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Band Profile: Cleveland Walker and The Love Disciples
We do not have a biography for Cleveland Walker and The Love Disciples. | 676 hits
Band Profile: KC
There are several artists with the name KC: 1) KC - a Drum & Bass and techno producer from Cleveland, Ohio 2) KC - a pop/rock artist from the Netherlands 3) KC - ?n instrumental progressive rock one-man-band from France 4) KC - an independent rapper from london, UK - - - - - - - - - 1) KC - a Drum & Bass and techno producer from Cleveland, Ohio His real name is Kevin Cunningham. | 58 hits
CD Review: Serious Aeolian Belfry - What The Hell Is This?
Psychedelia mocks disco ... musical perfectionist stomps all over the opposition ... satirist derides weenus worship ... | 267 hits
Band Profile: White Williams
Nurtured in the arson-prone fatalism of Cleveland's DIY scene, 23-year-old Joe Williams, noise-rock dilettante and White Williams' mastermind, made a name for himself twice touring with Gregg Gillis (Girl Talk), Andrew Strasser, Frank Musarra (Hearts of Darknesses) and Luke Venezia (Drop the Lime). | 140 hits
Band Profile: The2nds
punk emo | 258 hits
Band Profile: Laconic
Laconic is a 5 piece metalcore outfit from Phoenix, AZ, that are slowly coming up in the world of metal. | 198 hits
CD Review: Marvin Gaye - What's Going On 40th Anniversary
As one of the most iconic albums ever made, it's no surprise that Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" has been given a revamp to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of its original release. | 497 hits
Band Profile: Little Sister
There are several bands with the name Little Sister 1. An American all-female vocal harmony group, which served primarily as the background vocalists for the influential rock/funk band Sly & the Family Stone in concert and on record. | 172 hits
Band Profile: Chimaira
Chimaira (pronounced /ka??m??r?/) is an American metal band from Cleveland, Ohio, formed in 1998. The band is a notable member of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. | 840 hits
News Article: Chichino announce the release of their debut single
Chichino have announced the release of their debut single "Every Little Thing", via the London-based record label The Junk Label, on 19th February. | 406 hits
Band Profile: Dan Smith
There are two artists who go by the name Dan Smith. 1) Dan Smith, also known as Southpaw, is the preacher and frontman for Momentum Christian Church in Cleveland Ohio. | 1,012 hits
Band Profile: Archie Bronson Outfit
Archie Bronson Outfit (Dorian Hobday on bass/guitar, Sam Windett on vocals and lead guitar and Mark Cleveland on drums) are an English blues-rock band. | 339 hits
Band Profile: Cal Williams Jr
Three times winner of 'The South Australian Songwriter of the Year' and Bank's Music 'Best New Music U.K.' award winner, Cal Williams Jr, has recently been invited to perform at the prestigious 'Adelaide International Guitar Festival 2008'. | 249 hits
Live Review: Stafrćnn Hákon + Dialect
Following in the well trodden footsteps of many an Icelandic band comes Stafrćnn Hákon. He (Ólafur Örn Josephsson) arrives in Leeds fresh from his interview with yours truly, and having received some truly hilarious review soundbites for the new album 'Ventill/ Poki' ("it's like crying magical tears"- Aquarius). | 2,288 hits
Band Profile: Guided by Voices
Inspired equally by jangle pop and artsy post-punk, Guided by Voices created a series of trebly, hissy, independent rock records filled with infectiously brief pop songs that fell somewhere between the British Invasion and progressive rock. | 235 hits
Interview: Lanterns On The Lake
Lanterns Light up Leeds | 550 hits
Band Profile: The Killers
The Killers are a rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, formed in 2001 and consist of Brandon Flowers (vocals, keyboards), Dave Keuning (guitar, backing vocals), Mark Stoermer (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. | 753 hits
Band Profile: Luke Doucet
Luke Doucet (born June 9, 1973) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist. He writes and performs both as a solo artist and as a member of the indie rock band Veal. | 254 hits

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