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Live Review: Clean Bandit
Supporting Clean Bandit was electronic pop band Years & Years, and immediately I recognized the frontman was infact, an actor! | 897 hits
Band Profile: People In Jars
post-prog | 999 hits
Live Review: Hope of the States
A band are generally on to a good thing if people leave the venue after their set in tears. OK, so sometimes a band might be just too damn scary and terrify young children into weeping. | 741 hits
Band Profile: Sergeant Lewis
Alternative Pop & Rock act with a nod towards the more obscure... | 1,102 hits
CD Review: St Vincent - Actor
That's right, four and a half stars. Save yourself five minutes and just click the link below to purchase yourself a copy of the best album of the year so far: | 558 hits
Band Profile: Corinne Bailey Rae
Corinne Bailey Rae was born and raised in Leeds, the oldest of three daughters to a West Indian father and a Yorkshire mother. | 3,878 hits
Band Profile: Labirinto
From São Paulo city, the group was formed in 2003 by the desire and experience of friends whom aimed to work out their musical influences through the composition of instrumental music. | 729 hits
Live Review: Wildbirds & Peacedrums + Seabear + Peter Broderick + Michael Rossiter
I like to think that one day Forest of Sound will make a mistake: they are clearly just too good at choosing the right acts to book for the right nights. | 1,214 hits
Interview: Elliot Minor
Daniel Powell talks to York's Elliot Minor as they begin their tour at Leeds' Cockpit venue. | 38,827 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Charles Ives: Four Sonatas
Hilary Hahn seems to be championing new, modern and often misunderstood music of late. In 2008, she recorded the opinion-dividing Violin Concerto of Arnold Schoenberg, about which the great Jascha Heifetz himself said one would need six fingers in order to play. | 1,102 hits
CD Review: Fightstar - Be Human
Fightstar's third full-length, 'Be Human' finally sees the concept-loving, inherently theatrical post-hardcore band hook up with an orchestra. | 1,405 hits
Band Profile: My Dying Bride
My Dying Bride is a doom metal band that was at the forefront of the English Doom movement in the early 90s that included such bands as the former label mates Anathema and Paradise Lost. | 561 hits
Interview: The Wonder Stuff
'Twas a blustery wet night on Sunday 12th March 2006 when I forced my way into a packed out Cockpit in Leeds, to interview not only a legend, to all self respecting indie lovers, but also a rather splendid chap! In the immortal words of Take That would The Wonder Stuff be back for good? | 4,209 hits

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