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News Article: Sophie Lancaster Foundation presents Bad Pollyanna's new charity single & acoustic gig
The Sophie Lancaster Foundation has teamed up with alternative band Bad Pollyanna to release a brand new charity single, marking 7 years since the death of Sophie Lancaster. | 1,145 hits
News Article: Bands wanted for Billy Bragg birthday bash...
Leeds 6 guitar shop Rockshack and venue Royal Park Cellars are getting together to jointly promote a charity show to celebrate the birthday of agit-prop rocker Billy Bragg - and the singer himself has backed the show by nominating a charity and donating a signed photo to raffle. | 628 hits
CD Review: Brett Domino - Hello Mistletoe (Goodbye Cold Snow)
Brett Domino has gathered somewhat of a cult following alongside the all-keyboard band 'The Brett Domino Trio.' It all started with a YouTube video of the band performing Michael Jackson's 'Beat It,' posted in 2008. | 1,603 hits
Live Review: Tiny Tin Lady + Pete Briley
Pete Briley did his best to lift the Monday blues with a chirpy performance of melodic acoustic numbers. | 603 hits
Live Review: Silverlode + Brooke Taylor + Pete Briley
Still a fair amount of snow rests on the ground outside of Sandinista! Tonight's music would certainly be a low-key affair. | 594 hits
Live Review: The Mystery Jets
'Can you come forward a bit, we can't see you,' implores The Big Moon's lead singer Juliette. Don't worry, we can hear you and your sugar-rush indie-pop just fine. | 952 hits
Live Review: Mariko + Beat Route 62 + Divided By Zero + Sugarvalve + Blueryder
Charity begins at home or so they say. Well I've never really understood what that means but charity was the aim of the nights over Monday and Tuesday this week at Joey's Well. | 672 hits
Live Review: Foals + The Noisettes + GoodBooks + Fear of Flying
I was rather excited about getting tickets for this gig. Not only was I off to see one of my new favourite-bands-you-haven't-really-heard-of-but-will-soon, GoodBooks, I was going to a student only night. | 1,020 hits
Live Review: Tunng + Eugene McGuinness
A warm steamy night for October makes the Brudenell's atmosphere slightly muggy and uncomfortable. However the eager crowd form orderly huddles cross legged on the floor and spend several minutes stripping of layers to survive the heat. | 859 hits
Interview: Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Following their packed-out gig at the Cockpit, I was fortunate enough to get some time with Chloe, Dan and James of Does It Offend You, Yeah?. Fresh off touring with bands such as Linkin Park and The Prodigy, I was keen to see what these guys had to say about touring, music, and, of course, hats. | 1,167 hits
Live Review: Fanfarlo + Race Horses + Heart Ships
What has happened to Fanfarlo? Three years ago they produced one of the best debut albums in years, Reservoir, which caught the indie-folk mood at just the right time. | 590 hits
Live Review: ˇForward, Russia! + O Fracas + Dead Disco
I like a place where the beer is cold and my feet stick to the floor. The Cockpit, my own little microcosm of punk, rock and roll and all that is indie. | 2,028 hits
Feature: The StrangeForms Interview: Rumour Cubes
Stewart from Bad Owl Presents met up with Jay, Adam, Terry & Hannah from Rumour Cubes ahead of their StrangeForms appearance. | 554 hits
Live Review: British Sea Power
It's hard to think of a more English band than British Sea Power. And for English read eccentric. The merch stall at Leeds Met gives it away in buckets and spades. | 839 hits

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