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CD Review: Maybeshewill - Critical Distance
Recent trends have displayed a rise in instrumental bands; with genres such as 'shoegaze' or post-rock increasing dramatically in popularity. | 958 hits
Band Profile: Terri Shaltiel
Israeli born, with Spanish/Turkish heritage alongside a Yorkshire accent, songstress Terri Shaltiel has been touring the gig circuit for a few years to critical acclaim. | 727 hits
CD Review: Astrid Williamson - Astrid
Came across Astrid on the Roadworks Tour when she was one of the supports for Adam Masterson along with Bodixa. | 640 hits
Band Profile: Red Stars Parade
Rock/Other | 1,508 hits
News Article: Duels release "Pressure On You" on 7th November
Duels have announced the release of their second single - their debut for Nude Records - to be released on Monday 7th November. | 467 hits
Band Profile: Jon Strong
Jon Strong as a solo performer has toured with Ry Cooder, Van Morrison, Robert Palmer, Talk Talk, Danny Thompson, Clannad, Has done numerous major festivals including Cambridge, Cropredy, San Bernardino Folk Festival. | 4,929 hits
Band Profile: Runaround Kids
Runaround Kids are a Wakefield band consisting of George Garthwaite, Jack Winn and Rob Burnell. They are signed to Philophobia Music. | 1,201 hits
News Article: Glastonbury Dreams
Volcanoes have made the long list for the Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition 2014. Nearly ten thousand bands entered from which 120 bands have been chosen by panel of industry judges. | 171 hits
Live Review: The Humour
The Humour are all about chugga chugga rock played with strutting ego and a confident American accent. | 397 hits
News Article: Little Japanese Toy announce launch party for new single...
Little Japanese Toy release their second single Calling Disused Numbers on March 3rd through Star Harbour - Shifty Disco's single's club - with nationwide distribution from Universal. | 223 hits
Band Profile: ENVOYS
ENVOYS are a largely instrumental, heavy rock quartet from Leeds, West Yorkshire, consisting of guitars, bass and drums with occasional flourishes of vocals. | 733 hits
Band Profile: Yonderboy
Leeds-based Indie-pop combo | 1,159 hits
News Article: Leeds band up for British Blues Award
The Blind Dead McJones Band have been paying their dues in the pubs around Leeds for the last couple of years but the recent release of their début album "Last Resort Mexico" has brought them much wider recognition. | 398 hits
News Article: Fulc release a new mini album in February 2005 ...
Heavy melodic rockers Fulc release a mini-album "Embrace.Destroy" (Stunted Records, distributed by Shellshock) on Monday 28th February. | 579 hits
News Article: The Maccabees release 'Spit It Out' ahead of their return to Leeds
The Maccabees have received well-earned Critical acclaim for their fourth album 'Marks To Prove It', released on 31 July 2015, with many claiming it is their best record yet. | 259 hits
News Article: Shatner release their second album
Shatner have released their second album, entitled 'Thirteen O'Clock'. Appropriately containing 13 tracks, the album was co-produced by Will Jackson whose credits include The Pigeon Detectives' recent hits as well as working with Forward Russia and Kaiser Chiefs. | 406 hits
Band Profile: Master & The Mule
Master & The Mule deliver dark, heavy, slightly unusual guitar based music. | 596 hits
News Article: 'Spiders' is the three track debut EP from Louise Distras
Louise Distras has announced the release of her three track 'Spiders' EP. The release will be the debut record from the former Blockades front woman. | 389 hits
News Article: Shatner release third album "Wow Signals"
The new Shatner album WOW SIGNALS is now available - the first release from the band for 7 years. It can be ordered from the band's site at Shatner's brand is essentially sci-fi tinted punky-pop-rock, not afraid to be big and awesome, but equally not afraid to slip a few jokes in. | 372 hits
Band Profile: Shatner
Shatner is a Leeds based band which does not follow the rules of space and time. Gravity is optional. | 1,443 hits
Band Profile: MGMT
MGMT return to the UK in May for their biggest UK headline tour so far. They'll be building on the critical acclaim that has met their brilliant debut single 'Time To Pretend' and the staggering album 'Oracular Spectacular'. | 2,434 hits
News Article: Fulc announce the release of their debut album Biting Insomnia.
Fulc have announced that the release of their debut album Biting Insomnia will be on Monday 19th May 2003. | 247 hits
News Article: Debut album from Master & The Mule to be released in March
Leeds based four piece Master & The Mule have today announced the release of their debut album, 'The View from Nowhere', which will be released on 19th March 2012. | 246 hits
Band Profile: Vib Gyor
indie rock | 8,143 hits
Live Review: Chimaira + Stampin' Ground + Every Time I Die
Upon entering the venue the first thing your intrepid reviewer spots is a young man wearing a freshly purchased Chimaira t-shirt with the slogan 'I HATE EVERYONE' emblazoned on it. | 548 hits
Live Review: Chris T-T
I was a Think Tank and Strangeways virgin before tonight. With a reputation for putting on some great live events, and an ace indie night to boot, it was about time I actually went to find out what the whole Strangeways fuss was about, and their one-year old birthday party was the ideal choice. | 280 hits
CD Review: Situationists - This City Holds Us All EP
Formed in their native Sheffield in 2006, Situationists have received much critical acclaim prior to this debut EP, notably from Radio 1's Steve Lamacq and XFM's John Kennedy. | 323 hits
Band Profile: Laika Dog
Rock | 2,659 hits
CD Review: Miike Snow - Syliva
NME has heralded them "an almighty force of anarchic-futurism" while Time Out magazine describes "a sublime collection of pinballing sounds." Miike Snow's debut album, of the same name, met raucous critical acclaim back in October and now the Swedish trio return in 2010 for a UK headline tour, hitting Leeds University on Monday 8th February. | 378 hits
Band Profile: The Breech
Leeds based four-piece, The Breech, were formed in July 2001 and have developed a deeply musical and distinctly unique sound. | 1,906 hits
News Article: Richard Petch announces a new EP and video for 'Mirror Mirror'
Following on from the critical acclaim Drowned in Sound and Supajam showed for debut EP, 'Creatures of Habit,' Richard Petch announces his second six track EP, 'The Innocent & The Cynic', available from the 25th November on brand new Leeds based label, 'Shadow Basket Records'. | 394 hits
Live Review: King Creosote + Loudmouth Soup
A packed HiFi on Friday night was the perfect place to preview two of the bands that will be attracting a lot of interest this year, Loudmouth Soup and King Creosote. | 486 hits
Live Review: The Open
The Open released their first album, Silent Hours, in 2004 and earned themselves critical acclaim for this "debut of vast scale and ambition". | 338 hits
Band Profile: Heads We Dance
HEADS WE DANCE are "pushing all the right buttons... speaker gold dust" - (Mixmag July 2009) | 1,601 hits
News Article: Festival Republic Stage line-up announced for Leeds Festival 2008
The Leeds Festival organisers have today revealed the line-up for the first Festival Republic Stage (formerly Carling Stage). | 1,280 hits
CD Review: Ray LaMontagne - Till the Sun Turns Black
Selling over half a million copies of his debut album 'Trouble' in the UK, Ray LaMontagne seemingly came from nowhere to receive large amounts of critical acclaim and masses of national radio airplay. | 315 hits
Band Profile: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry have returned to the scene to pummel their way into your consciousness once again... | 1,432 hits
CD Review: Dark Star - A Day's Pay for a Day's Work
Since their initial releases in 2007, the London based Electronic trio Darkstar have made quite a name for themselves with their oh so unique brand of psychedelic pop and signature 'warped' sound. | 210 hits
CD Review: This Et Al - Sabbatical
Track 1 'Sabbatical' smacks of everything that the said collective stand for: retaining the sound which has garnered them a huge fanbase and critical acclaim from all echeleons of music press. | 678 hits
News Article: Leeds bands to appear at King Of the Mountains festival
King of the Mountains is a three-day music and arts festival taking place in the idyllic village of Muker, Swaledale this July. | 231 hits
Band Profile: Richard Petch
'An impressive batch of songs displaying an impressively conceived vision... The EP shows off several arrows to his songwriting bow, shifting gears from minimal acoustic and electronic sounds up to full-blown orchestral pop,' Dan O'Dell - Drowned in Sound | 349 hits
Live Review: Teenage Fanclub
Since their brief flirtation with success; 1991's 'Bandwagonesque' was voted album of the year over Nirvana's 'Nevermind' by Spin magazine in their end of year poll and great things were predicted for the band, Teenage Fanclub have quietly disappeared from most people's pop radar. | 258 hits
Feature: Advent Calendar: 12th December
Day 12 of LMS's Advent Calendar | 290 hits
CD Review: Alabama Shakes - Boys and Girls
Alabama Shakes' debut album 'Boys and Girls' arrives on a wave of hype and anticipation following several incendiary live performances at festivals such as the increasingly influential South by Southwest Festival held in Austin, Texas. | 517 hits
CD Review: Clayhill - Small Circle
Viva la Britpop! There's been a lot of talk lately about the resurrection of that old forgotten genre of Britpop. | 1,322 hits
Live Review: Silver Jews + Adrian Crowley
With a remarkable twenty-year history you might be surprised to learn the Silver Jews only began touring just three years ago. | 539 hits
Live Review: Califone
Tim Rutili's Califone emerged gradually from the disintegration of blues rockers Red Red Meat in the mid 90s, releasing several EPs of fractured Americana throughout the late nineties. | 252 hits
Band Profile: Bang Bang Romeo
"Like a Tarantino soundtrack" - Chris Kimsey (Producer // Rolling Stones, INXS, Jimmy Page) <br /><br />"A harder edge Fleetwood Mac" - XFm | 1,331 hits
Band Profile: Finka
indie rock | 1,823 hits
CD Review: The Cut - Dazed
Boy, am I excited! I'm told that The Cut are one of West Yorkshire's hottest bands around. Whoopie! Insert CD and we're on fire, baby! | 420 hits
Band Profile: The Bluefoot Project
The Bluefoot Project are an amalgamation of urban heads fusing many different styles into a vocal-led, beat-driven, 21st century soulful funk with nods in the right direction to reggae, hip hop, gospel and leftfield. | 862 hits
Interview: Comeback Kid
Sam Woodgate caught up with Comeback Kid at this year's Ghostfest. | 398 hits
Band Profile: Clinic
Clinic is a Liverpool based indie rock band noted for their often fast-paced, eclectic sound. Their distinguishing sound can commonly be recognized by their prominent use of vintage keyboards/organs, most notably the Philips Philicorda, and peculiar off-scale chord progressions. | 381 hits
Interview: Funeral for a Friend
John Harvey talks with Darren from Welsh emo hardcore band Funeral for a Friend, who recently headlined the NME tour in Leeds... | 4,249 hits
Feature: The StrangeForms Interviews: Waking Aida
Stewart from Bad Owl Presents chatted with Waking Aida guitarist, James C, in the lead up to the band's StrangeForms appearance. | 391 hits
News Article: Evi Vine To Play Leeds Date, New Album Also Due
"Excellent...absorbing, haunting and sensual...welcome to the darkside of the blues." Cosmo Landesman, (Sunday Times) "A voice that will break your heart... | 415 hits
Band Profile: Mazes
Mazes (comprising of Jack Cooper on vocals and guitar, Neil Robinson on drums, Jarin Tabata on guitars and Conan Roberts on bass) formed in early 2009 in Manchester and began their life touring with Pens and Wavves before going on to play shows and tour with bands such as Deerhunter, Thee Oh Sees, Sic Alps, Box Elders, Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles. | 386 hits
News Article: Blacklisters unveil debut album BLKLSTRS
Released 24/04/2012 on LP, CD & Digital Download. Pre-order from 02/04/2012. Brew's notorious ear for the heavy has been pricked by a band making a significant impact on the UK underground rock scene: Blacklisters. | 269 hits
Live Review: Every Time I Die + Trash Talk + Spy Catcher + Defeater
It's grim up North. It's cold, wet, and windier than Eric Pickles after a vindaloo, but rolling through Leeds to lighten the mood this fine Thursday evening is the Rock Sound Riot Tour, bringing with it a lineup as diverse as the term 'punk rock' will allow, and enough fans to easily fill the main room of The Cockpit - not that anyone is around to catch Spy Catcher's opening set, which in some ways is a bit of a shame. | 404 hits
Live Review: Deerhunter + Lower Dens + Kogumaza
Once again Bradford Cox and co make a welcome return to Leeds. This time however, the public and critical acclaim for latest record Halcyon Digest has necessitated a step up in venue size from their usual haunt of the Brudenell to the much roomier setting of the Irish Centre. | 595 hits
Band Profile: The Edsel Auctioneer
Leeds' answer to MBV and Husker Du | 489 hits
Band Profile: Dan Mangan
Once a mere fresh faced folk singer from Vancouver, Canada, Dan Mangan now stands at the world's doorstep. | 119 hits
Live Review: Catylyst + Brody + Colour of Fire + And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots + Drugdealer Cheerleader
It's nights like this that show what's great about the Leeds music scene. As I'm walking to the Well it pisses it down. | 611 hits
Feature: StrangeForms Interview - Envoys
We threw some cheeky glances at Chris (drums) and Tom (guitars) from Envoys as fired some questions at them over a game of Ludo... | 389 hits
Live Review: Funeral for a Friend + The Rapture + The Von Bondies + Franz Ferdinand
Who was Franz Ferdinand? He was an arch-Duke of the Austro Hungarian Empire until 1914 when he was killed by an assassin in Sarajevo. | 1,343 hits
Interview: Ash
Will Ridge interviews Tim Wheeler and Rick McMullen of the band Ash and tries to establish what the future has in hold for them now they have turned their back on the conventional album. | 865 hits
Interview: Fyfe Dangerfield
LMS caught up with Fyfe Dangerfield, Guillemots' frontman, before his support slot for Corinne Bailey Rae at Leeds Met. | 886 hits
Live Review: Kurt Vile and the Violators + Lushes
A couple of friends and myself had the privilege of travelling to Leeds on Tuesday the 17th November to see the enigmatic Kurt Vile and his backing band, The Violators in concert at Leeds University Student Union. | 387 hits
Band Profile: Kid Ink
Covered from head to toe in tattoos, 27 year-old Los Angeles-based rapper Kid Ink is wrecking havoc on the streets and in cyber world. | 14 hits
Feature: Best of Leeds at Live at Leeds
Over the days coming up to Live at Leeds 2015 we will provide our guide to the "best of Leeds" playing this year | 1,070 hits
Interview: Outcry Collective
With a new Outcry Collective album currently in the works, Leeds Music Scene caught up with vocalist Steve Sitkowski, prior to the band's co-headlining UK tour with The Computers | 871 hits

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