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Interview: Jon Gomm
"Being a promoter is terrifying" - Leeds guitar virtuoso Jon Gomm takes on the promoter-role as he brings his 'Leeds Guitar Night' concept to the Brudenell Social Club on July 6th. | 1,961 hits
Band Profile: Leesa Mae
Sassy Singer/Songwriter from Leeds- Solo with acoustic guitar or with kickin 5 piece band. Also working as an Art Director on ITV's 'Heartbeat' & now 'Coronation Street'; Leesa Mae has continued to go from strength to strength. Leesa's debut single 'Forbidden Love' is now available to buy on iTunes and Amazon. | 1,489 hits
Live Review: Nick Mulvey + Sivu
Smooth, soothing tones of Nick Mulvey enveloped the Brudenell on Wednesday night (22nd) and I was lucky enough to be in the crowd being wowed by such an incredible artist. | 886 hits
Band Profile: White Comic
Nik Worsley - Lead vocals/rhythm guitar Nathan Flower - Lead Guitar Ben McGowan - Bass Ryan Taylor - Drums We have been together since around February 2009, and have we have matured dramatically. | 5,451 hits
Band Profile: Tim Canfer
Tim Canfer grew up playing guitar; a longhaired indie-kid in the throws of the grunge era. At the age of 18 he blagged a job teaching music at an American summer camp and, while there, decided against a career in the glamorous world of electronic engineering for the drudgery of Rock 'n' Roll. | 529 hits
Band Profile: Under The Gun
Jay - Vocals Jimmi T- Guitar Mikey D- Bass Tommy- Drums Under The Gun are a 4 piece hard rock band which is all about good songs with less of the bullshit. | 210 hits
Band Profile: Goodnight Seattle
I'm not here to show off amazing guitar skills or a beautiful voice, because I have neither. I am a Acoustic songwriter from Leeds. | 249 hits
Band Profile: Bloodshake
Punk/Grunge from Halifax | 168 hits
Live Review: Electric Mud Generator
Electric Mud Generator play Lead Guitar-led heavy 70's rock with elements of blues and a whole lot of talent. | 553 hits
Band Profile: sextrafika
Danny Hardwick (Lead Vocals, Guitar) Tim Richards (Backing Vocals, Guitar) Tim Burge (Lead Guitar) Phil Nickson (Bass Guitar) Dave Moorhouse (Drums) sextrafika first got together in November 2004 when Danny, Tim and Phil began writing and practicing above a bar in Leeds City Centre. | 716 hits
Live Review: Seth Lakeman
The old days when folk was seen as only for the "crusties" are gone. Thanks to troubadours like Willy Mason, Frank Turner and Get Cape,Wear Cape, Fly, folk is now in the lug holes of many young as well as old people. | 1,046 hits
Live Review: City And Colour + Attack In Black
City And Colour are a curious act to find in a place like this. To think that a member of an internationally renowned screamo outfit would bring his solo acoustic tour to the Brudenell sounds absolutely ludicrous. | 1,763 hits
Band Profile: Achtung Everybody!
Achtung Everybody! are a punk rock band from Leeds, UK. | 380 hits
Live Review: Jon Gomm + Gallo
This is the second time I have seen Gallo and I like them more every time. The female duo have a lot of talent between them and use guitar and saxophone to produce some lovely funky, jazzy, blusey medleys, topped off with an angelic, but strong voice that you have to notice. | 1,345 hits
CD Review: Jesse Malin - Broken Radio
This song was made for The Boss. The addition of Bruce Springsteen's vocals to this tale of escapism through the car radio is an arena anthem worthy of its recent blitz on Radio 2. | 455 hits
CD Review: Milf - Nothing At All EP
Milf are a three-piece Bradford band and have been plying their trade for over 4 years now, since they were 14, and bring us a truly fantastic four-track EP. | 444 hits
Live Review: The Party Animals + Monroe + Dionysus + Unleashed
Tonight, The Highwood saw 4 bands. I'll admit here that I'm not too sure who is who with this bill (in approximate terms). | 415 hits
Band Profile: Reborn Reloaded
A metal band, looking for gigs and recording very soon. | 335 hits
Live Review: Inner City Sumo + Shakinouts + Tiny Tigers + Plastic Fuzz
It wasn't a huge crowd that braved the Kirkstall Road winds to see these 4 bands in The Moog Productions evening at The Cardigan Arms. | 1,491 hits
CD Review: Sky Larkin - One of Two
With their debut release Sky Larkin show the skills and naivety that so far make up their charm. One of Two is slightly too long to be a real radio hit world beater. | 690 hits
Band Profile: ZX Story
8 bit chiptune rock and roll metal influenced by sinclair zx spectrum nostalgia | 282 hits
News Article: New record label to emerge in Leeds...
A new Leeds-based record label - "Performing Chimp Records" - was officially launched at the start of this month with the release of its first title onto the streets of the city - the album Hypertension by local guitar-maestro Jon Gomm. | 794 hits
CD Review: The Darkness - One Way Ticket
How long has it been since we last saw The Darkness release a single? It must have been almost two years ago and there was almost no sign of them re-emerging! | 706 hits
Live Review: Rodrigo Y Gabriela
The duo of Rodrigo Y Gabriela have wowed crowds at Glastonbury and Womad with their amazing guitar skills. | 746 hits
CD Review: Kasiuss - Untitled
After watching the promotional clip, and certainly after listening to this five track EP from Harrogate band Kasiuss, one cannot help but wonder how they manage to musically multi-task to produce a complete sound with only two band members. | 810 hits
Live Review: Mumford & Sons + Jack Garratt
Last Saturday, 12th December, Mumford and Sons made a very welcome trip to First Direct Arena. Before they graced the stage Jack Garratt made an appearance who is a breath of fresh air amongst current mediocre pop. | 696 hits
CD Review: The Echo - Cast Those Stones EP
Come on now, another band with "THE" in the title. I received 4 cds this week to review and 3 of the bands were either called the somethings, the somebodies, or the so fucking whats. | 590 hits
CD Review: The Scandal - Karolina
The Scandal are 3 Leeds boys making a funk-tastic noise and Karolina is their new 5 Track EP. It kicks off with some rousing guitars, a resounding bass and intricate beat emanating from the drums. | 515 hits
CD Review: The Outlines - s/t
This two tracker from The Outlines is a self-produced side step from the rock-pop formula adopted on previous releases. | 489 hits
Band Profile: The Camisado Project
Camisado, [n. pl.] def. A surprise attack by night. | 619 hits
News Article: The Lodger to release a new single and album in May 2008
'Life Is Sweet', the second album from Leeds band The Lodger, will be released on 19th May on local label Bad Sneakers Records. | 474 hits
CD Review: Meat Puppets - Lollipop
With its psychedelic cover and random accompanying videos, you would think this latest album from Meat Puppets was a little "out there" like some of their earlier recordings, but this is a catchy, smooth selection of music. | 492 hits
Band Profile: Antony Arcuri
The fact that all of the material is written by one person is astounding. Any further developments by Antony Arcuri should be followed in the future, as this demo proves - Carl Shooter - Shoot the Runner 2007. | 1,127 hits
CD Review: Pushbike Army - Sleeping In The Ditch
Lets face it, music can transcend plenty of boundaries, but I for one didn't think that time and space was one of them. | 513 hits
CD Review: Dead At 27 - Scatter the Shrapnel
"Scatter the Shrapnel" is the second EP from this Halifax based band and featuring a wah guitar heavy, punked up version of the Grange Hill theme tune, this is a band who aren't as morbid as their name suggests. | 642 hits
CD Review: Nerve Engine - Chrome
Nerve Engine wield their guitars, with the precision of a surgeon's scalpel. Barrage after barrage of "Gugga Gugga" guitars rain down and some intricate playing shows off the highly flexed skills of the band. | 374 hits
Band Profile: Unspeakable Easels
post-rap hip hop | 494 hits
Live Review: Kid iD
A smiling six piece band with trumpet, trombone, drums, percussion, bass, guitar and vocals, all played with serious pro skills can hardly go wrong in the festival sunshine. | 726 hits
Live Review: Johnson House
Johnson House?... who the hell are Johnson House you may ask. Well, not a band that blow their own trumpets, not a band you will be reading about every week on the LMS message board - or even in YEP. | 990 hits
Live Review: The Raindogs
If blues-rock is as close as you like to get to the blues and you like it revved-up and with the occasional touch of rowdiness, then a pretty positive forecast can be made for The Raindogs. | 522 hits
Live Review: Hawkwind + Bruise
Bruise are an astonishingly good act; you feel like you have known them and their music for ages. Isobel Morris' vocals are haunting yet intrusive and cover a broad range. | 662 hits
Band Profile: 10,000 Things
rock blues | 12,788 hits
CD Review: The Wooden Spoons - Tales of the Professional EP
The Wooden Spoons are made up of identical twins with an ear (or four) for lush melodies and the gift of good storytelling. | 344 hits
CD Review: Planet Of Women - Waking Up the Neighbourhood
"November spawned a monster" sang Morrissey back in 1991. Fourteen years on and this turn of phrase could be applied to some of the current wave of artists riding on the coat-tails of the glam rock/ cock-rock resurgence instigated by The Darkness. | 644 hits
CD Review: One Night Only - Started A Fire
Brian May reforming the original line up of Queen. Britney Spears performing on stage like her ball of a life isn't rolling down into the gutter. | 418 hits
Live Review: DJ Shadow + Akala + Stateless
Stateless are the band of Chris James, Leeds friend of the Shadow. Mixing hip hop, dance and rock they are a good start to the show, and should have been on after the next group. | 926 hits
CD Review: Franz Ferdinand - s/t
With a top three single (Take Me Out) there inevitably comes "hype" and with that greatest of all evils you can be assured of quite a few things: half the population loves you because you are the next best thing since the last; half the population hates you for the same reason; there's huge expectation put on your debut album and you're guaranteed some classic journalistic bandwagon jumping - for instance if you have read previously that Franz Ferdinand sound like The Strokes that is simply cobblers. | 645 hits
CD Review: Levellers - Before The End
'Before The End' isn't the Levellers at their best. It sees them forgo most of their folk leanings in favour of a pounding drumbeat that runs throughout the whole of the song, and will probably leave you with a massive headache. | 484 hits
Band Profile: Small Words
A band of EPIC proportions | 802 hits
Live Review: Fightstar + The Humour
Standing around the Cockpit, waiting for my interview slot, I got chatting with the drummer from The Humour, who were getting ready to soundcheck. | 937 hits
CD Review: Hyro da Hero - Birth. School. Work. Death
'Birth. School. Work. Death' is a straight to the point album title, from the Houston born rapper, Hyro Da Hero. | 416 hits
Live Review: Jon Gomm + Stateless + d-koy
d-koy have hair that has not been seen since Hundred Reasons first graced the stage all those years ago. | 802 hits
CD Review: Rhode Island - Untitled
Rhode Island all come from Leeds. You will never have heard of them. This is because their current CD goes under a different guise. | 414 hits
CD Review: The Crypt - Untitled
With a name such as The Crypt, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this band is a Goth-rock or black metal outfit. | 374 hits
CD Review: Hayley Hutchinson - Independently Blue
York's Hayley Hutchinson has set up her own label, HayLo Media, to release this debut album of country tinged acoustic tunes. | 998 hits
CD Review: Chris Cornell - Songbook
This release by Soundgarden / Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell is a collection of acoustic songs recorded live from his solo acoustic tour in the US during March to May 2011. | 633 hits
Live Review: Juno 2 + Breathe + Bradley-Eden
Thanks to the note at the bottom of the flyers I managed to get the bus up there this time (56/57), it's a long walk from town otherwise, but well worth it! | 291 hits
CD Review: A Day Left - The pseudo post neo modern avante bassment garden rock EP
Two spelling mistakes in a pisstake title that takes no piss is not a good start. A sound check drum intro to a trying-hard-to-impress first track takes things down another notch. | 623 hits
Live Review: Bad Beat Revue
There are about a dozen people in the room but I think somebody has forgotten to tell Bad Beat Revue's front man. | 1,954 hits
Live Review: Cay + My Vitriol + Crashland
The Kerrang tour comes to Leeds and brings with it three of the latest bands who are riding high on the crest of rave reviews and publicity. | 498 hits
Live Review: Misled Vision + Final Conclusion + Fadge
FADGE Though I wasn't really impressed with Fadge's musical style I was impressed with their ability as a band and the crowd response. | 449 hits
Live Review: French Soul Party + Jack's aTTic + Sharp Darts + The Sunbeams
First up in the 360 Club is The Sunbeams, a three piece band from Wakefield and with a simple "hello" they kick into their nice simple intro. | 584 hits
CD Review: Messina - Split Your Heart
Wakefield based band Messina are new on the radar, and are carving out a dynamic, aggressive style of prog/alt rock. | 579 hits
Live Review: Down Radio + Rawschac + Terra-ist + Strangers In Paradise
Strangers In Paradise Strangers in Paradise kicked off proceedings for the 360 Club special at the HiFi Club, with a simple friendly greeting the band immediately went straight into their first track, an heavy number with a grunge rock n roll feel to it. | 1,050 hits
Live Review: The Blood Brothers + Help She Can't Swim
The start time is really delayed, doors are at 7ish and Help She Can't Swim do not appear until 8.45pm. | 663 hits
Live Review: Lightspeed Champion + Martin Bignall
Whether it was the presupposed idea that Lightspeed Champion would be akin to Dev's former insane, urchin punk band Test Icicles, or the belief that such a gig would only attract indie scene kids, The Cockpit was looking bare... | 529 hits
Band Profile: Mr Gary C
You could sum up Mr Gary C's career to date by saying he's "been there, done that and worn the t-shirt!" As both an accomplished musician and songwriter, his credentials include UK Independent Chart and UK Commercial Club Chart top 10 success, songs featured on MTV, Channel 4, Sky Sports, surfing DVDs and computer games, daytime radio-play across the UK, USA, Germany and Australia, being an in-house songwriter for an independent record label, and having a song considered by the musical director of a James Bond movie. | 889 hits
Live Review: Emily Wells + Eaves + Dirdsbead
Belgrave Music Hall has popped up onto Leeds music scene in the last few months as a fantastic new venue, offering not only great live music, club nights and beer but food as well. | 536 hits
CD Review: Jesse Malin - Glitter In the Gutter
After owning 'The Heat' for some time now, I was really excited about the upcoming album from New York's Jesse Malin. | 710 hits
Live Review: Westport
A Swedish hitchhiker near York asked if I played a musical instrument and when the answer was no he told me he was returning from Ireland. | 587 hits
Live Review: Ben Howard
On his first sold out album tour, Ben Howard plays the magical Brudenell Social Club, a place full of history and memorable performances. | 1,146 hits
News Article: New Review Of "Revolution"
Every once in a while working in this industry you get the chance to discover a band that has that something extra, that quality which makes them shine above all the rest; incredible musicians, powerful vocals, awesome and original tracks. | 183 hits
CD Review: Mutado Pintado - Carbon Copies / This Life
'This Life' is a song about "growing up on Cape Cod". Interesting concept, one which has given me an idea to write a song myself, a pretty little ditty about growing up on the mean streets of Stockton-on-the-Forest. | 341 hits
Live Review: Duncan McFarlane Band
What Otley has rightly become used to when the Duncan McFarlane Band plays the Folk Festival there, is a glowingly satisfied home crowd with a similar reaction from visitors who know the band's sound - and amidst all this, many new listeners simply astounded at the quality of Duncan and his musicians. | 1,006 hits
Live Review: Frightened Rabbit + Fran Rodgers + Yonderboy
When the two planned supports pull out last-minute, it would be very easy for disaster to strike, and this evening Yonderboy and Fran Rodgers are drafted in on very short notice to avert a possible catastrophe. | 1,341 hits
CD Review: Vib Gyor - Untitled
As the year comes to an end Vib Gyor can look back and smile. An ever growing international fan base, great reviews, spectacular live shows and even a mention in American magazine Entertainment Weekly and after listening to this latest collection of their work it suggests that 2005 is going to be even better. | 1,292 hits
Live Review: Fulc + Bushbaby + Diawara
The Diawara frontman looks in his element as he energetically takes it upon himself to cover every square inch of the stage before the night is up. | 658 hits
Live Review: Caterpillar + Time of Hibu + The Blonde + Tom Bradley
First up at the 360 Club tonight and undaunted by a sparse early crowd, Tom Bradley has our attention the second he opens his mouth, revealing the kind of voice every aspiring singer-songwriter wishes they had. | 661 hits
CD Review: Henrik Freischlader - House In The Woods
Henrik Freischlader's sleek, stylish and powerfully blues-soaked sound bowls you over when you first let this amazing live album, House In The Woods, make contact with your sound system. | 467 hits
Live Review: i concur + Tomorrow We Sail + Hidden Bek
They may look startlingly fresh-faced, but it doesn't take long for Hidden Bek to prove themselves as settled and mature musicians. | 707 hits
CD Review: The Young Knives - Voices of Animals and Men
On the face of it the casual observer may assume that The Young Knives are just another overnight arrival from The Futureheads' pressing plant, but how wrong they would be. | 606 hits
Live Review: Joff Whitten + Tristan Mackay + Colin Mounsey
On every single table this evening lies a small array of business cards, showing an acoustic guitar with a trilby leaning on its headstock at a jaunty angle - an instantly recognisable trademark of the alter-ego of Tristan Mackay, "The Bedroom Orchestra", one of this evening's acts. | 1,437 hits
Live Review: Piskie Sits + The Acutes + David Broad + The Seven Inches
First up tonight in this the first Bone of the year is the mighty The Seven Inches, and special mention must go to singer Ian (or Crazylegs as some of us know him) - he's become a proper frontman, camper than Pete Shelley and possessing all the synchronisation dancing wise of summat very asynchronous indeed. | 878 hits
Live Review: Tom Napper & Tom Bliss
With this year's move to a new home, the world's oldest folk club is suddenly closer to Leeds than ever before, just when folk music is elbowing its way back into the general consciousness. | 907 hits
Live Review: Feeds + St. Somebody + City Dukes + YOUNG
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the local music scene, you can't get much better than 360 Club at the Library in Hyde Park. | 773 hits
Live Review: Titans Troubadours + The Hypes + 12:27 + Square Figures
There's a good atmosphere tonight at the 360 Club, and to open up we have a two man band Square Figures. | 1,031 hits
Live Review: Brazil + Phluid + Monkey
Interpol had to drop out due to pressing engagement catching criminals in Paris airports (actually they were doing a Peel session if I heard rightly). | 345 hits
Live Review: Mishkin
The stage is set, the crowd is ready and the atmosphere is heavy with anticipation. It's time for Saturday's headliners at the inaugural Metal Fringe to deliver. | 438 hits
Live Review: Nightmare Of You + Elle Milano
Nightmare Of You are going to be so huge it doesn't bear thinking about. If mine and literally anyone else who's thus far come into contact with Long Islands Nightmare Of You predictions are correct tonight will have been one very special and significant show indeed. | 730 hits
Live Review: Electric Soft Parade + Chris T-T + Actress Hands
Actress Hands have just released a split with the headlining band, having just toured with their fellow Brighton and Metway studio regulars British Sea Power. | 706 hits
Live Review: Plastic Fuzz
This was my first Tea Time Shuffle for some time, and I was excited to be down reviewing a band I actually discovered through LMS - Plastic Fuzz. | 528 hits
Live Review: Jont + Breakmakers + Brendan Campbell
Tonight is a very unusual night at the cockpit, for the first time ever I have seen tables and chairs set out in room 2. | 1,164 hits
CD Review: The Kinks - Kinks / Kinda Kinks / The Kink Kontroversy
When one of the most influential bands of our times releases its first three original albums at once, you had better sit up and start taking notes. | 2,100 hits
Live Review: The Stills + The Open + Kaiser Chiefs
Two support bands. Why? Why oh fucking why? Maybe I need clarification, but I thought the whole point of a support band was to warm up the crowd for the main event, not take away all the time from them? | 2,129 hits
CD Review: Marmozets - The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets
I managed to catch a little of Marmozets' set at Leeds Festival earlier in the year, but from outside on the screen as I was walking around, trying to cram in as much as possible in my one day there. | 836 hits
Live Review: The Proclaimers
On the face of it Will Varley is simply another singer-songwriter with an acoustic guitar - if you were to strike him down right now, 50 more would appear to take his place before you could finish this sentence. | 522 hits
Live Review: The Imagined Village
A full room at the Irish Centre is a lot of people, especially for a Tuesday night, which creates a great atmosphere, and teasing anticipation. | 506 hits
CD Review: Tristan Mackay - Out Along The Wire
Having spent many an enjoyable hour sitting on a bench in Leeds amazed at Tristan Mackay's busking, to hear an album as good as this is almost as exciting for me as it is for him. | 1,150 hits
Live Review: Sweet Billy Pilgrim + Bruce Soord + Huw Eddy
Monday marked the start of a rare run of school night gigs (three trips to Brudenell in four days!) and kicked off with me seeing one of my favourite artists for the very first time. | 757 hits
Live Review: City of Lights + Danny Landau + Jack Edwards
At least once a week, 'The Library' pub based in Leeds plays host to the music event known as the '360 Club'. | 873 hits
News Article: Jupiter Falls "Revolution" Album Review From The USA
Review By Leslie J. Bialik (Music Critique, California, USA "Revolution" by Jupiter Falls October 9, 2013 "Revolution", the debut release by UK band Jupiter Falls really is a showcase for their excellent songwriting, singing, musicianship and production skills. | 316 hits
News Article: Buffalo Bones release debut EP
Buffalo Bones - Hell To Skeleton EP - Release date: 21st March 'Hell To Skeleton' is the debut release from Leeds based rock band Buffalo Bones. | 570 hits
Live Review: Sposh + Maria Leahy + Last Night's TV + Davina + Danny Carr
I enjoy acoustic music and being able to sit at tables is great (ok I admit it - I'm old... I like to sit down sometimes) I knew Danny Carr was playing, but wasn't sure what else was on. | 783 hits
CD Review: Million Dead - Harmony No Harmony
Million Dead are f**king awesome. No. Seriously. Folks. They really are. If 2003's debut effort 'A Song To Ruin' passed you by somewhat, firstly you are indeed a foolish human being and secondly, this, album number two, if you give it half a chance, will suck you in and spit you out believing THIS is something special and Million Dead are one of, if not the, best band in Britain right now. | 1,977 hits
Live Review: The Covelles + Crooked Tongues + The Scandal + Crowds
One thing you won't find at 360 Club is bland pop, like the girls singing about whether you should "call her maybe"! | 771 hits
CD Review: Blue Sky Project - Fenestrae EP
'Fenestrae' is, quite simply everything one could possibly want from a proper debut, and more. The band lure you in on 'Splitlips' with Joe Wingfield's piano setting a false tone of an EP that's going to give you an easy ride before inescapably This Et Al-like guitars encroach on the sound. | 2,142 hits
Live Review: Aces & Eights + The Voltaires + Honeycomb Love
Aces & Eights are one of the only recent bands who have not come directly from MySpace. Rather than relying on the support of their, admittedly, over 1000 "Friends" they've worked their way up through the grimy Leeds pubs to arrive, not quite signed and slightly tainted, at the Cockpit. | 1,061 hits
Live Review: Hatch + Sugarvalve + Embassy
Live music seems to be undergoing some kind of renaissance in Leeds at the moment, with several new venues popping up here and there. | 370 hits
Live Review: SBTRKT + Mount Kimbie
The generic explosive dubstep found on the YouTube channel UKFDubstep could learn a thing or two from Mount Kimbie and SBTRKT. | 1,002 hits
Live Review: Tiger Army + Deadline + Buzzkill
Not many people are here to watch Buzzkill; a real shame, as they give it their all. Unfortunately there is a problem with the saxophone, meaning we don't get to see Matt Perrot strut his stuff, and this leaves half a brass section by the name of Ben Whittington, who's trumpet can barely be heard except during his fiddly solos. | 922 hits
Live Review: A Hawk And A Hacksaw + Jack Rose
Contemporary Music Network tours are usually pretty special. But this was extra special. This was my first time in the Holy Trinity Church, and whilst the architecture hardly resembles that of the York Minster or Barcelona's Sagrada Familia, I don't think there are any live venues in Leeds which can match this type of setting. | 598 hits
Live Review: This Et Al + ˇForward, Russia! + Mountain Men Anonymous + O Fracas
Upon recent visits to The Vine I must admit to being impressed by the seemingly more coherent approach taken to choosing the line-ups for nights, with what appears to be more consideration given to how compatible bands are both in terms of their musical style and fanbase. | 1,050 hits
Live Review: Idiot Pilot + The Seal Cub Clubbing Club
It's 8pm and the Cockpit pit is already absolutely rammed. That's saying quite a lot considering there are only 2 bands on tonight, Idiot Pilot and The Seal Cub Clubbing Club. | 1,133 hits
CD Review: The Dead Orchestra - Force Of Habit
Following on from their untitled first EP, West Yorkshire four-piece The Dead Orchestra release another four tracks of indie-pop, string arrangements and shiver-inducing synths. | 449 hits
Live Review: The Warlocks + Dead Combo
The night begins as Dead Combo take the stage, and this electro-rock duo have a rather big challenge in front of them. | 755 hits
CD Review: Cazals - What Of Our Future
Scuzzy indie chancers and childhood playmates of Pete Doherty, Cazals caused a few excited murmurs in the East London grotty party scene a few years back, and after being spoken about in the same sentences as The Rakes and The Paddingtons, signed, quite (un)surprisingly to the 'super-cool' and 'uber-trendy' French label Kitsune. | 627 hits
Band Profile: Chasing Dragons
Rocket-fuelled, female-fronted hard rock band. | 1,560 hits
Interview: The Hold Steady
The Hold Steady arrive in the UK next month for their first full UK tour. Danielle Millea caught up with guitarist Tad Kubler. | 1,944 hits
News Article: Bright Young Things 2008: the 15 successful bands are revealed
Following an intense two-day judging process, the fifteen successful acts for Bright Young Things 2008 have been announced today. | 2,459 hits
Live Review: China Rats + Grandmaster Flash + Hundred Dollar Cigar + The D.O.T.
It is just after lunch and I arrive at Pontefract Park, the sun is high in the sky and occasionally disappearing behind a cloud. | 734 hits
Live Review: Laboratory Noise + Bobbie Peru + SYRUS + Royal Treatment Plant
A pretty quiet start to the evening for a Saturday night in Leeds, and bloody cold too, so I was looking for something to warm my cockles. | 691 hits
Interview: Humanfly
Matt Bentley chatted with Humanfly before their Leeds launch gig for 'Darker Later', the new album released the 8th of November on Brew Records. | 980 hits
Live Review: Rothko + The Boats + Glissando + Pan Am Scan + Sleepingdog + Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon + Spokes
Tonight may be billed as 'Forest of Sound Vs Gizeh Records', but the musically complementary and socially affable dynamic between the two rooms, and quite literal musical-chairs of collaboration going on in the Packhorse, negate any connotations of rivalry. | 719 hits
Live Review: Vampire Weekend + White Williams
Now I don't usually have many options on a Wednesday night, but with both Vampire Weekend and Black Lips playing on the same night I was torn. | 868 hits
Live Review: The Dirty Robbers + The Pigeon Detectives + The Hellset Orchestra + Jordan Senior
A generous crowd packed into The Vine on a hot, sweaty and very eclectic night. Though competing with The Blueskins playing at The Cockpit, and the perpetually popular Big Brother finale, tonight's gig was well attended and another success for the team at The Vine - a venue that has fast stamped its foot on the Leeds scene and continues to showcase some of Leeds', and as it turned out tonight, the UK's, best unsigned talent. | 2,521 hits
Interview: Defend Moscow
Leeds Music Scene had a chat with guitarist Dave Fawbert from Defend Moscow | 829 hits
Interview: Fyfe Dangerfield
LMS caught up with Fyfe Dangerfield, Guillemots' frontman, before his support slot for Corinne Bailey Rae at Leeds Met. | 1,256 hits
Live Review: Tristan Mackay + Andrew James O'Brien
I like expanding my musical tastes, seeing a diverse range of gigs in random venues and this one was different in more ways than one! | 1,116 hits
Interview: Tom Hingley
Tom Hingley - Madchester Man - Musician - Hat sniffer and a legend! Victoria Holdsworth asks the questions. | 1,191 hits
Live Review: Razorlight + The Sunshine Underground + King Charles + The Blood Arm + Piskie Sits + Skint & Demoralised + Kate Douglas + The Bishops
I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, than sat in a sunny field listening to amazing musical talent. | 629 hits
Live Review: On Hollow Ground + Bludger + We, The Defined + Pteroglyph
Firstly, why have I never been to The Fox and Newt before? Although it's a little out of town, it has a great beer selection, friendly staff and atmosphere and a live space that works really well for events like this. | 812 hits
CD Review: Fake Problems - It's Great To Be Alive
'It's Great To Be Alive,' the third album from Florida's Fake Problems, is so sublimely happy, that it'll leave you agreeing with the album title wholeheartedly. | 566 hits
Live Review: Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls + Gary Stewart
Friday was an evening of firsts: my first time at All Hallows, the first time I got to watch Gary Stewart and the first time that Miles Hunt had played in a church. | 1,483 hits
Live Review: Blink 182 + The 1975 + The Kooks + The Neighbourhood + Allusondrugs + Carnabells
Taking to the stage in their signature velveteen blazers, local lads Carnabells certainly looked the part as they opened the Festival Republic stage on Friday morning. | 1,571 hits
Band Profile: Kasiuss
Kasiuss are not your average rock band. Combining epic piano and classical chord movements with feel good and sometimes raw and aggressive guitar riffs, poignant lyrics, dynamic builds and catchy chorus', the Kasiuss 'sound' is one that can be hard to define. | 1,766 hits
CD Review: Chiodos - Bone Palace Ballet
Second album from rising Michigan hardcore crew Chiodos begins as it means to go on, with the distinctly operatic 'Two Birds Stoned At Once.' Opening with a shiver-inducing Victorian-tinged violin, 'Two Birds Stoned At Once' recalls The Used's 'The Bird and The Worm,' both in terms of its operatic leanings and the Bert McCracken-like twinge to frontman Craig Owens' voice. | 1,368 hits
Live Review: Truvine + Kill Manticore + Interruptor Jones + Colin Mounsey
So this is the location for Wakefield's newest acoustic night (featuring two non-acoustic bands tonight, just for the hell of it). | 891 hits
Interview: To Kill A King
To Kill A King are back on home turf for a gig at The Brudenell and I managed to catch the band (Ralph Pelleymounter, Josh Platman, Jon Willoughby, Ian Dudfield and Ben Jackson) for a chat, before they take to the stage. I wanted to find out what they had been up to since I last saw, read on to find out about Guerrilla activities, Howling and Touring with Rihanna! | 1,072 hits
Interview: Jon Gomm
Matt Bentley catches up with Jon Gomm. | 1,868 hits

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