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Live Review: The Sunshine Underground + Keith + The Printed Sound
The Printed Sound began proceedings on Friday night at The Vine, following their inclusion into the first Leeds HMV Showcase. | 1,302 hits
Live Review: Waking Theo + Hollow Point + Daigoro + Pointe Blank
Organized by Eddy of Collective Management, tonight's "Annihilation night" gig at the Fenton promised to showcase some of the top metal talent from the local area, as well as one band from further afield. | 612 hits
CD Review: Flipside - Untitled
Flipside's demo spins around in the CD player, while a huge cringe appears on my face. Three tracks, three power ballads. | 405 hits
Band Profile: The Eyes Of A Traitor
The Eyes of a Traitor released their impressive debut full-length in early 2009. Having been discovered by UK underground label, Thirty Days of Night when they were all just 16 years old, it was clear then that the future was bright for this Hertfordshire based quintet. | 138 hits
Live Review: Mama Scuba + Champion Kickboxer + Last People On Earth + Yorkshire Bone
On paper this was an impressive showcase line-up of cross-Yorkshire talent tonight courtesy of Sandman magazine. | 883 hits
Live Review: Fizzy Blood + Bi:Lingual + Yawning Dog
Nominally an EP launch gig for Fizzy Blood this free show at the Brudenell was really a showcase for several young, talented bands from the Leeds area and served to reinforce just the buoyant health of the local music scene. | 865 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Acoustic Selection Box
The latest DVD released by Cool Acoustics, titled 'Acoustic Selection Box' gives the viewer over two hours of hidden gems from the acoustic music diamond mine. | 604 hits
Live Review: Ballyhoo/Eventide + Talk To Angels + Beneath The Headlights + Secrets Of Kaplan
It's mid July and despite the obvious lack of students around Leeds, tonight's 360 Club is suitably busy by the time openers Secrets Of Kaplan take to the stage. | 714 hits
CD Review: The Checks - Hunting Whales
The Checks are one of those extremely rare bands whose musical output is far more advanced than they are in age - put simply, this fresh-faced New Zealand band were in the right place at the right time when talent was being, unequally, handed out. | 718 hits
Live Review: Paul Thomas Saunders
Moments into a set designed to showcase his recently released debut album Paul Thomas Saunders is telling us that he is happy to be playing for us as 'we all have friendly faces'. | 394 hits
Live Review: The Lodger + Downdime + The Chiara L's + The Manhattan Love Suicides
People teemed like ants from the early evening into the comfort of the Brudenell Social Club - one of Leeds' best loved venues. | 1,447 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Ali Whitton / Sarah Williams split single
The split single can look deceptively simple - two bands that stand up well in isolation can incur a musical car crash when unsuccessfully married on release. | 982 hits
News Article: The Zombies release new album prior to Leeds gig in December
Brit legends The Zombies - fresh from their triumphant Glastonbury performance - announce a brand new studio album and UK tour. | 419 hits
Live Review: Snipereyes + Finka + Speakeasy + The Restaurant
Sounding like a hybrid of The La's accompanied by Beach Boys-esque style vocals The Restaurant open a mixed evening at the Vine in terms of style and quality. | 838 hits
Live Review: Albert Hammond Jr + Rey Pila
As Albert Hammond Jr returns to the stage for his encore he thanks the sell out crowd for coming to this 'cool little club' which is some compliment given that if anyone should know 'cool' when he sees it is the man who as a member of The Strokes has been helping to define the concept for the best part of the last decade. | 1,056 hits
Live Review: Black Lips + Mika Miko + Times New Viking + Gringo Star
Billed as an 8.15pm start, it was to be a night of fresh alternative music from across the Atlantic at TJ's Woodhouse Club near Hyde Park. | 617 hits
Feature: Bomfest 2011
Can't beat the BOM Squad on 16th July.... Saturday 16th July sees Leeds deliver up some of its finest musicians to the BOM Squad for the yearly explosion of live music that is BOMFEST | 872 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - The Spills / Piskie Sits - split single
'Ghost of The Day' gets off to a shaky start, with front man Slater slurring his vocals over the sound of a single chord being plucked over and over again. | 485 hits
Live Review: four day Hombre + Lorna
Things must be looking up for a venue when it is chosen by independent record labels to showcase breaking talent at nights headlined by top local acts. | 348 hits
Live Review: I Drew First Blood + Horizons + Flee The Plague + Arise The Masses
If there's a single fault to be had with tonight's gig, it's that not enough people were here to witness it. | 760 hits
Live Review: GirlsOnDrugs
Leeds Music Scene was at the annual Martin House fundraiser Centre Stage final at the O2 Academy, where a place on the Reading and Leeds bill was at stake. | 670 hits
Live Review: Wye Oak
It isn't often that a performer takes time out of a gig to explain to the audience that they almost gave up playing music because the act of performing is such an alien concept, one that makes them feel unbearably uncomfortable but this is exactly what Jenn Wasner, singer and songwriter with Wye Oak, does midway through tonight's set. | 676 hits
Live Review: i concur + The Pattern Theory + Rotary Ten + Mickey Charbagz + Peter Wright
There's a strong sociable ambience at tonight's EP launch for i concur. The whole evening is endearingly informal - partly a product of the choice of venue, but most importantly of the obvious musical friendships between groups. | 1,187 hits
Live Review: Paramore + John J Presley + Dave Hause + Slaves + The Front Bottoms + Eagulls + Queens of the Stone Age
John J Presley draws a small yet enthusiastic flock to the BBC Introducing Stage for his fuzz drenched, lo-fi showcase of captivating slowburner tunes like Sweet Sister and debut single Left. | 949 hits
CD Review: Miles Kane - Colour of the Trap
Miles Kane is a productive lad. In only a short few years he's gone from playing guitar in The Little Flames to piloting The Rascals, collaborating with Arctic Monkeys, and co-fronting The Last Shadow Puppets with best mate Alex Turner. | 580 hits
Live Review: This Et Al + Saving Lenny + Drag Cars Drive Too Fast + Farewell Party
So here we have an "unsigned band showcase". Call me bitter, and even counter productive in the encouragement of fledgling bands but I hate these things. | 1,310 hits
Band Profile: Kid Ink
Covered from head to toe in tattoos, 27 year-old Los Angeles-based rapper Kid Ink is wrecking havoc on the streets and in cyber world. | 56 hits
CD Review: Blue Sky Project - Fenestrae EP
'Fenestrae' is, quite simply everything one could possibly want from a proper debut, and more. The band lure you in on 'Splitlips' with Joe Wingfield's piano setting a false tone of an EP that's going to give you an easy ride before inescapably This Et Al-like guitars encroach on the sound. | 2,135 hits
Live Review: Rothko + The Boats + Glissando + Pan Am Scan + Sleepingdog + Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon + Spokes
Tonight may be billed as 'Forest of Sound Vs Gizeh Records', but the musically complementary and socially affable dynamic between the two rooms, and quite literal musical-chairs of collaboration going on in the Packhorse, negate any connotations of rivalry. | 709 hits
Live Review: Cables Cause Fires + Empire Safari + Thief Taker + Tom McKenzie
Leeds is a city with a growing music scene of undeniable promise, and 360 Club, a weekly showcase of new talent held at The Library pub, is frequently one of the most diverse collections of musicians in the area, none more so than in tonight's line up. | 979 hits
Live Review: The Dirty Robbers + The Pigeon Detectives + The Hellset Orchestra + Jordan Senior
A generous crowd packed into The Vine on a hot, sweaty and very eclectic night. Though competing with The Blueskins playing at The Cockpit, and the perpetually popular Big Brother finale, tonight's gig was well attended and another success for the team at The Vine - a venue that has fast stamped its foot on the Leeds scene and continues to showcase some of Leeds', and as it turned out tonight, the UK's, best unsigned talent. | 2,510 hits
CD Review: Chiodos - Bone Palace Ballet
Second album from rising Michigan hardcore crew Chiodos begins as it means to go on, with the distinctly operatic 'Two Birds Stoned At Once.' Opening with a shiver-inducing Victorian-tinged violin, 'Two Birds Stoned At Once' recalls The Used's 'The Bird and The Worm,' both in terms of its operatic leanings and the Bert McCracken-like twinge to frontman Craig Owens' voice. | 1,364 hits
Live Review: George Ezra + Sam Fender
"I have a feeling that even YOU will feel old tonight" I'm told as we walk under the neon sign and down into the belly of The Wardrobe's venue. | 1,350 hits

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