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brutal blow

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Band Profile: Nil Carborundum
Brutal misanthropic & anarchistic death/black-metal | 746 hits
Live Review: Depeche Mode + The Jezabels
Not being one to blow my own trumpet but MY DEDICATION KNOWS NO BOUNDS. When asked if I wanted to review this gig I ran, yes RAN, three miles to get there in time for the first band. | 838 hits
Interview: Allusondrugs
Ahead of their imminent EP release and Live at Leeds 2014 appearance, LMS caught up with Allusondrugs | 659 hits
CD Review: The Scaramanga Six - Cabin Fever
"Glad you all could join me, on another pointless journey".  So begins the 2nd album proper of Wrath's finest premium export The Scaramanga Six. | 1,041 hits

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