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Band Profile: Big Bad Rabbit
Big Bad Rabbit are an eight piece pop/jazz band playing original music inspired by the likes of ELO, The Beach Boys and Snarky Puppy. | 97 hits
Band Profile: I Like Trains
Melodramatic Popular Song | 4,876 hits
Band Profile: Fat Sammy & The Playboys
blues | 952 hits
Band Profile: Guilt Pursuit
Melodramatic, Post-Punk | 613 hits
CD Review: Mickey Charbagz - White Gold
Here we have four songs of complete 'Radio 2-ness'. Songs of acoustical charm with a male baritone charm of a voice. | 367 hits
Band Profile: Your New Antique
Dark Pop/Savage Indie | 1,083 hits
Live Review: Gary Stewart Band
Apologies to all others on the bill at the Courthouse; the Gary Stewart Band was the only complete set a busy night allowed me. | 848 hits
CD Review: That Fucking Tank - Andrew/James
Spazzing two-piece avant-rockers That Fucking Tank return with this 7", released in conjunction with Spanish synth sound merchants Grabba Grabba Tape. | 780 hits
Band Profile: Salsa Como Loco
This band is for dancing. Set up by members of various bands including The Peace Artistes, Bassa Bassa, Duende, Red Herrings, Small World Band and Bradford Samba band, with an overpowering love of, and desire to play, Cuban style Salsa dance music, their main reason for playing is to get people dancing (and no we don't care how you move so long as you do). | 359 hits
Band Profile: Mi Mye
Mi Mye (Jamie Lockhart) grew up in Skerray, a tiny fishing village on the north coast of Scotland, but for 10 years Wakefield has been his home. | 1,804 hits
CD Review: Wrestling Jacob - The Darkened Glass EP
Hmmmm... too much of this smacks of the one genre that strikes fear into the most hardened music fan, Christian Rock. | 457 hits
CD Review: Tindersticks - Waiting For The Moon
Tindersticks are one of the UK's most talented, and rather unfortunately, overlooked bands of the past 10 years or so, and 'Waiting For The Moon', their latest LP, should go a long way to help give the band the attention they deserve. | 675 hits
Live Review: iLiKETRAiNS + Troubles
We arrive to the sound of a cat being tortured. Who can be perpetrating such a hideous act? It's ex-Hope Of The States band, Troubles. | 922 hits
CD Review: Heart-Ships - FOIL
First review in ages so if I seem a bit rusty, I am. Stick with me though and we'll probably be alright. | 1,043 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - I Can Count Volume One
Mmm, electro, n' stuff like that. Good, innit? 'Specially if you're signed to I Can Count Music, a record label fresh from Bob-Monkhouse-himself's seal of approval. | 484 hits
Live Review: The Stranglers + WIlko Johnson + Mike Marlin
On 12th March I got to the O2 Academy at quarter to seven assuming I would be queueing to find the doors had opened early, and that the gig would be finishing earlier than planned so that the Academy could get on with a club night. | 1,273 hits
Live Review: Origami Bullets + Artibella + Dice City Lights + Acrobats of Crete
The first band, Acrobats of Crete have their very own man to introduce them, who does a very good job rousing the crowd into some level of attention. | 940 hits
CD Review: The National - Trouble Will Find Me
Trouble Will Find Me. My most anticipated and indeed one of the most anticipated albums of the year. The album was never actually planned as such, as the band were planning to have a four year break after the breakthrough commercial success of High Violet which placed The National near the top of the old guard of indie rock - this record however truly establishes them as at the top of their game, that very few bands can compete with. | 302 hits
CD Review: Wild Beasts - Limbo Panto
Where to start with Wild Beasts? Their music is haunting and terrifying and oh so terribly exciting. And although admittedly, you'll most likely be freaked out to fuck at first listen, allow the Leeds/Kendal/somwherefarfromhere quartet work on you and thou shalt be thankful. | 598 hits
Live Review: Noah and the Whale + Exlovers
Noah and the Whale used to be a bit of joke. They were dismissed as twee and/or pretentious and many forsook them for banjo bashing folk rivals Mumford and Sons who merrily danced through the door to the mainstream which Emmy the Great and Noah and the Whale had battled to prop open. | 621 hits
Live Review: Elbow + Twin Atlantic + Warpaint + Enter Shikari + Cage The Elephant
It's early afternoon in the stupidly big NME/Radio 1 tent and Cage The Elephant are bringing the sunshine to a very soggy Bramham Park with their Kentucky fried rock 'n' roll. | 931 hits
Live Review: Marnie Stern + Nisennenmondai + Tartufi + That Fucking Tank
Marnie "God amongst shredders" Stern returned to the UK this month with support from some Leeds favourites and Japanese new-wavesters Nisennenmondai. | 2,085 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Three Peaks
Three artists, five songs, one split EP. What a great way to discover and celebrate some of the best new music coming out of the city at the minute! | 716 hits
CD Review: Crystal Stilts - In Love with Oblivion
Brooding Brooklyn-based quintuplet Crystal Stilts made waves in 2008 with their debut album 'Alight of Night.' The group attracted acclaim from critics who complimented their downbeat lyrical subject matter, brusque guitar sound and reverb-heavy production. | 425 hits
CD Review: The Scaramanga Six - Cabin Fever
"Glad you all could join me, on another pointless journey".  So begins the 2nd album proper of Wrath's finest premium export The Scaramanga Six. | 1,041 hits

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