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News Article: The debut single from Heads We Dance will be released on April 28th
Leeds based pop group Heads We Dance will be releasing their eagerly anticipated debut single on April 28th! | 325 hits
Live Review: Lightning Bolt + a.P.A.t.T. + Action Beat + Chops
With the world's loudest band, underground noise legends Lightning Bolt, playing to a sold out Brudenell, the stage, or the floor, was set for a night no-one there would forget. | 1,391 hits
News Article: Headliners revealed for Dance and Acoustic Stages at Slam Dunk Festival
Organisers of Slam Dunk Festival have today revealed more bands set to appear at the event in May. Announced as this year's "special guests", Funeral For A Friend were today added to the bill. | 1,420 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Soma Compilation 2004
Bloody, battered and bruised, dance music has gone a full ten rounds with the media world fervently announcing its death. | 773 hits
Live Review: The Blackout + Lost Alone + Rat Attack
The Blackout playing in Wakefield, at the town's venue Warehouse 23, is the best news of 2014, and the year hasn't even kicked off yet! | 481 hits
CD Review: Superelectric - Going Blank
I was fortunate to see Superelectric in action at the Circuit tour a few weeks ago, so knew exactly what to expect from their demo. | 343 hits
Live Review: The Pigeon Detectives
The London debut of the Leicester-spawned indie/retro behemoth passed off with a bang, as Leeds-based The Pigeon Detectives topped off the evening with a frantic performance. | 1,343 hits
Live Review: DJ Shadow + Akala + Stateless
Stateless are the band of Chris James, Leeds friend of the Shadow. Mixing hip hop, dance and rock they are a good start to the show, and should have been on after the next group. | 929 hits
CD Review: Saint Etienne - Finisterre
Oh, dear, they used to be rather good. I had to force myself to read the script that came with this album. | 326 hits
CD Review: The Whippets - You'll Be Fine EP
I'm not really a lover of filling reviews with press release fodder, but this is fucking excellent: "The Whippets sound like a dip in a plunge pool, followed by a particularly tricky numbers round of Countdown, standing on your head and then finding a tenner you didn't know you had and spending it all on Pic n'Mix." Right dissection fans, let's go... | 419 hits
Live Review: Bloc Party + The Mystery Jets + The Shivers
So I'm waiting for my friend, in the freezing cold, who happens to be twenty minutes late yes that's you sara gill, I ain't even gonna bother putting your name in capitals. | 1,346 hits
Live Review: Experimental Audio Research + Quack Quack + Random Number + Elizabeth
After 6 hours of a mix of all sorts of music at the Woodhouse Liberal Club, a benefit gig for Love Music, Hate Racism, it's time for the next gig just down the road from where I used to live. | 1,012 hits
CD Review: Facelift - Untitled
Having spent four years of my life in Bradford, I still never worked it out as to why this curry capital of the north has managed to take it's place as the 'must have' of any self respecting Rock bands tour dates. | 383 hits
Live Review: Otherside + New Vinyl + The High Chairs + Ins and Outs
The first act to play the bigger stage of the Cockpit tonight are Ins and Outs. The Leeds-based band stumble through a set of 'lager rock', accompanying two big pairs of lungs which concentrate on being as loud as possible, instead of the idea of tuning.  What did entertain the crowd was probably more to do with their unique dance moves. | 1,428 hits
Live Review: Jack Afro
It's just like any other Saturday night. You're having a good ol' laugh with your mates down at the tin. | 825 hits
Live Review: Gallows + The Plight + The Hydropaths
The last time Watford went head to head with Leeds, the action took place on a football field and the results were a little different. | 1,098 hits
CD Review: Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
Ok, so enough of this Libertines nonsense. The good ship Arcadia is well and truly sunk and there are new boys in town. | 1,715 hits
Live Review: Bloc Party + The Futureheads + LCD Soundsystem + Komakino + Maximo Park + VHS or Beta + O Fracas + ˇForward, Russia!
Three days, four nights (five, even, if you're hardcore, or none if you're of the wired, Lucozade Tablet-guzzling insomniac variety), thousands of lovely boys attentive to the lure of (so) many an alluring female, two hundred bands, two million pints of Carling and two famed yellow wellies; it's all about numbers. | 1,468 hits
Live Review: 5ft4 + Herrod + Catylyst
It's Saturday night, the cellars are dark, and Steve Kind is bellowing for us to greet rock uber-beasts CATYLYST, and as they take the stage amidst the roar of two distorted guitars, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat with my fist poised for punching the air and I'm ready to rock. | 519 hits
Leeds Music Scene 'bands to see' for Beacons Festival 2014 | 1,189 hits
Live Review: Hundred Reasons + 65 Days Of Static + Keiko
The Hundred Reasons journey is probably a blueprint many bands will not attempt to imitate. It's been one plagued by both in house bad decisions and the most malicious of record label misdemeanour. | 605 hits
Live Review: Sons and Daughters + Mother
If God was Scottish and in a band (and some troubled FF fans think he already is), by divine right he would be signed to Chemical Underground. | 559 hits
Live Review: The Breech + Mahoney + The Ebb + Vatican Jet + The Acutes
Five bands. The Fav. For free. F me! It must be Easter Sunday. First on The Acutes bang out their bluesy rock which, when you consider the band have no bass player, brings obvious but perhaps unfair comparisons with The White Stripes. | 1,337 hits
Live Review: The Sunshine Underground + Yes Boss + Holy Fuck
Fans were gathering and touts were waiting even before the doors opened at 7 tonight. For this was to be the triumphant homecoming and tour finale of local (kinda) hero's The Sunshine Underground. | 1,961 hits
Interview: The Whip
Leeds Music Scene caught up with The Whip as they kick off their UK tour | 911 hits
Feature: Opinion: Grab a Beer, Not Your Camera
Ashley Battye on snapshot photography at gigs and festivals. | 506 hits
Live Review: Broken Social Scene + Four Tet + Chickenhawk + Les Savy Fav + Liars + Wingman + I Like Trains + Honour Before Glory + Abe Vigoda + D/R/U/G/S + Eagulls
The inaugural Constellations festival here in Leeds kicked off early with a pre-party at the Brudenell Social Club featuring a stonking line-up of bands and sounds. | 729 hits
Feature: Jumbo Records Pick Of The Month - September 2014
It has been a busy few months for the boys at Jumbo Records, with the departure of the Founders Hunter and Lornette Smith, handing over the reins to Nick Fraser and Justinia Lewis. So we missed the August pick of the month, but here we are, back and better than ever with the latest Jumbo hot list from Matt Bradshaw | 960 hits
Live Review: Boom Bip + Bracken
I arrived at the Mixing Tin just as Bracken were starting their set. Coming down the stairs I could already feel the Anticon associated bass thrumming up to meet me. | 714 hits
Live Review: Department S + Expelaires + Klammer
Post-punk Thursday descends upon Hyde Park's Brudenell Social Club, with some the UKs finest - old and new - entertaining an intimate and dedicated crowd this evening. | 921 hits
Live Review: The Reds + The Working Parts + The Red Shades + Stand Alone
At least once a week, 'The Library' pub based in Leeds plays host to the music event known as the '360 Club'. | 837 hits
Interview: Goldie Lookin' Chain
Holden DeForge is invited aboard the Goldie Lookin' Chain tour bus to talk to Two Hats and Roscoe P about their current tour, leisurewear and mums with cocks... | 3,164 hits
Live Review: Tunji + Secret Signal + Labyrinth + The Reckoning
MMMMBZZZZ goes the clock and I'm buzzing for pound a pint. I'm sat there, as per every pissing Friday afternoon, shooting the shit with Tommy B. | 861 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - NME The Album 2009
The press release that accompanies this two disco compilation gives NME the moniker of "the pioneers of all things cool" before promising us an album that "has its finger on the pulse, so you don't have to!" It couldn't possibly be any clearer that this is an album for people who see a band on the front cover of NME, and then spend the next week enthusing about the greatness of said band, regardless of whether they like them or not. | 1,593 hits

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