 hits
CD Review: Alfie - A Word In Your Ear
Manc lads they may be, yet Alfie give out the merest impression of Manchester musical folklore and attitude when they foray into the whimsical and dreamy world of summertime nothingness. | 424 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Fame Academy - The Album
Right, before you stop reading, this album, surprisingly, isn't all bad, so stick around for a bit eh? | 374 hits
CD Review: Mark Ronson - Oh My God
He clearly needs no introduction. If you don't know his name where have you been? He's the sound of '07 don't you know? | 572 hits
CD Review: Shy Child - Drop the Phone
I'd heard of Shy Child like many others, in conversations where they were name-dropped alongside hot talents like Metronomy and present kings of the realm, Klaxons. | 1,108 hits
Feature: LMS is listening to...
The great minds behind LMS are getting together on a regular basis to let you know what's hot in Leeds right now! We recommend for your aural pleasure... | 407 hits
CD Review: Beautiful Feet - Suddenly / I See
Beautiful Feet? The best way to maintain beautiful feet is to make sure they don't work at anything more than walking pace, so follows the theme of the band's music. | 658 hits
CD Review: Goose - Bring It On
Goose are a Live electro four piece from Belgium. Signed to Brighton-based label SKINT, Goose have become a regular name on the British Live circuit. | 317 hits
CD Review: A Camp - Love Has Left The Room
'Love Has Left The Room' is the first single to be taken from 'Colonia,' the sophomore album from 'A Camp,' which features Nina Persson of The Cardigans fame. | 1,371 hits
CD Review: Tom Odell - Songs From Another Love
Tom's debut LP is due out early next year so this four track EP is a good way to get to know him. I was enjoying 'Another Love' enough until halfway through when the pulse of the song starting beating louder and stronger. | 1,028 hits
CD Review: Monomania - Deadtape Promo 001
Chugging bass, airy guitars, respiring vocals and climactic songs at an andante pace, presenting Monomania's recent white label 006 promo. | 324 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Across The Pennines IV
Another ATP compilation hits the doormat and, with it comes another predictably unpredictable clutch of northern sparkle. | 650 hits
Band Profile: The Keatings
Jake and Nick Keating, two brother's from Bradford, West Yorkshire. We love making music and hopefully you'll enjoy some of our material. | 563 hits
CD Review: I Love Poland - s/t
'Not Ill' begins an eagerly anticipated LP with a decisive drum beat introduction leading to the gloomy realism of lyrics 'England is dead'. | 668 hits
CD Review: The Common Redstarts - Killing Street
Edinburgh four piece The Common Redstarts have made a commendable effort with this release, their second single on Seeca Records. | 341 hits
Live Review: Glass Mountain
At around 2200 on a Monday night in a clammy Wharf Chambers in early August Glass Mountain take to the stage. | 1,461 hits
News Article: Round Window announce video release
Those loveable Leeds noiseniks have been on the creativity juice again...... This time they bring to you a full production music video for the title track from their debut EP "Pedestals." The video, produced by local company MediaCake, depicts the story told by the song of love lost, rediscovered and best well left alone! | 374 hits
CD Review: Instant Species - She Gives Me Nothing EP
You know those times where you're sure you've seen something before, but don't quite know what it is, and it pisses you off for the rest of the day trying to figure out it out? | 511 hits
CD Review: Pendulum - The Other Side
It's difficult to see where Pendulum get their rock-dance crossover act credentials from, but as an accessible drum and bass act, Pendulum are the best. | 754 hits
Band Profile: Anti-depressants
alternative rock | 1,035 hits
Band Profile: Sam Airey
Folk/Alternative/Country | 2,415 hits
CD Review: The Hidden Cameras - Awoo
Awoo, the third album from Canadian oddball folk-rock types The Hidden Cameras continues on a similar musical, a lyrical exploration as previous albums Smell of our own(2001), and Eco Homo(2003). | 415 hits
CD Review: Thao with The Get Down Stay Down - Body
Thao Nguyen isn't a name you'll probably be familiar with; let's face it, indie-folk singer/songwriters from California aren't a new, exciting prospect to many. | 399 hits
CD Review: DJ Hell - U Can Dance
'U Can Dance' is an intriguing take on the traditional dance song, with an equally attention-grabbing backstory. | 566 hits
CD Review: The Pigeon Detectives - Wait For Me
The Pigeon Detectives have been waiting to unleash this album on the globe, and rightly so. 'Wait For Me', released on label Dance To The Radio, clearly puts the five-piece on the map as more than just friends of the Kaiser Chiefs. | 2,296 hits
CD Review: The Wooden Spoons - Untitled
The twinkly piano-pop of lead-track 'You Can Call Me Peter' isn't an instant hit, its twee Englishness being initially underwhelming. | 398 hits
CD Review: The Shallow Call - s/t
The Shallow Call arrive surrounded by the type of over enthusiastic hyperbole which is usually reserved for world beaters like Radiohead, et al. | 558 hits
CD Review: Dog Almighty - Dog Almighty
Dog Almighty eponymous debut is a heavy rock/metal album that's slightly more considered than most examples of the genre. | 414 hits
CD Review: The Defiled - s/t
Adding an electronic ambience to metalcore is maybe not what you'd think would work, but when done simply and subtly it certainly does. | 468 hits
CD Review: Cypher - Keep From Breathing
It's hard to write critically about something I haven't had any interest in, nor have any knowledge about. | 323 hits
CD Review: Unyson - Science Fiction
It's not often that I listen to a review CD as many times as this. Unyson's six track "Science Fiction" has some right good songs, played and sung with style and conviction. | 410 hits
CD Review: Alexi Murdoch - Someday Soon
Alexi Murdoch is probably best known for the use of his songs on film soundtracks. The most impressive example was the use of his songs for the Sam Mendes film 'Away We Go' which, when combined with Murdoch's songs, is a masterpiece of cinema and of representing reality in film. | 574 hits
News Article: Daniel Clark releases debut EP 'British Summertime'
If you are from Leeds or the surrounding areas you may be familiar with the live music promoters 'The Crow Knows Music Ltd', maybe you've been lucky enough to attend one of their events. | 510 hits
CD Review: Drat - Untitled
If someone asked me to name a decent band from Northern Ireland I would probably struggle. Ash are from around that area but they suck monkey nuts. | 670 hits
CD Review: Living Colour - The Chair In The Doorway
Is it better to be a jack of all trades, or a master of one? Throughout their 25 year history, Living Colour have tried their hands at Metal, Punk, Jazz and Hip-Hop, and with their latest effort, 'The Chair In The Doorway,' they still haven't settled for one genre. | 543 hits
CD Review: Un-Cut - Midnight
Manchester DJ team Future Cut (Iyiola Babalola and Darren Lewis) and singer Jenna G. make up the Un-cut big sales pursuit squad. | 575 hits
CD Review: Luke Hirst - Rock n Roll Begins At Home
Bradford singer songwriter Luke Hirst specialises in the sort of no frills, pop-infused indie-rock songs that we don't seem to see much of anymore, what with 90% of popular acts either being a band, or a female solo artist (ala Lilly Allen, Amy Winehouse, Duffy etc.) Consequently, it's debatable whether Luke Hirst's new EP 'Rock n Roll Begins At Home' will find a ready audience, but that's no comment on its quality. | 517 hits
CD Review: Purple Orm - Sounds From Small Town
Apart from the name I have little to complain about Purple Orm. This 3 piece from Castleford (I'm guessing) have a steady rock and roll sound that is likeable enough on this 3 song CD. | 371 hits
Live Review: Samuel S. Parkes + Mainline + New Vinyl
At least once a week, 'The Library' pub based in Leeds plays host to the music event known as the '360 Club'. | 745 hits
CD Review: Esper Scout - Illuminate Incinerate
'Shed Some Light' starts off with a great ambient guitar riff before the drums kick in. For me the mixture of progressive song writing and pop hooks is a winner. | 389 hits
CD Review: Ali Whitton - Miracle
There's an influx of singer/songwriters at the moment, not just in Leeds but seemingly everywhere. The opening acoustic strum of 'Miracle' is soon followed by Whitton's voice, which contains a distinct quiver to it and gives him and edge from the off, he has an interesting voice and he sounds like Ali Whitton, not someone else. | 681 hits
CD Review: Karvel - Drowning In Puddles
Twickenham triplet Karvel have been giving away free downloads all month and "Drowning In Puddles" is one of them. | 493 hits
CD Review: Bleachbaby - Stamp Her Out
'Stamp Her Out' is the first EP from Manchester-based electro-poppers Bleachbaby. EP-opener and title track 'Stamp Her Out' is a frustratingly hit and miss affair. | 605 hits
CD Review: Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle
Indie-giants Bombay Bicycle Club have banged out another masterpiece with the advent of new single "Shuffle". | 985 hits
CD Review: Deadstring Brothers - s/t
Hailing from Detroit, Deadstring Brothers have delivered a fine album worth of songs that evoke thoughts of 'Exile On Main Street'. | 526 hits
CD Review: Sneaky Sound System - I Love It
The guy on the front (I presume that the image on the front is a picture of the band that has been photoshopped slightly to give it a cartoonish edge and twinge) looks like JLC! | 315 hits
CD Review: InSatellites - No Wave EP
Here with their 'refined mixture of grunge and alt-rock' in the form of the No Wave EP are Leeds band InSatellites. | 498 hits
CD Review: Heads We Dance - The Human Touch
'The Human Touch' by Heads We Dance is five minutes of industrial-tinged electro with futuristic synths and robotic noises aplenty, and a modest amount of addictive beats. | 458 hits
CD Review: Middleman - Spinning Plates
Well these local lads have been around the edge of whatever scene you may try and slot them into, but the fact of the matter is they have been biding their time and perfecting their craft and waiting in the wings to make their right move, and what a killer move it is. | 896 hits
CD Review: Jaed - Dirty Days
To begin an album with such a redundant, rotting piece of garbage as "Catherine" is either a staggeringly inept oversight or a subtle attempt to reduce expectations to base level. | 403 hits
CD Review: Cooler Green - Untitled
Is there a best selling book I don't know about, entitled "Clichés for Songwriters"? Is it available in all good bookshops? | 296 hits
CD Review: Our Small Capital - Immune To Bad News EP
The way I see it, at least James Frey (the author of embroidered memoir 'A Million Little Pieces') made up a decent story. | 754 hits
CD Review: Counting Crows - Hanginaround
A bit of a curious one this. A re-release of the opener from Counting Crows' third album 'This Desert Life' in a new '04 Rock Mix' guise. | 444 hits
CD Review: Jesse Malin - Glitter In the Gutter
After owning 'The Heat' for some time now, I was really excited about the upcoming album from New York's Jesse Malin. | 710 hits
CD Review: Hot Club De Paris - Hey! Housebrick
Hot Club De Paris release 'Hey! Housebrick', a solid foundation, a well worked underpinning, good craftsmanship, the distinctive first slab and cement to the whole overall property development that is the new album. | 379 hits
CD Review: Shatner - Wow Signals
Shatner: Wow Signals (Released 24th January, 2015) As I catch up with some new music and set to Windolening my kitchen windows I notice an album by a band that I have heard much about but as yet not had the pleasure of going to see yet... | 669 hits
CD Review: The Enemy - Had Enough
With the first twelve seconds sounding like it could be the opening theme of a new American drama, (I envision a big collage of shots of good looking actors in a hospital or running from the police) The Enemy's new single 'Had Enough' is with us. | 836 hits
CD Review: The Kiara Elles - Odio
This four track EP from Leeds' The Kiara Elles is a bright and breezy, eclectic blend of pop, indie and electro that's far from life-changing, but will get you tapping your feet and humming along in no time. | 612 hits
CD Review: Kaiser Chiefs - Everything Is Average Nowadays
The video for Everything Is Average Nowadays contains a sequence where a production line manufactures a series of replicas, from vodka bottles and fine art through to punks and cheerleaders, culminating in the mass cloning of each member of the Chiefs. | 855 hits
CD Review: The Lodger - Untitled
When Ben (the tunesmith for The Lodger) released his first three-track demo as a solo project, it showed that his taste and song writing were spot on. | 1,595 hits
CD Review: Redwire - Untitled
Redwire declare on their website to be "the most exciting band to come out of Bradford ever!" Considering at the minute the only other Bradford band I can think of are Embrace... | 1,234 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - The Lab: One
The Lab: One is a collection of ten tracks by ten artists all orbiting the indie and folk genres. Despite the genre correlations, each track has its own unique sound, making for a constantly surprising compilation. | 448 hits
CD Review: Nikoli - You've Come So Far
This CD has a five star production on some uncertain material. There's a terrific sound to it, recorded as it is in a "purpose built studio" (what other sorts are there?). | 404 hits
CD Review: Viva Stereo - The Surface has been scratched EP
Sounding like the bastard love child of Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie and Death In Vegas' Richard Fearless, Viva Stereo are cooking up quite a sound. | 443 hits
CD Review: The Dirty Skirts - Feeling The Pressure
First impression of 'Feeling The Pressure' is that it tosses together bits of indie and electronica and expects them to sound coherent with minimal effort. | 447 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Revenge of The Psychotronic Man Vs. The Fractions
'Revenge of The Psychotronic Man Vs. The Fractions' is the second release from Manchester-based TNS Records, and serves as a great introduction to two underground punk bands. | 480 hits
CD Review: Washington Irving - Holy Company
So here we have folk rockers Washington Irving. Hailing from Glasgow, this five piece brings us their new single in the form of 'Holy Company.' The single consists of two tracks dripping with folky, Celtic charm. | 404 hits
CD Review: Staerimto - Untitled
Staerimto can be described as lush, poignant, quirky folk. In this DIY solo effort lead by John Perry there are moments of brilliance and also emptiness. | 283 hits
CD Review: The Dead Pets - Untitled
More of a commercial sound than the last CD, which is noticeable from the outset. Whilst I have to admit I liked the kinda raw feel of "Too little Too Late" this could be a step into the right direction for the band. | 606 hits
CD Review: Airship - Stuck In This Ocean
"Stuck In This Ocean" is a 52 minute concoction of beguiling Indie-Rock finesse and musical enticement. | 756 hits
CD Review: Thyrd Eye - Say Something
Debut single from Thyrd Eye offers up an uncertain mix of musical styles that's initially jarring. Opening track 'Say Something' features echoey, shiver-inducing gothic vocals from co-vocalist and keyboardist Hannah, which sit awkwardly against the song's twitching, spring-heeled drumbeats and jerking chords. | 320 hits
CD Review: The Drums - Money
It seems as though any voice that comes out of a "Jonathan Pierce" I always have a love/hate relationship with. | 589 hits
Band Profile: These Five Walls
These Five Walls are a five piece with a somewhat different take on the music that influences all of the band members. | 347 hits
Live Review: Willy Mason + Elvis Perkins
Elvis Perkins and backing band Dearland are the perfect band to get people in the mood for some folk. | 961 hits
CD Review: Milf - This Silence
Milf have advanced a lot since I first heard an early demo of theirs. The ear for melody and driving guitars which was evident back then has stuck with them and has developed into a rather appealing wall of sound. | 532 hits
CD Review: Rhode Island - Untitled
Rhode Island all come from Leeds. You will never have heard of them. This is because their current CD goes under a different guise. | 414 hits
CD Review: Cardboard Cowboy - The Boxroom Tapes
There's a lot to like about this collection of four tunes, which are true testament to what can be done with home recording and some decent song writing. | 432 hits
CD Review: Blank Space - My Day with the Astronauts
The opening track to this impressive CD is a polite mellow number with country tendencies. Mainly acoustic guitar and piano with beautiful vocal harmonies and subtle use of percussion, this track shows the talent of the singer songwriter, Alex Dew. | 570 hits
CD Review: Rhesus - Narcolepsy Baby
This three track EP from Midland's four-piece, Rhesus kicks off in truly uplifting fashion, with feel good anthem 'So Alone.' Blending melodic, easy-on-the-ear indie-rock with sugared lyrics and pop-music vocals, 'So Alone' manages to be thoroughly pleasant, without being bland. | 635 hits
CD Review: Alistair Sheerin - Animal Farm Sessions
Alistair Sheerin is a singer-songwriter from Middlesbrough with a melodic-rock style, comparable to that of The Beatles, The Kinks and Oasis. | 354 hits
CD Review: The Blackout - Higher and Higher
As far as Rock / Rap collaborations go in recent times, they haven't been up to scratch. However in 2011 this could all change with the latest offering from The Blackout. | 1,665 hits
Live Review: Delays + Nightmare Of You + Captain
I arrive at the Cockpit just in time to see openers Captain take to the stage. They go on to set the tone of the evening with their shimmering, often delicate indie pop music. | 733 hits
CD Review: Mi Mye - I think everything's going to be fine
Mi Mye provide this lo-fi effort, "I think everything's going to be fine". Lead man, Jamie Lockhart, hails from northern Scotland, Skerray to be precise, but has resided in Wakefield in the last ten years. | 669 hits
Live Review: Seth Lakeman
Despite arriving fairly early to Leeds Met, I managed to just miss support act Ben's Brother. The prompt stage times saw Seth Lakeman begin his set just shy of 20:30; fortunately the venue seemed just about full when he began. | 413 hits
CD Review: Defend Moscow - Manifesto
Released on February 23rd through KIDS Records - the label responsible for launching The Wombats, The Whip and my favourite band of the moment, Kyte - Defend Moscow unleash their debut single upon the musical eyes and ears of the general public. | 473 hits
CD Review: Jack Butler - Velvet Prose
The acapella intro of 'Velvet Prose' and immediate ska-like upbeat tempo make you want to keep listening to this song and quite right too because this is very, very good. | 546 hits
CD Review: The Compression - Au Naturel
Debut single from Wakefield band The Compression is standard indie-rock fare, with an intriguing, psychedelic edge thanks to frontman Matty's fuzzy vocals. | 393 hits
CD Review: The Glitterati - Do you love yourself?
Poptones is steadily building up a healthy roster of artists with a fair range of diversity. From Martin Carr's Brave Captain to Cosmic Rough Riders via The Bellrays. | 2,705 hits
CD Review: Cathy Davey - Clean And Neat
In which a 25-year-old sweet and innocent looking gal makes a distinctly sweet and innocent sounding song. | 587 hits
Band Profile: Braveface
Leeds based 3-Piece originals band playing Popular Rock music | 680 hits
News Article: Sam Airey releases his 'Season's Change EP' on 1st March 2010
Today (1st March) sees the release of Season's Change, the debut EP from Leeds folk songsmith Sam Airey. | 563 hits
CD Review: The 1975 - Untitled
The 1975, indie-alternative band released their self-titled album in September 2013, but they are still creating a stir with their upbeat electro, pop-rock sound. | 613 hits
CD Review: Outsider (Midlands) - Through Exiles Eyes
My mum used to tell me that if you've got nothing constructive to say, then don't say anything at all. | 335 hits
CD Review: Dark Star - A Day's Pay for a Day's Work
Since their initial releases in 2007, the London based Electronic trio Darkstar have made quite a name for themselves with their oh so unique brand of psychedelic pop and signature 'warped' sound. | 414 hits
CD Review: The Charlatans - Up At The Lake
The first song on this album is the title track. It rocks and stomps, demanding volume. Burgess blends his natural voice, with the falsetto style he adopted on the 'Wonderland' album. | 613 hits
CD Review: Wall Street Riots - One More Ride
Following on from the success of their debut EP, London-based Wall Street Riots release punk party track 'One More Ride.' Taking the enthusiasm and energy of pop-punk as their starting point, Wall Street Riots then pack in the shunting riffs, twitching vocals and bass-heavy grooves, to create something that's more innovative and individual than your usual pop-punk fair. | 421 hits
CD Review: Joseph Arthur - Nuclear Daydream
Releasing two new albums simultaneously is a big ask of any artist, but when you see what Joseph Arthur has done and is all about, it's another step on an amazing journey for this man. | 474 hits
News Article: Local musicians needed for Leeds Arena campaign
Local unsigned musicians are being invited to provide a soundtrack to an upcoming animation of the Leeds Arena. | 777 hits
Live Review: Polica
Poliça's current album, Shulamith, is named after a central figure in the early development of radical feminism. | 637 hits
CD Review: The Bluefoot Project - Brave
The Observations EP was good. The Bluefoot Project are awesomely professional. Chocolate Fireguard is a very cool label. | 503 hits
CD Review: Stereophonics - You Gotta Go There To Come Back
The band everybody loves to hate are back. They may not be pushing any boundaries or breaking new barriers but what they are doing is maturing musically with each album and doing it very well. | 435 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Leeds Urban Fusion 2003
According to the liner notes here in the CD wallet of Leeds City Council's 'Urban Fusion 2003' album it says, rather cringingly, that this is a CD "born from hip hop, r&b and urban flavaz" although what 'urban flavaz' is meant to mean I have no idea. | 936 hits
CD Review: Club Smith - The Loss
'The Loss' EP from Leeds-based Club Smith, is an enviable debut release, recalling the electro-indie-with-anthemic choruses of 'Hot Fuss' era The Killers, but with a subtle touch of darkness here and there, adding additional depth to the Club Smith experience. | 886 hits
CD Review: Kid Adrift - Oxytocin
Kid Adrift's 'Oxytocin' EP is the sort of experimental electro that makes you think of bedroom recordings and one man meticulously editing and mixing tracks on his home laptop. | 1,329 hits
CD Review: Chase This City - Show Us What You Got?
Just a year after forming, Lancaster-based Chase This City release six-track mini album 'Show Us What You Got?' flaunting a talent for penning towering, pop-punk choruses, that's impressive to say they've been together a short time. | 485 hits
Live Review: 22-20s + The Blueskins + Jeepster
Jeepster look uncomfortable. Their Noel Gallagher-style rock ballads are underpinned by some nice piano and Hammond organ, but like a potato sandwich, they also lack intrigue. | 771 hits
CD Review: The Von Bondies - Pawn Shoppe Heart
On hearing the excellent dumb-garage two-minute "C'mon C'mon" those already familiar with The Von Bondies would have been forgiven for thinking that the new album would be a major step towards a spikier output and away from the fuzzed up blues of "Lack of Communication". | 647 hits
CD Review: Balto - Monuments
It's almost a year since Balto's debut album "October's Road" found me and it's now fondly located on the bowing shelves and features in my playlists more than ever. | 511 hits
CD Review: Joan As Police Woman - To Survive
Superbly serene yet gregariously graceful, the second album from Joan Wasser and Co. is a magnificent exercise in chamber-pop intricacy. | 531 hits
CD Review: Glaciers - An Excellent Field Geologist
'An Excellent Field Geologist' from Leeds-based Glaciers (aka Nicolas Burrows) opens with Brooklyn,' a track of simple beauty, relying solely on a steadily plucked acoustic guitar, a few atmospheric synths, and some halting, lullaby-like vocals. | 403 hits
CD Review: Slighty Alien - Untitled
Picture the scene, playing a gig and someone comes up to you asking to review their CD. OK or so I thought! | 704 hits
CD Review: Scouting For Girls - Everybody Wants To Be On TV
Brought up in London, discovered by Myspace, nominated for three BRITs on their first album alone - What's not to like about Scouting For Girls? | 990 hits
CD Review: White Boys For Gay Jesus - White Boys For Brothel Med Clinics
With a name like that, and songs titles such as 'File To Fuck' and 'Pussy Cake' White Boys For Gay Jesus seem set to be a deliberately annoying, deliberately offensive band with Bloodhound Gang style tongue-in-cheek lyrics. | 1,232 hits
Live Review: The Swindells + Sewersuckers + Petrol Bastard
As I venture upstairs I happen across a very peculiar spectacle in the form of Petrol Bastard. It's not immediately apparent, and to be perfectly honest, I'm still not 100% sure whether or not this outfit is meant to be a joke. | 743 hits
CD Review: Set Your Goals - This Will Be The Death Of Us
Very few bands successfully pull off a hardcore-tinged pop-punk sound, but with 'This Will Be the Death of Us,' Set Your Goals show how to perfectly execute this. | 719 hits
CD Review: Telegramme - Okay
There's no doubt that Telegramme frontwoman Faye has a powerful voice. However, she also has an unusual habit of serving her vocals with a helping of random warbling noises and sudden high notes. | 365 hits
CD Review: Cats and Cats and Cats - Motherwhale
When I first saw Cats and Cats and Cats live 3 years ago supporting Forward, Russia at The Cockpit I knew I'd found a band that I was going to love for life, I bought everything that they had brought out and have done to this day, so when the opportunity arose to review their latest release I jumped at the chance, and was not disappointed. | 443 hits
CD Review: The Sugars - Monsters
Oh my! Blended together smoother than a chocolate fudge sundae, The Sugars sure can shake, rattle and roll. | 602 hits
CD Review: Levellers - Before The End
'Before The End' isn't the Levellers at their best. It sees them forgo most of their folk leanings in favour of a pounding drumbeat that runs throughout the whole of the song, and will probably leave you with a massive headache. | 484 hits
CD Review: The Wednesday Club - Soap
The first thing you'll notice about The Wednesday Club's 'Soap' album is its daunting length (twenty two songs, to be exact), and the second is the nonsensical song titles. | 515 hits
Feature: Advent Calendar: 12th December
Day 12 of LMS's Advent Calendar | 366 hits
News Article: Rupert Stroud releases new single 'Twisted Games'
After two critically acclaimed albums, regular adulation and live appearances on BBC Introducing shows up and down the country and several exciting festival appearances, Rupert Stroud is now back with brand new single 'Twisted Games'. | 368 hits
CD Review: Rhode Island - Horsefly
"We're in for a treat here," was my first thought when glimpsing this rather professional looking, although homemade, I'm assured, CD. | 393 hits
CD Review: Sound Of Sirens - What's That Noise?
EP opener 'One Step' is pretty standard, mid-tempo indie-rock with some sharp, hook-packed vocals that lift it above the level of the other bands currently ploughing a similar furrow. | 628 hits
CD Review: Pink Grease - All Over You
Pink Grease are sexy in a trashy, New York fanshionista way, and with the inclusion of The Greasettes- three girl backing singers- you can guarantee there will be someone on stage you want to fuck. | 561 hits
CD Review: The Bilderberg Group - This Could Happen
The Bilderberg Group is the shop front for a one Lewis Sleeman who pulls no punches in making it a place to sell his own brand of pop product. | 445 hits
Live Review: Scars On 45
Bradford six-piece Scars On 45 made a triumphant return to the stage last Friday at a packed-out gig at The Faversham with support from Olfar and fellow Bradfordians Redwire. | 1,570 hits
CD Review: Willy Mason - So Long Baby Shoes
It's been some time since Willy Mason's last offering, but here we have it in the form of 5 beautifully crafted songs. | 1,106 hits
Live Review: Ming City Rockers + The Franceens + Klammer
It's a packed Pack Horse pub in LS2 tonight, for three of Northern England's finest current home grown offerings when it comes to noise by way of drums, guitars and shouting a lot. | 771 hits
News Article: The Passing Fancy release split single via Geek Pie Records
Ultra DIY Wakefield based label Geek Pie Records is proud to announce the release of its first record in 2 years; a split Folk-Pop EP between Glasgow based songwriter Siobhan Reilly and Wakefield based The Passing Fancy. | 509 hits
Live Review: Dinosaur Pile-up
Post-grunge trio Dinosaur Pile-up played a brief homecoming show at the Brudenell Social Club. They began with a question and answer session as they elucidated on their band name. | 1,084 hits
CD Review: The Quails - Master Of Imperfection
Quail: - a collective name for several of mid-sized birds. This flock are led by Singer Dan Steer with guitarist Max Armstrong and a rhythm section of Sam Banks and Chris Prentice. | 1,561 hits
CD Review: Tim Canfer - Butterscotch
Hearing the news that you've been asked to review a demo from a local acoustic singer/songwriter is enough to send shivers down the spine of even the hardiest of writer. | 728 hits
CD Review: Imogen Heap - Headlock
I have never quite understood why I like Imogen Heap: her unconventional vocals on such tunes as this; plus some slick beats laid down over a mixed backing track of violins and bass lines. | 485 hits
CD Review: Sounds Of Swami - Halcyon Days
Keighley's Sounds of Swami don't hang about on 7" 'Halcyon Days,' blasting through six songs in seventeen minutes. | 1,466 hits
CD Review: Andrew Vincent - Rotten Pear
I'm no expert on Canadian rock, (Neil Young, Bryan Adams and Arcade Fire are perhaps the furthest my knowledge stretches on the matter) but for some reason Andrew Vincent still somehow comes across as unashamedly Canadian to me. | 1,043 hits
Live Review: Rudimental + Azealia Banks + Wretch 32 + Stylo G + Chronixx + Toddla T + Robbo Ranx
So after three days of urban music up and down the country, tonight is the last night of the BBC 1Xtra live shows. | 638 hits
Live Review: 65daysofstatic + These Monsters + Atlas
The show kicked off with electro quintet Atlas. Their mellow approach to dubstep was atmospheric and beautifully ambient. | 369 hits
Live Review: Cold War Kids + The Pink Mountaintops + Derek The Poet
A prolific indie band and a back-to-basics set from a folk-rock band interspersed with poems sung by a rather quirky young man to backing tracks on an iPod were always going to make for an extremely odd gig experience. | 614 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Dance To The Radio Volume One
To celebrate their 50th release, Leeds based label Dance To The Radio are releasing a series of four twelve inch singles. | 627 hits
CD Review: Gary Stewart Band - Tables, Trees and Tripods
I first came to hear of the Gary Stewart Band at the Futuresound heats in July of last year, when I was bowled over by their performance. | 1,121 hits
CD Review: Francesqa - We Lived
Francesqa have a penchant for punchy melodic rock and storming choruses that occasionally verge on the anthemic. | 743 hits
CD Review: AKp - The Blast Apex
It seems that Alex King, has whittled his circle of trust down to a trio of himself and two backing musicians, and in doing so has created the eponymous collective AKP. | 559 hits
Band Profile: Nil Carborundum
Brutal misanthropic & anarchistic death/black-metal | 746 hits
Live Review: Aim For The Eyes + Catscans + Rupert Stroud + Oliver Manning
So here I am, it's Friday night and I'm upstairs at The Library for a 360 Club night eagerly anticipating what is renowned as a brilliant sample of Leeds bustling unsigned music scene. | 922 hits
CD Review: Ceiling Demons - The Ceiling Demons EP
Ceiling Demons are an 'alternative hip-hop joint'. Twin brothers Psy Ceiling and Dan Demon serve as the wordsmiths of the outfit, leaving Jesster in charge of the beats. | 639 hits
CD Review: Last Temple Orchestra - Untitled
The debut EP from Leeds' Last Temple Orchestra begins in promising fashion, with the excellent 'Inside.' Its spring-heeled drums are tempered by echoey chords, giving it an interestingly ethereal edge. | 504 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Attack!!!! Issue 9
Every track on Attack!!!! 9 is inspired by a piece of Dutch prose published in the previous issue of the accompanying Attack!!!! | 1,015 hits
CD Review: Faintest Idea - Ignorance Is This
'Ignorance Is This' from Norfolk based Faintest Idea, is the sort of ska-punk that plays down the chirpiness usually associated with the genre. | 806 hits
CD Review: Session X - Energise EP
Hailing from the same village as myself, Session X arrive on the Leeds scene and rip through four tracks of furious funk tinged soulful tunes, guaranteed to have either a foot tapping or a head nodding. | 486 hits
Band Profile: Dead Disco
"All the best female-fronted pop songs ever ('Atomic', 'Kids In America', anything involving Gwen Stefani), mashed up and sung out by an indie Alison Goldfrapp in a stripy prom dress. Better believe it, buddy" NME | 18,621 hits
CD Review: The Subways - Young for Eternity
Just over a year ago hotly tipped new band The Subways were handpicked by Michael Eavis to play on stage at Glastonbury and since then their rise has been nothing short of amazing; going on to support Oasis and headlining some of the most raucous music events of the year including The Camden Crawl and XFM's Xmas Party. | 1,149 hits
Live Review: Clean Bandit + Rainy Milo
'Classico-electronical doghouse' is the genre that Clean Bandit have aligned themselves with. Even if it doesn't catch on as a genre, at their heart, Clean Bandit are electronic music at its finest. | 415 hits
CD Review: Stand Out Riot - Carnival Militia
Stand Out Riot are destined for a very bright future. A seven piece group from Derbyshire who, after winning the National Festival of Music for Youth in 2006, have gone from strength to strength. | 671 hits
News Article: Feeds - Explorations EP Review
Feeds are one of the hardest working bands in town. They've been gigging solidly since they formed as a University-based band last year and have carried on again this year despite the fact that some of them have been whisked away on placements and live at opposite ends of the country. | 341 hits
CD Review: The Reindeer Section - Son Of Evil Reindeer
The Reindeer Section have a good story, and you can find plenty of well researched articles and reviews in the professional press now that Album number 2 on Bright Star Recordings is out. | 538 hits
CD Review: Mickey Charbagz - Untitled
Irish Ratbag Mickey Charbagaz resides round these parts, he touts his wares on myspace, has lots of cuties leave messages of love and adoration and he looks rock and roll... | 506 hits
CD Review: Tindersticks - Waiting For The Moon
Tindersticks are one of the UK's most talented, and rather unfortunately, overlooked bands of the past 10 years or so, and 'Waiting For The Moon', their latest LP, should go a long way to help give the band the attention they deserve. | 675 hits
CD Review: The Whippets - You'll Be Fine EP
I'm not really a lover of filling reviews with press release fodder, but this is fucking excellent: "The Whippets sound like a dip in a plunge pool, followed by a particularly tricky numbers round of Countdown, standing on your head and then finding a tenner you didn't know you had and spending it all on Pic n'Mix." Right dissection fans, let's go... | 419 hits
CD Review: The Yards - The Devil Is Alive And Well And In DC
Years of songwriting isolation and hidden solo outings at North Yorkshire's famous rock recluse Blakey Ridge have done wonders for ex-Seahorse frontman Chris Helme. | 534 hits
CD Review: NGOD - XL
After hearing a number of people discussing this Bradford-based quartet, I decided to give them a listen and download their latest EP. | 475 hits
Live Review: OFWGKTA + Backyards + Blood Red Shoes
Garage-indie duet Blood Red Shoes gave a brash and forte introduction. The guitar was big, bassy and double-tracked, to make up for the lack of bass guitar. | 687 hits
CD Review: Everything We Left Behind - Pull Back And Go
The debut mini-album from Bristol-based four-piece Everything We Left Behind has a formula, and that formula is: take all the best features of pop-punk (the energy, exuberance and big, fat choruses,) while replacing all the worst features of pop-punk (the tenancy towards character-less over-production; the irritating over-chirpiness) with some actual punk characteristics, like you actually find in actual punk (and not, very often, in pop-punk.) So, album-opener 'Big Thanks To The Sun' features all the usual offenders of the pop-punk genre - springy drumbeats; "whoooooa" backing vocals; melodic-voiced frontman - wrapped up in a crackly production, with lashings of broken-glass riffing and a general roughness that pleasantly recalls local bands and live music. | 620 hits
CD Review: Funeral for a Friend - Into Oblivion (Reunion)
Nearly four minutes of the classic song structure. Build up your intro with strings, kick in with ear-splitting guitars, add a catchy chorus, repeat it minus a few instruments, before throwing everything out there for one last effort. | 1,359 hits
CD Review: Gaia - Soulwind
The back of Gaia's four song demo is adorned with the typically touted quote "...who have defined their own sound" and as with so many before them, Gaia are not something that'll leave you thinking "how revolutionary". | 450 hits
CD Review: Tunng - Good Arrows
Tunng's 3rd long player "Good Arrows" is without a shadow of doubt their best so far. This album is the marvellous sound of an already great band fulfilling the promise of their previous outings. | 410 hits
CD Review: The Dead Formats - The Dead Formats
The overriding characteristic of The Dead Formats' debut EP, is the complex and seemingly random use of main, backing and gang vocals, which gives each song on this six track EP a sloppy, oldschool punk vibe feel that's refreshing amongst the current trend for studio gloss. | 868 hits
Interview: Lisa Hannigan
LMS caught up with Lisa Hannigan, Dublin's new superstar! | 1,168 hits
CD Review: Jack Butler - Fit The Paradigm
'Fit The Paradigm' is the debut single from Scotland's indie-rockers Jack Butler. The album kicks off with current single, 'Hit It Out The Park, Son' and, right from the start, frontman Liam Kelly has a voice to split opinion. | 1,329 hits
CD Review: Sidearm - Graffitied Litter
Sidearm are an ambitious and adventurous bunch. This idea-rammed CD of three songs shouts out "gi's a gig!" in a loud and convincing voice. | 409 hits
Band Profile: Resonance
Resonance, Fouad - Rhythm Guitar John - Bass Jonny - Lead Vocal Mark - Drums and Backing Vocals Sean - Lead Guitar and Rhythm Guitar "Resonance is a great name for the band, big sound, big energy, you are Resonance and need to be on a big stage..." Alan Raw (BBC Radio DJ) "'Shaman' is the standout track displaying their ability to write catchy numbers which also showcase all five members' respective talents. | 995 hits
Live Review: Goo Goo Dolls + Unkle Bob
Yes, they played 'Iris' and everyone in the crowd sang along. There's a chance you stopped reading there and from the reaction of friends you'd be forgiven for thinking The Goo Goo Dolls had only ever released one track, but it's often seen as one of the best songs ever, even reaching the heady heights of being (abysmally) covered by Ronan Keating. | 657 hits
Live Review: City of Lights + Danny Landau + Jack Edwards
At least once a week, 'The Library' pub based in Leeds plays host to the music event known as the '360 Club'. | 873 hits
CD Review: Rilo Kiley - Under The Blacklight
July 2nd 2007: Rilo Kiley's latest single 'The Moneymaker' hits the internet, and all hell breaks loose; it's like the indie apocalypse - who knew fans of America's cutest band could be quite so vicious? | 408 hits
Live Review: Chris T-T + Thomas Truax + Sergeant Buzzfuzz + Napoleon IIIrd
After a near-continuous onslaught of terrific gigs in the last couple of weeks, perhaps a breather was what was needed. | 1,051 hits
CD Review: The Wind-up Birds - The Land
'Good Shop Shuts' hits the listener from the start with a barrage upon the ears. Punk-ridden teen angst is present in the form of Libertine-esque lo-fi production, and while energetic, the song on the whole barely surpasses a fairly generic punk tune. | 394 hits
CD Review: Hillstomp - One Word
Hillstomp claim to play a brand of North Mississippi trance blues... yep that's what I thought. But surprisingly this is a real musical gem. | 639 hits
Live Review: Cellar Door + 4 Letter Holiday + Friday's Ghost + Soberskin
I arrived at The Vine late to see there was a change to the original line-up for the night. Wakefield three-piece Soberskin had conceded their slot third on the bill to open the night. | 1,213 hits
Band Profile: The Legendary Len Liggins
Solo artist, member of The Ukrainians and The Sinister Cleaners and one time collaborator with The Wedding Present. Also produced 'Roar!' fanzine in 1980s. | 1,650 hits
CD Review: Diefenbach - Set and Drift
Third album proper from the genre melding Danes, 'Set & Drift' sees Diefenbach occupying territory somewhere between camps indie and electronic. | 449 hits
CD Review: The Dharma - Can You Rely On Them
Upon receiving this CD, I thought - 'Looks promising, very slick. Maybe a better photographer could have made the live looking cover shot look a little less like they are performing at an open jam night to an empty pub.' 'Can You Rely On Them' is a tune that upon first listen seems to pull no punches, upon second or more listens you will be thinking 'what the hell is going on with these guys.' It is filled with lots of quirky little solos, which do showcase a lot of musical talent that is there, somewhere! | 442 hits
News Article: Witch Hunt announce release of new single
'Crawl' is the second single from Witch Hunt, the Leeds based duo of Louisa Osborn and Chris Mulligan, and is another spark of the black magic that has seen them much talked about on the thriving West Yorkshire music scene. | 357 hits
CD Review: Seasick Steve - I Started Out With Nothin And I Still Got Most Of It Left
Let's face it, you'd have to be some black hearted, Scrooge-like fellow to dislike Seasick Steve. The old bluesman is going against the grain in just about every way possible. | 414 hits
CD Review: Day Old Hate - Road We Take / Face The World
This Sheffield-based hardcore quintet has had a fair few changes to their line-up over the past two years, and these two tracks are their first releases with new frontman Oli Swift. | 357 hits
CD Review: Wild Beasts - Through Dark Night
Ever feel like you're being sold the emperor's cast-offs? That's how I felt listening to this record for the first few times. | 494 hits
CD Review: The Black Box Revelation - Set Your Head On Fire
The debut album from Brussels' The Black Box Revelation kicks off with the sleazy rock and roll of 'Love, Love Is On My Mind.' Erratic drumbeats, jerky riffs and Jan Paternoster's all-over-the-place vocals give this album-opener the sort of vibrant-but-ramshackle energy you'd expect from a live performance. | 698 hits
CD Review: Red Star - Law And Order
'Law And Order,' the debut album from Huddersfield's Red Star, kicks off with 'Northerners (In London Town).' This piece of low-key, laidback indie grooviness relies mainly on a strong vocal performance from frontman Will Bloy and some simple electro beats that add that extra oomph to the chorus. | 790 hits
Interview: Bertie Blackman
Joseph Seager speaks to Australian songstress Bertie Blackman. | 515 hits
Live Review: Yellow Stripe Nine
Going into battle dressed in his dad's golfing outfit and some vintage aviators, Yellow Stripe Nine's ringleader Pete Bott has taken on the guardian of jerky pop/disco choruses and won hands down with catchy bastards like 'I Want More', 'Hotel X' and (the deceptively uncatchily titled) 'The Boy who Desperately Wanted to be Struck by Lightning'. | 576 hits
CD Review: Trans Am - Liberation
I love bands from Washington D.C. Especially bands that were or are on Dischord, the innovative, politically conscious and close knit label co-founded by Ian Mackaye (Teen idles, Minor Threat, Fugazi). | 478 hits
Live Review: Flogging Molly + Mr Shiraz
Now you know you're in for a good night when the stage is awash with cans of Guinness even before seven downtown LA agro Celt merchants take to the stage. | 590 hits
CD Review: Herdwhite - Lost In The Big City
I'm bombarded with a soundscape of guitars, synths, samples, beats, male/female vocals and industrious effects. | 341 hits
Live Review: Fold + Invisible Hands
'American planes, full of holes and wounded men and corpses, took off backwards from an airfield in England. | 454 hits
Live Review: John Grant
The Irish Centre is not what you'd call a small venue, so to see it heaving for what was only a couple of years ago a tragically underrated artist is quite a sight. | 477 hits
Live Review: C.W. Stoneking + Brownbird Ruddy Relic
In this modern era it's not uncommon for disillusioned and quite often deluded members of society to feel that they belong to another time or place, a hubris conclusion that is usually spurred on by an influential novel, film or television series that can lead one to believe that they were meant to be an ad man from sixties Manhattan or an outlaw from the old American west and not say a clerical worker from modern day Uttoxeter. | 871 hits
CD Review: Revenge of The Psychotronic Man - Make Pigs Smoke
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man's second full length is fourteen tracks of short, sharp and to the point punk, with not a single song stretching past the two minute mark. | 486 hits
CD Review: Lost Calm - Untitled
The debut EP from Salford five-piece Lost Calm gets the balance right between choruses that are big and brash enough to fill arenas, and the sharp, emotional edge that makes all that noise feel personal to you. | 453 hits
Live Review: The New Drifters + Liberty X
Whilst the V Festival as happening at Weston Park and Chelmsford and the Moor Festival at Ilkley, I chose to spend my weekend at the Festival at Denby Dale. | 1,436 hits
CD Review: Ellie Goulding - Lights
Ever since I watched young Ellie Goulding, from my bedroom, picking up the forever anticipated 'Critic's Choice Award' at the 2010 Brit's, I instantly trusted that this album was going to be the most highly recommended track of the year. | 1,026 hits
CD Review: March of Dimes - All Intents and Purposes
'All Intents And Purposes,' the debut full-length from March of Dimes, opens with the decidedly low-key, acoustic rattle of 'If We Only Had One Day.' The under produced edge gives 'If We Only Had...' an intimate, country feel that perfectly complements lyrics that don't always take the obvious route. | 508 hits
Live Review: Kusanagi + Karhide + The Program + Barricades
It is Saturday night and fully recovered from Leeds Festival, I am looking forward to a night in a warm and dry place, where we are not subjected to the elements of nature. | 529 hits
CD Review: Tilly And The Wall - O
Purveyors of lush, romantic rock and roll they may be, but in a world that needs a handle, these guys will - for the time being - continue to be 'that one with a tap dancer instead of a drummer'. | 413 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - TNS 008
The eighth release from punk record label TNS, is a three way split EP featuring a trio of bands who each have their own take on ska-punk - and none of them sound like Reel Big Fish. | 803 hits
CD Review: Josh Lees - Faith In A Box
The most impressive thing about Bradford-based Josh Lees' debut album, is his ability to tweak the usually restrictive acoustic pop formula, to give each song its own distinct character. | 774 hits
Live Review: The Duke Spirit + Archie Bronson Outfit
Archie Bronson Outfit are a funny looking bunch. Stepping on stage somewhat shyly, they immediately establish the position of slightly odd-looking country folk; an array of bad, ill-fitting shirts and fuzzy beards that just don't seem to sit quite right on their pasty faces. | 870 hits
Live Review: Kurt Vile and the Violators + Lushes
A couple of friends and myself had the privilege of travelling to Leeds on Tuesday the 17th November to see the enigmatic Kurt Vile and his backing band, The Violators in concert at Leeds University Student Union. | 631 hits
Live Review: Throwing Muses + Tanya Donelly
In the early 1980s 4AD was blazing a trail with cool ethereal artists such as the Cocteau Twins, Xmal Deutschland and Dead Can Dance, but then the British label's co-founder Ivo Watts-Russell took a chance with their first American signing - Throwing Muses, an indie rock band from Rhode Island unusually fronted by two female singer-songwriters. | 1,262 hits
CD Review: Chiodos - Bone Palace Ballet
Second album from rising Michigan hardcore crew Chiodos begins as it means to go on, with the distinctly operatic 'Two Birds Stoned At Once.' Opening with a shiver-inducing Victorian-tinged violin, 'Two Birds Stoned At Once' recalls The Used's 'The Bird and The Worm,' both in terms of its operatic leanings and the Bert McCracken-like twinge to frontman Craig Owens' voice. | 1,368 hits
CD Review: Michael Ainsley Band - Cyclone
This is the second release by Michael Ainsley and the first with a full band backing him up, recruiting band members from Wakefields Retarded Fish, as well as from The Runaround Kids and Piskie Sits. | 502 hits
Live Review: The Bronx + Glassjaw + Daughter + Jimmy Eat World + The Kills
The Kills don't disappoint as during a show comprised of mainly material from latest album Blood Pressures they are good as they are assured exuding a rockstar cool that few artists these days seem to possess with a fittingly sultry leopard print backdrop. | 617 hits
CD Review: Scott Wainwright - Every Man Has His Critics
In order to give his latest release a little perspective I listened to Scott's earlier album, "Every Man Has His Critics". | 450 hits
Live Review: The Reds + The Working Parts + The Red Shades + Stand Alone
At least once a week, 'The Library' pub based in Leeds plays host to the music event known as the '360 Club'. | 837 hits
CD Review: Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew - From The Seas To The Streets
Look beyond their pirate-themed lyrics, and Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew actually bear a frightening resemblance to Goldie Lookin Chain. | 1,089 hits
CD Review: Band Of Horses - Mirage Rock
For the undecided or uninitiated, Band of Horses are one of the best things to happen in music in a long time. | 809 hits
Live Review: The Charlatans
It's been six years since the Charlatans were on a stage in Leeds (festivals excepted) and there have been several major changes in that time. | 414 hits
CD Review: Bellowhead - Revival
Four albums in and most people, fans and music critics alike, were running out of superlatives to describe Bellowhead. | 749 hits
CD Review: The Dead Orchestra - Untitled
'Fragile Soul' is a slow-burner of delicate atmospherics that occasionally delivers a harder sound, thanks to an undercurrent of brooding riffs and increasingly urgent vocals. | 351 hits
CD Review: The Big Blue - A Small Drop In The Ocean
Summer is here. It's a beautiful Wednesday morning so naturally I am sat indoors playing Pro Evolution Soccer 5 - the "international cup" [come on EA hand over the licence] quarter final against Brazil. | 575 hits
Live Review: Saving Lenny + Three 33 + The Fuss + Erin's Third Incident
The first band to take to the stage tonight are the local three-piece punk-rock outfit Erin's Third Incident. | 507 hits
Live Review: The Toy Dolls + TV Smith
The Adverts ex-front man TV Smith is supporting tonight. Armed only with an acoustic guitar he pounds out tracks that are real ear-openers at first, like 'Bring The Bull Down' and the slower 'The Lion And The Lamb'. | 907 hits
CD Review: Mybe - The Calm Before The Storn
Sheffield-based Mybe are on the brink of completing their as-yet-untitled new album and, to celebrate in profile-raising style, they're offering up this five track EP free from which features two album tracks and three EP-only tracks. | 682 hits
CD Review: Tiger Shadow - Stripe 1
After releasing their debut album earlier in the year, socially-aware genre-manglers Tiger Shadow release three-track EP 'Stripe 1.' The disparate range of influences that powered 'The Rise Of The Tiger Shadow' are all still present and accounted for, but 'Stripe 1' has a more prominent electro edge, most notably in 'See You Next Tuesday' and 'Up & Down.' Tiger Shadow are still pedalling their unique brand of gloomy cool, but it's a lot more catchy than it used to be. | 522 hits
Live Review: Mainline + Commonside + Uptight
Uptight borrow from many sounds mostly from around the 60's/70's period to create a funky mod-rock vibe. | 551 hits
Live Review: Kendrick Lamar
After the release of his 3rd album, To Pimp a Butterfly, Kendrick Lamar received high praise for his intricate lyrics, unique flow and slick track production. | 551 hits
CD Review: Dear Reader - Idealistic Animals
I'd warmed to "Idealistic Animals" before I heard a single note. I like animals. Not in the way that would force Republican candidates to cry "It's unnatural!" of course but in the "They're ace!" sense. | 6,639 hits
Live Review: Harrys Gym + I Swim With Sharks
First, I Swim With Sharks pop up for a set as baffling as it is underwhelming. A standard pop-rock affair with an interesting looking vocalist clearly not quite comfortable with singing procedure. | 698 hits
CD Review: Ganglians - Monster Head Room
The Ganglians' debut album, 'Monster Head Room,' is watered-down alt-pop that's all about the sweetly harmonised vocals and the atmosphere. | 500 hits
Live Review: Joe Bataan
It's hard to understate quite what an event this was! It's only Joe Bataan, The King of Latin Soul, playing just 3 gigs in the country, his only 3 gigs EVER in the country. | 576 hits
Live Review: Goo Goo Dolls
It's easy to see why the Goo Goo Dolls picked Johnny Lloyd to open for them on their latest UK tour. Promoting his new EP Foreverland, Lloyd is out on his own after calling time on Tribes three years ago. | 551 hits
CD Review: The Flaming Lips - At War With the Mystics
The Flaming Lips have achieved with their last 2 albums what evades 99.9% of all other 'successful' acts - whatever your criteria for classing that is. | 411 hits

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