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News Article: To London with Sawsound & Japanese Fighting Fish!
That's right! We're having an adventure to the Nation's Capital this weekend! This Saturday CCB are journeying to London to perform at The Bowery with the incredible Sawsound, AND Japanese Fighting Fish! | 358 hits
CD Review: Japanese Fighting Fish - Day Bombs
Japanese Fighting Fish have been knocking around for a while now, flirting with mainstream press recognition but never quite achieving the full-blown exposure they crave. | 485 hits
CD Review: Little Fish - Baffled and Beat
Little Fish's debut album is a mixed affair, consisting of quirky indie rock 'n roll that oozes laidback cool, and barebones, repetitive songs that feel constrained by Little Fish's two-member head count. | 1,515 hits
Live Review: Japanese Fighting Fish
When I reviewed Japanese Fighting Fish's album Day Bombs a while back (check here for the details: ), I couldn't shake the feeling throughout that there was something missing on record. | 451 hits
CD Review: Badly Drawn Boy - Have You Fed the Fish
Badly Drawn Boy's "Have You Fed the Fish" (AKA All Possibilities) is a recording project devoted to two questions: "who is Damon Gough?", and "how can he survive as an aspiring artist in 2002?". | 715 hits
CD Review: Little Fish - Wonderful
'Wonderful' is the new single from Oxford three-piece Little Fish. It is a bold and powerful song sung with gusto by frontwoman Julia Sophie Heslop, known to her fans as Juju, whose hoarse, low vocal in the verses renders us unprepared for the hurricane of a chorus on the horizon. | 509 hits
Live Review: You Me At Six + Reel Big Fish + Crossfaith
Hot off the back of winning Kerrang Magazines 'Best Festival Award' last year, Slam Dunk 2015 was already onto a winner. | 705 hits
Live Review: Little Fish + Wot Gorilla? + Our Fold + Amy's Ghost + The Gang + We're Only Afraid Of NYC + Sketches + The Mighty Stef + Stagecoach + Mr Fogg + End Of Level Baddie + Arcs & Trauma
Halifax-bred musical primates Wot Gorilla? have a sound animal name, thrive in a West Yorkshire habitat, and seem to have inherited a Minus The Bear tendency from Wintermute. | 1,680 hits
News Article: Belgrave Music Hall turns one year old
Belgrave Music Hall is having a birthday party to celebrate one year in Leeds and everyone is invited. | 577 hits
News Article: Soundpeople Live Stage line up announced for Moor Music Festival
The line up and times for the Soundpeople Live Stage at the Moor Music Festival 2009 was revealed today. | 485 hits
Interview: The Glass Caves
Ahead of their Live at Leeds date, Glass Caves chat to Leeds Music Scene | 807 hits
CD Review: Electric Eel Shock - Beat Me
Screaming their way all the way from Japan, home of lock n loll, Electric Eel Shock are here for your daughter. | 1,256 hits
Live Review: Imogen Heap + Nemo + Scott James
Who is Imogen Heap? The place is certainly packed out with young, fashion conscious people, and there is a clear Perspex grand piano on stage. | 949 hits
Band Profile: Kath and the Mighty Menace
In the interest of bringing explosive sound to the music loving people of Leeds, lead vocalist, Kath Edmonds of Just Kath fame and the dynamic duo of former Japanese Fighting Fish - Steve Ramsden (Bass) and Paul Crowther (Drums) are picking up their musical weapons to form Kath and the Mighty Menace; a mind blowing Jekyll and Hyde musical tussle that'll have your audio-networks tingling. | 774 hits
Live Review: Little Barrie + ICS + Marsicans
Big Fish Music Events? What are they then? I'll tell you - they're twice-yearly gigs run by Leeds City College at The Cockpit. | 723 hits
CD Review: ninepoundnote - Go National
As ninepoundnote so politely put it, "Well there's people judging music on originality. I move my feet if I like the beat and that's good enough for me!" Well my ska punk playing friend this is Leeds Music Scene and you won't get far with that attitude. | 638 hits
Feature: High Tyde
I caught up with High Tyde eating pizza before their Leeds show. | 1,017 hits
CD Review: The Wombats - Moving To New York
The Wombats have formulated a pop song good enough to get the most shoe-gazing, miserable indie kids dancing in the disco. | 1,335 hits
Interview: Mother Mother
Jessica Thornsby spoke to Ali, drummer from Mother Mother. | 662 hits
Venue: Smokestack
From the people that brought you Sandinista! comes a new cocktail, and late night bar called Smokestack, playing finger poppin' hip shakin' tunes. | 4,103 hits
CD Review: Anti-Flag - The Terror State
Anti-Flag are a 5-piece melodic punk band from Pennsylvania, USA. As their name suggests they are a band with some deep-rooted political ideals. | 2,486 hits
CD Review: The Xenith Sound - Innoncence
For as grandiose as their biog describes them, employing such everyday phrases as "dramatic melodic edge", "distinctive atmospheric sound" and those favourite biog-bites "inspiration" and "soaring", The Xenith Sound are a rock band. | 479 hits
News Article: Leeds bands to appear in inaugural Live At Leeds football tournament
Details for the inaugural Live At Leeds 5-a-side soccer tournament were announced today, with 32 teams - representing Leeds bands, local venues, gig promoters and more - set to battle it out for the winner's trophy on Monday 2nd May. | 616 hits
Live Review: Weeve + The 42 Tones
Continuing on with the now established 'Wednesday... Whatever' nights, we had a bit of a disappointing turn out in all honesty, maybe due to the fact that there were only two bands playing or that the opening band's mates had school the next day. | 382 hits
Band Profile: Vib Gyor
indie rock | 8,366 hits
Live Review: Guns'n'Roses + Spiritualized + The Streets + Prodigy + And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead + The Offspring + NOFX + Jetplane Landing
August bank holiday weekend rolls around again and this years Leeds festival will rock!!! Anticipation is high after an amazing return for the Glastonbury festival earlier on in the year. | 590 hits
Live Review: The Rocks + The Barbs + Special Needs + Baby Food
This evening, there are 10+ gigs taking place in Leeds, showing the very healthy state of things at the moment. | 743 hits
CD Review: Michael Ainsley Band - Cyclone
This is the second release by Michael Ainsley and the first with a full band backing him up, recruiting band members from Wakefields Retarded Fish, as well as from The Runaround Kids and Piskie Sits. | 502 hits
Live Review: [spunge] + Farse + Spankboy
Leeds is quiet tonight; most of the local bars are empty, probably due to the appalling Leeds weather. | 644 hits
CD Review: Duke Special - Oh Pioneer
Duke Special has always been an interesting and imaginative musician who has always been a top vaudevillian showman. | 351 hits
CD Review: The Junk - Novus Ordo Seclorum
Three track EP 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' is no-frills skacore that'll find a ready home with fans of the genre. | 473 hits
CD Review: Random Hand - Hit Reset
Random Hand - Hit Reset 3.5/5 Random Hand are on a hiatus and this is their final offering for now, until they return. | 424 hits
Interview: Sound Club
It's a cold wet Saturday night, we're stood outside the Mixing Tin so we can hear ourselves think, and I'm talking to Tom Summerfield and Glenn Pearson from Sound Club who have just finished an amazing set, in support of Tom Hingley. | 1,486 hits
News Article: More Leeds bands added to Leeds Festival line up
Following on from the announcements last week from Futuresound and Centre Stage, organisers of the annual Leeds Festival have today confirmed the full line up for the BBC Introducing Stage. | 1,325 hits
Live Review: Vib Gyor + Ormondroyd + Benjamin Wetherill
Salivating over the artists on show tonight, I was going to come here tonight regardless of whether I was reviewing the show or not. | 1,838 hits
News Article: Live At Leeds 2009 line up announced
Organisers have today release the line up for Live At Leeds 2009, the multi-venue festival scheduled across Leeds for Saturday 2nd May. | 1,966 hits
CD Review: Lindemann - Skills In Pills
The debate has raged for many a year. Who was the world's first rock star? Some say it was Mozart. He certainly fits the bill; being a genius child prodigy. | 826 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - TNS 008
The eighth release from punk record label TNS, is a three way split EP featuring a trio of bands who each have their own take on ska-punk - and none of them sound like Reel Big Fish. | 803 hits
Interview: Chichino
Part One of a two-part interview with Leeds band Chichino, who are set to release their new single "It Could Happen To You" | 1,290 hits
Live Review: ˇForward, Russia! + Duels + Every Move A Picture + The Pigeon Detectives
The worst kept secret gig in the history of music it may be, but whenever ˇForward, Russia! are in town, there's no way the crowds aren't going to find a way into the venue in their droves and from the first moment to the last, Joseph's Well is absolutely rammed. | 1,716 hits
Band Profile: Quentins Basement
Quentin's Basement are a four piece Indie-Rock band from Leeds with a passion for bouncy tunes and catchy riffs. | 2,150 hits
CD Review: Slighty Alien - Untitled
Picture the scene, playing a gig and someone comes up to you asking to review their CD. OK or so I thought! | 704 hits
News Article: Jumbo Records - Local Pick of the Month for October 2014
The lovely boys at Jumbo Records have been really busy with the influx of students that hit our city for the start of the new academic year, but Matt Bradshaw still had time to put together the best of the local artists' recent releases, for the month of October. | 541 hits
Live Review: Liars + The Blood Brothers
The Blood Brothers are skinny, polite and nervous. When they perform however, a fairytale nightmare is cast upon the room, melancholy, bitter, estranged from reality and reeling with sarcastic vitriol. | 738 hits
News Article: Live At Leeds 2012 timetable revealed
With less than 3 weeks to go organisers have today confirmed the final acts and stage times for the 6th annual Live at Leeds. | 4,184 hits
Live Review: Misled Vision + Cutout Hero + Dum Flux
Dum Flux opened up the evening in a punk rock fashion. Melodic, energetic but let down by out of time guitars and slightly out of tune vocals. | 524 hits
Live Review: Cliquant + Asking Dan + Sarajevo
I've never really been a fan of 'Battle of the Bands'. The combination of short sets, often dodgy sound and unfair or reckless judging doesn't suggest the ingredients for a great gig. | 717 hits
Live Review: Canterbury + Straight Lines + Proxies + More Than You'll Ever Know
We're driven up the walls, by peace and quiet... In honesty, Canterbury couldn't be any more on the dot. | 787 hits
Live Review: 65 Days Of Static + That Fucking Tank + ˇForward, Russia! + Eiger + Pixel! Pixel! Pixel! + Falconetti + Bracing Ed + Blind Jackson
Aaah the all dayer. The closest thing you get to a mini festival, and with a rather interesting 8 band bill scheduled for the Tasty Fanzine event, the Brudenell Social Club seems to be slowly buzzing with prospect for the bands to come. | 2,834 hits
Live Review: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart + Sivu + Drowners + The Bohicas + Dolomite Minor + Billie Marten + The Royal Concept
The Royal Concept (Festival Republic Stage) are an electro-pop act from Sweden who by their own humble admission have had 'absolutely no success' in the UK and as a result this is their first festival appearance in these isles or, as singer David Larson puts it, Leeds Festival is stealing the band's virginity. | 722 hits
Interview: Mike Randle (Baby Lemonade / Love)
Sam Saunders chats with Mike Randle, a member of long established and mild mannered Baby Lemonade, who have a secret life as superhero band Love, playing alongside Arthur Lee on the "Forever Changes" Tour that hits the UK this month... | 1,158 hits
Live Review: AB Negative + Seven Acres + Accolade + Sofa Pirates
Bands old and new played to an expectant Warehouse on Sunday, as legendary rock gig 'The Valley' resurrected itself from the ashes. | 1,524 hits
Live Review: Maximo Park + Arctic Monkeys + We Are Scientists + The Mystery Jets
It all sits a bit on knife-edge this one; I can't be the only one that feels it. The sweet, sweet taste of anticipation impregnates ever fibre of my body and, in empathy with a dog on heat, I pace round the Refec like a chained beast. | 1,367 hits
Interview: To Kill A King
To Kill A King are back on home turf for a gig at The Brudenell and I managed to catch the band (Ralph Pelleymounter, Josh Platman, Jon Willoughby, Ian Dudfield and Ben Jackson) for a chat, before they take to the stage. I wanted to find out what they had been up to since I last saw, read on to find out about Guerrilla activities, Howling and Touring with Rihanna! | 1,072 hits
CD Review: Bowling For Soup - Sorry For Partyin'
'Sorry For Partyin' is Bowling For Soup's tenth studio album and, while it's definitely not a case of all killer, no filler, it's a fan-pleasing slab of the tried-and-tested Bowling For Soup formula: sexual innuendoes; big, pop-infused choruses; hidden tracks, and plenty of tongue-in-cheek lyrics. | 1,761 hits
Feature: 2013 - A Year In Review
The LMS team got together for a chat and a drink to discuss the musical highs and lows of 2013 in our fair city. And you know what; it was a pretty busy year! | 1,417 hits

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