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Band Profile: New York Drama Club
Ally Jowett: Vocals and acoustic guitar Darren Watson: Keyboards Liam Stogden: Electric guitar Matt Sim: Bass | 492 hits
Band Profile: It Takes Bridges
It's a riot based around riffs, drama, sweat and volume. Think The Fall fighting Nirvana for the last of the drugs. | 1,071 hits
Band Profile: Redwire
2012 has been hectic for redwire! This young 5-piece from Bradford emerged from their studio at the start of the year with an infectious, high-energy, classic indie-rock set which has seen them gain followers and plaudits wherever they have performed.<br /><br />Their debut single was released in May through the independent label 'One Above Records' and received high praise from Supajam who observed; "redwire play a brand of scuzzy, bluesy rock which places them sonically somewhere between the Arctic Monkeys and The Enemy, only with the playfulness of the former and none of the boredom of the latter."<br /><br />A 15 date UK tour saw them perform alongside King Charles, Bastille, We Are Augustine's, The Vaseline's and History of Apple Pie. They were also busy on the festival circuit with slots at Long Division, Live At Leeds, X&Y and Crooked Ways where Lyric Lounge Review boldly declared; "redwire have knocked away all pretenders to the indie throne and filled a void we were beginning to think was permanent."<br /><br />redwire's music is in high demand off stage with syncs on the highly acclaimed BBC series Being Human and a screenplay written and directed by Irvine Welsh. The band recently finished filming scenes for 'Switch', the new drama on ITV2, in which two of their tracks also feature.<br /><br />The second single 'Playing With Fire' released on 29th October, accompanied by a 20 date UK tour includes supports to Reverend & The Makers and The Pigeon Detectives.<br /><br />With their eagerly anticipated EP expected in early 2013, redwire are definitely a band to catch up close and personal whilst you still have the chance! | 2,752 hits
News Article: Kram tune to feature on new British film...
Kram feature on new British film called "In A Mans World" by Lee Hutcheon, who handpicked the band along with 7 others. | 411 hits
CD Review: Fell City Girl - Swim EP
Fell City Girl boast drama. And I mean drama. The kind of textured melodies reminiscent of some obscure New Zealand pop exercise by the name of The Veils. | 389 hits
Band Profile: The Calls
Bio | 805 hits
CD Review: Lostprophets - It's Not The End Of The World
Further proof that Lostprophets only write stadium-sized choruses, this taster from their forthcoming 'The Betrayed' album is so insanely catchy, that even twelve months after Lostprophets' previewed it on their 2008 Academy tour, it's still instantly recognisable. | 1,527 hits
CD Review: This Et Al - Wardens / Rotary Queen
With a perhaps more accessible style than their mates Forward Russia there is just a chance that if they keep churning out this sort of quality, This Et Al could end up being the VHS of the relationship. | 710 hits
Band Profile: Cave Birds
"This is abstract, noir-pop at its most scintillating." - "Big, bold pop songs just waiting to be unleashed to the unsuspecting masses." - This is Fake DIY "Haunting... | 812 hits
CD Review: The Glitterati - Back In Power
Mainstream rock. For so long it's been a dirty word, associated with the kind of dross that Bon Jovi would call 'mind blowing'. | 817 hits
News Article: Wilful Missing - Molehills out of Mountains - album out now
Our album Molehills out of Mountains is finally out. Initially it is only available via our website or from Jumbo Records and Crash Records in Leeds. | 318 hits
CD Review: The Scaramanga Six - Cursed
Well named is the LP, given the history that lies behind it. Working with Tim Smith from the Cardiacs on an LP provisionally entitled "A Pound of Flesh" a few years back, Tim was taken seriously ill and the sessions appeared to have created a lost mythical work. | 798 hits
Band Profile: Portable Pony
Electronica guitar pop band from Leeds/Bradford, UK | 723 hits
Live Review: Muse
Kicking off with 'Newborn', this show leaves no doubts about spiky-haired frontman Matt Bellamy's musical abilities. | 776 hits
CD Review: Detroit Social Club - Northern Man
Matching the melodrama of Sky Sports (and its news) seems like a task beyond music as we know it, and whilst I realise 'Northern Man' probably wasn't written and produced with Jeff Stelling and co. | 571 hits
CD Review: Tiny Giants - Shades of Grey
Recovering well from a borderline cliche title, the Tiny Giants strut through a kind of 'Jack Black' rock anthem- their image as live performers stabs into my mind. | 421 hits
CD Review: The Scaramanga Six - Walking Through Houses
After both the songwriting and production genius that was 2007s LP tour de force "The Dance Of Death", a question that crossed my mind was where now for the Six, such was the magnificence of the LP? | 397 hits
CD Review: 1990s - See You at the Light
Glasgow three-piece 1990s release 'See you at the lights', their first single off their up and coming album 'Cookies', and it doesn't disappoint. | 663 hits
Live Review: Glass Caves
The Hop in Wakefield is a cracking little venue, a labyrinth of tiny bars and rooms, with a reputation for putting on an excellent platter of music; tonight is no exception. | 605 hits
CD Review: The Enemy - Had Enough
With the first twelve seconds sounding like it could be the opening theme of a new American drama, (I envision a big collage of shots of good looking actors in a hospital or running from the police) The Enemy's new single 'Had Enough' is with us. | 836 hits
CD Review: The Noise - Cheap Thrills EP
Cheap Thrills was recorded at Sunnybank Studios in June of this year. Tracks are: "Run or Die", "Lesbian Pleasure", "Dirty USA", "Country Song" and "Salvation". | 606 hits
CD Review: Andy Votel - All Ten Fingers
Record label boss for Badly Drawn Boy, DJ, entrepreneur, sleeve designer, tea maker and generally good bloke Andy Votel has his own proper album out. | 525 hits
CD Review: Soberskin - Prototype
This accomplished recording goes out as a three-track CD on September 13th on Over Unity Records. Lead song "Prototype" adopts early Parisman style with some Depeche Modish keyboard licks that lead into a guitar/bass/drums band song with a keyboard middle section that isn't quite rock and isn't quite dance. | 636 hits
Live Review: Chickenhawk
Chickenhawk make blistering, creative guitar noise, with moves that double-underline the message of redemption through symmetry, surprise and LOUDNESS. | 735 hits
Live Review: The Lodger
'The Lodger (lodgus newyorkshissimus): a beduffled presence haunting the dingier recesses of Leeds' student heartlands. | 830 hits
Band Profile: Rachael Hannah Mccaul
Simplistic and Soulful sounds of a solo vocalist and her acoustic guitar. | 320 hits
Live Review: The Low Miffs + The Electricity In Our Homes
Saturday night saw the debut for new club night: Fake Hips upstairs at the Library Pub. Having arrived slightly late to see the full set from openers The Electricity In Our Homes, I can't say I regretted my tardiness from what I heard. | 511 hits
CD Review: 30 Seconds To Mars - This Is War
After eventually getting around to purchasing the follow up to 'A Beautiful Lie' I was surprised to see that it had not been reviewed on this site as of yet. | 1,151 hits
CD Review: None The Less - Define
As a precursor to their debut mini-album, Watford's None The Less release their first single 'Define' as a free download, and pretty much the only negative thing I can say about it is that no metal/hardcore mash-up should ever end in a fade down. | 335 hits
Live Review: Grammatics
Grammatics are another of those wonderful, ambitious Leeds bands who have played on Bramham Park's new talent stage and then come back to a bigger stage with a more expansive, more authoritative sound. | 637 hits
CD Review: Will Richards - Ready To Talk Now
Now, this was a real head scratcher. Primarily, this wasn't for me. The opening song was all wrong; it was hard to listen all the way through and reminded me of preaching pop songs in primary school assemblies. | 257 hits
CD Review: Superbutt - You And Your Revolution
This Hungarian five-piece do themselves no favours with their choices of band name and album-openers. | 428 hits
CD Review: Paul Leonard-Morgan - DREDD 3D
Paul Leonard-Morgan, BAFTA award winning soundtrack composer, arranger and producer returns to the big-screen with his score for Dredd. | 649 hits
CD Review: Last Night's TV - Everyone Here Was a Stranger'
To get a picture of a band, I like to imagine them making a cup of tea. Teatime round U2'S house is an overwrought, posturing kind of experience with more drama than is actually necessary to get the teabag in the cup. | 428 hits
Live Review: Wild Beasts
The Dance To The Radio Stage on pre-Festival Thursday is a typically smart Wild Beasts' move. They did play the Festival Republic Stage last year, but today's Leeds Festival is moving as close to Nemesis as their particular music can travel. | 619 hits
Live Review: Anna Calvi
There's a disconcerting contradiction between Anna Calvi's stage presence and her delivery. Dressed demurely in high-necked white shirt and black trousers, she largely restricts banter to a polite 'thank you' and appears slightly uncomfortable to be the focus of the sell out crowd's attention. | 616 hits
News Article: Emmerdale actor rises from the grave to star in new music video
Emmerdale actor Matt Healy, whose character Matthew King met a tragic end through a car windscreen, returns to the screen to star alongside local actors in a music video by award winning singer/songwriter Dom Robinson, to première at Unit One in Leeds on Monday 22nd September 2014. | 791 hits
CD Review: NGOD - XL
After hearing a number of people discussing this Bradford-based quartet, I decided to give them a listen and download their latest EP. | 475 hits
Band Profile: Heads We Dance
HEADS WE DANCE are "pushing all the right buttons... speaker gold dust" - (Mixmag July 2009) | 1,744 hits
CD Review: Terra Diablo - Swings & Roundabouts (album sampler)
These tracks are from Terra Diablo's soon-to-be-released debut album on Zuma. Terra Diablo are a kind of Glasgow cross between Leeds bands Four Day Hombre and Parisman - in that they operate at a similar near-breakthrough level and get serious local respect. | 556 hits
CD Review: Exit 52 - Dandelion EP
Ah the theremin. Not since 'Good Vibrations' have I heard such magnificent use of the instrument. Opening track on this four track EP, and aptly enough the title track, 'Dandelion' thumps along with its array of kitsch 1960s instruments, its sleazy guitar riff and its myriad of churning organs, booming drums and a vocalist that sounds suspiciously like Jason Pierce. | 535 hits
CD Review: GoodBooks - The Illness
The new single from imaginative Kent four-piece, GoodBooks, begins with a mechanical whir that could possibly be the sound of JP Duncan's arcane keyboard being brought to life. | 435 hits
CD Review: Big Blu - Untitled
BigBlu have a talent for melody. Their music is simple, evocative, tuneful and very radio-friendly. The mood is wistful and yearning. | 390 hits
Live Review: James Vincent McMorrow + Lindi Ortega
Leeds City Varieties provided a stunning venue for a musical lineup that fitted the lovingly-renovated old building a treat, First up, Canadian Lindi Ortega looks and sounds as she is actually from the country-loving states of the US, with a voice and sound of all the lovestruck drama of the finest Trad-Country queens. | 553 hits
CD Review: Heights - The Land, The Ocean, The Distance
'The Land, The Ocean, The Distance' is the grandiose debut EP from Hertfordshire-based Heights, a band who blend all the usual hardcore hang-ups, with dazzling cinematic flourishes. | 691 hits
CD Review: Hallelujah Johnson - 33.3 Revolutionsperminute
Hallelujah Johnson have plenty of talent, some crafty-sounding beats and some cunning turntable noises. | 657 hits
Live Review: Noah and the Whale
I have to start by confessing that I volunteered to review this gig without actually knowing anything about Noah and the Whale, except for That Song About The Sun. | 927 hits
Live Review: Switches
Entering the barely packed side room at first glance this does not seem like the prime of Switches' domains, stage drab and atmosphere mellow. | 431 hits
CD Review: Whole Sky Monitor - We Grow Up EP
Whole Sky Monitor start from a great name and a well tended niche in the Leeds music scene. We have a confident guitar band here, with strong drumming and top production values. | 434 hits
CD Review: Our Small Capital - Immune To Bad News EP
The way I see it, at least James Frey (the author of embroidered memoir 'A Million Little Pieces') made up a decent story. | 754 hits
CD Review: Y? - Untitled
What we have here are two good voices and one mission to go spaced out and relaxed. Superficially it has Boards of Canada for the underlay and lite nu R&B as the deep pile upholstery. | 301 hits
Live Review: Xi
The New Roscoe was filling up with a great B-movie collection of outsiders, drifters and weird characters. | 505 hits
CD Review: Being 747 - Weather Girl
Dave Cooke takes his material from the wistful, listless and mundane corners of pop vernacular. He dries it out, tidies up the lyrics, gives it a tune and then mocks it with delicious and subtle cruelty. | 668 hits
CD Review: Iodo - Walk On Role EP
Sometimes I find an EP that I really want to love. In the past I've heard great things about this four piece indietronic band, based in Lincoln. | 334 hits
News Article: Leeds Festival Fringe to takeover Leeds city centre in August
Organisers of the Leeds Festival Fringe, the 7 days grass roots music event that takes place in Leeds city centre venues, have announced its return for a second year in 2011. | 2,140 hits
Live Review: Cud + Miles Hunt
The poster on the door has an ominous message - "last gig for at least 9 months" - dare we expect then a classic Cud set, with all the drama, trimmings and japery? | 686 hits
CD Review: The Plea - Staggers Anthem
This record sounds like a cross between three acts responsible for making some of the most bland, turgid and eye-gougingly boring horse wank musical debacles of the last decade. | 517 hits
CD Review: Wintermute - Robot Works
The wait is finally over. The metal joints have been oiled, the nuts tightened and Wintermute's first long player, 'Robot Works,' is on the shelves. | 814 hits
Live Review: Juno 2
Juno 2 are a band I've heard a lot about but only seen play live once. They didn't particularly blow me away on that occasion, although I seem to remember thinking at the time that they had some good songs and could be great, if only they'd perform a little. | 313 hits
CD Review: The Accord - Cinematics
Should I have a glass of wine or a beer with lunch? I wonder how much I would have to pay Jessie J to give me a lap dance? | 409 hits
CD Review: Fun. - Aim & Ignite
Fun. are like 'A Fever Your Can't Sweat Out'-era Panic! at the Disco, with a few more strings, gospel choirs and a vocalist who squeals out those big, dramatic high notes like his life depends on it. | 561 hits
CD Review: Marilyn Manson - Born Villain
Marilyn Manson's 'Born Villain', released in early May, demonstrates that he and his musicians are still absolutely on form. | 874 hits
Live Review: Cobra Starship
Spending the first few songs down in the photography pit area, it gave me a genuine idea just how strong the fan base for Cobra Starship is. | 632 hits
Live Review: Little Match Girl + Evil Little Sister + Stealthman + Living Thing
It is a tribute to the Leeds' live music scene, its followers and local promoters, that tonight boasts four completely different bands, completely different styles and, for yet another Lock & Load event, a top gig. | 505 hits
CD Review: Capri - Boogie Man
If you let yourself, you'll love this band to death. Only the fear of it not being Iggy Pop could stop you. | 1,438 hits
Live Review: Nina Nastasia + Great Bear + David Thomas Broughton
"It's always fun to play in a church... more fun than going to church anyway!" It's quite a frustrating layout here at St. | 582 hits
CD Review: Sound Of Sirens - What's That Noise?
EP opener 'One Step' is pretty standard, mid-tempo indie-rock with some sharp, hook-packed vocals that lift it above the level of the other bands currently ploughing a similar furrow. | 628 hits
CD Review: Billy Bragg - Mr Love & Justice
Everything I don't really want to say about Mr Love and Justice is forced out of me by knowing that the slack and meandering four and half minute first track is also the single from the album. | 572 hits
Live Review: Tom Williams & The Boat + Sets + Daniel Pearson
It might have been the sunniest Saturday of 2011 so far, but everyone who chose to stay on Hyde Park with their disposable barbecues might have missed a little bit of gig gold tonight... | 1,286 hits
Live Review: The Tennessee Traincrash
We've been in the Rocket for an hour and a half so far, patiently waiting while amateur night clears its throat. | 573 hits
CD Review: Dave Pilla - Dave Pilla EP
My shameless self-promotion on Twitter has come up trumps. Dave Pilla (real name: Dave Rees) got in touch for a review of his music and a few bars in my obliging nature was rewarded with smugness. | 541 hits
Band Profile: Secret Sirens
Narelle Frances Andrew Siron Additional Secret Sirens include the live band members: Natasha Williams (Keys & backing vocals) Stu Turner (Guitar & backing vocals) Michael Crawford (Bass) Secret Sirens is a Pop music project created by singer/songwriter/keyboardist Narelle Frances and multi-instrumentalist and music visionary Andrew Siron. | 1,007 hits
Live Review: Aeon Scream + Four Run Run
It's another night of nervous expectation down at Joseph's Well, but maybe the uncertainty surrounding what's on show only makes the taste sweeter when things go right. | 643 hits
Live Review: Shout Out Louds
The Swedish four piece trip daintily on stage, accompanied by a hurdy gurdy soundtrack that conjures up images of accordion playing moustachioed fellows and Heidi running through lush meadows. | 792 hits
Live Review: Waxahatchee
There are some who stride on stage like preening peacocks, all ego and vanity and there are those who sneak quietly onto almost undetected, fearing their first chords might interrupt the conversations taking place amongst the audience. | 685 hits
Live Review: Mclusky + Modey Lemon + Tricky Nixon
It's another night down at the Well and tonight we're in the presence of some nice ol' dirty rock. The night kicks off with Tricky Nixon. | 894 hits
CD Review: Columbia Drive - s/t
Naïve sounding rockers "Columbia Drive" are Newcastle based, with an international tinge in singer Louise Dal's CV. | 607 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - I Can Count Volume One
Mmm, electro, n' stuff like that. Good, innit? 'Specially if you're signed to I Can Count Music, a record label fresh from Bob-Monkhouse-himself's seal of approval. | 484 hits
CD Review: Francesqa - We Lived
Francesqa have a penchant for punchy melodic rock and storming choruses that occasionally verge on the anthemic. | 743 hits
CD Review: The Dead Orchestra - Untitled
'Fragile Soul' is a slow-burner of delicate atmospherics that occasionally delivers a harder sound, thanks to an undercurrent of brooding riffs and increasingly urgent vocals. | 351 hits
CD Review: The Pattern Theory - The Pattern Theory
Since their risky move to Berlin, The Pattern Theory have been gigging and slumming it, collecting nuggets of music like polyrhythmic squirrels. | 1,983 hits
CD Review: Chiodos - Bone Palace Ballet
Second album from rising Michigan hardcore crew Chiodos begins as it means to go on, with the distinctly operatic 'Two Birds Stoned At Once.' Opening with a shiver-inducing Victorian-tinged violin, 'Two Birds Stoned At Once' recalls The Used's 'The Bird and The Worm,' both in terms of its operatic leanings and the Bert McCracken-like twinge to frontman Craig Owens' voice. | 1,368 hits
CD Review: Kafka Tamura - Nothing To Everyone
Oh this one you have to download, you really must. If you are a regular reader of LMS reviews then you know we don't throw around 5 star ratings like confetti at a wedding, but this one is really worth it. | 719 hits
CD Review: Day Old Hate - Road We Take / Face The World
This Sheffield-based hardcore quintet has had a fair few changes to their line-up over the past two years, and these two tracks are their first releases with new frontman Oli Swift. | 357 hits
Live Review: Clint Boon Experience + Fuzz Light Years
Tonights support came from the Fuzz Light Years - their name sounding like it might promise Super Furry Animalesque psychedelia. | 487 hits
CD Review: The Kinks - Kinks / Kinda Kinks / The Kink Kontroversy
When one of the most influential bands of our times releases its first three original albums at once, you had better sit up and start taking notes. | 2,163 hits
CD Review: Elliot Minor - Solaris
The overall impression of Elliot Minor's sophomore effort, is that they've taken it down a notch in order to concentrate on melding their classical flourishes and rock guitars into a more coherent whole. | 978 hits
Live Review: Devendra Banhart + Espers + Sir Richard Bishop
This didn't feel much like a gig. In fact, it felt like a few stoned hippies jamming and having some silly, ridiculous fun whilst they can. | 1,082 hits
Live Review: Queen Adreena + Sugarvalve
I am told that Sugarvalve are a 'heavier Foo Fighters' but for the few songs that I hear they sound more like a bad Aerosmith. | 498 hits
Interview: The Raveonettes
Cathy Simpson talks with Sharin Foo of The Raveonettes ... | 4,752 hits
CD Review: Matt Bentley - Entropy
To me, music journalists seem like organised people; they enjoy making neat little piles of artists, giving them a collective name and then trying to identify new artists within this current crop. | 867 hits
Live Review: Nutty Skunk + Offramp + Kaylium + Kanuba
The first band to be showcased were York-based Kanuba, a fresh-faced quartet whose funk-rock billing doesn't really reflect their versatility and ability to cause a stir with some heavy beats and bass lines. | 1,241 hits
CD Review: The Durbervilles - Alternative Route to All Destinations
The Durbervilles have returned to prominence with their radio show (Sundays 2pm, BBC Leeds) and with the release of their overdue third album Alternative Route To All Destinations - a phrase with meanings zipping about in it like a pinball, scoring points on Alt Country and a few more on Folk Roots, against a colourful background of the band's wanderings since their previous collection three years ago. | 772 hits
Live Review: Kasiuss + A Plastic Rose + Dimension
The night kicked off with Dimension, a hard rock trio who entered boldly with a strong beat amidst brash guitar pulls. | 507 hits
CD Review: Way Pristine - Inverted / Converted
Way Pristine are melodic rock, and with melodic rock, there's always the danger of it becoming too melodic (i.e. | 442 hits
Live Review: four day Hombre + Martha + Ashley Hicklin
I believe change has to be accepted as an endearing facet of life in general, thus the exciting prospect of a mob-handed entourage of cello wielding students taking the stage in Joseph's Well already appeared enough to induce a clammy palmed curiosity. | 994 hits
CD Review: Blacklisters - Swords
The debut single from Leeds' Blacklisters, is also the debut release of Leeds-based record label Best Enemies Records. | 511 hits
CD Review: Dog Almighty - Dog Almighty
Dog Almighty eponymous debut is a heavy rock/metal album that's slightly more considered than most examples of the genre. | 414 hits
Live Review: OFM + Bright Paper Werewolves
"Doncaster's finest" reads the promo. Overzealous PR, or straight-laced fact? My mission - uncover the truth. | 621 hits
Interview: Kyte
Leeds Music Scene caught up with Nick, the lead singer of Kyte, for a bit of a chinwag. | 984 hits
Live Review: Brazil + Red Vinyl Fur + Kenosha
A great concept for a night - no doubt. Let's drag some foreigners kicking and certainly screaming across those windy rain plagued hills separating the land and cram them into Leeds' "most intimate venue" to try and conquer a largely partisan audience, forced to miss the footie and demanding satisfaction. | 438 hits
Live Review: Xi + Catylyst + The Downfall
Hidden behind a Wakefield office block lies the Snooty Fox. After a chance meeting with Xi, we get directions to the venue, which is to be part of Xi's whirlwind tour of the Mainland's shores. | 565 hits
CD Review: The Bundesrats - Half Finished Horse
'Half Finished Horse,' the debut EP from Wakefield's The Bundesrats, takes the oompa-oompa, carnival-esque beats of Madness, and puts them together with jaunty, ska-punk keyboard refrains, and a frontman who seems to think he's providing the vocals to an opera. | 458 hits
CD Review: The Scaramanga Six - Strike! Up the Band
Strike! Up the Band is a monster. The 13 songs, the two videos and the SIX SIX SIX count-in absolutely guarantee one hell of a good mood. | 635 hits
Live Review: 5ft4 + Danny Carr + Percy
There's always been a place for humour in music. All the best bands had wit without being cheesy and over the top with it, and tonight proves that humorous observations and amusing asides don't mean you have to be the Grumbleweeds. | 483 hits
Live Review: Low + Fortdax + Geoff Smith
Leeds Parish Church is such a perfect venue for a band like Low. As soon as the bright eyed crowd had filled up the carved choir stalls, the boxed pews, the balconies and the nave seating it was obviously going to be something special. | 702 hits
CD Review: Sound Of Guns - What Came From Fire
There's something vaguely Snow Patrol-esque about the general aura of earnestness and feeling that enshrouds Sound of Guns' debut full-length. | 2,090 hits
CD Review: The Offspring - Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace
The Offspring are one of those rare bands who can get away with putting out the same record time and time again. | 723 hits
CD Review: Katatonia - Night Is The New Day
Although the phrase 'symphonic, atmospheric doom-metal' may conjure up visions of ten minute long, utterly thankless, glum-faced instrumentals, the eighth full-length offering from Swedish doom-metallers Katatonia administer eleven shots of compact, melodic doom-metal that bucks the genre's trend for self-indulgence. | 548 hits
CD Review: None The Less - The Way To Save Ourselves
There's no denying that None The Less' mini album is an impressive one, but it's also one that has some very clear negative points, in addition to good ones. | 818 hits
Live Review: Burst Rondo + Brigade + Vatican Jet + Nothing Special
Joseph's Well in Leeds have played host to some rather well-known bands if their posters are anything to go by - and over the last few months it seems like they've booked mostly Biffy Clyro support bands (thisGirl, The Boxer Rebellion, X is Loaded and some little London outfit named Brigade...). | 1,013 hits
CD Review: Pride Tiger - The Lucky Ones
There seems to be renewed interest in the classic rock genre at the moment, and Pride Tiger are one of many modern bands specialising in a decidedly oldschool sound. | 787 hits
CD Review: Dead Confederate - Wrecking Ball
It's easy to see why Dead Confederate selected 'The Rat' as the lead-off single to their debut album. | 524 hits
CD Review: Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences - We Are Not Other People
'Unexpected Error' makes no effort to ease the listener into the weird and wonderful world of Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences, as it opens with a blaring, Atari-esque sound effect that'll make you wonder whether this is, in fact, a comedy album. | 779 hits
CD Review: Saviours - Accelerated Living
Third full-length from stoner-metal crew Saviours, sees them move away from the sludge-rock of previous efforts 'Into Abaddon' and 'Crucifire' in favour of a sharper, cleaner production that highlights just what a talented group of musicians they are. | 764 hits
CD Review: Being 747 - Amoeba To Zebra
Being 747 don't like to make life easy for themselves. Not only have they devised a show covering subject matter that'll make your head hurt - the evolution of Earth, from single-celled organisms, right the way up to mankind - they've pitched it at the most awkward audience imaginable, by touring around secondary schools. | 776 hits
CD Review: Arctic Monkeys - Suck It And See
I distinctly remember the initial thrill and feeling of complete and utter excitement when I first heard a clutch of demos by Arctic Monkeys all the way back in 2005. | 1,009 hits
CD Review: Pete McGann - The Illusionist And Other Stories
After two albums of largely bass and vocal music, singer-songwriter Pete McGann has drafted in a full band for third album 'The Illusionist And Other Stories,' although there's still a fair helping of guitar-and-voice material too, for fans of his earlier work. | 551 hits
CD Review: Flood Of Red - Leaving Everything Behind
'Leaving Everything Behind,' the debut album from Scotland's Flood Of Red, is a frustrating album. Effortlessly churning out dense, emotionally-charged, stadium-sized songs with towering choruses and heartfelt vocals aplenty, the first few songs will blow you away. | 1,263 hits
Live Review: Gallops + Redtrack + Lafaro + Exit International + Reaper in Sicily + The Brilliant Things + Wilder + Nerves + Peers + Runaround Kids + Kvelertak + Blacklisters
The quality marking out the artists who did well at Leeds Festival (and maybe in real life too) was that they engaged an audience with themselves and with their music. | 1,460 hits
CD Review: The Ghost Of A Thousand - New Hopes, New Demonstrations
You have to feel sorry for The Ghost Of A Thousand. 'New Hopes, New Demonstrations' is an inwards-looking, absolutely massive-sounding hardcore album. | 1,283 hits
Live Review: Tristan Mackay + Andrew James O'Brien
I like expanding my musical tastes, seeing a diverse range of gigs in random venues and this one was different in more ways than one! | 1,116 hits
CD Review: Elmaroe - Tiny Sounds
I recall praising Elmaroe's-- efforts on his last EP, 'Sequences', when I critiqued it in March of this year. | 455 hits
Live Review: Little Fish + Wot Gorilla? + Our Fold + Amy's Ghost + The Gang + We're Only Afraid Of NYC + Sketches + The Mighty Stef + Stagecoach + Mr Fogg + End Of Level Baddie + Arcs & Trauma
Halifax-bred musical primates Wot Gorilla? have a sound animal name, thrive in a West Yorkshire habitat, and seem to have inherited a Minus The Bear tendency from Wintermute. | 1,680 hits

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