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Band Profile: Nu Popes
Nu Popes are an energetic groove collective with heavy horns, driving hammond and soulful vocals. | 677 hits
Band Profile: Daybreakers
Fronted by the 3 previous members of The Touch, Daybreakers are a 6/7 piece blues rock collective combining huge soundscapes with psychedelic groove-pop licks. | 662 hits
News Article: Anonymous Groove is organising its annual live music weekend extravaganza...
For the fourth year running Anonymous Groove is organising its annual live music weekend extravaganza, but this year with a distinct difference. | 403 hits
CD Review: Goldie Lookin' Chain - Guns Don't Kill People Rappers Do
Newport's finest supporters of leisurewear are back with their second single on Must Destroy. Based over a cool repetitive groove the collective take it in turns to extol the mantra that 'the gun is the tool, the mind is the weapon'. | 1,263 hits
News Article: GNOD / BASS CLEF / BASIC HOUSE / ELIZABETH - Shipley 02/11/13
Golden Cabinet are a gig collective that promote regular live music at a community space in Shipley called The Kirkgate Centre on the first Saturday of every month. | 403 hits
Band Profile: Sativa
Sativa are a 5 piece metal band currently based in Halifax, West Yorkshire | 244 hits
Live Review: LSK + Nash
Nash are a funky outfit who like the headliners are charming and confident. Their lead singer is a more gruff (i.e. | 444 hits
Live Review: The Loose Cut
Way back in 1971, a man singing for a world in turmoil asked 'Do you believe in rock 'n' roll, can music save your mortal soul'? | 537 hits
Live Review: Hayashi + Black Diamond Bay + Eclectic + BoxSmash
Laptops - all the cool bands have them (apparently). With this in mind, it's 360 Club with a more electronic flavour tonight, The Library packed as per. | 685 hits
Live Review: Cold War Kids + Dananananaykroyd + King Creosote + Pictish Trail + Abe Vigoda
Stag and Dagger was a series of gigs put on around Leeds at a variety of venues. I decided to split my night between the seemingly themed Scottish (Brudenell) and American (TJ's Woodhouse Club) hi-jinks. | 467 hits
Live Review: JR Ewing + Voorhees + D-Rail
The original line-up of this Collective AKA gig featured two more bands - the great J.R. from Doncaster (who play Jesus Lizard style rock) and the Informers from France, who last played Leeds 15 years ago with the Exploited! | 351 hits
CD Review: Rhesus - Narcolepsy Baby
This three track EP from Midland's four-piece, Rhesus kicks off in truly uplifting fashion, with feel good anthem 'So Alone.' Blending melodic, easy-on-the-ear indie-rock with sugared lyrics and pop-music vocals, 'So Alone' manages to be thoroughly pleasant, without being bland. | 632 hits
Live Review: Wildhearts + The Glitterati
With people still slowly drifting into the venue The Glitterati take to the stage. A crack of drums and a howl of overdriven guitars sees the band launch into 'Heartbreaker' and a rampant set that keeps upping the energy levels with each song until you feel veins are going to burst somewhere on stage. | 1,004 hits
CD Review: Faintest Idea - Ignorance Is This
'Ignorance Is This' from Norfolk based Faintest Idea, is the sort of ska-punk that plays down the chirpiness usually associated with the genre. | 798 hits
Live Review: Cables Cause Fires + Not Great Men + Empire Safari
There is an atmosphere in the dank cellar beneath the Royal Park pub that owes less to the faint smell of rot and alcohol hanging in the air than it does to the pervading feeling amongst all present that this event is the beginning of something exciting: A night of music organized by the bands themselves in the heart of Hyde Park, with a sense of community and mutual respect amongst audience and musicians alike. | 774 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - NME The Album 2009
The press release that accompanies this two disco compilation gives NME the moniker of "the pioneers of all things cool" before promising us an album that "has its finger on the pulse, so you don't have to!" It couldn't possibly be any clearer that this is an album for people who see a band on the front cover of NME, and then spend the next week enthusing about the greatness of said band, regardless of whether they like them or not. | 1,576 hits
Interview: The Cast of Cheers
Last Wednesday, 29th February I was lucky enough to catch up with Cast of Cheers, four very charming and down to earth Irish lads. Greeted by smiles and handshakes the band introduced themselves before settling down in the upstairs backstage at the Cockpit. We chatted about their upcoming first European tour, living together and random music choices. All very different characters it became clear later on in the gig how they manage to successfully mix different genres of music together. | 795 hits
CD Review: Elmaroe - Tiny Sounds
I recall praising Elmaroe's-- efforts on his last EP, 'Sequences', when I critiqued it in March of this year. | 450 hits

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