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Band Profile: Katie and the Questions
Katie and the Questions are Claire, Laura, Vicky, and their backing band The Answers. Katie and the Questions take inspiration from the great pop groups of the 60's (The Velvelettes & The Chiffons) the 70's (The Ramones & The Rubinoos) the 80's (The Photos & The Jags) the 90s (Bowling for Soup & Gin Blossoms ) and the 00's ( Army of Freshmen & The Pipettes). | 228 hits
CD Review: Yellow Stripe Nine - One Look (It's Love)
One Look (It's Love) is the second instalment of YSN's Conquests project - a project out to rival messieurs Lloyd Webber and Rice. | 844 hits
CD Review: Mohair - Untitled
'Brown Eyes Blue' opens with an acoustic guitar part that sounds like a speeded up version of Green Day's 'Time Of Your Life'. | 421 hits
CD Review: Damien Rice - Cannonball
The album version of this track has been spiced up with drums, the tempo upped and tinkered with to make it more 'radio friendly' but fortunately that doesn't interfere with the heart of this song. | 973 hits
CD Review: The Strokes - Room on Fire
Finally one of the most eagerly awaited albums is here, but have The Strokes returned with a modern day classic, or will "Room on Fire" leave fans asking 'Is this it?' Hyped for months by the music press, The Strokes' latest offering sounds aurally much like their last album, just with a few more ideas thrown in. | 286 hits
CD Review: Underdog - Sunny Estate EP
Upon the first listen to this EP I would have sworn I was listening to a group of twee American rockers, however these lads are from Essex! | 332 hits
Band Profile: Johnny Powell
Multi-layered alternative folk and electronica act with a meditative, mindful and lyrical emphasis. | 761 hits
CD Review: Wildbirds & Peacedrums - My Heart
In my time of reviewing I've come across some corking press releases. Often written by the bands themselves, usually in a painfully awkward third person, press releases seem to be a way of hoping against hope that the reviewer won't actually listen to the CD and will just copy/paste their somewhat ambitious statements into their evaluation. | 292 hits
CD Review: Sear - Until The Dust Lies
Danny North, Tom Allen and Michelle Richfield are Sear. Sear's music is tuneful and intense, with richly matured musical content. | 775 hits
Band Profile: Tunng
Tunng are an experimental folk band which formed in 2003 in London, England. They are often associated with folktronica due to the electronic influences evident in some of their work. | 460 hits
Live Review: Percy + Floozy + Harold
What an honour, reviewing 2 of my favourite bands in the world, as well as the added bonus of Harold. | 300 hits
Live Review: Ooberman + Beautiful Feet
Cleverly deciding I was going to go to this at the last minute, I made it to the Roscoe just in time to find Beautiful Feet sitting down with their drinks and having a few pats on the back. | 255 hits
News Article: Live At Leeds 2015 announces first 100 bands
Organisers of the Live At Leeds festival, winners of the national UK Festival Award for Best Metropolitan Festival in 2014, have today confirmed the first 100 bands that will appear at Live At Leeds 2015 this coming May. | 688 hits
Band Profile: Ooberman
Ooberman founders Dan Popplewell and Andy Flett met over a piano at their school in Bradford, 1988. The first band they set up was The Forestry Commission, with Andy's younger brother Steve Flett on bass. | 214 hits
Live Review: Groop Dogrill + Djingo
Does an increase in age signify a decrease in dress sense? In the middle of a completely black-donned audience, whose average age is around 16, stands a balding 25 year-old. | 292 hits
Live Review: Damien Rice
Damien Rice is already on stage as I enter the hall and I later discover I have missed support act Carrie Tree. | 717 hits
CD Review: ˇForward, Russia! - Life Processes
Let's take a leaf out of the Life Processes book and get straight on with this one (it's precisely three seconds before the first of many huge choruses on display here). | 818 hits
CD Review: Counting Crows - Films About Ghosts
Ten years on from the release of 'August And Everything After' comes this 'Best Of' collection. Weighing in at 18 tracks long, plus a live bonus track, it covers the band's four studio albums as well as including an early demo, a new song and a cover. | 881 hits
Live Review: Elbow + Goldrush
So I'm wondering where my drunken comrades are and thinking if I'm going to get my coat back from the bag they have before I have to brave it back out into the winter night. | 717 hits
CD Review: Steer - Sketches
This is essentially a standard 4-track demo, albeit a topsy turvey one.  Two of the best tracks from the band's debut album A Song For Gill and 2 sneak previews from the forthcoming album Loved And Lost due out in the very near future. | 477 hits
Band Profile: Goo Goo Dolls
Goo Goo Dolls is an alternative rock band formed in 1985 in Buffalo, New York by guitarist/vocalist John Rzeznik and bassist/vocalist Robby Takac. | 189 hits
Band Profile: Karma
There are, at least, sixteen artists known as Karma: 1) A German downtempo / drum and bass duo. 2) An Egyptian heavy metal band. | 592 hits

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