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Interview: Aereogramme
There are few bands in 2004 that can quite captivate the listener in a complete contrast of emotions like Aereogramme, we speak to singer/guitarist Craig B about the release of impending mini album "Seclusion", touring the world in a beat up transit van and... skeleton xylophones | 797 hits
Interview: Mew
Ben Daure caught up with Bo Madsen from Mew after their recent show at Leeds' Cockpit venue... | 1,618 hits
CD Review: Sharon Van Etten - Tramp
I first saw Sharon Van Etten in May of last year at Brudenell Social Club in Leeds and was really blown away by the raw sincerity and emotion that she put into her songs. | 280 hits
CD Review: Fountainhead - Footprints in the Sand
Bethany Dowsett sings with a Stevie Nicks' catch to her voice and Tom Stupple plays very good guitar in sympathetic acoustic straightforwardness. | 601 hits
News Article: Gang Of Four release a new album on 24th January
Gang Of Four have unveiled the video for 'You'll Never Pay For The Farm', one of the stand-out tracks from their forthcoming new album 'Content', which is released on the 24th January via Gronland Records. | 309 hits
CD Review: Deadwall - Bukimi no Tani
The debut album from Deadwall, is one I have been looking forward to hearing for a long time. From the first live show, I knew there was something special about these boys. | 543 hits
CD Review: Y? - Untitled
What we have here are two good voices and one mission to go spaced out and relaxed. Superficially it has Boards of Canada for the underlay and lite nu R&B as the deep pile upholstery. | 237 hits
CD Review: Curry Quiche - 1 Seed. No Leeches
As bizarre as their name suggests, Curry Quiche, (allegedly) formed over a take-away, are 5 boys from Rotherham, telling their own rather intriguing tales. | 271 hits
Live Review: Mew + Pure Reason Revolution
I've been waiting outside the Cockpit for about 30 minutes now stood here on my bill with nothing but a rock to keep me company. | 2,024 hits
CD Review: Djevara - Third World War: Cast the First Stone
"Third World War", an opening track that explodes in your face, waltzes its way through a world of emotions, and politely passes you onto track two "The Death Of Cliff Richard". | 291 hits
News Article: Buffalo Bones release debut EP
Buffalo Bones - Hell To Skeleton EP - Release date: 21st March 'Hell To Skeleton' is the debut release from Leeds based rock band Buffalo Bones. | 519 hits
Band Profile: People in Planes
People in Planes is an alternative rock group from Porthcawl, Wales which formed in 2000. Previously the group was known as Robots in the Sky, and later Tetra Splendour before settling on People in Planes. | 325 hits
Band Profile: Thief Taker
We sound like a whole series of Sir David Attenborough's Planet Earth. | 818 hits
Band Profile: Jason Collett
Jason Collett is a Canadian singer-songwriter. A member of Broken Social Scene, he also tours and records on his own. | 86 hits

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