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CD Review: Quicklime - Untitled
There is a feeling of beginnings about the CD from Bright Young Things selected Quicklime. It's very "home recordings" in presentation (an unlabelled tape) and in it's sound. | 428 hits
CD Review: Pop Threat - Filth
Great, the new 7" single from Pop Threat shows a rawer sound, one that I've not heard from the Leeds four-piece since their self-titled EP on Mook two years ago. | 342 hits
CD Review: Model 13 - California 4 Play
Model 13's "California 4 Play EP" has now been placed in music collections in over 1,000 households, due to some clever band marketing, and is blatant melodic-punk in a Blink 182 style. | 364 hits
CD Review: Levellers - Just The One ft. Bellowhead
"It's getting late Let's hit the town Call some friends To paint it red" The Levellers' friends in this case are folkies of the moment, Bellowhead. | 577 hits
Live Review: Snipereyes + Finka + Speakeasy + The Restaurant
Sounding like a hybrid of The La's accompanied by Beach Boys-esque style vocals The Restaurant open a mixed evening at the Vine in terms of style and quality. | 844 hits
CD Review: The Features - The way it's meant to be
Never one to shy away from publically stating the bleedin' unobvious - some might say to leave our readers in a state of confusion - I'll say that for significant portions of The Features' new single The way it's meant to be they remind me of Mclusky. | 432 hits
CD Review: Rollerball - Untitled
I was slightly nervy before reviewing this CD; the reason being that I'd heard a number of people comment adversely on it - at first I could see what they meant; but the more I've listened to it the more it has developed. | 338 hits
CD Review: Instant Species - The Take Away EP
If I had my own way, Instant Species would write all of their songs in the style of the third track on their latest CD, "The Take Away EP". | 348 hits
CD Review: The Gift - Untitled
The Gift are a three-piece consisting of Sean (bass/vocals), Nathan (guitar) and Jon (drums). This three track CD runs in at just under nine minutes and in attitude and style alone sounds more akin to 1970s punk - perhaps more so than anything that takes that name today. | 263 hits
CD Review: Lunar Camels - Untitled
Two things immediately spring out on the three-track demo CD from four-piece "atmospheric rockers" Lunar Camels. | 384 hits
CD Review: Jon Doe's - For Emergency Use Only
Having been around since 1998 it is hoped that Jon Doe's would now be at ease with their craft enough to have overcome all those painful mistakes synonymous with any bands early days. | 364 hits
CD Review: Weeve - Untitled
Playing the two-track Weeve demo CD brings back some memories, mainly images of bands such as Soundgarden, Bush or Pearl Jam vocals/structure but with a typically British indie-guitar style. | 351 hits
CD Review: Charly Six - Take Your Hands From Me
A thunderous opening drum 'n' feedback assault and a catchy chorus make "Take Your Hands From Me" a brutal Big Brother to the Little Sister of Charly Six's last single. | 535 hits
Live Review: Josh T Pearson + Richard Warren
As a musician, Josh T Pearson came to my attention while playing on Jools Holland's "Later..." last April. | 1,208 hits
News Article: Sonic Boom remixes Insect Guide album tracks
Sonic Boom, leader of Spacemen 3 and Spectrum has remixed 2 tracks from Insect Guide's debut album. Fresh from co-writing and mixing with Dean & Britta, Fuxa, Magnetophone and the legendary Jim Dickinson (Big Star/Dylan), Sonic turns his sublime and distinctive style to Insect Guide. | 553 hits
CD Review: Shakinouts - Time You Were Told
The debut single from Leeds four-piece Shakinouts is a bouncy indie pop number that sits very squarely within its genre. | 552 hits
CD Review: Test Transmission - Urgency
Dark, ambient music is normally subtle by nature, and to create that effect while still retaining their rock sound is something which Test Transmission should be respected for. | 351 hits
CD Review: Aristocrash - Disco Girl / Cheating
Let's get one thing straight: bitching - it's not big, it's not clever and it certainly won't help you to win any reality TV shows. | 485 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Johnny Boy Would Love This... A Tribute To John Martyn
This album is a tribute to the late, great John Martyn. I suppose it could have been a train-wreck, but it's not. | 750 hits
CD Review: Lucky Jim - You're Lovely to Me
"... you may hear echoes of Neil Young, Lee Hazlewood, Nick Cave, Van Morrison, Serge Gainsbourg, Arthur Lee, Leonard Cohen, Brian Wilson, Gram Parsons, Bob Dylan, Ewan MacColl, Phil Spector and many others ..." (Skint Records website) You may also find traces of nuts. | 3,458 hits
CD Review: Blueryder - Untitled
A trip down to Joseph's Well a while ago saw me coming away with a 5-track demo CD from York/Leeds band Blueryder. | 382 hits
Live Review: Franz Ferdinand + Ludes
These days you can't walk 20 feet without tripping over a band that from Merseyside that wants to be either The Coral, The Las or both. | 730 hits
CD Review: The Koreans - s/t
The Koreans are a divided bunch. Their sound is an attempted amalgamation of sensible guitar rock and Kasabian style electronica. | 444 hits
CD Review: Metric - Help I'm Alive
'Help I'm Alive,' the lead-off single from Metric's forthcoming album 'Fantasies' is a steady-burning piece of electro that forsakes the infectious synths that usually categorise this genre, in favour of sublime, shimmery rhythms that seep into your brain gradually. | 499 hits
CD Review: Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God
The debut single from Kaiser Chiefs is quintessentially British guitar pop. And loveably so. Keys - in whatever form - are prominent from the off, introduced via the almost single fingered tinkering of the intro, and at around 3 minutes in there's an "A Day In The Life" like moment, where all parties, including, paradoxically, quietly-screamed vocals, get to build up the sound before heading into a chorus repeat and then fade. | 2,028 hits
CD Review: Cardboard Cowboy - The Boxroom Tapes Volume 2
This work-in-progress demo starts with breathless vocals and stomping guitar that bounces off some delightful bass lines before collapsing in a heap, regaining composure and then stomping off again. | 500 hits
CD Review: The Spills - Spooky Roller Disco
This 'download only' EP from Wakefield's The Spills sounds like four lads recording to tape and having the best time doing so, adding a rougher edge to their earlier polished sound. | 354 hits
CD Review: Clayhill - One Nerve
While others are off on tour supporting Beth Orton in the U.S we British Lizards are stuck here to take the heat. | 366 hits
CD Review: Captain Wilberforce - Ghost Written Confessions (Blue Tuxedo)
Sometimes writing a review is easy and sometimes it's hard. Music is a very emotional thing to react to and as a reviewer it can be difficult to wrestle with how to provide a valid critique. | 373 hits
Live Review: Visa + sammyUSA
SAMMYUSA take a while to warm up, delivering a couple of songs that consist little more than controlled feedback - as well as the addition of a vocal sample in the opening instrumental. | 354 hits
Live Review: The Subways + The Holy Terror + The Detonators
I hate buses. The result of standing, freezing my backside off for 25 minutes, at a deserted bus stop in the middle of Kirkstall, was me, missing first support band of the night, The Detonators. | 761 hits
CD Review: The Invention - Untitled
The opening bars of the mistitled "Orgasm" are beautifully done. A well controlled and very sweet guitar phrase leads into Anthony Slattery's very good vocal delivery on a big open song. | 604 hits
CD Review: My Northern Edge - Untitled
I'm BAFFLED. Totally and utterly baffled. Let me explain. My Northern Edge's first demo has 4 songs on it. | 466 hits
CD Review: Johnny Flynn - Barnacled Warship
Everyone knows Johnny Flynn as a member of the vibrant, untraditional "folk" scene in London alongside Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons and Noah & The Whale, but Johnny seems to be the only one without a chart success. | 496 hits
CD Review: This Days Fury - Untitled
This Days Fury don't so much wear their influences on their respective sleeves as paint them in thirty foot high day-glo letters and carry them around on a rotating bill board. | 602 hits
Live Review: TV John + Being 747 + Danny Carr
Having arrived at the Well a bit late, I arrived to see the end of the first act, a duo performing what I'd probably call the most traditional set of the evening. | 489 hits
Band Profile: Northern Glory
'The music scene will do exactly what we tell it to' Adam Russ, Northern Glory | 1,069 hits
Live Review: Paul Smith
Every so often in rock history, a scene will evole with an almost predictable pattern: a couple of bands will lay the foundations; several acts will follow suit hanging onto the coattails of the buzz created by the original bands; then as the 'scene' matures, the frontmen will break free in their own right, determined to show they can go it alone and that they have another facet to their musical talent and that they never really needed their band after all. | 1,245 hits
CD Review: Brazil - eatitfightitfuckit
Following their well-received "This Is Future-Wave" EP, Brazil have delivered yet another quality combination of guitar-pop tracks. | 387 hits
Live Review: Sam Sallon
The theatrical setting of the Gaslight Club at Oporto is perfect for hosting Sam Sallon who glides onto the stage in dark jeans and a black jacket, looking a little like Russell Brand's better-groomed brother. | 624 hits
CD Review: The Music - You Might As Well Try To Fuck Me EP
"You Might As Well Try To Fuck Me" is the debut release from Leeds' The Music on the Hut label, and, put bluntly, is a blinding tune. | 706 hits
Live Review: The Twilight Sad + RM Hubbert + Richard Parker
Friday night, Brudenell Social club and I'm here to watch The Twilight Sad, indie-shoegazers from Glasgow. | 975 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Fame Academy - The Album
Right, before you stop reading, this album, surprisingly, isn't all bad, so stick around for a bit eh? | 374 hits
CD Review: This Et Al - Everything's irrelevant and no idea's original
The big art rock sound of This Et Al has plenty of variety and invention about it. There's a range of influences from Radiohead through Mogwai to Interpol and a vigorously accomplished approach to playing their instruments. | 700 hits
CD Review: The Hair - Untitled
The Hair are foot soldiers in the great army of rock and roll. They play bluesy soulful rock, with some keyboard frills. | 793 hits
Band Profile: Silence Rises
Silence Rises formed in 2010 and set out to write a set of huge anthemic indie tunes. Drawing on a rich song writing talent present between all five members, the band continue to focus their style in to well crafted, hook filled, venue filling music with huge towering bursts which take the listener on a dynamic audio journey. | 661 hits
Live Review: Delays + Nightmare Of You + Captain
I arrive at the Cockpit just in time to see openers Captain take to the stage. They go on to set the tone of the evening with their shimmering, often delicate indie pop music. | 733 hits
CD Review: Jake & The Jellyfish - Dead Weight
Jake & The Jellyfish are a 4-piece Leeds based punk-folk-reggae band made of Jake, Rich, Caffs and Steve. | 624 hits
Live Review: Dressy Bessy + Saloon + The Seven Inches
Joseph's Well is already half full by the time that Leeds' The Seven Inches open up proceedings, immediately jetting us back to the eighties with some old-skool indie in a Wedding Present style. | 584 hits
CD Review: Kafka Tamura - Nothing To Everyone
Oh this one you have to download, you really must. If you are a regular reader of LMS reviews then you know we don't throw around 5 star ratings like confetti at a wedding, but this one is really worth it. | 717 hits
CD Review: Bodixa - Untitled
"The female REM". No matter what I read, in either local or national papers, I cannot avoid seeing the wonder that is Leeds' Bodixa being described as a female version of REM. | 421 hits
CD Review: Dive Dive - Good Show
There was a time, albeit brief, when I lived the Oxford music scene, kicked around venues such as Zodiac and claimed bands such as Dustball to be my fave. | 896 hits
CD Review: The Scaramanga Six - Are you one of the Family?
Save for the first twenty seconds of the opening and title track "Are you one of the Family?" (On their own Trinity Records label), an opening in which The Scaramanga Six have recorded some very strange effects, including explosions, I actually like this track. | 467 hits
Live Review: The Incredible String Band
"You may have gathered by now that we're a bit of a nostalgia act" quoth Mike Heron after a oddly banterless opening of two ISB classics, "you might say we are our own tribute band", well, yes, but I for one couldn't have asked for anything more. | 472 hits
Live Review: The Delamores
Firstly it must be made clear that at 2am this morning I was still to be found amateur mountaineering/forest-fire-avoiding after a party in a remote wood somewhere out towards Huddersfield and so my mental capacity is not at its best for remembering all of the events which unfolded at tonight's Louder Than Bombs session. | 778 hits
Live Review: The Fret + 4 Letter Holiday
Having become rather disconsolate by seeing many unsigned bands who simply mimic their heroes, often succeeding in recreating the look rather than the sound of say the Libertines, Oasis and the Strokes, it was refreshing to see two bands for whom the music definitely came first at the Bassment. | 1,214 hits
CD Review: At The Zoo - Nouveau Popular
At The Zoo's debut EP is that breed of laid back, melodic ska-punk that replaces aggression and nastiness, with a casual, winding groove that might get you humming along and tapping your foot, but won't have you skanking along like an idiot. | 335 hits
Live Review: The Phoenix Fall + LazyBaby + L-Mo
First up on this evening's bill is a band who has become stalwarts of the 360 Club. L-Mo have put in some astonishingly professional performances at HiFi, and it looks as though tonight is to be no exception. | 747 hits
CD Review: The Bundesrats - Half Finished Horse
'Half Finished Horse,' the debut EP from Wakefield's The Bundesrats, takes the oompa-oompa, carnival-esque beats of Madness, and puts them together with jaunty, ska-punk keyboard refrains, and a frontman who seems to think he's providing the vocals to an opera. | 457 hits
CD Review: The Format - Dog Problems
Not many here in the UK have probably heard of The Format, but they've been steadily building up a solid fanbase in their native US, and Dog Problems is their second album proper after 2003's Interventions and Lullabies. | 616 hits
News Article: Jupiter Falls "Revolution" Album Review From The USA
Review By Leslie J. Bialik (Music Critique, California, USA "Revolution" by Jupiter Falls October 9, 2013 "Revolution", the debut release by UK band Jupiter Falls really is a showcase for their excellent songwriting, singing, musicianship and production skills. | 315 hits
Live Review: Stafrśnn HŠkon + Dialect
Following in the well trodden footsteps of many an Icelandic band comes Stafrśnn HŠkon. He (”lafur ÷rn Josephsson) arrives in Leeds fresh from his interview with yours truly, and having received some truly hilarious review soundbites for the new album 'Ventill/ Poki' ("it's like crying magical tears"- Aquarius). | 2,755 hits
CD Review: Blacklisters - Trick F*ck
I guarantee, this will be the noisiest song about pretty people you will ever here. From the second the song kicks in, its obvious what Blacklisters, the Leeds based, four piece noise rock band, are all about. | 460 hits
CD Review: The Slow Readers Club - The Slow Readers Club
I am initially drawn to The Slow Readers Club by their name; I listened to a few tracks online and downloaded their self-titled album. | 765 hits
Live Review: The Creeks + Scams + Cut Out Shapes + Geek
First up tonight is Geek, a title that should not be regarded ironically, and what a promising opener this is. | 676 hits
CD Review: Romans - Black Ties
If you think you've got Romans already sussed because they wear 'While She Sleeps' and 'The Ghost Of A Thousand' tops, then you're dead wrong. | 481 hits
CD Review: The Catharsis - God Damned
If you're looking for a straight-up hardcore kicking, then The Catharsis could well be your new favourite band. | 486 hits
Live Review: Vessels + Esper Scout + Tomorrow We Sail
A special 360 Club tonight, taking a slight breather from quality unsigned types as Cuckundoo's Vessels pop in for a (relatively) low key gig. | 819 hits
CD Review: Return To Aljustrel - Tell The People I'm Not Coming Down
Having never heard this Leeds based 6 piece before I stumbled upon 'Tell The People I'm Not Coming Down,' it gave me a chance to discover this band with a completely open mind. | 764 hits
Live Review: Rise Against + The Bronx
The Bronx as support. What a show. I last caught these guys on the Kerrang! tour earlier this year, where singer Matt Caughthran had broken his knee, which didn't stop him jumping into the crowd. | 931 hits
CD Review: The Flaming Lips - At War With the Mystics
The Flaming Lips have achieved with their last 2 albums what evades 99.9% of all other 'successful' acts - whatever your criteria for classing that is. | 409 hits
Live Review: Northern Torch + Secret Sirens + Claire Cameron + Soulmates Never Die
Soulmates Never Die aka Josh Lewis is definitely the odd one out on tonight's roster. He has the difficult job of opening the proceedings with his one man acoustic musings as the packed out room waits for the far poppier acts to follow. | 1,021 hits
Live Review: T-Model Ford + David Broad + Serious Sam Barrett
The 300 people having a good time at the Faversham (and paying good money) weren't going to worry over whether it was in response to a cultural phenomenon or a truly musical experience, as the avowedly 83-year old T-Model [James Lewis Carter Ford] Ford sat before them. | 984 hits
Live Review: Electric Soft Parade + Chris T-T + Actress Hands
Actress Hands have just released a split with the headlining band, having just toured with their fellow Brighton and Metway studio regulars British Sea Power. | 704 hits
CD Review: Unyson - Science Fiction
It's not often that I listen to a review CD as many times as this. Unyson's six track "Science Fiction" has some right good songs, played and sung with style and conviction. | 410 hits
Live Review: What The Night Brings + Our People Versus Yours + Walk Away From Pain + ExistImmortal
It would be generous to describe tonight's crowd as 'sparse', because in reality the Black Bull is more like 'desolate' this evening. | 445 hits
Live Review: Japanese Fighting Fish
When I reviewed Japanese Fighting Fish's album Day Bombs a while back (check here for the details: ), I couldn't shake the feeling throughout that there was something missing on record. | 450 hits
Live Review: Dune + Monster Killed By Laser + The Wub
Dune, Monster Killed By Laser, The Wub Leeds, Temple of Boom September 20th 2014 It's always a joy going to Temple of Boom, and, it's usually a different setting every time as well. | 777 hits
Live Review: Clear The Sky + Doctor Dot + The Clifford Village Band
HiFi is suitably bustling tonight as the 360 Club presents this week's round of unsigned acts from Leeds. | 806 hits
Live Review: John McCusker Band
How far beyond expectation is the word 'lush' when describing Scottish traditional music? Well, it can turn up here - because the musicians are the John McCusker Band, and listening to them you get the quality of the playing, the power of the sound, and a strength that is not a matter of amplification. | 525 hits
Live Review: Angelo Palladino + Jon Gomm
What do you do when none of your mates will go to a gig with you? When Jon Gomm is on the bill, you go on your own! | 1,215 hits
CD Review: Marmozets - The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets
I managed to catch a little of Marmozets' set at Leeds Festival earlier in the year, but from outside on the screen as I was walking around, trying to cram in as much as possible in my one day there. | 832 hits
Live Review: Carnabells + St. Somebody + Apollo's Basement + Eskimo Fandango
Eskimo Fandango are first up and sounding a lot more together than the last time I saw them. They belt out a few catchy indie numbers and display great confidence despite a few minor mishaps! | 838 hits
Live Review: Black Moth + Antlered Man + Bong Cauldron
As my colleague in arms Steve Walsh said: 'you don't get enough smoke at gigs these days.' Tru dat. Fortunately, there's plenty on show tonight, though only of the dry ice variety - not the wowie maui kind. | 640 hits
Live Review: The Music + The Rain Band + The Bandits
I was excited about this gig. I've enjoyed The Music's debut album and have been looking forward to tonight for sometime - tickets sold out about 4/5 weeks earlier so I was expecting an electric atmosphere inside this rather strange new venue under Leeds train station. | 763 hits
Live Review: Catfish and the Bottlemen + Drenge + To Kill A King + Dan Croll + Modo Stare
Seven strong, Modo Stare, fill up the BBC Introducing stage with a few familiar faces, and they have a quite a gathering for the time of day. | 513 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Bright Young Things 2002
The Bright Young Things CD for 2002 is being distributed by Leeds City Council in April as a free addition to the glossy and widely available Leeds Guide. | 536 hits
Live Review: Hella Cholla + Fran Rodgers + The Bacchae
It's already the penultimate Futuresound heat but nobody seems to be tiring just yet. In fact, given this evening's exciting array of artists, there will perhaps be a higher number of people disappointed to see the competition wind up than those relieved to push it towards its conclusion. | 740 hits
Live Review: Maggie8 + Tokyo Heat + Forty Million Mexicans
First on tonight's roster are Forty Million Mexicans: veterans of previous 360 Club gigs, but this time they are back with a slightly amended line-up. | 1,001 hits
Band Profile: Finka
indie rock | 1,997 hits
Live Review: Allister + Hidden In Plain View + Halifax + I Am The Avalanche
Drive-Thru Records have pretty much ruled the roost over the past few years in terms of launching and marketing successful pop-punk / post-emo acts: Finch, New Found Glory and Something Corporate to name but a few. | 687 hits
CD Review: Milk Teeth - Vile Child
In 1992 Kurt Cobain wore a t-shirt saying 'grunge is dead'. It was a prophetic sign of things to come. | 973 hits
Live Review: Chumbawamba + Mik Artistik
Chumbawamba had worldwide fame thrust upon them as the digital age got under way the second half of the nineties. | 2,053 hits
CD Review: White Miles - The Duel
White Miles have been through a lot in the last 5 months. They've toured with Blues Pills, done their first gig in the USA and supported Eagles of Death Metal on both legs of their European tour. | 538 hits
CD Review: Razorlight - Up All Night
Razorlight play ballsy punk-fuelled garage rock with a distinctly British pop sensibility. I like it; but I don't love it. | 701 hits
Live Review: Giants + We Fall Tonight + Arise The Masses + Walk Away From Pain
In terms of a gig that spits in the face of mainstream success, you'd be doing well to find a batter showcase of grassroots talent in Yorkshire tonight. | 453 hits
CD Review: Joan As Police Woman - To Survive
Superbly serene yet gregariously graceful, the second album from Joan Wasser and Co. is a magnificent exercise in chamber-pop intricacy. | 531 hits
Live Review: Fran Rodgers + David Broad
If plugged-in acoustic is about Tone and Feel as well as Volume, the rate of exchange can be a bit mean over how much V you have to accept for a bit of T and F.† But in spite of the acoustic being electro-fortified for a small audience in a quiet venue, the Faversham's Sunday Session was good place to be, on an evening alluringly heralded by a poster comparing two young Leeds entertainers to Joan Baez and Leon Russell. | 830 hits
Live Review: Bury Your Dead + Your Demise + Bury Tomorrow + Viatrophy + Heart Of A Coward + Annotations Of An Autopsy + Ingested + Breaking Point + Martyr Defiled + Demoraliser + Broken Teeth
Featuring more breakdowns than the M1 and more stretchers than you could shake several sticks at, Ghostfest has once again descended upon the city of Leeds to lay waste to the University for the weekend; featuring a massive 32 bands spread over 2 days, there is, simply put, no better festival out there for fans of hardcore and metalcore. | 898 hits
CD Review: Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences - We Are Not Other People
'Unexpected Error' makes no effort to ease the listener into the weird and wonderful world of Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences, as it opens with a blaring, Atari-esque sound effect that'll make you wonder whether this is, in fact, a comedy album. | 779 hits
Live Review: Los Campesinos! + You Say Party! We Say Die!
As those of you out there who are musical types will know, the wonderful world of MySpace allows you the excellent facility to advertise your wares via the listing of "upcoming gigs", marvellous! | 824 hits
Live Review: To Kill A King + Alex Vargus
To Kill A King were, without a doubt, my favourite 'find' of last year. I am also proud to say that they are initially borne out of our very own Yorkshire soil, with the majority of the band meeting at Leeds University. | 595 hits
CD Review: Tiger Shadow - Stripe 1
After releasing their debut album earlier in the year, socially-aware genre-manglers Tiger Shadow release three-track EP 'Stripe 1.' The disparate range of influences that powered 'The Rise Of The Tiger Shadow' are all still present and accounted for, but 'Stripe 1' has a more prominent electro edge, most notably in 'See You Next Tuesday' and 'Up & Down.' Tiger Shadow are still pedalling their unique brand of gloomy cool, but it's a lot more catchy than it used to be. | 520 hits
CD Review: Samuel Foxton Welles - Pony and Trap
Debut album from Yorkshire-based individualist Samuel Foxton Welles is a charming, old-fashioned and eccentric trip through the English countryside, where the worst thing that can happen, is getting knocked off your bicycle while carrying a basket full of eggs, and all the locals know that you should stop to let a tractor pass. | 546 hits
Live Review: Death Defying Life + Decoration + Blindeye
After an unfortunate false start, Blindeye showcase a set of fairly run-of-the-mill grunge-style rock songs, including a couple of vaguely interesting dabbles with effects pedals and not much else. | 1,188 hits
Live Review: °Forward, Russia! + Duels + Every Move A Picture + The Pigeon Detectives
The worst kept secret gig in the history of music it may be, but whenever °Forward, Russia! are in town, there's no way the crowds aren't going to find a way into the venue in their droves and from the first moment to the last, Joseph's Well is absolutely rammed. | 1,714 hits
Live Review: Sposh + Sly Mr Fox + Bawren Tavanzia
After an interesting wait at a bus stop (involving a chance meeting with a young lady who would later attempt to kiss me), I finally boarded a bus, which the driver said would be heading past the Royal Park. | 446 hits
Live Review: Mariko + Sugarvalve + Albeit
I knew I really couldn't miss this! I have seen both Albeit and Sugarvalve before but not Mariko. Saying that I feel as though I have. | 537 hits
Interview: FLING
FLING guitarist Jack, on fashion and freedom (Live at Leeds 2017) | 616 hits
CD Review: Lamb of God - Resolution
There is an event, every couple of years or so, which conjures terror and discomfiture in every single band on the planet. | 584 hits
Live Review: Blink 182 + The 1975 + The Kooks + The Neighbourhood + Allusondrugs + Carnabells
Taking to the stage in their signature velveteen blazers, local lads Carnabells certainly looked the part as they opened the Festival Republic stage on Friday morning. | 1,568 hits
Live Review: Brass Moustache + Sposh + Hipstream
"Smile... JUST SMILE!" Cue camera flash. "Oh, Mum!" Not the most auspicious start to a gig, but what can you do to control proud parents? | 451 hits
Live Review: Feeds + St. Somebody + City Dukes + YOUNG
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the local music scene, you can't get much better than 360 Club at the Library in Hyde Park. | 771 hits
CD Review: Badly Drawn Boy - Have You Fed the Fish
Badly Drawn Boy's "Have You Fed the Fish" (AKA All Possibilities) is a recording project devoted to two questions: "who is Damon Gough?", and "how can he survive as an aspiring artist in 2002?". | 715 hits
CD Review: Elmaroe - Tiny Sounds
I recall praising Elmaroe's-- efforts on his last EP, 'Sequences', when I critiqued it in March of this year. | 455 hits
Live Review: Arctic Monkeys + Bombay Bicycle Club + Circa Waves + Peace + Dry the River
I began Sunday at the Main Stage with Dry the River. They are a band I've followed avidly since the release of their first album, 'Shallow Bed' and with new album 'Alarms In The Heart' released the day after this performance I am very excited to hear what two years and a trip to Iceland had created. | 1,439 hits
Live Review: Penguin + Reverend And The Makers + The Whip + King Charles + Skint & Demoralised + Chris Helme + Redwire + The Glass Caves
This was a festival debut for Crooked Ways at Pontefract Park and a cracking line up for the day's event. | 821 hits
Live Review: Napoleon IIIrd + Ali Whitton and the Broke Record Players + Loqui
Even if he is unable to attend - by dint of incarceration, far-flung vacation or other indisposition - the embedded chronological awareness of any Leeds gig-goer will tell him at this juncture (6pm on the first Friday of the month) that he should be nestling within the subterranean catacombs of the Hi-Fi Club. | 728 hits
Live Review: The 1975 + The Wombats + The Magic Gang + Night Owls
NIGHT OWLS I start my Leeds Festival 2016 at the BBC Introducing stage with Night Owls, a very noisy two piece playing their first major festival. | 1,129 hits
Live Review: Angelo Palladino + Jon Gomm
Sometimes Annalee would venture into town to see live music in venues she'd never been to before... Time to reassess? | 1,240 hits
Live Review: Suicide Silence + Deez Nuts + Bleed From Within + More Than Life + TRC + Heart In Hand + Evita + Basement + Polar + Silent Screams + Crossbreaker + The Ocean Between Us
The Ocean Between Us have a tough job in opening up the 2nd day of Ghostfest, but rise to the occasion in spectacular style. | 1,407 hits
Live Review: Wild Beasts + Vessels + Givers + Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks + Stalking Horse + Double Muscle + Dutch Uncles + Exitmusic + Big Deal
Big Deal's slightly awkward, nonplussed banter alone warms up the room noticeably (a half-full, darkened-out Riley Smith Hall at 2 o'clock in the afternoon seems to be a slightly peculiar experience for both audience and band) but, luckily, their bittersweet melodies are pretty winning, too. | 765 hits
CD Review: Homebrew - The Heart of Insurrection
Homebrew's 'The Heart of Insurrection' is oldschool, cider-swilling punk rock with galloping drums, spiky riffing and bunged-up vocals aplenty. | 459 hits
Live Review: Gallops + Redtrack + Lafaro + Exit International + Reaper in Sicily + The Brilliant Things + Wilder + Nerves + Peers + Runaround Kids + Kvelertak + Blacklisters
The quality marking out the artists who did well at Leeds Festival (and maybe in real life too) was that they engaged an audience with themselves and with their music. | 1,428 hits
CD Review: Jack Butler - Fit The Paradigm
'Fit The Paradigm' is the debut single from Scotland's indie-rockers Jack Butler. The album kicks off with current single, 'Hit It Out The Park, Son' and, right from the start, frontman Liam Kelly has a voice to split opinion. | 1,326 hits
Live Review: Red Hot Chili Peppers + High Tyde + The Japanese House + The Indigo Project
THE INDIGO PROJECT Leeds' own, The Indigo Project are the first band I head out to see on Sunday morning. | 1,199 hits
Band Profile: Thief Taker
We sound like a whole series of Sir David Attenborough's Planet Earth. | 955 hits
CD Review: Tiger Shadow - The Rise of The Tiger Shadow
Leeds' Tiger Shadow have a very distinctive sound, but for a point of reference, think somewhere between Skindred and Gorillaz at their most hip hop, with some Faithless thrown into the mix. | 837 hits
Live Review: The Sunshine Underground + The Playmates + Kubichek! + O Fracas + Harrisons + Gentleman's Pistols + Envelopes + Ironhorse
Maybe it was the prospect of seven hundred ("Seven hundred??!") people squishing like marinaded sardines into the Faversham with such proximity that all sorts of potentially frisky things could happen; maybe it was the atmospheric buzz zipping about visibly like an electric-blue bolt of lightning over an array of extravagantly-varied haircuts; or maybe it was the range of world beers on offer but, whichever way, The Fourth Festival Of Nasty proved to be one stonking, stamping, stage-invading beast of an event with antlers Pan himself would have been proud of pronged firmly up its derriŤre. | 2,405 hits
Live Review: Foals + LUH (Lost Under Heaven) + Strong Asian Mothers + The Mexanines
THE MEXANINES Saturday rolls around and I make my way down an almost hidden path to the left of the main stage, where I find The Mexanines setting up on the 'Jack Rocks/This Feeling' stage. | 1,120 hits
Live Review: Defeater + Pay No Respect + Last Witness + Bury Tomorrow + Odessa + Breaking Point + TRC + Departures + Demoraliser + Empires Fade + Polar
One of several bands making consecutive Ghostfest appearances, Polar have scaled the bill to the position of opening the Impericon stage for the Sunday of Ghostfest, a task which they tackle with much aplomb and gusto. | 611 hits

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