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Live Review: Fifth Goodbye + Eborsisk + Misled Vision
MISLED VISION Oooh a girly metal band. Misled Vision have one of the best vocalists I have heard all day in the form of "Jan" and were pretty tight overall. | 468 hits
CD Review: The Leif Ericsson - s/t
From what I can figure the 's/t' stands for self-titled, an appropriate name for the widely anticipated debut album from The Leif Ericsson. | 445 hits
Band Profile: Architects
Architects are a progressive metal/metalcore band from Brighton | 2,093 hits
Live Review: 65 Days Of Static + That Fucking Tank + ˇForward, Russia! + Eiger + Pixel! Pixel! Pixel! + Falconetti + Bracing Ed + Blind Jackson
Aaah the all dayer. The closest thing you get to a mini festival, and with a rather interesting 8 band bill scheduled for the Tasty Fanzine event, the Brudenell Social Club seems to be slowly buzzing with prospect for the bands to come. | 2,714 hits

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