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Band Profile: Ben Arthur
Ben Arthur - emerging as an emerging influence as a rock ballad singer /songwriter. Ben Arthur biography provided by | 175 hits
CD Review: The Scaramanga Six - Are you one of the Family?
Save for the first twenty seconds of the opening and title track "Are you one of the Family?" (On their own Trinity Records label), an opening in which The Scaramanga Six have recorded some very strange effects, including explosions, I actually like this track. | 331 hits
CD Review: The Brute Chorus - She Was Always Cool
This is the third single from The Brute Chorus; scores of fans are greeted by this song commencing every gig. | 386 hits
Band Profile: The Flying Horses
rock | 770 hits
CD Review: goad - Untitled
goad are in lower case. Even on gig listings the band tell me that they begin with a small 'g'. A warning perhaps, so that you don't make any mistakes. | 417 hits
Band Profile: Lapdog
Soon after the breakup of Toad the Wet Sprocket in 1999, Todd Nichols (vocals & guitar) and drummer Randy Guss (drums) formed Lapdog with Johnny Hawthorn (guitar & backing vocals) and Albie Dunbar (bass). | 361 hits
CD Review: Boy Kill Boy - No Conversation
It's been over 12 months since I've heard anything from Boy Kill Boy so I was interested to hear what they'd been able to produce after such a long wait. | 295 hits
Band Profile: Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan
Isobel Campbell is the former cellist and backup vocalist for Belle & Sebastian, as well as leader of The Gentle Waves. | 234 hits
CD Review: The Hold Steady - Boys & Girls In America
From the opening chords that travel through heavy guitar and jangly piano riffs, this album feels like an old friend. | 396 hits
CD Review: Daniel Merriweather - Water And A Flame
Hotly-tipped Australian singer-songwriter Daniel Merriweather teams up with Adele (the woman behind 2008's 'Chasing Pavements') on this plodding acoustic-guitar-and-tacked-on-strings piece of numb balladry. | 374 hits
Band Profile: Mono
There are at least eight artists sharing the name Mono; The name is used by a Japanese post-rock band, a British trip-hop band, a Dutch post-rock band, a female Austrian reggae artist, a Swedish trance artist, a Korean pop ballad trio, a Polish hip-hop band and a new Dutch indie rock band. | 368 hits
Band Profile: Mark Lanegan
Mark Lanegan (born November 25, 1964 in Ellensburg, Washington) is an American rock musician and songwriter. | 270 hits
CD Review: Instant Species - The Take Away EP
If I had my own way, Instant Species would write all of their songs in the style of the third track on their latest CD, "The Take Away EP". | 260 hits
CD Review: Jont - One Long Song EP
What happens if you have Chris Martin fronting Athlete (first album) heavily influenced by David Gray and providing a soundtrack for people reading the Guardian whilst supping a Latte in Starbucks. | 383 hits
CD Review: FineApple - A New Hope EP
Fine Apple, one of Bradford's unknown bands outside the area, choosing to ply their trade at Rios, bring us a great four-track EP. | 337 hits
Band Profile: Goldheart Assembly
This London-based six-piece have only been together just over a year but their immaculate folk-pop choruses mean that they've already achieved much in that short time. | 221 hits
Band Profile: Easyworld
Easyworld were a British band who released three albums between 2002 and 2004. They are best known for the songs "(You Make Me Wanna Drink) Bleach", "Junkies and Whores" and "Till The Day". | 296 hits
CD Review: Mybe - The Calm Before The Storn
Sheffield-based Mybe are on the brink of completing their as-yet-untitled new album and, to celebrate in profile-raising style, they're offering up this five track EP free from which features two album tracks and three EP-only tracks. | 574 hits
Band Profile: Rhesus
There are two bands called Rhesus, one from 1) France and 2) from the UK. The UK Rhesus have recently released their 3rd EP, The Narcolepsy Baby EP. | 435 hits
CD Review: Five Years Later - Untitled
It's difficult to know what to say about this music. Ever start telling someone a joke and forget the punch line halfway through? | 195 hits
CD Review: Kinn - Untitled
The main problem with the three songs that make up this EP, is that frontman Nikki's soulful voice, smooth vocal rhythms and naff pop-music lyrics ("right now you want me / right now you need me" etc.) are a bad fit for the steady, rock 'n roll chug of the music. | 295 hits
CD Review: Cope - The Pre-Season EP
Why aren't Cope playing live more often in Leeds - or have I been missing something? This CD is pretty good you know, with an almost retro/indie rock feel to it. | 211 hits
Band Profile: thisGirl
thisGIRL were a blues/swing-influenced hard-rock band from Rotherham, near Sheffield,UK. They were: Liam Creamer - vocals, Chris Shepherd - Guitar, Matt Westley - Bass, Ryan Jenkins - Drums. | 212 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Paul Marshall / Tascam Tapes - split single
A couple of names lately added to the ranks of Leeds acoustic singer-songwriterdom. The whole thing - quite deliberately a disc of two halves - begins with Paul Marshall's songs following a bass-and-snare drumbeat that gives way to some pleasing guitar-picking in a slightly hasty style for 'Oh Napoleon'. | 366 hits
Band Profile: The Auteurs
Unfairly dismissed as the egotrip of acclaimed songwriter Luke Haines, The Auteurs were one of the unsung bands of the mid-nineties britpop movement. | 147 hits
CD Review: Breed 77 - Look At Me Now
Frankly, I'm surprised Breed 77 still have the energy for the music business. Not because they're not any good but it has to be said they're not the greatest band to walk the planet either, despite the ridiculous amount of the overtime they put in at the office. | 380 hits
Live Review: 5ft4 + Herrod + Catylyst
It's Saturday night, the cellars are dark, and Steve Kind is bellowing for us to greet rock uber-beasts CATYLYST, and as they take the stage amidst the roar of two distorted guitars, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat with my fist poised for punching the air and I'm ready to rock. | 406 hits
CD Review: Blueryder - Untitled
A trip down to Joseph's Well a while ago saw me coming away with a 5-track demo CD from York/Leeds band Blueryder. | 300 hits
CD Review: Wintermute - Dead Or Not He Was Wearing Sunglasses
Wintermute are a musical breath of fresh air. With their infectious, catchy melodies and strong rhythm they are head and shoulders above the huge pool of guitar-based indie bands that are making the rounds in the nation's cities. | 407 hits
Live Review: The Imagined Village
A full room at the Irish Centre is a lot of people, especially for a Tuesday night, which creates a great atmosphere, and teasing anticipation. | 365 hits
CD Review: This Days Fury - Untitled
This Days Fury don't so much wear their influences on their respective sleeves as paint them in thirty foot high day-glo letters and carry them around on a rotating bill board. | 526 hits
Live Review: The Sugars
The Sugars only drink cola from those snazzy '50s-style bottles and rock harder than a seven nation army of Jack Whites greased up in pomade looking for a wrestle. | 607 hits
CD Review: Mainstay - Untitled
It's impressive! - there have not been a straighter set of pub rock songs committed to record for a considerable time. | 270 hits
CD Review: Kasiuss - Untitled
After watching the promotional clip, and certainly after listening to this five track EP from Harrogate band Kasiuss, one cannot help but wonder how they manage to musically multi-task to produce a complete sound with only two band members. | 718 hits
Band Profile: Alias
There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Alias, born in Portland, Maine to a jazz drummer and a church organist, grew up in a suburb called Hollis and played drums in his high school band. | 201 hits
CD Review: Kanuba - Audio Vandalism
Kanuba are the fretboard funkateers looking to put the pork into York and the groove into West Yorkshire with their latest EP release. | 507 hits
CD Review: There Will Be Fireworks - There Will Be Fireworks
Hidden gems: when, every so often, a completely unknown band produces an album that completely takes your breath away. | 671 hits
CD Review: Fyfe Dangerfield - Fly Yellow Moon
When I found out Fyfe (best name in the world) Dangerfield was releasing a debut solo album I was excited. | 360 hits
CD Review: Sugarvalve - Flouxetine
What immediately struck me about this four-track CD when I first listened to it was the quality of the production. | 408 hits
Band Profile: Silver Sun
Silver Sun are an English indie power pop band, who formed in 1995 in Camden, London, UK. They were initially called Sun..! | 243 hits
CD Review: Bodixa - Untitled
"The female REM". No matter what I read, in either local or national papers, I cannot avoid seeing the wonder that is Leeds' Bodixa being described as a female version of REM. | 320 hits
Live Review: Galitza + Being 747 + sammyUSA + The Bilderberg Group
It was always going to be a little bit special. Buzz. Anticipation. Electric atmosphere. One song. Could have been twenty. | 480 hits
CD Review: Doll & The Kicks - Doll & The Kicks
Brighton based Doll & The Kicks' self-titled debut album "knocked me for six" when I first heard it. Somehow still unsigned, this self-financed album is one of the best debut albums I have heard in many years. | 820 hits
Band Profile: Space
There are different bands under the same name: 1. A French synthpop group active in the 1970's and the 1980's 2. | 315 hits
Live Review: Shakinouts + Meet Me In Vegas + South View Juniors
From the start tonight the intention is making sure that the gig showcases songs from the Shakinouts' recently released EP, and hoping it's a successful farewell gig for Ben Hope, the Shakinouts bassist who is leaving the band to go to Australia. | 626 hits
Live Review: Paranova + Yellow Stripe Nine + The Breech
I regret to say that last night's show at Joseph's Well was possibly the most unsatisfying one I have seen so far. | 853 hits
Live Review: Goo Goo Dolls + Unkle Bob
Yes, they played 'Iris' and everyone in the crowd sang along. There's a chance you stopped reading there and from the reaction of friends you'd be forgiven for thinking The Goo Goo Dolls had only ever released one track, but it's often seen as one of the best songs ever, even reaching the heady heights of being (abysmally) covered by Ronan Keating. | 525 hits
CD Review: Talk To Angels - This Broken Home
A debut album is pretty important. It generally defines a band unless they do something drastic to change their sound later down the line. | 184 hits
Band Profile: Magic Arm
Magic Arm - who, in 2009, you will see erroneously described as a singer-songwriter; laptop-folk troubadour; and more - is otherwise known as Marc Rigelsford. | 208 hits
CD Review: Bloc Party - I Still Remember
Lets clear one thing up before I write this review. I love Bloc Party. I can find very few criticisms of them. | 691 hits
CD Review: Def Leppard - Songs From The Sparkle Lounge
For over 25 years Def Leppard have been one of the UK's biggest rock bands, selling over 30 million records worldwide. | 1,189 hits
Band Profile: Ash
Ash are an alternative rock band that formed in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland in 1992. The media originally pegged Ash's music as britpop when the band first found mainstream success. | 592 hits
CD Review: Velvet Revolver - Contraband
When a band includes ex members of Guns and Roses and the singer from Stone Temple Pilots it is impossible not to draw comparisons between those bands and the new one those members have formed Velvet Revolver. | 757 hits
Live Review: St Vincent
Audience members could be forgiven for thinking that St Vincent's gig at Leeds Metropolitan University is jinxed. | 520 hits
Live Review: Doll & The Kicks
I had never been to The Library in Leeds before, but found it a very good venue. I was really looking forward to seeing Doll & The Kicks as I had seen them support Morrissey in May and was very impressed with them. | 392 hits
Live Review: Secret Circuits + Echodeck + Tiny Giants + Airspiel
Every Friday night, the Elbow Room presents 'Form'. The night at the Pool Club that often showcases local bands. | 772 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Dermot O Leary Presents The Saturday Sessions
With his X-Factor links you'd be excused for fearing that this could be a collection of Wannabes singing ear bashing versions of 'Angels' or 'Flying Without Wings'. | 1,755 hits
CD Review: The Charlatans - Up At The Lake
The first song on this album is the title track. It rocks and stomps, demanding volume. Burgess blends his natural voice, with the falsetto style he adopted on the 'Wonderland' album. | 523 hits
Live Review: Ormondroyd
As I'm standing about by the bar Ormondroyd wander around on stage checking instruments and wires, trying not to look too conspicuous as people like me stare at them. | 340 hits
Live Review: Visa + Oceansize + Mojo Pin
The evening kicks off with MOJO PIN, a young band who I have not heard before. I was suitably impressed for a first hearing (normally I prefer to hear bands at least once before I review them); although the vocals were a little soft in parts and definition to the words would be an asset, especially when announcing songs. | 341 hits
CD Review: Cherryfalls - Winter/Winter
In the fallout from Radiohead's The Bends I fell in love with this genre, big melodies from bands with lead singers who probably sent Jeff Buckley lyrics to their ex girlfriends to let them "know how they're feeling". | 1,093 hits
CD Review: Palo Alto - Still EP
Now here's something you don't get very often - a band who like indie music but don't sound like The Stone Roses or Oasis. | 278 hits
Band Profile: Linus
There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Linus is an indie band with a riot grrl background from Britain, in existence from 1992 to 2005. | 480 hits
CD Review: Alabama 3 - M.O.R
When faced with the prospect of the unknown I was hesitant on how I would find this album, having no experience of Alabama 3 I had no idea what to expect. | 10,606 hits
Band Profile: Goo Goo Dolls
Goo Goo Dolls is an alternative rock band formed in 1985 in Buffalo, New York by guitarist/vocalist John Rzeznik and bassist/vocalist Robby Takac. | 189 hits
CD Review: Dave Pilla - More than hoped for EP
Recently I unwittingly reviewed music put out more than two years ago so to remedy my proven inability to check clearly labelled release dates on a Bandcamp page I wanted to tell you about Dave Pilla's latest offering. | 382 hits
Band Profile: Lorien
There are five artists using the name "Lorien". The first, is a metal band from Spain, formed in 1996. | 342 hits
Live Review: Cymbals Eat Guitars + This Many Boyfriends
To my surprise, I found myself stood in a half-empty (or indeed half-full for you optimists) room 2 of the Cockpit. | 445 hits
Live Review: Plain White T's + Takota + All Time Low
With 'Hey There Delilah' firmly planted in the Top 5 of the UK charts, this gig tonight is most definitely sold out. | 556 hits
CD Review: The Enemy - Music For The People
Looking at the tracklisting for The Enemy's sophomore album - the band who were the new Jam-esque anti-establishment voice of the youth in 2007 - it's hard to wonder if they haven't gone a bit soft. | 761 hits
Live Review: Spoonfish + Fifth Goodbye + Nerve Engine
The night started with the metal soundings of "Nerve Engine". Metal Hammer praised this band not to long ago, so I was quite looking forward to the music and how good they were going to be. | 388 hits
CD Review: Tristan Mackay - Out Along The Wire
Having spent many an enjoyable hour sitting on a bench in Leeds amazed at Tristan Mackay's busking, to hear an album as good as this is almost as exciting for me as it is for him. | 1,014 hits
CD Review: Day Old Hate - Road We Take / Face The World
This Sheffield-based hardcore quintet has had a fair few changes to their line-up over the past two years, and these two tracks are their first releases with new frontman Oli Swift. | 283 hits
Band Profile: Bad Friend
"Bad Friend = Mutant Jazz Funk Grunge" - Mr Yolo | 94 hits
Band Profile: Frank Turner
Frank Turner is a burgeoning solo artist based in the United Kingdom. He has toured the UK extensively and gone on a few forays into Central and Eastern Europe since the demise of his former band Million Dead. | 832 hits
Band Profile: Ellis
There is more than one artist with this name: 1) After moving from Texas to Minnesota at age 16, Ellis founded her own record label, Rubberneck Records. | 230 hits
CD Review: The Dead Orchestra - Untitled
'Fragile Soul' is a slow-burner of delicate atmospherics that occasionally delivers a harder sound, thanks to an undercurrent of brooding riffs and increasingly urgent vocals. | 289 hits
CD Review: Serious Sam Barrett - Serious Sam Barrett
If you didn't know that Sam was a born and bred West Yorkshire lad, brought up on his dad's record collection and bombing hills on his skateboard, you could be forgiven for thinking the bluegrass country croonin' coming from your speakers was crafted by a middle-aged Alabama native. | 668 hits
Live Review: J Mascis
With its precisely arranged chair and music stand the stage might be set up for a night of polite, hushed ballads but any thought that Mascis has abandoned his hardcore routes are soon banished for what transpires tonight proves one thing: you can take J Mascis out of Dinosaur Jr but you can't take Dinosaur Jr out of J Mascis. | 422 hits
Live Review: Billy Talent + Santigold + Dear Prudence + Black Moth + Pure Love
Gallows are doing just fine since the departure of Frank Carter last summer proving that the singer doesn't make the band; meanwhile the world awaits Carter's latest offering in new incarnation Pure Love. | 375 hits
CD Review: Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences - We Are Not Other People
'Unexpected Error' makes no effort to ease the listener into the weird and wonderful world of Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences, as it opens with a blaring, Atari-esque sound effect that'll make you wonder whether this is, in fact, a comedy album. | 558 hits
Live Review: Kasiuss + A Plastic Rose + Dimension
The night kicked off with Dimension, a hard rock trio who entered boldly with a strong beat amidst brash guitar pulls. | 363 hits
Band Profile: Georgie Fame
Georgie Fame (b. June 26, 1943) is a British rhythm and blues and jazz singer and keyboard player whose real name is Clive Powell. | 276 hits
Band Profile: Claire Cameron Band
Claire Cameron Band are an inventive female-fronted alternative rock band. Fusing genres of rock, alternative and singer-songwriter with a hint of metal. | 1,417 hits
News Article: Claire Cameron Band Time Will Tell Tour finale at Milo on 4th April
Claire Cameron Band round off their Time Will Tell Tour on Thursday 4th April at Milo in Leeds, with support from the brilliant Hail to the Eskimo and The Booze Brothers! | 335 hits
Live Review: Clint Boon Experience + Fuzz Light Years
Tonights support came from the Fuzz Light Years - their name sounding like it might promise Super Furry Animalesque psychedelia. | 354 hits
Band Profile: Seether
Seether is a post-grunge band which formed in Pretoria, South Africa in 1999. The band currently consists of Shaun Morgan (vocals, guitar), Dale Stewart (bass, vocals) and John Humphrey (drums). | 240 hits
Live Review: Ten Seconds of Chaos + Kram + The Printed Sound + Pen Knife Love Life
I attended this show not quite knowing what to expect as I had heard a mixture of opinions on several of the bands, but when I arrived to a relatively large anticipating crowd, I thought I might be in for a good night. | 1,978 hits
Band Profile: Will Young
William Robert Young (born January 20, 1979), is a British singer and actor. He catapulted to fame after winning the inaugural UK Pop Idol contest in 2002. | 312 hits
CD Review: The Darkness - One Way Ticket To Hell And Back
Don't get me wrong, I wanted to like this record. Like most rock fans wanting a break from the whole "distorted guitars and vocals which sound like the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street" schtick of yer Slipknots and Papa Roaches in 2003, I thought The Darkness were a breath of fresh air - a group with their eyes shamelessly set on selling out Wembley five nights in a row rather than just staring at their feet and being happy to be anchored to the toilet circuit. | 586 hits
Band Profile: Snow Patrol
Snow Patrol is an alternative rock band which formed in Dundee, Scotland in 1994 and currently based in Bangor, Northern Ireland, where most of the band members are from. | 321 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - The Lab: One
The Lab: One is a collection of ten tracks by ten artists all orbiting the indie and folk genres. Despite the genre correlations, each track has its own unique sound, making for a constantly surprising compilation. | 370 hits
Band Profile: Brakes
There are at least two sets of Brakes. Joe Fadil, Keith Wilson, John Brown and Bob Renny made up The Brakes, a powerpop / mod group which released the album "For Why You Kicka My Donkey" on the Magnet label in 1979. | 332 hits
CD Review: Aidan Smith - Allotments
'A trip through London, Paris and the Nag's Head' is what I was promised when I first looked at the promotional blurb on the front of the CD. | 806 hits
Live Review: Mariko + Beat Route 62 + Divided By Zero + Sugarvalve + Blueryder
Charity begins at home or so they say. Well I've never really understood what that means but charity was the aim of the nights over Monday and Tuesday this week at Joey's Well. | 558 hits
CD Review: Stewart King - Satori
'Satori' the debut full-length from York based singer-songwriter Stewart King has a more diverse sound than most albums that are masterminded by a solo artist, with bluesy rock and roll influences occasionally making their presence felt halfway through a song that was previously just an acoustic guitar and King's voice. | 603 hits
CD Review: Cazals - What Of Our Future
Scuzzy indie chancers and childhood playmates of Pete Doherty, Cazals caused a few excited murmurs in the East London grotty party scene a few years back, and after being spoken about in the same sentences as The Rakes and The Paddingtons, signed, quite (un)surprisingly to the 'super-cool' and 'uber-trendy' French label Kitsune. | 540 hits
Band Profile: The Plea
Sit down with The Plea and they'll bend your ear about music for hours. They'll debate their favorite Rolling Stones songs, Hamburg-era versus mid-60s Beatles and whether Be Here Now was better than Definitely Maybe. | 417 hits
Band Profile: Iron Maiden
There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Iron Maiden is a New Wave of British Heavy Metal or nwobhm band from the United Kingdom. | 377 hits
Live Review: Chapter Thirteen + Itch + Riot Star + Bill Posters
The kids are where it's at, man. Every teenage band I've seen at the Well have got all their mates from school down and all of them get the hallowed moshpits. | 367 hits
CD Review: Chris Helme - The Rookery
2012 has been a great year. I've been to memorable local gigs (Live at Leeds, Midlake, The Wailers, Damien Jurado, Megafaun), added brilliant new releases to the bowing shelves (Fossil Collective, Dry the River, Straylings) and met people fervently involved in the local music scene. | 681 hits
Live Review: Jake Bugg + Hudson Taylor + Skinny Living
Tonight First Direct, having turned promotors, are putting on their first of many (it is hoped) shows at the arena that bears their name. | 728 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Some Things Still Matter
To celebrate their one year anniversary, Leeds-based record label Philophobia release a sixteen track compilation of some of the bands they've worked with over the past twelve months, with a few additional bands thrown in for good measure. | 642 hits
Interview: Tristan Mackay
From being the best busker in Leeds to having one of the most anticipated albums on Amazon, Tristan Mackay is Britain's long-awaited answer to John Mayer. Blending soulful blues guitar with a unique talent for crafting songs, Tristan Mackay is the name to look out for this year. On a quick trip back to Leeds before his album launch, I managed to meet with Tristan for a half hour chat before he was due on the BBC. | 1,610 hits
CD Review: Bowling For Soup - Sorry For Partyin'
'Sorry For Partyin' is Bowling For Soup's tenth studio album and, while it's definitely not a case of all killer, no filler, it's a fan-pleasing slab of the tried-and-tested Bowling For Soup formula: sexual innuendoes; big, pop-infused choruses; hidden tracks, and plenty of tongue-in-cheek lyrics. | 1,640 hits
Live Review: Brass Moustache + Sposh + Hipstream
"Smile... JUST SMILE!" Cue camera flash. "Oh, Mum!" Not the most auspicious start to a gig, but what can you do to control proud parents? | 323 hits
Band Profile: Tindersticks
Tindersticks are an alternative band from Nottingham, England. Their sound is characterized by a synthesis of orchestral backing, lounge jazz, and soul; the lush orchestrations of multi-instrumentalist Dickon Hinchliffe and the smoky baritone of lead vocalist Stuart A. | 323 hits
Live Review: Eels
Student feeding-ground by day, 'The Refectory' at Leeds University Union may not seem like the obvious location for a night of top musical entertainment, but I was certainly impressed by the sound and light show at the excellent Placebo gig here this time last year. | 330 hits
CD Review: Machine Head - Unto the Locust
Anyone who appreciates the art of metal can instantly recall the feeling and impact of hearing Machine Head's seminal 1994 debut album, "Burn my Eyes" for the first time. | 385 hits
CD Review: Fun. - Aim & Ignite
Fun. are like 'A Fever Your Can't Sweat Out'-era Panic! at the Disco, with a few more strings, gospel choirs and a vocalist who squeals out those big, dramatic high notes like his life depends on it. | 486 hits
Band Profile: Chasing Dragons
Rocket-fuelled, female-fronted hard rock band. | 1,025 hits
Band Profile: Fake Problems
Evolution is a naturally occurring force in life, however there's nothing predictable about Fake Problems sonic journey from underground heroes to indie rock trailblazers. | 2,757 hits
Live Review: The Summerfield + The Boy Tate
The room downstairs at Joseph's Well had been taken over by tables and chairs and subtle candlelight. | 341 hits
CD Review: The View - Which Bitch?
The View's follow-up to chart-topping debut 'Hats off To The Buskers' is an interesting collection of songs that sees the band expand into previously uncharted territory. | 923 hits
Band Profile: Sia
Sia Kate Isobelle Furler is a Golden Globe nominated performer who is most known for her single "Breathe Me," in addition to her work with Zero 7 and Christina Aguilera. | 208 hits
Band Profile: Saves The Day
Saves The Day is a Rock band from Princeton, New Jersey and formed in 1994. They got together when its members were only 13, signed a label deal while still in high school, and went on to sell thousands of records, tour with blink-182 and Weezer, land songs on the playlist of Los Angeles' KROQ, and influence countless followers. | 264 hits
Band Profile: The Dears
The Dears is an indie rock band which formed in 1995 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The band consists of Murray Lightburn (vocals, guitar), Natalia Yanchak (vocals, keyboards), Jason Kent (guitar, vocals), Christopher McCarron (guitar), Rob Benvie (bass), Laura Willis (keyboards, vocals) and Yann Geoffroy (drums). | 349 hits
Band Profile: Faith No More
Faith No More is an alternative metal/experimental rock group that formed in San Francisco, California in 1982. | 275 hits
CD Review: Flood Of Red - Leaving Everything Behind
'Leaving Everything Behind,' the debut album from Scotland's Flood Of Red, is a frustrating album. Effortlessly churning out dense, emotionally-charged, stadium-sized songs with towering choruses and heartfelt vocals aplenty, the first few songs will blow you away. | 1,166 hits
Live Review: George Ezra + Sam Fender
"I have a feeling that even YOU will feel old tonight" I'm told as we walk under the neon sign and down into the belly of The Wardrobe's venue. | 939 hits
CD Review: Fake Problems - It's Great To Be Alive
'It's Great To Be Alive,' the third album from Florida's Fake Problems, is so sublimely happy, that it'll leave you agreeing with the album title wholeheartedly. | 468 hits
Band Profile: Def Leppard
Def Leppard are an English rock band from Sheffield, who formed in 1977 during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. | 424 hits
Band Profile: Nick Harper
Son of the legendary folk/blues singer-songwriter Roy Harper, Nick Harper has forged his own way ahead to become recognised as one of Britain's finest acoustic singer/guitarists. | 295 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Future Relics
'Future Relics' from Geek Pie Records is loosely based around the idea of a compilation being discovered, following the collapse of society as we know it. | 670 hits
Band Profile: Saxon
Saxon is a british heavy metal band, formed in Barnsley, England in 1976. As pioneers of, and at the forefront of the then new wave of british heavy metal the band enjoyed a period of prominence in the UK (including popular chart success) and Europe in the early 1980s, and later the USA and Japan. | 271 hits
Band Profile: Jeff Buckley
Jeffrey Scott Buckley (Scotty Moorhead) was born in Anaheim, California, United States on November 17, 1966 to musicians Tim Buckley and Mary Guibert. | 240 hits
Interview: Jon Gomm
"Being a promoter is terrifying" - Leeds guitar virtuoso Jon Gomm takes on the promoter-role as he brings his 'Leeds Guitar Night' concept to the Brudenell Social Club on July 6th. | 1,788 hits
Band Profile: Green Day
Green Day is an American rock trio formed in 1987. The band has consisted of Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals, guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass guitar, vocals), and Tré Cool (drums, percussion) for the majority of its existence. | 449 hits
Band Profile: Limp Bizkit
Limp Bizkit is an American nu metal band from Jacksonville, Florida. The band's line-up consists of Fred Durst (lead vocals), Wes Borland (guitar), Sam Rivers (bass), John Otto (drums) and DJ Lethal. | 521 hits
Band Profile: Motley Crue
Mötley Crüe is an American hard rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1981. The band was founded by bass guitarist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee, who were later joined by lead guitarist Mick Mars and lead singer Vince Neil. | 290 hits

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