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Interview: All My Friends Are Dead
Gavin Miller speaks with Leeds' newest post-rock prodigies All My Friends Are Dead | 1,652 hits
Band Profile: Invisible Friends
Invisible Friends provide mini-musical adventures for sleepytime, sparsely constructed from repetitive loops of sound, malfunctioning synthesisers, waves of noise and dripping taps. | 143 hits
News Article: Hollie Sheard & Friends reach 2008 UK Songwriting Contest semi-final
Hollie Sheard & Friends are through to the semi-finals of the 2008 UK Songwriting Contest - an international annual songwriting event - with both of the songs they submitted, "Untouchable" and "Is This Real". | 343 hits
CD Review: All My Friends Are Dead - Untitled
Another group to add to the new movement of Leeds-based post-rock outfits, All My Friends Are Dead arrive with a three-track debut demo that, while showcasing a promising musical style, still feels a little unfinished. | 448 hits
CD Review: All My Friends Are Dead - Days Of Sleep
Falling somewhere between the orchestrated Icelandic experimental pop sound of Sigur Ros and the dynamics of the post-rock genre sits the Leeds based 5-piece All My Friends Are Dead. | 594 hits
CD Review: Adem - These Are Your Friends
Cult chilled outfit Fridge have spawned yet another success with another 3rd of their ranks following in the footsteps of Four Tet and producing a damn fine solo project. | 455 hits
News Article: Blind Dead McJones and Friends Jam NIght!
Blind Dead McJones and Friends is a Monthly jam night hosted by The Blind Dead McJones Band. The Jam Night will run the first Monday night of the month out of the Hop in Leeds (Granary Wharf, under the train station) and all musicians are invited to come down and join the Band for a few or perform on their own. | 245 hits
Band Profile: Work In Progress
Five friends doing fun covers! | 686 hits
Band Profile: Hollie Sheard & Friends
Music to melt your soul | 415 hits
Live Review: All My Friends Are Dead + The Lights (Leeds) + Nir Graham
Two things struck me when All My Friends Are Dead started playing. Just where the hell did these guys come from, and what took them so long? | 993 hits
Band Profile: All My Friends Are Dead
post-rock | 3,406 hits
Band Profile: Super Best Friends Club Super Best Friends Club biography provided by | 150 hits
Band Profile: Friends of the Family
Drums - Chris Jackson Bass - John Summers Vocals / Guitar - Michael Burton Guitar / Vocals - Benjamin Dunn Formed at the tail end of 2004, Friends of the Family are a collective of songwriters who met while studying for one degree or another at the University of Bradford. | 503 hits
CD Review: Kid iD - Please Tell Your Friends
I like the cut of Mr. Pelleymounter's jib. Firstly, he's got a pretty fantastical last name. Secondly, his sleeve notes include the words, "If you like this music then feel free to copy, rip, burn and pass it on to as many people as you like." This is an important lesson for unsigned bands; just get your music out there. | 508 hits
CD Review: Del Scott Miller - My Timing Will Win Me Few Friends
After checking out some fantastic unsigned bands, I'm left with this CD on my desk staring up at me, expectant eye, awaiting a review. | 337 hits
Live Review: All My Friends Are Dead + I am Jack + Johnny Poindexter
I walk in to the Mixing Tin. It's just past nine o'clock and there's some movement on stage. Disconcertingly, Mr. | 704 hits
Live Review: Monty Casino + Invisible Friends + The Frenzies + Laboratory Noise
It was tempting to add the PA to the line-up on this one, as it affected the night nearly as much as the bands... | 2,532 hits
Live Review: Blast + Diego Snail + The Glavins + Super Best Friends Club + X-Rippers + Spiral Scouts + King Capisce
For the last 8 years Willsborough Mill and Country Park has seen the locals of Barnsley and beyond descend to deliver a great day's festival. | 362 hits
Interview: My Passion
Sam Panasuik interviewed My Passion's Laurence Rene and Jamie Nicholls before their headline show at The Cockpit on 24th April 2011. They talk of festivals this summer, the new album and how they're hoping their friends The Blackout take them on tour in October or they will no longer be friends... | 778 hits
Band Profile: Me and My Friends
A delicious, imaginative, sunshine blend of folk, reggae and old-time roots roots, from a friendly, funky four-piece. | 775 hits
Venue: Friends of Ham
Top quality charcuterie and cheese, all washed down with craft beer and great wine. Find us on New Station St, Leeds. | 362 hits
Band Profile: Above Them
Three friends, one band, no gimmicks. GOT MONEY TO BURN, GO HERE: | 937 hits
Band Profile: Redlights
4 piece Alt Rock band founded in Barnsley | 82 hits
Band Profile: Second, Minute or Hour
Two friends who have been making music for years decided to come together and create a band that they could call their own. | 181 hits
CD Review: Voltage Union - Untitled
Here we have 4 songs from Voltage Union, fresh from securing a place at Leeds Festival and sounding in fine fettle. | 484 hits
News Article: Dark horse song "Moving On" voted onto Hollie Sheard's new single by fans
Laid-back soul songwriter Hollie Sheard has released a new single from her upcoming album "By Hook Or By Crook". | 353 hits
CD Review: Mclusky - Alan is a Cowboy Killer
Mclusky learnt their trade in the intriguing corner of the rock playground, took references from the big players to the small fry, the intellectual to the big and brutal, the pretty to the downright ugly, and blended it together into a mesmerising fix of off kilter rock and lyrical genius. | 677 hits
Band Profile: Honour Before Glory
Honour Before Glory is Whiskas (of ¡Forward, Russia! / Duels / Mi Mye) with the help of some friends. | 582 hits
You can download my debut EP for free at Go on, you might love it! | 179 hits
Band Profile: Mouth Taped Shut
Paul Quirk - Guitar Dave Backhouse - Bass Edward Szakal - Drums Over the course of the year Mouth Taped Shut have quite merrily developed a sound that they can call their own. | 252 hits
Interview: Dinosaur Pile-up
A brief but funny interview with Harry, the bassist from Dinosaur Pile-Up. | 765 hits
News Article: Leeds Finalist and Runner-up in UK Songwriting Contest
The UK Songwriting Contest recently published their latest contest results for 2010, and there is a Finalist and Runner-up right here in Leeds. | 653 hits
Band Profile: The Nice Sharp Pencils
The Nice Sharp Pencils are a two piece, two friends; Ben Adey and Christopher Smith that live in the sleepy Canalside town of Sowerby Bridge. | 363 hits
CD Review: Levellers - Just The One ft. Bellowhead
"It's getting late Let's hit the town Call some friends To paint it red" The Levellers' friends in this case are folkies of the moment, Bellowhead. | 420 hits
CD Review: Desert Sessions - Desert Sessions 9/10: I See You Hearin Me/I Heart Disco
The world's coolest ginger haired person (the only cool ginger haired person come to think of it) Josh Homme (QOTSA) returns with the 9th and 10th instalments of his Desert Sessions series. | 867 hits
Band Profile: Wooderson
Wooderson was 3 friends who were having an amazing time playing music together. Wooderson is now 4 friends who are having an amazing time playing music together. | 177 hits
Band Profile: Tract
rock | 785 hits
Band Profile: Runners
Drums, drum machines, Pure-Tone Analog Frequency, digital keys and other electronic devices. | 968 hits
Band Profile: Attack! Vipers!
Attack! Vipers! formed in February 2006 and went on to play their first show just weeks later on the 16th March. | 156 hits
Band Profile: This Holiday Life
This Holiday Life began as a musical endeavor by four friends in the spring of 2003 and has grown into a community of 1000's of friends who are searching to love this earth and the people that roam it. | 135 hits
News Article: The new album from The Sunshine Underground is to be released on 1st February
The Sunshine Underground will release their second album in early 2010 and will be touring the UK in February to coincide with its release. | 496 hits
Band Profile: The Money
rock | 331 hits
CD Review: Laurent Garnier - Public Outburst
The new album from French techno star Laurent Garnier, 'Public Outburst', is based around a series of live shows and sessions recorded during a six month period with friends Bugge Wesseltoft, Philippe Nadaud and Benjamin Rippert. | 568 hits
News Article: Cor Amor Announce NEW guitarist!!!
Unfortunately Jay Stokes & Cor Amor have parted ways. The band are still extremely good friends with Jay and wish him well in the future with Pray For Hayden and anything else he sets himself to. | 335 hits
Band Profile: Anti Social Mixtape
acoustic punk | 456 hits
News Article: Vanilla Gorillaz launch new video
Vanilla Gorillaz have collaborated with the awesome hip hop rap group from Trinidad & Tobago "Sovereignty" for their new track "Fame & Fortune" Watch and share the video with all your friends: | 286 hits
News Article: Leeds Music Scene launch Facebook application for Leeds gigs
Leeds Music Scene have this week released the first version of their new Facebook application and are inviting visitors to the site to add the application and to feed back comments or ideas. | 547 hits
Band Profile: Stay Home
Stay Home is an emo/hardcore/pop punk band from Huddersfield. Forming late 2010 as a side project of friends who were in other bands (Cub Club, Decades, Silvertown and Shifting Oceans). | 99 hits
Band Profile: Morain
Hailing from Wakefield, England, Morain were formed at college in early 2009 by four lifelong friends; Wil Frost (Vocals, Guitar), Sam Humble (Bass), Jim Allard (Guitar) and Jamie Matax (Drums). | 889 hits
Live Review: Arctic Monkeys + Milburn
There's an air of anticipation at the Blank Canvas, tickets have been trading for silly money and there are people here who wouldn't usually venture out to see a band on a Monday evening. | 3,763 hits
Live Review: Tiny Tin Lady + Pete Briley
Pete Briley did his best to lift the Monday blues with a chirpy performance of melodic acoustic numbers. | 498 hits
Band Profile: The Reliance
pop | 223 hits
News Article: Summer of blues update!
We are loving this summer! It's gigs, gigs, gigs!! This weekend we've got two, tonight at The Bingley Arms in Bardsey (7.30 start) and then tomorrow with our friends at Leeds Acoustic at Epernay Champagne bar! | 106 hits
Band Profile: Emergencies
Friends since their tender school years Declan and Zebs were introduced to Rich and Nathan through mutual friends, after a few drunken meetings Declan and Rich suggested Nathan join them in a rehearsal room to work on some songs, after a few months of carelessly messing around Declan decided to invite Zebs down to play bass and thus transforming their sound. | 334 hits
Band Profile: Peculiar Blue
Peculiar Blue are a three peice Acoustic / Electroacoustic / Indie band that have been performing around the UK and Europe for over 10 years. | 241 hits
Band Profile: Adam Killip
alternative country | 788 hits
Band Profile: Far From The Dance
indie dance | 744 hits
Band Profile: Brand New Analogues
rock | 2,645 hits
Band Profile: Dead Sea Strategy
From the depths of Leeds, we are Dead Sea Strategy. Consisting of Ash Beck on guitar/vocals, Nick Wootton on guitar, Andy Clark on bass and Damon Reid on drums. | 358 hits
Band Profile: Ben Beheshty
Producing in Leeds, and constantly working with close friends, usually self-producing the music. It's easiest to describe the compositional style as 'genre-confused'. | 118 hits
News Article: Live at the Wardrobe 7th March
It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce our first gig supporting THE BONDURANTS at their EP launch at the Wardrobe in Leeds on Friday 7th March. | 167 hits
News Article: Cor Amor Playing Two Local Shows This Weekend!
Hello All! Cor Amor are in their local area all weekend! So if you're in or around Wakefield on Friday then come see us @ The Hop. | 201 hits
Band Profile: Echo Town
An acoustic folk rock duo from England. They play upbeat feelgood songs about the good things in life as well as put across some important messages. | 576 hits
Band Profile: The Beat Maras
The Beat Maras The Beat Maras (pron. Beat Mare-ers) came to life through meeting friends of friends. | 180 hits
Live Review: Kaiser Chiefs + Chikinki
Morrissey once said 'We hate it when our friends become successful'. I think he would reconsider that opinion if he were at Joseph's Well tonight. | 1,172 hits
News Article: Faversham to host charity event to raise for the Cambodia Trust
This July will be five years since the death of Guiseley student Joanna Stillwell, and in her memory and to celebrate what would have been her 28th birthday, a charity fundraising gig will be held in Leeds. | 425 hits
CD Review: Adam Green - Jacket Full of Danger
After recent support slot with fellow friends The Strokes and briefly having a diary in NME, Adam Green is back with his new album, Jacket Full Of Danger. | 350 hits
News Article: Leeds Music Scene launches "Leeds Gig Guide" on Facebook
The Leeds Music Scene website - that's us - has started 2012 with a special new feature designed specially for its 2,000+ Facebook users. | 529 hits
News Article: Leeds bands to feature on Charity Compilation CD to be released in August...
Several Leeds bands are set to feature on a charity compilation CD being put together by local record label and promotions company, Collateral Music. | 620 hits
Band Profile: The Dawnriders
The Dawnriders are a 5 piece from West Yorkshire with a style and sound drawing influences from the 50s, 60s & 70s, playing psychadelic, lyrical, folk rock, blues & country songs. | 706 hits
Band Profile: Karnivore
Thrash Metal from Wakefield | 223 hits
Live Review: Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. + Walter Schreifels
Walter Schreifels (ex- Quicksand and Rival Schools) is up with his acoustic guitar. A charming New Yorker, now residing in Berlin, he has many songs revolving around bicycles that mend themselves, friends ('Distressed Friends'), people he meets and things he eats. | 482 hits
Band Profile: Redemtion
Redemtion are a 4 piece Pop Punk Band from Leeds, England. | 227 hits
News Article: The Sunshine Underground to release a new single on May 17th
Leeds band The Sunshine Underground has announced details of the release of a new single. 'Spell It Out' will be released through City Rockers/EMI on Monday 17th May 2010. | 393 hits
Band Profile: fallaroundhere
fallaroundhere are an indie band currently based in Bradford in the North of England. Having been about in various manifestations for a few years, the band finally settled on a permanent line up in 2004, releasing "136 miles E.P." in May 2005. | 460 hits
Band Profile: The Turnarounds
A blues souled rock and roll band from Yorkshire | 989 hits
Band Profile: Mirrorkicks
Rock n Roll with out the Bullsh*t! Music from men with manners and madness! A South London band made up of four friends destined to create what will be the soundrack for 2010's summer! | 143 hits
Live Review: Infinite Mass
Whooping up the smattering of punters, Sweden's Infinite Mass seem almost out of place here at the Dance Tent. | 160 hits
Band Profile: Take A Bow
Take A Bow are a 4-piece power rock/pop band from Castleford in West Yorkshire | 291 hits
Band Profile: Justice
Justice is an electronic music duo from Paris, France, formed in 2003 and consisting of Gaspard Augé (born 21 May, 1979) and Xavier de Rosnay (born 2 July, 1982). | 60 hits
Band Profile: Staerimto
Staerimto is the silly name given to a solo project by John Perry with help from friends. Hopefully we will be a proper band also featuring the song writing talents of Asa Roast. | 143 hits
Band Profile: Germain
Based in four corners of Leeds, Germain are a band formed through the Leeds College of Music. The band members have being performing extensively for the past x amount of years in various acts and groups but this is a new project, founded by songwriter Jake Germain-Whiskin, who hand picked the best musicians and friends. | 434 hits
Band Profile: The Infected
punk | 310 hits
News Article: Debut EP now available for Free Download via Bandcamp
Our debut EP is now available on free download from our bandcamp page: If you like the EP there's a couple of things you can do for us: The first is to simply spread the love and click on the facebook or tweet buttons to tell your friends about us. | 155 hits
Band Profile: Orange Pulp
A four piece from the North. Ready to rock your cotton socks. | 368 hits
News Article: Silverlode release free 5 track collection
Throughout 2010, Silverlode released various new recordings to members of their mailing list. Along with new recording of acoustic favourite in 'The Garden/On The Mound', four these varied songs have been collected together with artwork for a free 5-track digital download named 'Silverlode And His Amazing Friends'. | 324 hits
Band Profile: The Peppermint Androids
The Peppermint Androids are a 2-5 piece band (depending on the weather), consisting primarily of Fab and Six Ways, filling out the live lineup with a concotion of assorted friends. | 156 hits
Band Profile: J Mascis
J Mascis (b. 1965) is an American musician and songwriter, probably best-known as the singer, guitarist, and songwriter for Dinosaur Jr., though he has also occasionally worked as a producer and film composer. | 145 hits
Band Profile: Sky Larkin
alternative rock | 3,236 hits
News Article: The Sun
MEDUSA ON PAGE 3 OF 'THE SUN' NEWSPAPER,,2001320029-2007150100,00.html The following article appeared on Page 3 of 'The Sun' newspaper in the UK. | 323 hits
Band Profile: Ranaboy
acoustic | 347 hits
CD Review: David Viner - Mr David Viner
You've probably already got records in your collection that sound like this one, the thing is, you probably stole those records from your dad. | 733 hits
Band Profile: The Birdman Rallies
The Birdman Rallies was formed by four friends in the leafy suburbs of Harrogate, brought together by a common love of music with confusing rhythms, enchanting melodies, a sense of experiment and a soul. | 619 hits
CD Review: Clayhill - Moon I Hide
When the majority of the band consist of Beth Orton's co-writers and you're friends with Aqualung, it's a safe bet there will be no three chord punk snorting on show. | 459 hits
News Article: Early bird tickets for Moor Music Festival 2009 go on sale
Early bird tickets for the fifth Moor Music Festival are now on sale priced at just £55 for a full weekend ticket - an absolute bargain for a weekend of camping, friends, and amazing music with a local influence. | 610 hits
Band Profile: Born With Stripes
Born With Stripes (formally Rona Pano) are Dan Sheen and James Hinks, two school friends from Kirkby-in-Ashfield, now living in Leeds. | 298 hits
News Article: Sketches to feature on new Fierce Panda release
Fierce Panda have chosen to feature a Sketches track on their latest EP 'Zip It Up' The Ep will be available on limited edition CD (229 copies) and download. | 406 hits
CD Review: Barry and the Beachcombers - Untitled
It happens. Three friends who like nerdcore decide they're going to learn to play. It doesn't quite work out.. | 319 hits
Band Profile: Trust Fund Pirates
Trust Fund Pirates were formed in 2010 by Nic Fuller and Marcus Foster as a small team of musicians pretty bored by the repetetive over sampling of music from the last 20 years. | 129 hits
Band Profile: Thomas Truax
Thomas Truax inhabits the little known WOWtown with his erstwhile friends Sister Spinster, The Hornicator and Back Beater. | 267 hits
News Article: Fold win an Independent Music Award for Salvation
Fold are pleased to announce that they have won an IMA (Independent Music Award) in the 'spoken word with musical accompaniment' category for their single 'Salvation', as judged by the IMA industry panel. | 354 hits
News Article: ¡Forward, Russia! confirmed for Live At Leeds 2014
In association with local independent record label Dance to The Radio, Leeds Town Hall has been confirmed as a new venue for Live At Leeds 2014. | 423 hits
News Article: The Cribs release a new single - "Mirror Kissers" - on June 13th...
On 13th June, The Cribs will release a follow-up to their recent Top 30 and live favourite "Hey Scenesters!". | 321 hits
Band Profile: OFM
Formed in 2002, OFM display a togetherness that can only be achieved by playing with people you love, or with lots of practice, or both. | 191 hits
Band Profile: Alterkicks
Alterkicks were formed through adverts in shops in Merseyside and Cheshire. Though based in Liverpool, the band are drawn from far and wide. | 168 hits
CD Review: Harper Simon - Wishes and Stars
In support of his recently-released debut full-length, Harper Simon has released 'Wishes and Stars,' a summer's day breeze of twee folk-pop. | 298 hits
Band Profile: Blood Sundae
All girl dark melodic/doom metal | 1,420 hits
Band Profile: They Died Too Young
They Died Too Young are a band from south west London who play aggressive and progressive music, in the vain of at the drive-in and similar post-hardcore bands the band consists of Tom Gibbs (Vocals/Guitar) Steve Loible (Guitar) Dave Brown (Drums) and Chris White (Bass Guitar) Their latest release, The Mini album "Push Becomes Shove" was released on September 24th on Lockjaw Records, (more releases available via their myspace page or in person) The Band Recently announced that they are to split and will be playing their last gig at the fighting cocks bar in kingston-upon-thames, a place they consider to be "the bands home" a blog was released by the band in regards to the split: *taken from their official Myspace Page* "We are sadly going to be calling it a day as from August, This was not an easy choice to make, but we just feel They Died Too Young has come to a natural end.. | 248 hits
News Article: Feeds release video for FREE single Beware Believe
Following a packed out launch show at 360 Club, Leeds, the bands new FREE single 'Beware Believe' received over 4000 plays on soundcloud in its first week, with radio play from the likes of BCB and BBC Introducing alike. | 213 hits
CD Review: Shrag - Tights in August
People keep telling that Brighton is a hotbed of British musical talent. I can't say I'm entirely convinced. | 317 hits
News Article: Post War Glamour Girls announce second single
Post War Glamour Girls have announced the release of their second single 'Suburban Barbarian' on Monday 12th December. | 243 hits
Band Profile: The Heartstrings
The Heartstrings are a punk band from Miami, FL drawing heavy influence from the Ramones and oldies music. | 105 hits
CD Review: The Twilight Singers - I'm Ready
Never judge a band by their name. The Twilight Singers sound to the untrained ear like a band who faff about on acoustics and sound crap and basically like a bunch of half-arsers. | 275 hits
CD Review: The Caves - Polymorphic Light Eruption
The Caves second single release is an altogether rather jolly pleasant affair and is the kind of thing you'd put on the stereo to jump around to in a "Look I'm daft, me" manner to impress your embarrassed long suffering friends. | 465 hits
News Article: The reformation of some band or other
Literally some of you will remember us from back in the early 2000's as No Right Turn and latterly Needs Fire. | 214 hits
Band Profile: Frowser
Inspiring singer songwriter Jamie Waller (Lead Vox/Rythmn Guitarist) and long time friends Rob Newman (Bass/Backing Vox), started the Frowser project along with the addition of Jatinder Balkhu (Drums/Backing Vox) and brother Sam Balkhu (Lead Guitarist). | 272 hits
Band Profile: Swamp Donkey
The Swamp Donkey is a 4 piece rock 'n' roll band from Reno Nevada specializing in down-and-dirty riffs and doomy grooves. | 524 hits
Band Profile: GOLD
GOLD are a four piece dream pop band hailing from Halifax, originally starting out as a two piece ambient outfit, they then took upon two friends to join their music making. | 184 hits
CD Review: The Ripps - Holiday
The Ripps sound like Supergrass but are so much more annoying and much less inventive. They sound like they'd be friends with The Kooks and all the other user-friendly J17-reader bullshit that's going on at the moment. | 231 hits
News Article: Huddersfield band Kava Kava included on TV soundtrack
Yorkshire band Kava Kava will have three songs on the new season's soundtrack to FX TV show Dirt (featuring Friends star Courtney Cox Arquette). | 1,291 hits
Band Profile: Taylor Max
50's and 60's covers band | 209 hits
CD Review: Hot Club De Paris - My Little Haunting
A few of my friends have been raving about Hot Club De Paris for quite a while now so I thought I'd take the opportunity to get acquainted with them via this single. | 256 hits
CD Review: Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall
"It's all I've ever done, all I've ever known, just wanna play one more show and make some music with my friends". | 676 hits
News Article: Oliver Pinder - Debut EP 'Island Rain' out March 22nd
My friends, I present to you the artwork for my debut EP, "Island Rain"! iTunes preorder kicks off in a few weeks, the EP comes out March 22nd and throughout the pre-order I'll be rolling out each track to you alongside some other content! | 270 hits
CD Review: goad - Untitled
goad are in lower case. Even on gig listings the band tell me that they begin with a small 'g'. A warning perhaps, so that you don't make any mistakes. | 419 hits
Band Profile: Negative Opinionz
hardcore punk | 531 hits
Band Profile: Lost Winter
Keeping music DIY since 2013! | 182 hits
Band Profile: Hood
Based loosely around brothers Chris and Richard Adams and friends to hand, Hood have positioned themselves, over a series of albums, in a unique point in modern UK sound craft. | 986 hits
CD Review: Single White Female - Extended Play EP
From the very first tentative cymbal strike of "She's a Songwriter" the "have we rehearsed this one enough?" warning signs begin so unding. | 618 hits
CD Review: Jon Jones and the Beatniks Movement - Freak Show
Is this a demo or a single? The sleeve insert has only the words Freak Show on it many times, around the wide-eyed face of one who has beheld something.  The disc itself is a Maxell CD-R 52X with no ID for the musicians making such good use of it. | 442 hits
Band Profile: Littlebrook
Leeds based alternative/acoustic/folk | 81 hits
Band Profile: Jamie Fletcher Band
"With engaging and immediate heartfelt songs, Jamie and his band are a blast of pure pop goodness for your soul." - Ed Heaton. | 214 hits
Band Profile: Shotgun Opera
Shotgun Opera are a five piece melodic rock band from the Wakefield and Leeds | 372 hits
Live Review: The Hair
The BBC Raw Talent Unsigned Stage makes a welcome return to the Leeds Festival and warmly welcomes The Hair to tread its boards. | 395 hits
Live Review: CocknBullKid
I'll admit to not having heard CocknBullKid on record but based on their performance in the Festival Republic tent I would imagine it's the kind of soulful pop which is a pleasure on the ears, ideal for a bit of background when you have friends over and perhaps, after a few drinks, may even have a dance around the living room rug. | 203 hits
Live Review: Dancing Years
Moving, Melancholic, Poetic, Thought Provoking..........Some of the words to describe Leeds' very own Dancing Years, who just go on from strength to strength. | 274 hits
Band Profile: Dr Knox
hip-hop | 227 hits
Live Review: Ali Love + Hadouken!
Unfortunately this tour is undermined by its premise, it's a fucking MySpace tour. Most of the crowd are 12 who think they're cool 18 year olds because that's what it says on their profile and MySpace is gospel don't you know. | 802 hits
News Article: Northern Torch - Take My Hand Exclusive Video!
Northern Torch Would Like to Say Big Thank You to Everyone Who Was Involved In Making of the Video for Take My Hand! | 173 hits
Band Profile: Run Speed Tiger
Run Speed Tiger was formed in 2010 by Thomas Theakston, Dominic Barker and Kelly Wright. Discovering that the post-graduation world required more effort and hard work than they were prepared to give, the three friends from Leeds fled and took shelter under warm fuzzy blankets of sentimentality to craft songs about nostalgia, childhood and their beloved home town. | 539 hits
News Article: The Well to host Leeds United fans remembrance gig
April 5th 2010 will mark the 10th anniversary of the tragic death of Leeds United fans Chris Loftus and Kevin Speight, and family and friends wish to commemorate this significant milestone by raising money for the Candlelighters children's cancer charity in Leeds in their memory. | 834 hits
CD Review: Commercial Dual Purpose - The James Bailey Experience
I got such a charming email. And the two-part album on lovingly made CD-Rs (£2 each, £3 the pair) looked so good that I really wanted to review and like this album. | 443 hits
News Article: Round Window release Debut EP "Pedestals"
Leeds based noiseniks Round Window release their debut EP "Pedestals" ahead of their debut gig at the Fox & Newt, Leeds on 16/12/11 with their good friends The Asa Hawks. | 210 hits
Band Profile: The Wolves
The Wolves have sprung out of old & new friendships. The amalgamation of four musical careers that span a wealth of genres and experience. | 567 hits
Band Profile: Sound Club
The townie revellers stagger down the high street, looking on in wonder at what we are doing, and trying to squintily eye the people in front of me to see if they're famous. | 403 hits
Band Profile: The White Album
The White Album is a Danish band from Copenhagen consisting of three very good friends with big beards and very big hearts. | 72 hits
Band Profile: White Swallow
We are White Swallow, a relatively new addition to the Leeds music scene. We are a noisy two-piece, consisting of Bobby Mambo on Guitars and Vocals and Sam Swallows on Drums. | 222 hits
Band Profile: Darwin Deez
Darwin Smith writes, records, produces and arranges using a 4-string electric guitar in his own invented, secret tuning. | 310 hits
News Article: Carnabells Christmas Party at The Cockpit, 20th December, in aid of Cancer Research
On the 20th December the Carnabells will be headlining The Cockpit for the 'Carnabells Christmas Show!' By their own admission, they have had 'an ace year so far'. | 283 hits
Band Profile: Portable Pony
Electronica guitar pop band from Leeds/Bradford, UK | 565 hits
Band Profile: Zoo In Flames
indie | 677 hits
News Article: Duels to release the first single to be taken from their new LP
Duels will release a new single ('Regeneration') on the 14th April. The single is the first release to be taken from the band's current long-player 'The Barbarians Move In' - although only currently available as a Digital Download, the album will have its release proper on the 28th April. | 322 hits
Band Profile: Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames
Fran (vox) Pat (guitar and backing vox) Dave (guitar and vox) Jay (bass) Sean (drums & percussion) Hurling dance beats and pained yelps through any soundsystem they can steal some wattage from, Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames have been terrorising feet into party moves since 2005, when singer Fran with Pat, Dave and Jay (guitars and bass) formed as Leeds Uni friends alongside Sean from the legendary Black Helicopters. | 4,452 hits
CD Review: Gratitude - Drive Away
Jonah Matranga's newest outfit it is then. A near legend in the, dare I say it, emo world - leading such bands as Far and Onlinedrawing to great success and also guest starring on many friends' and musicians' releases due to the respect he commands in his occupation Jonah is obviously very talented, let's put it that way. | 374 hits
Band Profile: Still Flyin'
More of a collective than an actual rock band, Still Flyin' is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Sean Rawls, who formed it in late 2004 in San Francisco after relocating there from Athens, GA, in 2003. | 121 hits
Live Review: Jane's Addiction
It may be ten years since Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro last lit up a British festival, but today's performance is proof positive that they still have the power to grab you by the throat. | 193 hits
Band Profile: Stereophonics
Stereophonics are a rock band who were formed in 1992 in Cwmaman, Wales by friends Kelly Jones (Guitar/Vocals), Stuart Cable (Drums) and Richard Jones (Bass) but no relation to Kelly. | 597 hits
Live Review: Shrag + Runaround Kids
Regular readers will remember my recent adventures included a falling out with a man begging for spare change. | 702 hits
Band Profile: Samskara
rock | 1,709 hits
CD Review: Scout - History & Radio
A lot of people will love Scout. I know my mum does. They're a cracking band, very talented with strong arrangements and a singer who sounds like Andrea Corr but so much better. | 296 hits
CD Review: The Drums - Days
"Days" is the latest release from Brooklyn outfit, The Drums. The single is taken from their second album "Portamento" and is the third offering so far. | 279 hits
Band Profile: Superpowerless
Superpowerless is Oliver Hindle | 274 hits
Band Profile: Crash Ride
pop rock | 631 hits
Live Review: Deaf Havana
As the screams ring out from the crowd, even while James, the front man is only sound checking his guitar, it's obvious there are a lot of Deaf Havana fans in the small venue tonight. | 493 hits
Band Profile: Ironrat
Bradford Swamp & Roll | 407 hits
CD Review: Tigs - Something New
This girl has balls. Big hairy ones. Now I'm not usually a fan of lady-friends with add-ons but in Tigs' case I very much approve. | 255 hits
Interview: Kill 'em Dead Cowboy
Sam Panasuik talks to Kill 'em Dead Cowboy's drummer, Olie. | 634 hits
Band Profile: The Arteries
The Arteries are a punk rock band from Swansea, UK, they have been around since 2005, and according to Jamie "We aren't trying to change the world, we are just a bunch of friends that like to play music together and party - come and join in!" Their debut album, 'Blood, Sweat & Beers' was self released in 3 parts over 2008 in the form of 3 coloured 10" records and is now available via Household Name Records on CD format. | 226 hits
News Article: Don't let xfactor get to Christmas No1! Support this!!
Hello all! First of all if you can all cast your minds back to Christmas 2009 you will remember the worldwide facebook/internet campaign that got Rage Againts The Machine's Killing In The Name to Christmas no1 2009. | 411 hits
Band Profile: Fudgey
Katy Furze / Acoustic Fudge / Fudgey | 113 hits
News Article: Huddersfield Party Ska band Wobbly Bob headline Summer Saturnalia festival and release their debut album
After 5 years of false starts, rewrites, touring, recording, mixing and a lot of beer...Huddersfield's own frenetic ska-poppers, Wobbly Bob are finally releasing their debut album. | 377 hits
Band Profile: The Invisible
In London, UK - towards the end of 2006, three friends - Dave Okumu (Jade Fox, Matthew Herbert), Tom Herbert (Jade Fox, Polar Bear) & Leo Taylor (Gramme, Zongamin, Matthew Herbert) - started work on what was initially intended as Dave's solo project. | 167 hits
Band Profile: Nicola's Cage
Nicola's Cage are a female-fronted 5 piece rock/metal band from Kirklees | 706 hits
News Article: Last Night's TV release Christmas single on 6th December
Leeds/Derby-based indie-folk trio Last Night's TV follow up the autumn release of their album 'Everyone Here Was A Stranger' ("pretty melodies from unexpected angles", 4/5 - Leeds Music Scene) with a standalone Christmas single, 'No Tinsel On The Town Hall'. | 284 hits
News Article: Dinosaur Pile-up to release a new EP on August 17th
On August 17th Leeds-based trio Dinosaur Pile-up will release their new EP, the modestly titled 'The Most Powerful EP In the Universe!' The EP is led by 'Summer Hit Single', which was debuted by Zane Lowe on Radio One. | 403 hits
News Article: Dinosaur Pile-up to release their debut album in September 2010
Leeds trio Dinosaur Pile-up are set to release their highly-anticipated début album in September 2010, with the lead single from the album set for release on 26th July. | 468 hits
Live Review: Span
Straight outta Oslo, Norway and newly signed to Island Records, Span are a complex rock and roll beast with occasional Soundgarden hints that just gets better and better as their show progresses. | 207 hits
Band Profile: Cortney Tidwell
Possessing a beautiful voice and an ethereal melodic sense that suggests a freak folk variation on Mazzy Star or This Mortal Coil, singer and songwriter Cortney Tidwell was born into a family of musicians, but in her early life this heritage seemed as much a curse as a blessing. | 134 hits
Band Profile: Can't Kill The Heat
Towards the end of 2008, 3 friends (Members of BOYS WITH BEAKS and EVERY SECOND OF EVERYDAY) decided to progress a studio project forward into a live setup with a full band. | 333 hits
CD Review: Tigercats - Easter Island
This song has got a very bouncy intro and if Tigercats work really hard and suck up to just the right sort of people, it could be on the telly one day. | 1,560 hits
CD Review: Joan As Police Woman - Christobel
New Yorker Joan Wasser is the vocal sensation at the heart of Joan As Police Woman. Although with a mind for equal opportunities other band members are mentioned in the biography, it is her voice you will inevitably come back to. | 264 hits
CD Review: Beautiful Feet - Something in Mind
Bluddy Stewdants always thinking ure so bluddy smart! Well yes actually these specimens are! Beautiful feet are advocates of the softly softly sweeping harmonies approach that is so suited to summer afternoons and drinks with friends. | 379 hits
CD Review: Tommy Evans - New Years Revolutions
Leeds is currently kicking up a hot fuss. The Kaiser Chiefs are supplying killer chorus driven pop, while for a gang (of Four) mentality look no further than 10,000 Things. | 376 hits
Band Profile: Fountainhead
folk country | 962 hits
Band Profile: The Heartbreaks
The Heartbreaks are all about finding poetry in the bleakest of situations. Born and brought up in Morecambe, the four best friends bonded over what they liked (Motown records, Mod fashions, the seaside). | 189 hits
News Article: Joseph & David to release EP on Hide & Seek label
The Hide & Seek label have announced details of the second EP from talented Leeds duo Joseph & David. | 357 hits
News Article: Yorkshire Music Collective celebrates 5th birthday with new website
To celebrate its 5th birthday, the Yorkshire Music Collective has set up a website which it hopes will become a valuabe resource for the music community. | 265 hits
Band Profile: The Coast
The Coast released their much-anticipated debut full-length, Expatriate, on Aporia in April 2007 in Canada and AUGUST 19, 2007 in the United States. | 148 hits
Live Review: The Hives
As well as being one of the best bands of the weekend, Swedish five-piece The Hives are an unfailing entertainment act. | 341 hits
Band Profile: Anti-depressants
alternative rock | 857 hits
Band Profile: Sam Airey
Folk/Alternative/Country | 1,844 hits
Band Profile: Beans On Toast
Beans on Toast is one man with a guitar, writing songs that he claims 'have the same chords' and 'sound like Billy Bragg'. | 1,842 hits
CD Review: Deckard - Holy Rolling EP
The band that was once Baby Chaos is now Deckard. Like their former self, Deckard have not yet quite been able to really break through and let the world know what they are all about. | 383 hits
News Article: Worriedaboutsatan release a remix album of 'Arrivals'
Following on from the critically acclaimed debut album 'Arrivals', released in May, Leeds based electronica duo Worriedaboutsatan returned this week with a 2 CD collection of remixes gathered from fans and friends across the world. | 346 hits
Interview: Whirlwind Heat
Whirlwind Heat talk about Detroit, Jack White and monkeys and explain why everything is random... | 826 hits
CD Review: Little Barrie - Love You
Little Barrie are funky... wait wait before you leave in a huff, yes it's a horrible genre funk, virtually a swear word in some circles but sometimes, and not often enough it is done so well you need to take your hat off to it. | 295 hits
Band Profile: Athlete
Athlete are an indie rock band which formed in 1999 in Deptford, London, England. The band consists of Joel Pott (vocals, guitar), Carry Willets (bass, vocals), Tim Wanstall (keyboards), and Steve Roberts (drums). | 483 hits
Band Profile: Johnny's In The Basement
Johnny's In The Basement formed in September 03 in a sweaty practise room somewhere around Leeds University. | 1,094 hits
Live Review: Less Than Jake
Although The All-American Rejects were headlining mainstage. I took a trip down to the Macbeth stage for Less Than Jake for some Ska punk. | 229 hits
Band Profile: Basement Jaxx
Basement Jaxx is an English house music duo comprised of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe that rose to popularity in the late 1990s. | 6,153 hits
CD Review: The Acutes - Tonnerre Et Wah EP
The Acutes have kept a surprisingly low profile in the past couple of years, after 2006's 'When I Left Work Today' and 2007's 'Set On You' singles they seemed to disappear as many unsuccessful indie bands of the past few years have done, so when this EP was announced it caught us all by surprise. | 447 hits
News Article: Embrace to release a single and album at the end of the summer...
Embrace have announced the release of a new album in September, which will be preceeded by a single on 30th August. | 750 hits
Band Profile: Tiny Tigers
Tiny Tigers are: Angela Martin: Vocals & Guitar Paula Snow: Bass Ann Rock: Drums and vocals Tiny Tigers are a London based new wave punk band from East London, UK and Ohio, USA. | 281 hits
Live Review: Green Day
The blazing sirens indicate it's the turn of Californian three-piece Green Day to treat the Main Stage to an hour of the best bubblegum punk rock the last decade has seen. | 628 hits
Band Profile: The Duke Spirit
The Duke Spirit are a 4 piece band based in London, UK. Their sound incorporates elements of blues-rock, post-punk and the early noise rock and grunge bands of the late 80s and early 90s such as The Pixies. | 411 hits
News Article: Rob Nichols releases his third album this week...
Rob Nichols will be releasing his third album on 15th March with a free in-store lunchtime (12.30pm) set at Small Note Records (formerly CD centre). | 248 hits
News Article: Fran Smith - Winter tour dates 2011
Fran Smith's Winter 2011 tour dates in Yorkshire: Saturday 5th November, 3.30pm The Spa, Bridlington Musicport World Music Festival Thursday 24th November, 7.30pm The Hop, Wakefield supporting JT Nero & Allison Russell Saturday 26th November, 7.00pm Hepworth Village Hall, nr Holmfirth supporting Boo Hewerdine Wednesday 30th November, 6.00pm The Hepworth Wakefield Fran Smith - Sam Airey - Ryan Spendlove Friday 2nd December, 7.30pm Korks Wine Bar, Otley supporting Boo Hewerdine Saturday 3rd December, 7.00pm The Orangery, Wakefield 'Fran Smith & Friends present: Songs from The Secret Garden' (featuring Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts and Gary Stewart) Looking forward to seeing you at one or more of the above! | 179 hits
CD Review: Jont - One Long Song EP
What happens if you have Chris Martin fronting Athlete (first album) heavily influenced by David Gray and providing a soundtrack for people reading the Guardian whilst supping a Latte in Starbucks. | 384 hits
Band Profile: Micah P Hinson
Micah P. Hinson is a singer/songwriter from Abilene, Texas with a warm, husky voice. His music has an americana/alternative country slant, with hints of gospel and blues. | 329 hits
Band Profile: Autohype
Management: Bookings (Europe): Tour: Band: Autohype are a 5 piece band from the city of Leicester, playing an exciting blend of electronic pop and dance music. | 129 hits
Band Profile: Jayce Lewis
Jayce Lewis is best known for his self taught and multi skilled musicianship. All instruments, lyrics and most synthesizers are composed and performed by Lewis on his debut album. | 114 hits
Band Profile: Kenneth Ishak
Kenneth Ishak was born May 26th 1978, he is half Norwegian and half Malay. His interest in music started when he was three years old and went to music school, and when he was sixteen he started the powerpop-band Beezewax together with some friends. | 151 hits
CD Review: Hope of the States - The Lost Riots
It is never easy to be labeled "the next big thing" on the basis of a few singles and a handful of electrifying gigs, but Hope of the States have managed to overcome such a daunting task and also the tragic loss of a band member to land firmly on both feet. | 613 hits
CD Review: My Awesome Compilation - Awake
If a hazy summer's evening chilling out with friends could be bottled into a sound and made into a song, the third single to be taken from Leicestershire's My Awesome Compilation's album 'Actions', 'Awake' could very well be it. | 333 hits
Band Profile: Distinction
rock pop | 844 hits
Band Profile: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
Bert: voice/keys Paul: guitar Eric: guitar Matt: bass Jonathan: drums You won't come across a band like Chunk! | 171 hits
Band Profile: With The Punches
With The Punches is made up of 5 guys with a passion for music and a drive to succeed. You will find no over the top choreography, no gimmicks, no silly hair cuts, no fashion trends, no bullshit. | 60 hits
CD Review: Lucky Royale - Untitled
Here's a band that probably spend all their time listening to music from the 60s. Light and playful almost cuddly infused with the desire to churn out classic guitar based sing along pop. | 725 hits
Live Review: Ocean Colour Scene
The O2 Academy was full to the brim on Friday night, with a crowd waiting with bated breath for Ocean Colour Scene to play their favourite tunes. | 693 hits
News Article: Dinosaur Pile-up album to be released on 4th October
The debut album from Leeds trio Dinosaur Pile-up will be released on Monday, 4th October. The album - titled 'Growing Pains' - will be preceded by the single 'Mona Lisa', which is released through 'Friends Versus Records / Big Brain Records' on 27th September 2010. | 345 hits
Band Profile: Working With Kenzi
Working With Kenzi formed in 2004 in a moment of boredom-induced bedroom songwriting. Long-time friends Emily and Fliss, tired of writing parodies of songs they hated, set about writing a more serious tune. | 304 hits
News Article: Mi Mye to release 'Senc of the Shaking' on 15th November
Mi Mye - Wakefield's Jamie Lockhart and friends - have announced the release of the 12-track album 'Senc of the Shaking' on 15th November via the Trash Aesthetics label. | 476 hits
News Article: Never Surrender
This is my first news article update for Leeds Music Scene, but the band and I have been really busy. | 153 hits
Band Profile: Dan Burnett
Dan Burnett has proven to be one of the UK's leading piano vocalist and was spoon-fed blues, soul and rock music from an early age. | 550 hits
Band Profile: The Hussy's
The Hussy's are a 5 piece indie pop band from Glasgow. They were formed by the former frontman of The Supernaturals, James McColl and bass player Steph from pop band The Starlets. | 211 hits
Live Review: Placebo
Placebo made a welcome return to Leeds to play the O2 Academy. It was all in aid of charity and the event saw proceeds being given to The Mercy Centre in Thailand and the Kagyu Samye Ling centre in Scotland. | 291 hits
Interview: Wintermute
Lesley Jackson catches up with the drummer of Leeds' hottest band, Wintermute, and chats with Ben Johnson about rock socks, 'Robot Works' and why moody performers are just no fun. | 614 hits
CD Review: Pennywise - Reason To Believe
While all around them are listening to kids in tight jeans and crazy haircuts, hoping that they are an offshoot of the good old punk days, these punk leaders have released ninth studio album 'Reason To Believe'. | 613 hits
Band Profile: FormalDehyde
emo | 1,159 hits
CD Review: Middleman - Good To Be Back
These guys truly are caught in the middle - between carefully de-glamourized Streets-style urbanism on the one hand, and tightly coiled guitar rock on the other. | 444 hits
Interview: Sky Larkin
One EP and one gig sums up Sky Larkin's musical contribution to planet Earth so far, yet for a band so young, there's a lot of promise locked away in the three piece as Gavin Miller explains... | 3,299 hits
Band Profile: Mondo Generator
Mondo Generator (sometimes known as "Nick Oliveri And The Mondo Generator") is an American punk/hard rock band fronted by Nick Oliveri. | 219 hits
Feature: Opinion: Grab a Beer, Not Your Camera
Ashley Battye on snapshot photography at gigs and festivals. | 387 hits
Band Profile: Mayday Parade
Why get up in the morning to work at Taco Bell when you could be traveling the continental US pushing your band's fresh new sound to people near and far? | 83 hits
Band Profile: Inner Sense
Manchester based Inner Sense were one of the first samba influenced bands in Britain. They were founded by Colin Seddon who had seen the London School of Samba perform at the WOMDAD festival and was inspired to invite some musician friends to set up the Inner Sense Percussion Workshops - later simply Inner Sense. | 302 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Crash! Indie Anthems 1982-2004
1982-2004 22 years of indie? Did indie really begin in 1982? Who cares, don't let the title stand in the way of this rather good (but rather predictable) compilation. | 1,670 hits
News Article: Kid Symphony release debut album on 21st June...
Leeds' Kid Symphony, aka Chris Langdon and Pete Denton, released their debut album, The Underqualified last week (21st june). | 533 hits
CD Review: Wrestling Jacob - The Darkened Glass EP
Hmmmm... too much of this smacks of the one genre that strikes fear into the most hardened music fan, Christian Rock. | 359 hits
CD Review: The Twilight Singers - Powder Burns
"It's a rare occasion that a record makes as powerful an impression as this one" begins the accompanying press release but it just simply isn't true. | 596 hits
Live Review: Bridewell Taxis
If you're claustrophobic, then Joseph's Well was no place for you on Friday night, which saw the comeback gig of legendary Leeds scallies, Bridewell Taxis. | 1,311 hits
CD Review: Stafrænn Hákon - Ventill/Poki
Fans of the late Mogwai and Sigur Ros albums are in for a treat. Recommended by a random person I met at Crash Records, this album is a must have for any post rock fans wish list. | 439 hits
Band Profile: Go Cadenza
pop indie | 1,317 hits
Band Profile: Asomvel
Asomvel is a Heavy Metal band that was formed in the United Kingdom (Yorkshire, England) in 1993. ASOMVEL - A Dream To Some...A Nightmare To Others These guys calmly walk on, bludgeon your senses with a baseball bat and then retire to the bar, leaving you with what's left of your mind in a pool in your pants. | 540 hits
Band Profile: Ricky Warwick
Ricky Warwick is probably best known as the frontman for the United Kingdom band The Almighty. Starting out as a rhythm guitarist in New Model Army, Ricky formed The Almighty in 1988. | 334 hits
Band Profile: The Drums
Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham met at summer camp when they were children and have been best friends ever since. | 1,007 hits
Live Review: Lo Beams + The North Star
York, eh? Lovely place, full of historical importance and quaint old streets full of olde shoppes. As for music though, it's probably not the first place you'd look for talent. | 266 hits
Band Profile: It Takes Bridges
It's a riot based around riffs, drama, sweat and volume. Think The Fall fighting Nirvana for the last of the drugs. | 911 hits
Band Profile: Conquering Animal Sound
Conquering Animal Sound is a Glasgow-based two piece, who make loops, flowing sounds and abstract electrical noises. | 268 hits
Band Profile: Soft Toy Emergency
Soft Toy Emergency were a five-piece electro-pop band from Liverpool; Jen (vocals), George (bass), Luciano (synths), Andy (guitar) & Will (drums). | 107 hits
Live Review: Single File
Stone cold sober and stood waiting for Manchester Orchestra. The band walk on stage and announce "Hey, we're Single File from Denver Colorado". | 373 hits
News Article: The Scaramanga Six to release "We Rode The Storm" in November...
The Scaramanga Six are to release a new single in advance of the full commercial release of their Cabin Fever album. | 302 hits
Interview: Canterbury
Mike Sparks skateboards up to me, shakes my hand and smiles, while Scott Peters smiles widely and puts out his hand. Two lads from Canterbury, both extremely happy to be on tour with The Blackout, sit down for a chat. | 363 hits
CD Review: BC Camplight - Blood and Peanut Butter
This record has irritated me for the last few weeks, not because it is bad, quite the opposite in fact. | 436 hits
Band Profile: Ashes
Consisting of five talented, like minded musicians from Yorkshire, Ashes formed in the summer of 2010 producing innovative material designed to blitz the music industry. | 241 hits
CD Review: The Lodger - Watching / Not So Fast
This is a limited double A side release from Leeds' The Lodger that hopes to follow on from a growing media interest after the previous Dance To The Radio release. | 654 hits
Band Profile: Savior Adore
If you're not familiar with the back-story of Savoir Adore, what began as a 48-hour challenge between two best friends blossomed into one of Brooklyn's most exciting and unique young bands. | 93 hits
CD Review: Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything To Nothing
The second LP from Atlanta band Manchester Orchestra is one they will be hoping can catapult them firmly into the public eye. | 274 hits
CD Review: Broadcast - Ha Ha Sound
Easy Listening this is not. Opening with a demented Wurlitzer esque drone with sugar sweet female vocals daintily skipping amongst the disturbing synth sounds this could be the background to some B-Movie title sequence. | 390 hits
Interview: Andy Whittle
Matt Bentley speaks to Andy Whittle. | 575 hits
News Article: The Sunshine Underground announce a series of exclusive downloads
The Sunshine Underground have today announced plans to make a series of exclusive free downloads available in the build up to release of their second album. | 438 hits
Band Profile: Archive
Archive... started life many years ago, 3 of the members of Archive played for many years as part of SOUTHBOUND, a very hard working band that had many, many friends and followers all over England. | 347 hits
CD Review: Yes Boss - Tongues In Knots
Cynically some musical match ups are made around the record company board table, as fat execs clasp their hands together at the thought of the money they'll make off the back of the novelty value and the combined fan bases' joint spending power. | 459 hits
Band Profile: The Dauntless Elite
Punk band from Leeds, UK | 679 hits
Live Review: Lorimer + Mr Dogg + Swamp Donkey
Things look very bright for the music scene in Leeds at the moment, and tonight is a great testament to that. | 541 hits
News Article: Honour Before Glory announce debut album and free track
Honour Before Glory is the new solo project from Whiskas (¡Forward, Russia! / Dance To The Radio). While relatively little material has so far emmerged, what has, has already been picked up by the likes of Steve Lamacq and Huw Stephens, and warranted comparisons as varied as M83, Wolf Parade and My Bloody Valentine by a host of blog admirers. | 368 hits
CD Review: School Of Language - Sea From Shore
You'll first realise that this album has got under your skin when you're getting funny looks in the check-out queue in Morrison's, as you've been intoning Uh-Ah-Um-Ee-Ah vowel sounds to yourself like some weird Buddhist chant. | 473 hits
Band Profile: DJ Scotch Egg
DJ Scotch Egg (born Shigeru Ishihara) is a Japanese producer of Chiptune / Gabber music based in Brighton, UK. | 264 hits
Band Profile: Brett Lee
Acoustic pop/rock | 235 hits
Band Profile: Dandy Warhols
The Dandy Warhols is an American alternative rock band formed in Portland, Oregon in 1993. The band was founded by lead singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor, keyboardist Zia McCabe, guitarist Peter Holmström, and drummer Eric Hedford. | 167 hits
CD Review: The Pocket Gods - Lost
There are six tracks of home-made music-like stuff here. Track 6 is called "Danube" and it lasts for 17 minutes and 28 seconds. | 424 hits
Band Profile: Semifinalists
Semifinalists are Chris Steele-Nicholson and Ferry Gouw. "We came from different backgrounds, hopping seas and jobs and lives, doing shit, making shit happen, even before we met at a film school in London. | 232 hits
Band Profile: Nick Oliveri
Nick Stephen Oliveri (born October 21, 1971 in Los Angeles) is an American musician from Palm Desert, California. | 214 hits
Interview: Arcane Roots
With the sheer number of bands storming the UK scene at the moment it's harder than ever to stand out. But at this year's Sonisphere festival, playing to a crowd that included members of Mastodon and Slipknot, Arcane Roots did just that. I caught up with the guys after their tremendous performance to find out some more about what they do, their ethos as a band and their plans for the future. | 711 hits
Band Profile: Shout Out Louds
Shout Out Louds are an indie rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. The band consists of 'four boys and one girl': Adam Olenius (vocals, guitar), Ted Malmros (bass), Carl von Arbin (guitar), Eric Edman (drums) and Bebban Stenborg (keyboards, vocals). | 230 hits
Live Review: New Minds Eye + Sarah Lawton + I Love Poland + O Fracas
Coming to gigs by yourself is never a lot of fun, but thanks to the army of apathetic student types that I call friends all wimping out, I'm here on my own. | 1,427 hits
Interview: Pixie Lott
Joseph Seager caught up with Pixie Lott, chatting about world domination, Hollywood, Brit awards and fashion lines. | 3,841 hits
Live Review: To Kill A King + Alex Vargus
To Kill A King were, without a doubt, my favourite 'find' of last year. I am also proud to say that they are initially borne out of our very own Yorkshire soil, with the majority of the band meeting at Leeds University. | 444 hits
Interview: Adem
Adem is currently touring his second solo album "Love and Other Planets" and we caught up with him at the West Yorkshire Playhouse where he was playing a headline slot as part of the Fuse Festival. | 824 hits
Band Profile: Future Kings of Spain
Future Kings Of Spain were a rock 4 piece from Dublin, Ireland. In this September 2009 posting on their MySpace and email to fans, Future Kings of Spain (FKOS) announced that they were no longer active as a band: "Future Kings Of Spain started out in February 2000 as Joey Wilson, Anton Hegarty and Bryan McMahon. | 231 hits
Band Profile: The Bellrays
The BellRays (ALWAYS capitalized as The BellRays) are an American group that combines punk rock music with soul and blues singing styles. | 211 hits
CD Review: Björk - Greatest Hits
In a time before you were born, dearly beloved, an Icelandic child called Björk joined a punk band called KUKL. | 425 hits
News Article: Superintendent reveal 'Lungs permitting' EP
Q: What is the worst possible way to build up to the release of your debut album? A: Have your vocalist be hit with the hideous misfortune of a collapsed lung and 40% chance of survival, just weeks before the release date! | 169 hits
Band Profile: People In Jars
post-prog | 828 hits
CD Review: Slow Club - Trophy Room
'Yeah So,' Slow Club's debut album, never really impressed me when it was first released in July. I only listened to it once; they sounded like any other indie-folk outfit that are finding relative success at the moment. | 423 hits
Band Profile: Spirit Of John
The acoustic two-piece Spirit Of John are old school friends from the Halifax hills, and have played music together for years. | 1,165 hits
CD Review: Tom Jones - Tower Of Song
I get the feeling that all that pomp and sexy reputation doesn't really go down well with Thomas. The last time we saw him he was trying to get groovy on The Voice. | 261 hits
Band Profile: Everything Everything
Everything Everything are based in Manchester, hailing originally from the Newcastle/Northumberland area, as well as Kent. | 443 hits
Band Profile: City And Colour
City and Colour is the side project of Alexisonfire guitarist and vocalist Dallas Green, started in 2004. | 330 hits
Live Review: Engineers + Magnet
All the way from Norway are Magnet, creating epic and beautiful soundscapes rather than mere songs. Even Johansen has a voice direct from the Gods, and a band of great ability to help him recreate the self-made sounds of his two albums thus far. | 777 hits

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