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CD Review: Templeton Pek - No Association
'No Association' is urgent, hardcore-influenced rock that builds to a passionate tumult of sweeping guitars and strings. | 714 hits
CD Review: Leagues Apart - To Anywhere
'To Anywhere' by Salford-based Leagues Apart is seven tracks of straightforward, clattering DIY punk-rock, where each song has something subtly different to offer. | 750 hits
CD Review: Thyrd Eye - Say Something
Debut single from Thyrd Eye offers up an uncertain mix of musical styles that's initially jarring. Opening track 'Say Something' features echoey, shiver-inducing gothic vocals from co-vocalist and keyboardist Hannah, which sit awkwardly against the song's twitching, spring-heeled drumbeats and jerking chords. | 320 hits
CD Review: Homebrew - The Heart of Insurrection
Homebrew's 'The Heart of Insurrection' is oldschool, cider-swilling punk rock with galloping drums, spiky riffing and bunged-up vocals aplenty. | 459 hits
CD Review: The Smoking Hearts - Pride of Nowhere
There's something very oldschool about the particular brand of punk-and-roll meets pub-rock pedalled by The Smoking Hearts. | 506 hits
CD Review: Chase This City - Show Us What You Got?
Just a year after forming, Lancaster-based Chase This City release six-track mini album 'Show Us What You Got?' flaunting a talent for penning towering, pop-punk choruses, that's impressive to say they've been together a short time. | 485 hits
CD Review: I Am Ghost - Bone Garden
'Bone Garden' is the first single to be lifted from I Am Ghost's second album, 'Those We Leave Behind.' It sees them abandon the rock opera of their debut 'Lovers' Requiem' in favour of post-hardcore snarling, galloping drums and wailing guitars. | 460 hits
CD Review: Transgression - As Tides Change
Transgression set out to impress with the flesh-crawling instrumental intro of aptly-named 'Intro,' unleashing a barrage of classy heavy metal where each tightly-controlled riff reverberates through to your bone marrow and the measured pace seeps menace. | 350 hits
Live Review: Luke Sital-Singh
Luke Sital-Singh, the London singer-songwriter, is no stranger to Leeds having played here three of four times previously but this time round he has a debut record to promote and if the sizable crowd is any indication it is an album that has already built quite a following. | 629 hits
CD Review: The Casino Brawl - Shades ; Directions
North-East based five-piece The Casino Brawl occupy the middle ground between Bullet For My Valentine's accessible metalcore, and The Ghost of a Thousand's not-so-accessible hardcore. | 604 hits
CD Review: Mutant - Laserdrome
Mutant have just completed a UK tour with Huddersfield thrash metal four-piece Evile and, judging by the strength of this thrash-tastic self-released effort, they must have gone down very well indeed. | 922 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Revenge of The Psychotronic Man Vs. The Fractions
'Revenge of The Psychotronic Man Vs. The Fractions' is the second release from Manchester-based TNS Records, and serves as a great introduction to two underground punk bands. | 480 hits
CD Review: Boe Weaver - Boe Weaver
Boe Weaver's self-titled debut album, is nine instrumental tracks that take the elevator-music blueprint, and imbue it with just enough hooks to make each song distinct and memorable. | 446 hits
CD Review: Elle Milano - Acres of Dead Space Cadets
Irony is a lot like ironing, and more than just linguistically. You can look pretty darn smart if you can pull off either, but it's oh-so easy to botch up. | 510 hits
CD Review: Revenge of The Psychotronic Man - Make Pigs Smoke
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man's second full length is fourteen tracks of short, sharp and to the point punk, with not a single song stretching past the two minute mark. | 487 hits
CD Review: Run From Robots - Sorry You Don't Love Us
This mini-album from Run From Robots blends modern, melodic punk with the sneering edge of good old fashioned punk rock, to mixed effect. | 574 hits
CD Review: Chickenhawk - A. Or Not?
Following on from their debut full length, Leeds' Chickenhawk release three track EP 'A. Or Not?' EP opener 'I hate this, do you like it?' throws the listener in at the deep end, with a stormy introduction of chugging riffs gathering to a brief peak of rioting drums and shrapnel guitars, before the drums settle into a steady, background rumble, shot through with urgently squealing riffs. | 666 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - The Velvet Orchestra / Solus Locus - split single
'The Creator' is a slice of prog-rock madness you're either going to love or not understand in the slightest. | 593 hits
CD Review: Colour - Unicorns
Colour are a four piece hailing from Kingston who label themselves as self-styled 'Math pop' pioneers. | 541 hits
CD Review: Trash Talk - Eyes & Nines
Trash Talk's blink-and-you'll-miss it 'Eyes & Nines' album, is a real love-it-or-hate-it affair. Serving up ten bursts of hateful hardcore that rarely surpass the one minute mark, 'Eyes & Nines' is hardcore in its rawest and most unadorned form, where all that matters is getting the energy and emotion across as quickly as possible, and then moving onto the next song. | 1,338 hits
CD Review: Saviours - Accelerated Living
Third full-length from stoner-metal crew Saviours, sees them move away from the sludge-rock of previous efforts 'Into Abaddon' and 'Crucifire' in favour of a sharper, cleaner production that highlights just what a talented group of musicians they are. | 764 hits
CD Review: A Textbook Tragedy - Rain City State Of Mind
Often mentioned in the same breath as Architects and Misery Signals, the latest EP from Canada's A Textbook Tragedy has a rougher, more 'live' feel than the recorded output of either of those bands. | 503 hits
CD Review: The Hickey Underworld - The Hickey Underworld
Belgium's The Hickey Underworld are one of those bands who are desperate to be seen as 'weirder' than they actually are (just take a look at their website, but not if you've neglected to update your computer for a while, all that moving imagery may be more than it can handle.) This is particularly odd as, although The Hickey Underworld aren't your average post-hardcore band, they're hardly pushing brave new ground. | 804 hits
CD Review: New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight
Right from the start, New Found Glory's sixth studio album is exactly what you'd expect from the Florida five-piece. | 525 hits
CD Review: The Plight - Winds Of Osiris
'Winds Of Osiris' the debut full-length from Leeds' The Plight, is a definite grower. Initially, you'll struggle to see past frontman Al's vocals, which have all the garbled messiness of hardcore, whilst falling just short on the aggression that usually characterises the genre. | 1,155 hits
CD Review: Mum Locked In Castle - Vultures
Mum Locked In Castle's 'Vultures' EP kicks off with a song of two halves. The first half of 'Volta! Volta!' is scarily professional-sounding, buzzy rock that blends an unlikely combination of hardcore and experimental elements. | 749 hits
CD Review: Lasse Brawn - Untitled
Within thirty seconds of EP-opener 'Watchmaker,' you'll know whether Lasse Brawn are for you or not, as 'Watchmaker' immediately throws up a solid wall of grinding, heavy metal riffs, punctuated by fast and furious drumbeats. | 642 hits
CD Review: Outcry Collective - articles
'articles,' the debut album from Surrey quartet Outcry Collective, was recorded in a pig sty that the band gutted and converted into their own recording studio. | 838 hits
CD Review: The Offspring - Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace
The Offspring are one of those rare bands who can get away with putting out the same record time and time again. | 723 hits
CD Review: None The Less - The Way To Save Ourselves
There's no denying that None The Less' mini album is an impressive one, but it's also one that has some very clear negative points, in addition to good ones. | 818 hits
Interview: Pulled Apart by Horses
Pulled Apart by Horses are a new, sickening, rock-dirge act who seem to be getting a little bit of attention, even though they've only played about four gigs and have two tracks on MySpace. Chris Lowe asks this motley crew what the deal is. | 2,278 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Music By People Who Drink Cider In The Gutter
'Music By People Who Drink Cider In The Gutter,' the mammoth twenty song, twenty band round-up of punk bands from in and around the Manchester area, kicks off with 'Midnight Scene' from The Dangerfields. | 1,337 hits
CD Review: Alestorm - Black Sails At Midnight
'Black Sails At Midnight' is one of those rare albums that'll leave you wondering "why has no-one tried this before?" Scottish four piece Alestorm take the gimmicky-but-actually-pretty-fun battle metal formula popularised by European metal bands such as Turisas, and replace references to Odin and Vikings with tales of quests, treasure and wenches. | 2,355 hits
Live Review: Smoke Fairies + Rasputina
If proof were needed that the special relationship between the UK and the US is alive and kicking a trip to Leeds College of Music would have put your mind at rest. | 861 hits
CD Review: The Ghost Of A Thousand - New Hopes, New Demonstrations
You have to feel sorry for The Ghost Of A Thousand. 'New Hopes, New Demonstrations' is an inwards-looking, absolutely massive-sounding hardcore album. | 1,283 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Mainstream Music Is Shit
Another credit-crunch busting compilation from DIY, not-for-profit punk label TNS Records. Following on from the success of their Vol. | 1,717 hits

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