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News Article: Joseph's Well to host charity event for Link Community Development...
In March members of the local music community will take part in a sponsored hitch-hike to Morocco to raise money for Link Community Development ( - a charity that helps support schools in Africa. | 567 hits
News Article: The new Leeds Arena venue development gets the funding go-ahead
The Leeds Arena, a new 12,500 capacity venue in the heart of Leeds city centre, has today taken a huge step forward as Yorkshire Forward received confirmation that almost £10 million of funding it pledged this summer has been given the go ahead by central government. | 968 hits
Band Profile: Ourfamous Dead
Ourfamous Dead are a five-piece band that combine elements of punk, hardcore and electronica. 2011 saw the release of their debut EP I am Human. With this, their High-Octane music and performances have sparked the attention of the media across the UK, receiving features in magazines such as Rocksound, Big Cheese and Powerplay, they have also received radio play on national stations such as XFM. They have shared the stage and played gigs with the likes of The Blackout, Funeral For a Friend and Gallows and 2012 will only bring further development and growth for the Leeds based rockers. With an album release, music video and UK tour in the works, this band may well be on the tips of our tongues in the not too distant future.... | 451 hits
Venue: Otley Courthouse
Otley Courthouse is a unique development, run by local people, in Otley, West Yorkshire. After an eight year development period we transformed a redundant nineteenth century magistrates court into a unique 'arts and resource centre' for our community. | 3,336 hits
Venue: White Cloth Gallery
White Cloth Gallery and its events space has a pioneering vision to support the artistic community, encourage creativity and work alongside other local arts organisations to aid the city's burgeoning development as a cultural centre and to become a go-to destination for art lovers everywhere. | 203 hits
CD Review: Zola Jesus - Night
Zola Jesus release their first single in the UK, 'Night', with German label Soundterrain Transmissions. | 1,297 hits
News Article: FREE choreography workshop for musicians
Hello! I'm Janine, a Brighton-based choreographer. From 19th-30th August I will be in residence at Yorkshire Dance, and as part of this residency I am hosting a free workshop specifically for musicians with an interest in performance / choreography. | 144 hits
Band Profile: Fat Charlie
indie rock | 787 hits
News Article: The Rise to release two download-only singles
Leeds band The Rise have announced that they have signed a development deal with Chromium Records, and as part of the deal the band will release two download only singles. | 380 hits
News Article: Leeds to host a citywide celebration of Irish music, arts and culture
A twelve day citywide celebration of Irish arts and culture kicks off in Leeds from the 6th - 17th November. | 553 hits
Venue: The Hop
The second Hop venue to hit Yorkshire (the first being The Hop Wakefield) is housed in the famous Dark Arches beneath the tracks of Leeds City Railway Station. | 5,875 hits
News Article: Buen Chico to release their debut single on May 30th...
Buen Chico's first single - "Killing Somebody" - will be released on 30th May on the new development label Pure Wonder as a one-off single deal. | 527 hits
Band Profile: Delirium
Vocals/Guitar = Rich Guitar/Vocals = Chris Bass/Vocals = Jon Drums/Vocals = Brian Delirium are a West Yorkshire rock/metal band playing covers and originals in Yorkshire and beyond. | 406 hits
Venue: Inkwell
Inkwell (formally known as Community Arts) was formed during 2009 with its own dedicated premises opening in September of that year. | 584 hits
News Article: Heart-Ships announce debut EP release
Heart-Ships have today announced the release of their long awaited debut EP. 'EP 1' is scheduled for release on Manchester's newest independent label, simply entitled 'Label', and will be available digitally and on 12" limited edition vinyl on 29th April 2013. | 287 hits
Band Profile: Full Frontal
punk rock | 2,492 hits
News Article: Wot Gorilla? release their 'New Arrival' EP
Wot Gorilla? have released their second EP, the 'New Arrival' EP, via the Idle Hands Records label. It comprises of 4 brand new tracks that were recorded with James Kenosha (Pulled Apart By Horses, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Grammatics) in August 2010. | 532 hits
News Article: Fulc release a new mini album in February 2005 ...
Heavy melodic rockers Fulc release a mini-album "Embrace.Destroy" (Stunted Records, distributed by Shellshock) on Monday 28th February. | 626 hits
News Article: The Leeds Music Hub set to host free Music Industry sessions
A range of free music industry support sessions for 2012 at The Leeds Music Hub are now open for booking via the Music Industry Yorkshire website. | 340 hits
News Article: Action Directe to release their second album "Counterculture"...
Action Directe will release their long-awaited second full-length album Counterculture, to be released on 1st May on Oktober Productions and available through Darkcell Digital Music. | 345 hits
CD Review: Auraluxe - Untitled
This is somewhere between the heroic emo-passion of cut-your-wrists on a weekend skinny white teen rebellion and the kitsch overbearing soft-rock farse that is Nickleback or Counting Crows. | 728 hits
Band Profile: 3milehigh
rock | 1,461 hits
CD Review: Cheer Up Mungo Hump and the Daddy Special - Untitled
'Sonic instigator' opens this CD with an infectious guitar riff, funky bassline and a vocalist that can actually sing. | 320 hits
CD Review: Hannah Trigwell - Not Enough
Every once in a while (and usually when you least expect it) you discover something special. A huge (but entirely selfish) part of you wants to keep it for yourself, assuming that if the rest of the world knew about it, that it would somehow get ruined. | 1,207 hits
CD Review: Hot Club De Paris - Hey! Housebrick
Hot Club De Paris release 'Hey! Housebrick', a solid foundation, a well worked underpinning, good craftsmanship, the distinctive first slab and cement to the whole overall property development that is the new album. | 379 hits
CD Review: Field Music - You're Not Supposed To
Like a pre-emptive strike, Field Music's new single has an accompanying list of things "you're not supposed to do" with the calculated inclusion of "release a cash-in b sides album". | 366 hits
CD Review: Cope - The Pre-Season EP
Why aren't Cope playing live more often in Leeds - or have I been missing something? This CD is pretty good you know, with an almost retro/indie rock feel to it. | 283 hits
Live Review: Mr Shiraz + Lorimer
Despite the poor turnout (dwindling audience levels appears to be a regular observation around the city recently) two of Leeds' best bands at the moment played particularly progressive sets in their personal development. | 429 hits
CD Review: The Lucida Console - Untitled
This three track demo starts very bright and clear on some strong arpeggiated guitar, with a movement through to a slowly rising bass and drums crescendo that speeds up a little uncertainly. | 716 hits
CD Review: Rose Kemp - Violence
Formerly known as Silence in D Minor on the Free to be me EP, "Violence" always has been a strong song. | 414 hits
News Article: ¡Forward, Russia! reveal film from their one off show at Brudenell Social Club
¡Forward, Russia! have revealed film from their one off show at Leeds Brudenell Social Club this time last year. | 566 hits
CD Review: Soberskin - Prototype
This accomplished recording goes out as a three-track CD on September 13th on Over Unity Records. Lead song "Prototype" adopts early Parisman style with some Depeche Modish keyboard licks that lead into a guitar/bass/drums band song with a keyboard middle section that isn't quite rock and isn't quite dance. | 635 hits
News Article: Yorkshire represented at SXSW 2011
Having established one of the most popular SXSW showcases in 2009 and 2010, Yorkshire's Timeless Music Project is back once more at SXSW. | 1,117 hits
CD Review: The Myth - Untitled
Despite sitting down to listen to this demo with something approaching a hangover, my sluggish mind cannot be fooled into thinking it is rubbish. | 360 hits
Live Review: Polica
Poliça's current album, Shulamith, is named after a central figure in the early development of radical feminism. | 637 hits
CD Review: AKp - Wake Up Dead
This 3 track set from York's AKp, is being actively aimed at the copy it and give it away market. AKp aim to be "the UK's premiere avante-garde pop existentialists". | 464 hits
Live Review: The Covelles
For a young band playing only their second gig The Covelles make an impressively accomplished scuzzy but tight rock n roll racket. | 747 hits
CD Review: Luke Hirst - Songs for a rainy day
Luke Hirst gets off to a better start than most beginner singer/writer/guitarists. His guitar playing is crisp and well-recorded. | 614 hits
CD Review: Slowdrowned - Untitled
Slowdrowned are an interesting band from Cambridgeshire. This 3 track CD has one really good song and two skinny little puppies. | 326 hits
News Article: Escort Knights to provide the soundtrack for the Leeds Arena
It may be due to play host to some of the best music in the world, but the new Leeds Arena is to get a soundtrack of its very own - thanks to local band Escort Knights. | 770 hits
CD Review: Felix Leiter - Lighter Than Leiter
"Lighter than Leiter" is a 2 track CD with "Ten to Seven" and "Learning to be Selfish" pushing out the word about this back to basics three piece band. | 690 hits
CD Review: Alexi Murdoch - Someday Soon
Alexi Murdoch is probably best known for the use of his songs on film soundtracks. The most impressive example was the use of his songs for the Sam Mendes film 'Away We Go' which, when combined with Murdoch's songs, is a masterpiece of cinema and of representing reality in film. | 574 hits
CD Review: Esteban - Just A Girl
Inspired by PLAN UK's 'Because I'm A Girl' campaign, self-styled 'desert-funk' four-piece Esteban release 'Just A Girl.' Billed as the "alternative Christmas single," 'Just A Girl' is a politically-charged, world-music infused, easy-on-the-ears musical meander, with a genuineness that means it's nowhere near as toe-curling as most charity singles. | 490 hits
News Article: Survey of local music scene ...
Cloth Cat Studios Ltd is embarking on the largest survey possibly ever of bands and musicians in the Leeds area. | 366 hits
Live Review: Polytechnic
From Chambers Dictionary we have the following: 'Polytechnic - adj. of many arts or technical subjects; n. | 539 hits
News Article: Fuse Musician's Network Day to take place on Saturday...
This Saturday (6th March) at West Yorkshire Playhouse sees the Fuse Musician's Network Day organised by Leeds City Council. | 336 hits
Live Review: Bilge Pump + Downdime + Cowtown
The Brudenell Social club played host to three bands, all helping to raise funds for the Asian Earthquake Disaster appeal. | 1,595 hits
CD Review: Muse - Invincible
Muse have had huge success over the last year, with a hit album and a single that was on the radio so incessantly that, impressive though it was on the first few listens, eventually became white noise after being played to death. | 528 hits
CD Review: The Gonzo's - 1000 Words
A review in under an hour is the goal I set myself before pressing play but soon after I hit the button I realised that wouldn't be hard. | 632 hits
News Article: Brudenell to host Music Industry: New Year, New Start
From the curators of the Live At Leeds Unconference, Leeds Beckett University will present a day of talks from Music Industry professionals, accompanied by a Q&A session and networking opportunities. | 766 hits
Live Review: Market Fiction + The Underline + Subculture + L-Mo + Dirty Red
A new night, folks, every Monday, with 4 or 5 local bands for the princely sum of £4. The very definition of a bargain, especially as early adopters get a free drink too! | 813 hits
News Article: Panama Promotions announce new gigs deal with Royal Park
After a lot of uncertainty over the Summer, Panama Promotions have finally agreed a new deal which will secure The Royal Park Cellars as a live music venue at least until the long-awaited pub refurbishment takes place sometime next year. | 449 hits
Live Review: Juxtaposition
There's a very good turn out for this winter solstice gig at Joseph's Well, and a distinct air of anticipation before Juxtaposition take to the stage. | 623 hits
Band Profile: St Vincent
Annie Clark is an American multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter who performs under the moniker St. | 331 hits
Live Review: Hell Is For Heroes + Aereogramme
Tonight's support act Aereogramme are an oddity - they have a singer who resembles what you imagine Fran Healy would look like if he acquired a bit of a meths habit, a guitarist who's the dead spit of Bill Bailey and a bassist who looks like he's on loan from Saxon. | 628 hits
Live Review: Various Cruelties + Little Comets
Indie-funk quartet Various Cruelties opened up with an eerie, ominous guitar twang, backed up by a staccato bass line. | 568 hits
Live Review: sammyUSA + The Primms
A half-filled room welcomed London-based three-piece The Primms onto the stage. Having heard the quite average two-track "Do You Know The Future?" EP (released on Destabilize Records), my hopes were less than high, and, unfortunately, the same blandness and mediocrity of their recordings was evident in The Primms' live set. | 445 hits
CD Review: Club Smith - Appetite For Chivalry
Can you be Beautiful and Useless? On this evidence yes; in places Club Smith's new release 'Appetite For Chivalry' is beautiful: plucked strings and echo electronics. | 434 hits
Band Profile: Ceiling Demons
Ceiling Demons are an alternative hip-hop collective from the North of England | 723 hits
CD Review: Shiver - Shiver #3
Driven by the urge to wander into unknown spaces I called out for something new. First to answer the call was Shivers' Chris Sharkey, obligingly sharing a link to their latest EP. | 611 hits
CD Review: Whole Sky Monitor - We Grow Up EP
Whole Sky Monitor start from a great name and a well tended niche in the Leeds music scene. We have a confident guitar band here, with strong drumming and top production values. | 434 hits
Feature: Advent Calendar: 6th December
Day 6 of LMS's Advent Calendar 2011 | 438 hits
CD Review: Parisman - A Lesson In The Art Of Balance
Parisman take one great leap into their own future with this very polished three track CD. No more uncertainty about how to balance the rock and the electronics. | 455 hits
Band Profile: Issimo
After Abi won Rock The House 2013 at The House of Commons, she paired up with 2012 runner up Marc and formed ISSIMO along with a band of rogue jazz musicians. | 1,409 hits
Live Review: Headrow
Headrow may be a fledgling act but they are certainly not lacking in either confidence or ambition. Tonight's event may be in aid of launching their debut EP but this is no low key show in the back room of a local pub, instead the band have hired the Wardrobe, booked three supporting bands and pulled in a sizeable crowd. | 577 hits
CD Review: Polymath - Reptiles
Brighton-based, instrumental, math/prog-rockers Polymath are no strangers to our fair city having played Leeds twice last year. | 680 hits
News Article: Price increase for weekend shows at Royal Park Cellars
Panama Promotions, in-house promoters for The Royal Park Cellars, have announced that the standard admission charge at the venue for Friday and Saturday shows will increase to £4 from the New Year. | 301 hits
News Article: New single 'Amputated Spirit' - Friday the 13th
So far 2014 has been a superb year for Yorkshire's alternative hip hop dwellers; Ceiling Demons. Since identical twin brother MCs Psy Ceiling & Dan Demon, along with producer Beat Demon released their acclaimed début album 'Dual Sides', they have supported the phenomenal Young Fathers (Anticon/Big Dada) in the UK stretch of their world tour, been heralded by alternative hip hop legends Arrested Development, picked up and played on XFM by Scroobius Pip and have recently supported the mighty De La Soul on their 25 year anniversary tour of cult classic '3 Feet High & Rising' at York's YO1 Festival.The Demons now release their new single 'Amputated Spirit': Released on the demonic day Friday 13th with the new previously unreleased B-Side 'For The Love', the single premièred on Tom Robinson's BBC 6 Music show. | 279 hits
Live Review: Riot Star + Dionysus + Stonechild
As much as people complain about gigs being continuously empty the Highwood continues to buck that trend totally. | 375 hits
CD Review: Stars Of Track & Field - Not Here To Shop
Having spent the last three years in Carlisle (at University) I watched the development of a local band by the name of Stars Of Track & Field. | 506 hits
CD Review: Suki - 30:00
30 minutes of careful mood setting music. It's rhythmically well under control, it's well played and thoughtfully arranged. | 1,081 hits
Live Review: Emmy The Great + Pengilly's
In the intimate setting of the Brudenell Social Club, Emmy the Great was surrounded by folk fans, eager to listen to "Emmy", also known by her real name, Emma-Lee Moss, singing her kooky songs about dinosaurs having sex and the TV series "24". | 712 hits
CD Review: Graceadelica - On EP
Here are six recorded songs from a Halifax band with the same name as a tune by muso wonderbillies Dark Star. | 803 hits
News Article: Spectacular new images of Leeds Arena revealed
As we reported earlier this week, local band Escort Knights have been selected to provide the soundtrack for the Leeds Arena (read), scheduled for completion in late 2012. | 2,176 hits
News Article: Music to the ears of Leeds 6! Cloth Cat offer free music courses...
Cloth Cat continues to run a series of exciting free courses based around music in association with the Workers Education Association, for people in the Woodhouse & Hyde Park ward of Leeds. | 1,496 hits
CD Review: Signal Generator - Square Wave EP
The "Square Wave" EP from Huddersfeld's Signal Generator (Peter Morttram) is four tracks with (as far my lugs can tell) not a square wave anywhere. | 475 hits
Feature: Live at Leeds 2011
With the fifth year of Live at Leeds promising to be even bigger and better than ever, Rosie Driver takes a look behind the scenes. | 1,539 hits
Interview: Arcane Roots
Two days after the release of their debut album 'Blood & Chemistry', Jamie O'Neill met up with Andrew, Adam and Daryl of Arcane Roots before they played the Cockpit to discuss the making of the new album, their intense tour schedule and the future of the band... | 515 hits
Live Review: OtherPeoplesLives + Return To Aljustrel + The Magnets + AVACET
There's a new development taking place tonight at the 360 club. A French band by the name of The Magnets are playing in a venue normally targeted for upcoming Leeds based bands. | 517 hits
Live Review: Roger Davies
Here's someone who can turn up anywhere in front of an audience who don't know what's coming - and the two sides of the arrangement find they're made for each other. | 772 hits
CD Review: Grammatics - D.I.L.E.M.M.A.
Following up their rampant debut for DTTR, Grammatics return with a darker, spellbinding, swooner of a song. | 939 hits
News Article: Yorkshire bands in the spotlight at MIDEM and SXSW
Huddersfield's award winning social enterprise Timeless Music Project has just returned from France where it has launched the breakthrough new music development initiative 'Independent Sounds Of Yorkshire And The Humber 2008'. | 1,503 hits
CD Review: Annuals - Brother
It's somewhat disconcerting how bands now appear pre-packaged within a handy little publicist bundle. | 912 hits
CD Review: The Legendary Shack Shakers - Agridustrial
Fire-bellied Appalachian aggravators, The Legendary Shack Shakers have become something of a curiosity to music fans across the globe, blazing a trail that leads back to the Rockabilly heartland of Paducah, Kentucky. | 473 hits
CD Review: Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
Modest Mouse are one of my best discoveries of recent times. They bring together abrasive, left field musical influences and pop inspired melody which turns into something strange, unnerving and beautiful. | 576 hits
CD Review: Seth Lakeman - Hearts and Minds
The significance of Seth Lakeman is often understated in an indie-music scene that has shown a dynamic shift from to rock to folk over the course of the last 5 years. | 592 hits
CD Review: A Plastic Rose - Boy Racer
With a brief check of the guitar, the song bursts into life, with a massive snare drum fill and the heaviest distortion tone the band can muster. | 268 hits
Band Profile: Buen Chico
indie pop | 24,669 hits
CD Review: Noonakai - Dislocated
Drokar Records are one of the most polite and welcoming senders of press packs I have ever encountered, the only way they could have topped themselves would have been to have slipped a chocolate hob knob in with Noonakai's 7" single 'Dislocated,' but unfortunately I've just come out of a nostalgic trip-hop marathon session of all the CD's I had in college - Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, Tipper, Lamb etc - which means that my pallet has been treated to some very exquisite sounds served on some very large plates. | 482 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Bristol - The Punk Explosion
When you think back to the days of punk rock, Bristol is not the first city name that might spring to your mind. | 1,219 hits
News Article: New beginnings for Yorkshire's premier recording studios...
HD1 Studios, now in its 18th year, has an enviable reputation for producing music from local acts to international selling artists. | 986 hits
CD Review: Instant Species - The Longer You Leave It, The Louder It Gets...
Lured by some professional quality graphics I bought Instant Species' "Home Alone" CD last year. I ended up a bit disappointed by what I thought of at the time as bleak plodding music. | 352 hits
News Article: Live At Leeds 2008 to feature a Demo Doctor and 'Local To Leeds' panel
Music lovers will get the chance to see some of the finest new bands in the country next month following the announcement of the line-up for Live At Leeds 2008, the now annual event that began last year as part of Leeds' 800th year celebrations. | 1,213 hits
Live Review: The Mexanines + British Daylight + PaperPlane + Indecisive Crisis + Another Life + The Artists + Inlaze + The Scandal + Traffic Wire + Distorted Sky + Euthemia + Seas-Of-Green + Glassbody
In the middle of April this year, just over thirty bands competed in the heats of the third year of the Centre Stage competition, where bands compete whilst raising gratuitous amounts of cash for a well-deserving cause in Martin House Children's Hospice. | 1,259 hits
News Article: 360 Live launches in Leeds in February
'360 Live' is a county-spanning live music event aimed at showcasing some of the North's great music talent. | 1,336 hits
Live Review: Amp Fiddler
There are 3 things in this life guaranteed to make skinny white boys dance like a Jim Henderson inspired character. | 563 hits
Live Review: 65daysofstatic + These Monsters + Atlas
The show kicked off with electro quintet Atlas. Their mellow approach to dubstep was atmospheric and beautifully ambient. | 368 hits
CD Review: Razorlight - Up All Night
Razorlight play ballsy punk-fuelled garage rock with a distinctly British pop sensibility. I like it; but I don't love it. | 701 hits
Interview: The Subways
Billy Lunn talks to Nick Kearns about working with Butch Vig, festival experiences, live injuries and Welwyn Garden City. | 1,193 hits
Live Review: OtherPeoplesLives + Battle Lines + The Wooden Machine
Now that the glitz of the new Trinity shopping centre (today's house of worship?) has established itself in the consciousness of Leeds, the impressive Holy Trinity Church, standing as it does in the shadow of the retail mecca, is in danger of being consumed by commercial imperatives and so it is heartening that local bands (and other community organisations) are putting it to good use. | 474 hits
CD Review: Pray For Control - Pray For Control
I'm going to break the rules of the infamous "rule book" here (the guy from Instant Species, 2006) but sod it. | 417 hits
CD Review: The Enemy - Music For The People
Looking at the tracklisting for The Enemy's sophomore album - the band who were the new Jam-esque anti-establishment voice of the youth in 2007 - it's hard to wonder if they haven't gone a bit soft. | 870 hits
Live Review: Bam Bam Francs + Harrisons + Soberskin
L-shaped karaoke joint, The Vine, is the place to showcase bands without stroking their egos or firing them into major limelight. | 1,584 hits
Live Review: Scars On 45 + China Rats + Likely Lads
Local four-piece Likely Lads drew a hefty crowd, kicking off the weekend in a great fashion. The band's large following was justified by a huge boisterous intro, displaying a compromise between glimmering indie and gritty punk. | 677 hits
CD Review: Rusko - Songs
Researching this review I asked a couple of fellow electronic music affectionados if Leeds' dub legends Iration Steppas had provided the intro for fellow Leeds lad and former Subdub alumni Rusko's latest album. | 451 hits
Live Review: Vessels + Immune + Itch + Downdime + i concur
The Brudenell has played host to a number of extremely special shows in recent times, and tonight Vessels laid down a pretty good claim as to why this should go down as one of them.  The homecoming gig of their UK tour, tonight showcased some of the very best in emerging talent from Leeds, culminating in one of the finest shows Radio One's favourite unsigned band have ever performed. | 994 hits
CD Review: ABBA - ABBA
When people think of ABBA they conjure up images of Eurovision camp or perhaps the musical 'Mamma Mia' and the accompanying film, something that kind of irritated me for a while. | 1,144 hits
CD Review: The Scaramanga Six - The Continuing Saga Of
Whatever they might get up to in Huddersfield, The Scaramanga Six are pretty big in the large city of Leeds. | 472 hits
News Article: Live & Unsigned 2010
Local talent shines in the UK's biggest original music competition. PseudoNympho from Leeds has wowed the judging panel and sailed through the audition stage of Live and Unsigned. | 1,543 hits
Live Review: Aghast + Tintagel + Psython + Rectal Implosion + Cryptic Shift
Aghast, Tintagel, Psython, Rectal Implosion, Cryptic Shift Leeds, Fox and Newt October 6th 2014 It's been a long time since Aghast played in Leeds. | 820 hits
CD Review: The Butterfly - Untitled
The world is undoubtedly a better, not to mention considerably more interesting place with The Butterfly in it. | 671 hits
Interview: Nightmares On Wax
Steve Elvidge talks with George Evelyn (Nightmares On Wax) prior to the December 12th show at the Faversham | 1,050 hits
CD Review: Post War Glamour Girls - Tragic Loss; He Had Such A Lovely House
Courtesy of Sturdy Records and I Like Press, I was lucky enough to be sent this EP pre-release. It is the first listen I have given to Post War Glamour Girls, despite hearing their name many a time around the local music scene, so was very much looking forward to it. | 549 hits
Courtesy of Jon Bryan at It's been almost a year since I last saw Bang Bang Romeo live. | 375 hits
Live Review: Kasiuss + A Plastic Rose + Dimension
The night kicked off with Dimension, a hard rock trio who entered boldly with a strong beat amidst brash guitar pulls. | 507 hits
CD Review: Band Of Horses - Mirage Rock
For the undecided or uninitiated, Band of Horses are one of the best things to happen in music in a long time. | 807 hits
Live Review: Jon Gomm + Stephen Lomas + Oli Deakin + Tim Canfer
On the second and fourth Thursday of every month, Leeds offers us a new acoustic night: "Stripped" at Baby Jupiter. | 1,055 hits
Live Review: The Hair + Sixty 6 + The Boolean + Airstrip One
Tonight's showcase at Josephs Well was in aid of Link Community Development to raise money for the Leeds University Hitch hike to Morocco. | 1,113 hits
Interview: The Maccabees
Ahead of their headline NME tour slot at Leeds Academy, I cover all the important topics: tea and go-karting, with the lovely Hugo from The Maccabees. | 1,627 hits
Live Review: Rothko + The Boats + Glissando + Pan Am Scan + Sleepingdog + Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon + Spokes
Tonight may be billed as 'Forest of Sound Vs Gizeh Records', but the musically complementary and socially affable dynamic between the two rooms, and quite literal musical-chairs of collaboration going on in the Packhorse, negate any connotations of rivalry. | 719 hits
CD Review: Little Comets - Hope Is Just A State Of Mind
Little Comets are an interesting band. They have been teetering on the edge of indie excellence for the last 5 years, and I cannot for the life of me work out why they aren't one of the biggest guitar bands in the country. | 502 hits
Interview: Mother Mother
Jessica Thornsby spoke to Ali, drummer from Mother Mother. | 662 hits
Interview: Charlotte Hatherley
Kate Zezulka meets up with Charlotte Hatherley to counteract the Spice Girls' comeback by spreading a little real girl power... | 1,285 hits
Interview: Amycanbe
Joseph Seager managed to ask Italian pop/folk/indie band Amycanbe a few questions, from how their tour of the UK has gone to what they'll be up to this Christmas... | 695 hits
Band Profile: Hiromi
Hiromi Uehara (?????, born 26 March 1979) is a Japanese jazz composer and pianist. She is known for her virtuosic technique, energetic live performances and blend of jazz with other musical genres such as progressive rock, classical and fusion in her compositions. | 96 hits
CD Review: Shatner - Wow Signals
Shatner: Wow Signals (Released 24th January, 2015) As I catch up with some new music and set to Windolening my kitchen windows I notice an album by a band that I have heard much about but as yet not had the pleasure of going to see yet... | 669 hits
Live Review: Lone Wolf + Rosie Doonan + Mi Mye + Brown Hound James
To set the scene, savage winds and sideways rain plague the landscape on a dismal student night in Wakefield. | 1,042 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Scared to Get Happy
Apologies to the ace people at Cherry Red for taking so long to write this. Not for the first time I've been distracted by a book I was reading but in my defence it helped with the music. | 418 hits
Feature: Opinion: "Not So Cheap Appeal"
Ashley Battye considers the possible ramifications of Universal Music's proposed EMI takeover. | 400 hits
Feature: Hacienda Classical returns to Leeds on 14th April 2017
Hacienda Classical returns to Leeds on 14th April 2017 plus official afterparty at 'Church Leeds' featuring Derrick Carter, Francois K, Mike Pickering, Graeme Park, Buckley | 657 hits
Live Review: Scroobius Pip + B. Dolan
A pair of influential, truth-speaking, Indie-rappers made their mark on the Leeds crowd with their infectious, inferring lyrics and hip-hop beats. | 981 hits
Live Review: Arcane Roots + 22 + utoXator
While Arcane Roots may not have been a familiar name to many, their recent cover of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit within Kerrang! | 814 hits
Interview: Juffage
In the wake of the release of his 'Semicircle' LP and in the midst of an ever-busy gigging schedule, Juffage gets analytical with LMS. | 926 hits
Live Review: AntiProduct + The Scaramanga Six + Mr Shiraz + Phluid
Sex, Drugs, Profanity, Leaping, Stripping, Heckling, Moshing, Exploding Equipment, Biting the heads off bats... | 1,232 hits
Interview: Grammatics
Leeds is a graveyard. Here lies buried This Et Al, Immune, Forward Russia, Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst In To Flames, Polaris and Wintermute in amongst many others. Grammatics were added to the list of casualties on Friday 20th August 2010, their name now etched in stone, and I'm left with the distinct feeling that we fucked this one up more royally than most... | 1,734 hits

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