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News Article: Leeds bands to feature on Charity CD by Misplaced Music...
Several Leeds bands will feature on a forthcoming charity CD put out by Misplaced Records. The compilation will be titled Misplaced Pets and is a benefit for two Leeds animal charities - Leeds Animal Rescue and Whitehall Dog Rescue. | 614 hits
CD Review: Levellers - Greatest Hits
A 'greatest hits' compilation normally signifies a lull in a band or artist's output. At a time when said performer hasn't put out a record for a while, or their newest production has bombed, the record company will delve into the archives and cobble together their idea of the best (i.e.: biggest-selling) tunes from said artist's broom cupboard. | 1,091 hits
Band Profile: Rob Galloway
Rob Galloway Dubbed 'The Rebel of the Leeds Music Scene' ROB GALLOWAY describes himself as Beck meets Iggy Pop, creating an electric sound from dance beats, guitars, trip hop and punk rock | 1,458 hits
Band Profile: Ben Parcell
Catchy Pop-Folk Singer/Songwriter from Yorkshire U.K | 107 hits
Band Profile: Embassy
There are 6 artists with the name Embassy: 1) Embassy were a vegan, feminist emo band, active in the early-to-mid 1990's (late 1993 to 1996). | 319 hits
News Article: Calling all young musicians! Bright Young Things 2008 announced.
Are you the next big thing to hit the charts? Think you could follow in the footsteps of Corinne Bailey Rae or The Music? | 652 hits
Band Profile: Ignition
1.) Post-hardcore 2.) Hard rock 3.) Psytrance 4.) Trance 1.) One of the less celebrated bands on the Dischord label, Ignition mainly offered D.C.-style post-hardcore of the Fugazi/Rites of Spring/Dag Nasty variety. | 206 hits
Live Review: Lubby Nugget + Zen Baseballbat + Shootin' Goon + Uncle Brian
This was to be the first date of a weeklong tour involving four of MoonSka's most recent signings. It turned out to be a memorable evening, though not necessarily for all the right reasons. | 513 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Dance To The Radio: What We All Want
If you don't live, eat and breath it, the Leeds music landscape has almost been unfathomably applauded for the bands it produces and the nights that exist within its figurative walls in recent years. | 1,147 hits
CD Review: The Staves - Mexico
At the risk of dumbing things down but for the benefit of the uninitiated, Communion is a burgeoning record label, established live music network and collective of like-minded souls. | 613 hits
CD Review: Infadels - We Are Not the Infadels (Live+DVD)
The album cover for We Are Not The Infadels led me to believe that Infadels were some sort of new wave electro-pop band of the To My Boy variety. | 365 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Across The Pennines II
This is the second instalment of the monthly sonic publication known as 'Across the Pennines'. Contributions appear to be sourced from the geographical area that the name suggests; i.e. | 674 hits
Band Profile: Mitchell
There are at least three artists that go by this name: 1) The current most popular scrobbles under this name are for the British comedian David Mitchell. | 188 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Music By People Who Drink Cider In The Gutter
'Music By People Who Drink Cider In The Gutter,' the mammoth twenty song, twenty band round-up of punk bands from in and around the Manchester area, kicks off with 'Midnight Scene' from The Dangerfields. | 1,039 hits
Band Profile: The Matches
Straight out of Oakland, the Matches set the California music scene on fire thanks to twelve explosive, hook-injected songs recorded on the cheap in their basements and living rooms. | 165 hits
CD Review: The Hostiles - Always Looking Forward
'Always Looking Forward' is a hit and miss affair; the times when The Hostiles' riotous blend of ska, punk and cartoonish vocals doesn't quite fit together right, easily outnumber the times when it does. | 689 hits
Interview: ¡Forward, Russia!
The scheme brewing in the collective mind of ¡Forward, Russia!, Leeds' pioneers of screeching, mercurial noise, is a simple one. It goes like this... | 2,252 hits
Band Profile: Cypress Hill
Cypress Hill is an American hip hop group from South Gate, California. Cypress Hill was the first latino group to have platinum and multi-platinum albums and one of the first rap groups to gain a following with fans of alternative and hard rock music. | 255 hits
Band Profile: Green Day
Green Day is an American rock trio formed in 1987. The band has consisted of Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals, guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass guitar, vocals), and Tré Cool (drums, percussion) for the majority of its existence. | 449 hits

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