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Band Profile: The Budda Cakes
We do not have a biography for The Budda Cakes | 258 hits
CD Review: The Budda Cakes - s/t
Sometimes you can just tell a band's going to be good from their name. These guys call themselves The Budda Cakes so obviously they're gonna be brilliant. | 416 hits
CD Review: The Darkness - Hot Cakes
There hadn't been a falsetto screech like it since Freddie Mercury owned the stage, but for a time back in the early 2000s, everybody was mimicking that unmistakable line: "I Believe In A Thing Called Love". | 398 hits
Feature: StrangeForms Interview - That Old Chestnut
We caught up with Chris from That Old Chestnut who will be bringing some lovely vegan cakes to the event... | 1,178 hits
News Article: Leeds musicians raise money for Children In Need
A number of Leeds musicians came together in aid of Children In Need last Friday with the 'Great Musical Bake Off' raising a total of £592.74. | 417 hits
Band Profile: Cakey Face
pop punk | 834 hits
Band Profile: Ukulele Bitchslap
Jessica Bowie Beverley Moslin Ukulele Bitchslap are Leeds' greatest ever all female ukulele covers band! | 709 hits
CD Review: Beautiful Feet - Something in Mind
Bluddy Stewdants always thinking ure so bluddy smart! Well yes actually these specimens are! Beautiful feet are advocates of the softly softly sweeping harmonies approach that is so suited to summer afternoons and drinks with friends. | 442 hits
News Article: Quack Quack to release their debut album - 'Slow As An Eyeball' - in May
'Slow As An Eyeball' is the début album from Yorkshire-based instrumental trio Quack Quack and will be released on the Cuckundoo Records label on 10th May 2010. | 650 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Stuffy and The Fuses / The Secret Hairdresser - split single
Wraths Super Sevens part deux bristles into life with their very own Stuffy at the helm and Steve Albini no less at the mixing desk. | 447 hits
News Article: The Cribs support, Long Division Wakefield Fest and Album News
We're very pleased to announce that we'll be supporting The Cribs in Coventry on Fri 20th May. The Cribs have announced a special one off warm up show ahead of their handful of festival appearances this summer. | 623 hits
News Article: The Leeds Music Hub launches on Saturday
After two and a half years of pipe-dreaming, plotting and planning (along with the odd catastrophe thrown in for good measure), the Leeds Music Hub can finally announce Saturday 19th May as its launch day. | 1,208 hits
News Article: The Big Lunch Featuring Gez Varley, DJ and Front Man of 90's Electronica Band LFO
On Sunday 2nd June Greenhouse will be hosting a good old-fashioned neighbourhood get together for "The Big Lunch" as part of their commitment to help residents get to know their neighbours, and a special feature of the day comes courtesy of their most recent resident. | 358 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - This Christmas
The duo at the centre of probably the best loved musical of all time, Grease, have made a Christmas album (any life-loving person should be rushing to the shops already). | 803 hits
Live Review: The Sunshine Underground
Well, today was a wonderful day. Vinyl was bought, satisfying and exhilarating decision was made to quit godawful job, gig was attended. | 1,513 hits
CD Review: CryBabyCry - Spin City
Up for review is the latest single offering from Wakefield outfit Crybabycry "Spin City" which was released April 10th 2015 at the bands EP Launch at The Brudenell in Leeds. | 690 hits
Live Review: O Fracas + The Pigeon Detectives + Post War Years
As many of the city's music fans descended on to the capital for the Camden Crawl, the rest of the Leeds faithful shrugged their way through the slippery streets of Hyde Park to the Brudenell Social Club where O Fracas were launching their new single "Follow Sue". | 2,353 hits
Live Review: Los Campesinos! + You Say Party! We Say Die!
As those of you out there who are musical types will know, the wonderful world of MySpace allows you the excellent facility to advertise your wares via the listing of "upcoming gigs", marvellous! | 825 hits
Live Review: OFM + Bright Paper Werewolves
"Doncaster's finest" reads the promo. Overzealous PR, or straight-laced fact? My mission - uncover the truth. | 621 hits
Live Review: The Lodger + Napoleon IIIrd + Champion Kickboxer + The Folk Theatre Partisans + Piskie Sits + Monster Killed By Laser + Bonsai Kittens + Worriedaboutsatan + Unexploded Shells
The Bone is 1 year old today. No longer sucking at the mother's teat of gig promotion, it's now old enough and daft enough to stand on its own 2 feet. | 1,506 hits
Live Review: The Rakes + Larrikin Love + Klaxons + You Say Party! We Say Die! + Hope of the States + ¡Forward, Russia! + The Hair
It doesn't seem like two minutes since we left the rubble and wreckage of last year's festival behind and dispersed forth to the safe haven of a soft floor and a properly plumbed toilet. | 1,469 hits

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