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CD Review: Mirrorkicks - Turning Up
This single is as good as music can get without being interesting in any way. It chugs along. It wigs out intermittently with some tasty enough guitar licks. | 397 hits
News Article: Carnabells Christmas Party at The Cockpit, 20th December, in aid of Cancer Research
On the 20th December the Carnabells will be headlining The Cockpit for the 'Carnabells Christmas Show!' By their own admission, they have had 'an ace year so far'. | 426 hits
Live Review: The Libertines + Parva
There was a bit of an air of anticipation, for this gig. Parva's first hometown gig for a while, riding the back of their recent chart position, The Catheters shooting up the airwaves and the press' adoration for The Libertines, made this something of a "must-see" gig. | 1,084 hits
Live Review: The Soul Circle Gang
Climbing up the narrow stairs towards the packed venue, The Soul Circle Gang have yet to start their set. | 409 hits
CD Review: School Of Language - Sea From Shore
You'll first realise that this album has got under your skin when you're getting funny looks in the check-out queue in Morrison's, as you've been intoning Uh-Ah-Um-Ee-Ah vowel sounds to yourself like some weird Buddhist chant. | 549 hits
Live Review: The Horrible Children + All Its Worth + Urban Eyez + Diverse
The first band to take the stage - in front of an already large crowd- were Diverse, who seemed to go down well with the audience. | 408 hits
Live Review: Pulled Apart by Horses
I began my Leeds Festival 2015 on Thursday evening, at the "Welcome To Leeds Festival" stage, with local band Pulled Apart by Horses. | 441 hits
Live Review: Band Of Horses + Mojave 3 + Goldheart Assembly
I like to think of myself as a punctual individual - unlike my parents, they have turned being late into an art form - maybe I'm punctual because of them. | 715 hits
Live Review: The Subways + The Holy Terror + The Detonators
It's splendid when a trip down to a nearby pub results in you getting nicely sloshed and seeing a good band. | 947 hits
Live Review: The Dead Eyes Of Quint + Solus Locus
It's Wednesday and that can only mean one thing: making the hour-long journey from work to the Cockpit in just a little under thirty minutes. | 671 hits
CD Review: Hot Club De Paris - Drop It Till It Pops
I was looking forward to hearing this album having heard Everyeveryeverything and missing them supporting Maximo Park because of an inability to read my watch. | 444 hits
CD Review: Towers Of London - Blood Sweat and Towers
Or "the dangers of setting your stall too high" as this album should possibly be called. Don't get me wrong, this is still a good album. | 935 hits
CD Review: They Drove Me To It - Support in the Downtime
My first impression of They Drove Me To It is one of striking familiarity, which isn't a good start. The opening salvo of 'Enemy' and 'Kill Your Martyrs' could have come from any one of today's indie-lite wannabes, albeit with female vocals and a tad more distortion. | 347 hits
Live Review: Tsuba + The Perfect Strangers
Despite getting lost on the M621, I clawed our way back to Elland Road and skirted around the edge of the inner city road to Joseph Wells. | 340 hits
Live Review: The Playmates + Ten Seconds Of Chaos + Tract + DanMoFo
You have to feel a bit sorry for MoFo as they take the stage to an audience numbering approximately three. | 1,332 hits
CD Review: Best Coast - The Only Place
'The Only Place' is the second offering by Los Angeles-based Surf-Pop band Best Coast. It is a mere two years since Best Coast burst onto the scene with their highly-rated debut 'Crazy For You', a fantastic cacophony of Bethany Consentino's unmistakable vocals, slacker pop melodies and fuzzed-up guitars. | 342 hits
Live Review: Visa + Oceansize + Mojo Pin
The evening kicks off with MOJO PIN, a young band who I have not heard before. I was suitably impressed for a first hearing (normally I prefer to hear bands at least once before I review them); although the vocals were a little soft in parts and definition to the words would be an asset, especially when announcing songs. | 467 hits
Live Review: Mark B & Blade + Homecut Directive
The Warehouse may be out on a limb, up there near the ring road, but if this is a precedent for future Friday nights - then it'll be worth every step. | 377 hits
Live Review: Dan Croll + Lulu James + Esben and The Witch + Thumpers + Egyptian Hip Hop + Big Deal
Beacons Festival 2013 - Day One Jimmy the imposter went strolling into a festival, through the back door, in the early afternoon sunshine. | 446 hits
CD Review: Louise Distras - Heart Strings on a Hand Grenade
I reviewed Louise's last EP, and my only major complaint then was that the whole thing seemed a little bare - a bit thin if you will - for the style of music she plays. | 613 hits
CD Review: Hello Lazarus - Hello Lazarus
Several months ago I stumbled upon Hello Lazarus and their pre-release teaser on YouTube. I was suitably impressed, enough for me to search out a gig. | 349 hits
Live Review: Ten Seconds of Chaos + Kram + The Printed Sound + Pen Knife Love Life
I attended this show not quite knowing what to expect as I had heard a mixture of opinions on several of the bands, but when I arrived to a relatively large anticipating crowd, I thought I might be in for a good night. | 2,098 hits
CD Review: Saving Lenny - Driven To Distraction
On receiving a lovely 7" sized plastic sleeve I eagerly anticipated the smooth black vinyl slipping out into my hand. | 633 hits
CD Review: Kids In Glass Houses - Dirt
Having been a huge fan of Kids In Glass Houses for a number of years, ever since the early demo's of 'Skeletons' (which later became 'Saturday') or 'Pick Flowers, Not Fights' (which later became 'Fisticuffs') through 'Epocalypse' and 'Smart Casual' and with an amazing live show to boot, the band have set my expectations incredibly high. | 242 hits
Live Review: Kenny Wayne Shepherd
It constantly amazes me that a small town like Holmfirth, with a population comparable to that of a holiday park, can manage to pull in some huge names in the music business. | 555 hits
Live Review: Nine Black Alps + Then Thickens + The Spills
It is lovely to return to The Hop in Wakefield, a great venue and I arrive to the sound of The Spills, already in full swing and belting out some cracking tunes. | 520 hits
Live Review: Gnarwolves + Parquet Courts + Bring Me The Horizon + Fidlar
After a long night of rain, two nights in, three for some, it was clear the crowd were feeling a little gloomy, Gnarwolves gave us a cracking set. | 472 hits
CD Review: Samsa - Working on the Inside
Samsa cite influences in Radiohead and film, and they come out of their box as an augmented guitar band with wistful vocals and thoughtful lyrics. | 525 hits
Live Review: The Stranglers + WIlko Johnson + Mike Marlin
On 12th March I got to the O2 Academy at quarter to seven assuming I would be queueing to find the doors had opened early, and that the gig would be finishing earlier than planned so that the Academy could get on with a club night. | 1,273 hits
Live Review: Being 747 + The Lodger + Filth
I'd gone down to The Cardigan Arms to experience wonderful, shiny guitar pop. Stuff with hooks, choruses you can sing along to (if you wish), and that won't leave your head for days afterwards. | 1,118 hits
Live Review: I Was A Cub Scout + Rochelle + U R Penetrators + Mother Vulpine
Do you ever find yourself boasting to chums about the time you saw some bloated stadium-fillers back in the day when they were bottom of the bill at Joseph's Well? | 511 hits
Live Review: The Playmates + The Hair + O Fracas
Something's in the air tonight at The Cockpit and it's not just the smell of the Leeds music scene's great and good as they sweat profusely in the mid-Summer's heat which stifles the city's infamous indie club. | 1,849 hits
Live Review: The Horrors + Digitalism + The Offspring + Does It Offend You, Yeah? + Pulled Apart by Horses
Saturday arrived and we all hoped the mud had dried out. It hadn't. If anything it had gotten worse overnight. | 559 hits
Live Review: Aiden + Kill Hannah + Brigade + Serpico
From the start, the excitement in the crowd is palpable. Most people normally only turn up after the support bands are finished but tonight, with the anticipation of Kill Hannah almost as high as the anticipation for Aiden, people are already flooding the Cockpit. | 1,395 hits
Live Review: Alpha Male Tea Party + Body Hound + Two Trick Horse + Shatner's Bassoon
It is the first time I've been to a gig in the Games Room at The Brudenell. The last time I was in there, in fact, a bunch of us were playing 'killer' on the snooker tables. | 591 hits
Live Review: Hundred Reasons + 65 Days Of Static + Keiko
The Hundred Reasons journey is probably a blueprint many bands will not attempt to imitate. It's been one plagued by both in house bad decisions and the most malicious of record label misdemeanour. | 603 hits
Live Review: Black Wire + Grammatics + Laura Groves + White Light Parade
Right kids, before music, it's time for a bit of history... Dance To The Radio (DTTR) is a Leeds based record label started by Whiskas (yep that's right, the ginger one out of Forward Russia, some people have all the luck... | 1,157 hits
Live Review: four day Hombre + Leafeater + goad
I was looking forward to this gig as I knew pretty much nothing about goad and Leafeater and hadn't seen four day Hombre for almost 10 months. | 554 hits
CD Review: Scouting For Girls - Everybody Wants To Be On TV
Brought up in London, discovered by Myspace, nominated for three BRITs on their first album alone - What's not to like about Scouting For Girls? | 990 hits
Live Review: Virginia Creep + The Cut + El Capitan + Arcade
A night filled with highs and lows took place at Joseph's Well as three exceptional bands showcased their talents and one band were a disappointment to most concerned. | 862 hits
Interview: Father
Justin Myers caught up with Croatian metal band Father when they visited the Fenton in Leeds | 937 hits
Interview: Jon Gomm
Jon Gomm talks to Mile Spilsbury about the state of the industry, his upcoming tour and, erm, Chaucer? | 926 hits
Live Review: Penguin + Reverend And The Makers + The Whip + King Charles + Skint & Demoralised + Chris Helme + Redwire + The Glass Caves
This was a festival debut for Crooked Ways at Pontefract Park and a cracking line up for the day's event. | 821 hits
CD Review: The Wedding Present - Valentina
My earliest connection with Leeds goes back to discovering The Wedding Present some twenty odd years ago. | 793 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Album Of The Year 2009
When reviewing each year in music, it's often difficult to pinpoint exact albums that represent the year best. | 1,951 hits
Live Review: Middleman + Gabrielle Aplin + Frightened Rabbit + Slow Club + Micky P Kerr + James Blake + Milk White White Teeth + Sam Airey + The Marmozets
This time of year again with some fantastic Leeds artists such as Ellen and the Escapades, Hannah Trigwell, Pulled Apart by Horses and Dinosaur Pile Up getting raving reviews from press it is interesting to see that the Live at Leeds festival has grown and now in its 5th year the small festival acts as a warm up to get people ready for the big festival season coming up this summer. | 1,339 hits
News Article: Beacons Festival 2013 Preview
Here is our guide to Beacons Festival 2013! TOP 5 DJ's to see: Oneman Having previously headlined Beacons' Greendale Stage in 2012, the London based party starter has been invited for round two in 2013. | 538 hits
Live Review: Blink 182 + The 1975 + The Kooks + The Neighbourhood + Allusondrugs + Carnabells
Taking to the stage in their signature velveteen blazers, local lads Carnabells certainly looked the part as they opened the Festival Republic stage on Friday morning. | 1,568 hits
Live Review: The Moonlandingz + Frightened Rabbit + Idles + The Golden Age of TV
LIVE AT LEEDS 2017 Saturday 29th April Various venues NO MORE SLEEPS! It's LAL-day once again, a time for all indie kids to rejoice. | 384 hits
CD Review: Chris Helme - The Rookery
2012 has been a great year. I've been to memorable local gigs (Live at Leeds, Midlake, The Wailers, Damien Jurado, Megafaun), added brilliant new releases to the bowing shelves (Fossil Collective, Dry the River, Straylings) and met people fervently involved in the local music scene. | 1,118 hits
Feature: Live at Leeds 2011
With the fifth year of Live at Leeds promising to be even bigger and better than ever, Rosie Driver takes a look behind the scenes. | 1,535 hits
Live Review: Iron Maiden + Marilyn Manson + Incubus + Iggy & The Stooges + NOFX + Funeral for a Friend + Alkaline Trio + Turbonegro + My Chemical Romance
Dark sky in the morning, festival goers warning. Fucking brilliant ensemble of bands on the main stage tonight, festival goers delight. | 1,676 hits

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