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Band Profile: Animals of the Carnival
We do not have a biography for Animals of the Carnival. | 265 hits
News Article: Leeds bands sought for Bramley Carnival 2007
Organisers of the Bramley Carnival 2007 are on the lookout for local bands that would like to appear during the weekend-long summer festivities. | 612 hits
CD Review: Spiky - Carnival Symposium
Labelled under 'Rock/orchestral/steampunk', with influences ranging from Elfman to Manson, you know there's going to be something a bit kooky about the music before you press play. | 554 hits
CD Review: Stand Out Riot - Carnival Militia
Stand Out Riot are destined for a very bright future. A seven piece group from Derbyshire who, after winning the National Festival of Music for Youth in 2006, have gone from strength to strength. | 671 hits
News Article: Mishkin relaunch show at Rios on January 23rd
Mishkin have confirmed upstairs at Rios on Saturday Jan 23rd to be the home for their official relaunch gig. | 338 hits
Band Profile: Pusher
Mixing Funk/Rock influenced tracks guaranteed to Smash The Party!!! Formed in Summer 2015 Pusher have recently played Leeds West Indian Carnival, Oxjam Leeds Takeover & 360 Club at The Library. | 94 hits
CD Review: Robochrist - Untitled
That Chris from Catalyst is a multi-talented lad, and this is ace. Five tracks of... errr... "techno-metal" I suppose you'd call it. | 567 hits
CD Review: La Haine - Untitled
"As far as ambition, hard graft and commitment are concerned, no-one has a patch on us" ... that's as maybe, but as far as songwriting and putting your finger on a good tune there's plenty that do. | 472 hits
CD Review: Brendan Benson - Metarie!
Herman's Hermits for a new generation, Brendan Benson is deep in the suburbs of Kwellerville. "Metarie" is bourgeois, pointless, soulless, very cute, and very lavishly furnished with musical equipment and recording studio time. | 905 hits
Live Review: Seu Jorge
Sure it is a hassle having to wait an extra hour for the venue doors because Seu was late for a sound check but from the strumming of the first exotic chord everyone's qualms disappear. | 700 hits
CD Review: The Bundesrats - Half Finished Horse
'Half Finished Horse,' the debut EP from Wakefield's The Bundesrats, takes the oompa-oompa, carnival-esque beats of Madness, and puts them together with jaunty, ska-punk keyboard refrains, and a frontman who seems to think he's providing the vocals to an opera. | 457 hits
Live Review: Carole Eve Bell
Carole Eve Bell - Vocal Simon De Souza - Tenor Saxophone Naadia Sheriff - Piano Colin Sutton - Bass Timothy Brickel - Drums Back to my favourite, perhaps rather secret venue of late: The Grove Inn. | 809 hits
CD Review: A Hawk And A Hacksaw - Delivrance
'Delivrance' is the fourth album from New Mexico folk duo A Hawk And A Hacksaw (Jeremy Barnes and his partner Heather Trost.) The album is a mixture of traditional arrangements and new songs influenced by Eastern European folk music. | 342 hits
Live Review: Super Furry Animals
The Super Furries always have to take it one stage further. Not content with having a bombproof techo tank at Reading in the late 90's, their dressing up escapades have reached a new height. | 537 hits
CD Review: Bad For Lazarus - Old Rats On A New Ship
'Old Rats On A New Ship,' the debut single from Bright-based Bad For Lazarus, is a juddering stomp that's torn between a cool, quirky indie shimmy and a grubby, sleazy rock and roll swagger. | 555 hits
CD Review: Cara Robinson - Keeper Lit
Close your eyes for just a second and imagine a world where the Crazy Frog is merely a jingoistic Sun headline and where Dido-lite chancers are banished to the bargain bin for eternity. | 912 hits
CD Review: Embrace - Out Of Nothing
"Yeah, but can you dance to it?" Shouts my younger brother as I sit attentively, ears wreathed in concentration, trying amazingly hard to enjoy Embrace's new album. | 1,561 hits
Live Review: The Futureheads
Four blokes in a band with a passion for making a clever arty punk racket grace the stage tonight in a triumphant manner. | 1,238 hits
CD Review: The Twang - Mainline
I'm completely fucked off. Why? Because this song, well the verse especially, sounds exactly like another song and I can't think what this song is. | 420 hits
CD Review: At The Zoo - Nouveau Popular
At The Zoo's debut EP is that breed of laid back, melodic ska-punk that replaces aggression and nastiness, with a casual, winding groove that might get you humming along and tapping your foot, but won't have you skanking along like an idiot. | 335 hits
CD Review: The Wooden Spoons - Untitled
The twinkly piano-pop of lead-track 'You Can Call Me Peter' isn't an instant hit, its twee Englishness being initially underwhelming. | 398 hits
Live Review: Brassroots
Silver Hips is one of the great local success stories, founded in January 2009 as a one off event in just over a year it has become a thriving monthly club night showcasing the best new and established bands with past performances from the likes of 'Dutch Uncles and 'Good Shoes'. | 816 hits
CD Review: Scott Wainwright - Every Man Has His Critics
In order to give his latest release a little perspective I listened to Scott's earlier album, "Every Man Has His Critics". | 449 hits
CD Review: The Xcerts - Scatterbrain
The comparison of Aberdeen noisy-pop-punk band The Xcerts and Long Island emo-rock legends Brand New is hardly an unfounded one. | 1,797 hits
CD Review: Brazil - This is Future-Wave
The year is 1996. Suede release "Coming Up" and Louis Elliott appears to be contemplating his future with indie-underground band Kinky Machine, prior to his move to front Rialto; throughout this era of Britpop, four boys from Yorkshire are sitting together thinking of a name for their new band: "How about Brazil?" comes a suggestion. | 511 hits
Live Review: A Certain Ratio + Pifco
All present and correct.... the heavily chorused chorused bass, the plaintive vocals, the small but perfectly formed brass section. | 942 hits
CD Review: L-Mo - Got Gumption
The Leeds based band L-Mo and their album 'Got Gumption' bring a fresh, feel good factor to your day. | 462 hits
CD Review: A Camp - Love Has Left The Room
'Love Has Left The Room' is the first single to be taken from 'Colonia,' the sophomore album from 'A Camp,' which features Nina Persson of The Cardigans fame. | 1,371 hits
Live Review: The Levellers + 3 Daft Monkeys
3 Daft Monkeys are a three-piece made up of a female violin player / vocalist (Athene Roberts), electric bass player Jamie Waters and male vocalist / 12 string acoustic guitarist Tim Ashton, who also plays a kick drum and occasionally adds whistle to what their website calls a "colourful carnival of sound". | 791 hits
Band Profile: LAMIA
Originally founded under the name of Nyx with industrial-techno tendencies, the band composed by Juan Andrés Celasco, Maximiliano Schneider and Lucio Moschella, which performed from early 1994 to late 2000 in the underground scene of Buenos Aires. | 14 hits
Interview: High Contrast
Holly Senior went to February 3rd's Hospitality at 02 Academy Leeds and caught up headliner with High Contrast (aka Lincoln Barrett). | 588 hits
Live Review: Amp Fiddler
There are 3 things in this life guaranteed to make skinny white boys dance like a Jim Henderson inspired character. | 562 hits
Live Review: Sweet Billy Pilgrim + Bruce Soord + Huw Eddy
Monday marked the start of a rare run of school night gigs (three trips to Brudenell in four days!) and kicked off with me seeing one of my favourite artists for the very first time. | 753 hits
CD Review: Fandangle - Fly Away
'Fly Away,' the debut album from DIY punks Fandangle is a seamless, jazz-meets-punk fusion, and is unashamedly good fun. | 1,026 hits
Live Review: thisGirl + The Lucida Console
So this is emo? Well not entirely, but there were enough tight black jeans and lip rings on display down at Joseph's Well to have fooled even the most enlightened hardcore critic. | 690 hits
Live Review: O Fracas + The Pigeon Detectives + Post War Years
As many of the city's music fans descended on to the capital for the Camden Crawl, the rest of the Leeds faithful shrugged their way through the slippery streets of Hyde Park to the Brudenell Social Club where O Fracas were launching their new single "Follow Sue". | 2,353 hits
CD Review: Kid iD - Black Comedy
'Black Comedy,' the debut EP from Leeds' Kid iD, is four folk-orientated tracks, where each song sets out to show a different facet of Kid iD's chosen genre. | 725 hits
Courtesy of Jon Bryan at It's been almost a year since I last saw Bang Bang Romeo live. | 375 hits
Feature: Jumbo Records Pick Of The Month - September 2014
It has been a busy few months for the boys at Jumbo Records, with the departure of the Founders Hunter and Lornette Smith, handing over the reins to Nick Fraser and Justinia Lewis. So we missed the August pick of the month, but here we are, back and better than ever with the latest Jumbo hot list from Matt Bradshaw | 960 hits
CD Review: The Savage Nomads - Tension in the Middle
There I was attempting to iron a shirt for work the next day, 6 Music on in the background to soften the blow of the one domestic task that genuinely grates on my spirit on the rare occasions I actually bother, when I heard some familiar vocals. | 337 hits
News Article: Seeing Your Scene Interview
Having recently released their first album for five years, Public Disorder: Act 1, it's time for Seeing Your Scene to catch up with Leeds' punk/ska/rave nutters China Shop Bull to reflect on their 2015. | 460 hits
Live Review: King Prawn + Mr Dogg + Mr Shiraz
Now this was a weird experience for me. My knowledge of Ska/Punk essentially stops at dub and gets about as animated as a stoned lemur, but I had heard the MR SHIRAZ CD, "Off The Tongue", so at least knew I wouldn't be sitting down much through the evening. | 430 hits
CD Review: March of Dimes - All Intents and Purposes
'All Intents And Purposes,' the debut full-length from March of Dimes, opens with the decidedly low-key, acoustic rattle of 'If We Only Had One Day.' The under produced edge gives 'If We Only Had...' an intimate, country feel that perfectly complements lyrics that don't always take the obvious route. | 507 hits
News Article: Live At Leeds 2010 full line up and timetable announced
To complete a week of festival line up announcements, the full and final Live At Leeds 2010 line up was this week confirmed. | 3,667 hits
Live Review: The Sunshine Underground + Yes Boss + Holy Fuck
Fans were gathering and touts were waiting even before the doors opened at 7 tonight. For this was to be the triumphant homecoming and tour finale of local (kinda) hero's The Sunshine Underground. | 1,959 hits
Live Review: Mariko + Beat Route 62 + Divided By Zero + Sugarvalve + Blueryder
Charity begins at home or so they say. Well I've never really understood what that means but charity was the aim of the nights over Monday and Tuesday this week at Joey's Well. | 678 hits
CD Review: Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences - We Are Not Other People
'Unexpected Error' makes no effort to ease the listener into the weird and wonderful world of Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences, as it opens with a blaring, Atari-esque sound effect that'll make you wonder whether this is, in fact, a comedy album. | 779 hits
CD Review: Revenge of The Psychotronic Man - Make Pigs Smoke
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man's second full length is fourteen tracks of short, sharp and to the point punk, with not a single song stretching past the two minute mark. | 486 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - TNS 008
The eighth release from punk record label TNS, is a three way split EP featuring a trio of bands who each have their own take on ska-punk - and none of them sound like Reel Big Fish. | 801 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Mainstream Music Is Shit
Another credit-crunch busting compilation from DIY, not-for-profit punk label TNS Records. Following on from the success of their Vol. | 1,716 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Some Things Still Matter
To celebrate their one year anniversary, Leeds-based record label Philophobia release a sixteen track compilation of some of the bands they've worked with over the past twelve months, with a few additional bands thrown in for good measure. | 807 hits
CD Review: Bowling For Soup - Sorry For Partyin'
'Sorry For Partyin' is Bowling For Soup's tenth studio album and, while it's definitely not a case of all killer, no filler, it's a fan-pleasing slab of the tried-and-tested Bowling For Soup formula: sexual innuendoes; big, pop-infused choruses; hidden tracks, and plenty of tongue-in-cheek lyrics. | 1,761 hits
News Article: Beacons Festival Announce Stage Times
Beacons Festival 17th -19th August 2012 Funkirk Estate, Skipton, The Stunning Yorkshire Dales. After many months of careful planning and with less than two weeks to go Beacons Festival are pleased to announce the stage times for this year's event. | 996 hits

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