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Band Profile: The Arrogance Of King Canute
Ste Gallivan - Vocals/Guitar Harry Miller - Bass Max Shearer - Drums Tom Cookson - Sax/Guitar The four members of 'The Arrogance of King Canute' bring together a mixture of musical influences resulting in a vibrant and unique sound. | 6,826 hits
Band Profile: Goodnight Seattle
I'm not here to show off amazing guitar skills or a beautiful voice, because I have neither. I am a Acoustic songwriter from Leeds. | 249 hits
Band Profile: Emergencies
Friends since their tender school years Declan and Zebs were introduced to Rich and Nathan through mutual friends, after a few drunken meetings Declan and Rich suggested Nathan join them in a rehearsal room to work on some songs, after a few months of carelessly messing around Declan decided to invite Zebs down to play bass and thus transforming their sound. | 536 hits
CD Review: Auraluxe - Untitled
This is somewhere between the heroic emo-passion of cut-your-wrists on a weekend skinny white teen rebellion and the kitsch overbearing soft-rock farse that is Nickleback or Counting Crows. | 728 hits
CD Review: The Horror - First Blood Part II
The word of the day is Incendiary. The mighty Horror return from what seems an age to unleash a fresh strain of succulent thrash hardcore onto an eager public. | 463 hits
CD Review: Rodina - Over The Sun
There are a lot of female vocalists out there at the moment, none though, who have quite the same intrigue as Aoife Hearty from Rodina. | 727 hits
CD Review: The Blueskins - Word of Mouth
Formed only two years ago, this debut album from the Wakefield four piece combines rock and roll passion with soulful, blues tinged dynamism. | 1,311 hits
Live Review: Fran Rodgers
Ok, here's the bottom line - Fran Rodgers has a beautiful voice. Not just a good voice or an unusual voice, but an actual spine-tingling, tear-jerking voice. | 476 hits
Live Review: The Haunted
For the uninitiated The Haunted are from Gothenburg, Sweden. Formed from the ashes of seminal metallers, "At the Gates", their music is that of unbelievable extremes. | 437 hits
CD Review: Itch - The Boy Who Cried Wolf
This is a third release from Batley's Itch. The passion, inventiveness and musical ambition of the 2001 debut "Spiralling Paper Planes" are still all there, with depth maturity and a surer sense of what Itch are all about. | 906 hits
Live Review: Rob Nichols
After our pre-drink sesh-on, at what was quite possibly the cheesiest pub venue that Leeds city centre has to offer, we felt bitter, confused, traitors to our good selves and to what we knew to be the real reason the city of Leeds has built its reputation as the capital of live music. | 803 hits
Live Review: Pteroglyph + Bludger + Apnoea + Pillars Of Heresy
The 360 club played host to its first all metal line up on Saturday night, featuring an eclectic mix of top local talent. | 743 hits
Live Review: Jesse Malin + Jeff Klein
There's was no support listed for tonight's gig, so it's a surprise when a lone figure wanders onto the stage and picks up an acoustic guitar. | 627 hits
Interview: High Tyde
Live Review: Vendettas + Feeds + Carnabells + Bloom
It was the ultimate showdown in musical history at The Wardrobe on Friday night, as some of the best bands in Leeds came to fight for a place at this years Leeds Festival, courtesy of Futuresound Music Ltd. | 1,233 hits
Live Review: Buen Chico + AB Negative + Ali Whitton + Soberskin
"It all kicks off around half past eight," Buen Chico's manager tells us as we stroll into the Met at the specified start time of seven o'clock. | 1,570 hits
Live Review: Against Me! + Pylon + The Leif Ericsson + Dugong + Indicator
As ever I'm late, it looks like I've already missed 2 bands and I've already missed the first song from Indicator. | 1,659 hits
Live Review: Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip + Rage Against The Machine + Does It Offend You, Yeah? + Ipso Facto + The Cherry Cobb Cartel + Vampire Weekend + MGMT + One Night Only + Serj Tankian + Stephen Lynch + Dizzee Rascal + Taking Back Sunday + Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. + Anti-Flag
Saturday kicked off at the main stage again. I was going to go see Fran Rodgers but having walked around for a day in wellies a size too small for me, I wanted to do as little walking as possible really. | 919 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - The Lab: One
The Lab: One is a collection of ten tracks by ten artists all orbiting the indie and folk genres. Despite the genre correlations, each track has its own unique sound, making for a constantly surprising compilation. | 448 hits
CD Review: New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight
Right from the start, New Found Glory's sixth studio album is exactly what you'd expect from the Florida five-piece. | 524 hits
Interview: The Casual Terraces
Andy Roberts catches up with The Casual Terraces before their gig with Radio Clash... | 2,078 hits
Live Review: China Rats + Grandmaster Flash + Hundred Dollar Cigar + The D.O.T.
It is just after lunch and I arrive at Pontefract Park, the sun is high in the sky and occasionally disappearing behind a cloud. | 732 hits
Interview: Local Natives
Chris Haywood caught up with Local Natives before their headline gig at The Brudenell. | 877 hits
CD Review: North Atlantic Oscillation - Grappling Hooks
North Atlantic Oscillation are an interesting band, and with 'Grappling Hooks' they have managed to construct an album that sounds exactly like Windows' Media Player's 'Visualisation' setting looks. | 1,083 hits
Interview: Outcry Collective
With a new Outcry Collective album currently in the works, Leeds Music Scene caught up with vocalist Steve Sitkowski, prior to the band's co-headlining UK tour with The Computers | 943 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - NME The Album 2009
The press release that accompanies this two disco compilation gives NME the moniker of "the pioneers of all things cool" before promising us an album that "has its finger on the pulse, so you don't have to!" It couldn't possibly be any clearer that this is an album for people who see a band on the front cover of NME, and then spend the next week enthusing about the greatness of said band, regardless of whether they like them or not. | 1,590 hits

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