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Band Profile: Mainline
Indie/Rock/Psych/Blues | 1,606 hits
Band Profile: The Locals
indie rock | 312 hits
Band Profile: Dusty Not Digital
indie experimental rock | 961 hits
News Article: The Old House to release a single on the Louder Than Bombs label
Wakefield indie-rock four-piece The Old House will release their latest single on the Louder Than Bombs record label. | 324 hits
Band Profile: Redwire
2012 has been hectic for redwire! This young 5-piece from Bradford emerged from their studio at the start of the year with an infectious, high-energy, classic indie-rock set which has seen them gain followers and plaudits wherever they have performed.<br /><br />Their debut single was released in May through the independent label 'One Above Records' and received high praise from Supajam who observed; "redwire play a brand of scuzzy, bluesy rock which places them sonically somewhere between the Arctic Monkeys and The Enemy, only with the playfulness of the former and none of the boredom of the latter."<br /><br />A 15 date UK tour saw them perform alongside King Charles, Bastille, We Are Augustine's, The Vaseline's and History of Apple Pie. They were also busy on the festival circuit with slots at Long Division, Live At Leeds, X&Y and Crooked Ways where Lyric Lounge Review boldly declared; "redwire have knocked away all pretenders to the indie throne and filled a void we were beginning to think was permanent."<br /><br />redwire's music is in high demand off stage with syncs on the highly acclaimed BBC series Being Human and a screenplay written and directed by Irvine Welsh. The band recently finished filming scenes for 'Switch', the new drama on ITV2, in which two of their tracks also feature.<br /><br />The second single 'Playing With Fire' released on 29th October, accompanied by a 20 date UK tour includes supports to Reverend & The Makers and The Pigeon Detectives.<br /><br />With their eagerly anticipated EP expected in early 2013, redwire are definitely a band to catch up close and personal whilst you still have the chance! | 2,234 hits
Band Profile: Vatican Jet
indie pop | 2,068 hits
Band Profile: Sergeant Lewis
Alternative Pop & Rock act with a nod towards the more obscure... | 861 hits
Interview: Guns on the Roof
Guns on the Roof released their new EP, 'Last Orders', on Monday, June 16th. Victoria Holdsworth caught up with the band to ask them about the album, punk rock and music in general. | 805 hits
Interview: The Glitterati
We catch up with The Glitterati at their Leeds show supporting Wildhearts to talk about local music scenes, rock and roll, and record deals... | 2,442 hits
Band Profile: Dios (Malos)
dios (the D is always lowercase) is an indie rock band based in Hawthorne, California in the United States. | 136 hits
Live Review: Thirteen:13
Polished melodic indie rock that is not unpleasant but nowt to go mad for. Okay, soaring immaculate vocals from Ben Etchells and some interesting moments lifted from their debut LP 'Deny Everything' - but there's nothing new here. | 226 hits
Band Profile: Vetiver
Vetiver is an American folk band headed by songwriter Andy Cabic and often joined by Devendra Banhart, cellist Alissa Anderson, and violinist Jim Gaylord. | 259 hits
News Article: Tiny Planets announce release of their debut EP
Wakefield 4-piece Tiny Planets have announced the release of their debut EP, 'The Trick Is To Keep Breathing', on Monday 16th January 2012 via the Philophobia Music record label. | 319 hits
News Article: Buen Chico to release their debut album in October
Leeds-based three-piece Buen Chico release their debut album on the Faith & Hope record label on 15th October. | 314 hits
News Article: LaRusso to release "Can't Let It Go" single...
Angst-pop-rock purveyors LaRusso have announced the forthcoming release of their new 7" single "Can't Let It Go". | 373 hits
CD Review: Xi - Faceless
It will have no doubt raised more than just a few eyebrows when Xi and 48 Crash announced their recent union. | 472 hits
CD Review: Against Me! - As the Eternal Cowboy
Against Me! released the best album, in my opinion, of 2002 with their full length debut "Reinventing Axl Rose" with Gainesville luminaries No Idea Records. | 1,008 hits
News Article: Beautiful Feet to release single on 5:1 Records...
Leeds based indie rock band Beautiful Feet are to release their latest single "Headstrong" on their own label 5:1 Records. | 280 hits
CD Review: Two Gallants - Las Cruces Jail
For anyone that might be put off by the fact Two Gallants are signed to everyone's favourite indie emo label don't be; Two Gallants aren't standard Saddlecreek fair. | 361 hits
News Article: Pushbike Army to release their debut single on 14th April 2008
'Four From Alexandra Grove' is the debut single from Leeds punk rock 3-piece Pushbike Army. It is also the first release for new indie label A590 Records. | 362 hits
News Article: Xi announce deals to release their album in North America and Australia
Leeds-based alternative rock band Xi have this week announced details of a deal to release their music within the North America and Australia territories. | 453 hits
News Article: Runaround Kids to release debut album in August
Runaround Kids, Wakefield's emerging indie-rock trio, are set to make first and lasting impressions in the summer of 2011 with the release of their debut album 'Linked Arms' on 8th August. | 407 hits
Band Profile: Bluebottle Kiss
Bluebottle Kiss are an indie-rock band from Sydney, Australia. Formed in 1993 and quickly signed to the alpha-indie label of the time, Sony's Murmur, Bluebottle Kiss became labelmates with Silverchair, Something for Kate and Jebidiah. | 133 hits
Band Profile: Farrah
Farrah are a UK power pop quartet formed in the north east of England in 1999. After releasing their debut single "Terry" on the indie Noisebox label in the UK they were signed to The Police manager Miles Copland's Ark 21 label for the release of their debut album Moustache. | 265 hits
Band Profile: Medium 21
Medium 21 were a rock band from Northampton, England. Members Jon Clough, Drew Kent and Paul Thornton met whilst studying at Northampton College back in 1999. | 234 hits
Band Profile: Vivian Girls
There is more than one artist that has used this name. 1. A popular indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York 2. | 288 hits
Band Profile: Bon Iver
Bon Iver is an indie folk band, and one of Justin Vernon's current and most notable music projects to date. | 179 hits
News Article: The First Brainwash Compilation will be released on 28th July
The First Brainwash Compilation will be released on the Children No More Records label on Monday, 28th July 2008. The compilation features a number of diverse bands, the majority of which are based in Leeds. | 491 hits
Band Profile: Joakim
Joakim is a French modern electronic music artist. Multi talented and well-cultivated, he has released two audacious albums on Versatile Records (Tigersushi in 1999 and Fantomes in 2003) and founder of Label and Proteinic website Tigersushi. | 155 hits
CD Review: Yourcodenameis: Milo - They Came from the Sun
The cover art can convey many impressions about an album. Usually they are correct, as is the case here. | 375 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - The Heartfelt EP
The latest release from Wakefield-based independent label Philophobia, 'The Heartfelt EP' comes in a nifty, heart-shaped felt sleeve and features four tracks from Wakefield-based bands Imp and Jeremiah. | 354 hits
CD Review: The Wow - Come Here EP
The Wow featuring ex-members from Spy vs. Spy and Future Adventures ... blah blah blah ... to be honest I don't care who they were in, I hate this ex-members of whoever rubbish. | 462 hits
CD Review: Freeland - Do You?
Don't be too confused now. It is still Adam Freeland, UK based DJ and producer, but in the form of his live band Freeland, and 'Do You?' is their latest juicy offering. | 202 hits
Band Profile: Mogwai
Mogwai are a band from Glasgow formed in 1995. They compose lengthy, mostly instrumental guitar-based pieces in the style of post-rock, usually focused around the elaboration of a single theme, and are known traditionally for their quiet/loud dynamic, defined bass riffs, and an eminent ambient sound, sometimes dark and sometimes grand. | 387 hits
Band Profile: Wilt
WILT are at least two bands: 1) An American dark ambient project that has recorded and released several different records under the same name. | 193 hits
Band Profile: The Von Bondies
The Von Bondies are an American alternative rock band. The current members are Jason Stollsteimer on vocals and lead guitar, Christy Hunt on rhythm guitar, Leann Banks on bass guitar and Don Blum on drums. | 221 hits
News Article: NGOD release 'Bait Head' single
Bradford experimental rock/pop four piece NGOD have announced the release of their latest single, 'Bait Head', via the Enjoyment Records label. | 295 hits
Band Profile: Andie Mills
alternative DiY folk musician | 1,183 hits
Band Profile: Spokes
Spokes are a band based in Manchester and Newcastle (UK), brought together in 2006 by a combination of boyhood friendships, family ties and a relentless love of recording and touring. | 968 hits
Band Profile: Utopian Love Revival
UTOPIAN LOVE REVIVAL Lo-fi Garage Rock MEMBERS Mik - Guitars - Vocals Daniel - Bass - Vocals John - Drums - Vocals BIO Formed in April 2012 by accomplished young singer-songwriter Mik Davis & signed to dynamic Northern indie label Attack Attack Records. | 209 hits
Band Profile: Tom Vek
London's eclectic one-man band Tom Vek (born 1981, London, UK) combines electronic music with indie rock, punk with dance, and influences like new wave and garage (and also made most of his early recordings in his parents' garage, too). | 127 hits
Band Profile: Wintersleep
Wintersleep are a Canadian indie rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. What started out as a side-project, eventually turned into one of the most popular live shows in Atlantic Canada. | 236 hits
Band Profile: Jeff Klein
Jeff Klein is an Indie Rock Singer-Songwriter/Musician from upstate New York. Equal parts Neil Young, Peter Gabriel, Beck and Gram Parsons, Jeff Klein has released 2 albums on Björk's One Little Indian label, featuring guests ranging from Ani Difranco to Dave Pirner. | 174 hits
CD Review: The Birdman Rallies - Untitled
A six-track mini LP by a Harrogate based band and a very pleasant surprise. The first few notes of opener 'Those Amazing Persians' took me instantly back to the late 70s, with post-punk plucking then five minutes into the future with harmonies and wordplay like the Fleet Foxes have learnt a new trick or two. | 655 hits
Band Profile: Bullet Union
2003-2006 "Just knowing that bands like this exist gives me hope that humanity isn't completely doomed" PUNK PLANET Bullet Union were a rock/punk/indie band formed in Camden Town, London (via Exeter, Brentford and Tokyo) who were influenced by Drive Like Jehu, Sonic Youth and Unwound. | 173 hits
Live Review: The Amazing Pilots + Being 747 + Two Wheel Fury
Any band with a name containing the word "fury" give you a huge hint as to what they're going to sound like before playing a note, so it's no surprise that Two Wheel Fury provide a riotous, fun affair ranging from punk to alternative rock sounds. | 405 hits
Band Profile: Parka
There is more than one band named Parka. 1. Parka are a Scottish indie-electro-dance-pop band from Glasgow, now based in Whitchapel, London. | 610 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Brew Records - Vol. 1
Newly formed in June in this year with the intention to showcase "more of the experimental music bursting out of Yorkshire" Brew Records Vol. | 666 hits
News Article: The Spills release free download from 'Occam's Razor' album
Wakefield 4-piece indie rock band The Spills have this week announced the availability of another free download from their debut album 'Occam's Razor'. | 303 hits
Band Profile: Mama Scuba
alternative | 2,519 hits
Interview: The Antix
James Burkitt caught up with Gracie (vocals) and Mafro (guitar) of The Antix at The Elbow Room in Leeds | 771 hits
News Article: Pifco will release their debut album on July 7th
Leeds duo Pifco will release their debut album on July 7th. Released on the Run Of The Mill Records label, 'Pifco a go go' is the band's first official release since they began producing music together in 2004 - although they have featured on many compilations and have released a tape EP in that time. | 367 hits
Band Profile: Piebald
Piebald was an indie rock band formed in 1994 in Andover, Massachusetts. Piebald started as a hardcore band in the same scene that produced legends Converge but later moved to the Boston suburb of Somerville and became a staple of the Greater Boston indie rock scene. | 186 hits
Band Profile: The Cinematics
There are two artists with this name: 1. The Cinematics were an indie band which formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 2003. | 473 hits
Band Profile: Beatsteaks
Beatsteaks is a German alternative rock/punk band founded in 1995 and residing in Berlin, Germany. The original line-up consisted of Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß (vocals & guitar), Bernd Kurtzke, Peter Baumann (both guitar), "Ali" (bass) and "Steffi" (drums). | 143 hits
CD Review: Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames - Drop The Decade
Leeds' Dance to the Radio recruits Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames join the domination of New Yorkshire over the current music scene with latest release Drop the Decade. | 1,032 hits
News Article: Timeless Music Project release CD box set of Huddersfield talent...
Huddersfield's Timeless Music Project have released a special limited edition 3 CD box set of purely Huddersfield Music. | 344 hits
Band Profile: Walter Schreifels
Walter Schreifels (born March 10, 1969) is a rock musician and producer from New York City currently living in Berlin. | 144 hits
Band Profile: Voxtrot
Voxtrot was an indie pop rock outfit from Austin, Texas. The quintet is fronted by Ramesh Srivastava and also includes Jason Chronis, Mitch Calvert, Matt Simon, and Jared Van Fleet. | 198 hits
CD Review: The Maple State - For The Temperate Lives
Since forming in 2005, Manchester's The Maple State have toured extensively with the likes of Get Cape. | 329 hits
Band Profile: Halifax
In 2003, Halifax was just another in a myriad of unsigned indie outfits rolling the highways of North America. | 200 hits
Band Profile: Siamese Twist
The new EP 'Adored' 2011, available from Amazon, iTunes and other major outlets. | 426 hits
Band Profile: The Suzukis
The Suzukis are a UK rock band based in Wigan. Band members are Chris Veasey (vocals), Adam Bamford (guitar), Robert Warnes (bass) and Stuart Robinson (drums). | 166 hits
Band Profile: Air Traffic
Air Traffic are an alternative rock band formed in Bournemouth, England in 2005 while at sixth-form college. | 776 hits
Band Profile: Holy State
Holy State are a rock band from England. The band established itself in Leeds through a mutual passion for '90s alternative rock, particularly from US labels such as Dischord, Sub Pop, Touch & Go, and from pioneering artists such as PJ Harvey and Girls Against Boys. | 880 hits
CD Review: The Wallbirds - The Avenue
What is there not to like about this trio of lads from Donny? Signed to the infamous Dance To The Radio label here is the first release by the band on 7" vinyl, an old school fashion which is coming back and making every trendy indie kid go out and get a gramophone. | 1,439 hits
Band Profile: The Lonesome Organist
The Lonesome Organist is the One-man band side project of Jeremy Jacobsen, keyboardist for Chicago Post-rock combo, 5ive Style. | 103 hits
Band Profile: Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend is an indie rock band which formed in February 2006 in New York City, New York, United States. | 349 hits
Band Profile: Shout Out Louds
Shout Out Louds are an indie rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. The band consists of 'four boys and one girl': Adam Olenius (vocals, guitar), Ted Malmros (bass), Carl von Arbin (guitar), Eric Edman (drums) and Bebban Stenborg (keyboards, vocals). | 230 hits
Live Review: Volcanoes
After the recent release of Volcanoes' EP 'Shaking That Brass' with four new songs from the Leeds/Sheffield four piece, their live performance was anticipated with some curiosity. | 584 hits
News Article: ALASKA return with a new double A-side single
A L A S K A return on March 1st 2013 with a new double A-side single via fledgling Leeds indie label TELLUS RECORDS. | 596 hits
Band Profile: New Rhodes
New Rhodes were formed in Bristol in 2001. Less than a year after they formed and while still only teenagers, they played two nights at the famous Glastonbury festival on the Leftfield Stage and were soon supporting the likes of Razorlight, The Dears, The Delays, Hope of the States, The Killers, The Gliteratti, The Futureheads and Bloc Party. | 268 hits
Band Profile: Dead Meadow
Dead Meadow met in the DC punk/indie scene, though their music draws from more faraway sources. The band formed in the fall of 1998 from the ashes of local bands The Impossible Five and Colour, when singer-guitarist Jason Simon, bassist Steve Kille, and drummer Mark Laughlin set out to fuse their love of early 70's hard rock and 60's psychedelia with their love of writers J.R.R. | 327 hits
Live Review: Volcanoes
I was outraged on two counts after I had seen this band play. First of all, the powers that be have imposed a door charge to watch the gigs at Acoustic Revolution, I mean the nerve of them, charging to see live bands, I've never heard of the like! | 604 hits
CD Review: Colour - Unicorns
Colour are a four piece hailing from Kingston who label themselves as self-styled 'Math pop' pioneers. | 406 hits
Band Profile: Rilo Kiley
Rilo Kiley was an indie rock band which formed in 1998 in Los Angeles, California, United States. The band consists of Jenny Lewis (vocals, guitar), Blake Sennett (vocals, guitar), Pierre de Reeder (bass, keyboards) and Jason Boesel (drums). | 323 hits
Band Profile: Quentins Basement
Quentin's Basement are a four piece Indie-Rock band from Leeds with a passion for bouncy tunes and catchy riffs. | 1,616 hits
Band Profile: TV On The Radio
TV on the Radio is a Brooklyn, New York, USA-based band that was formed in 2001. Their music is difficult to classify and is often described as art rock or post-punk, but is educated by a diverse spectrum of styles including freeform jazz and a cappella music, psychedelia and trip-hop, modern soul and classic '90s indie rock, giving them a unique and original sound. | 215 hits
Band Profile: The Bronx
The Bronx are an American band from Southern California who began playing punk rock in 2002. Their original goal was to bring passionate, blood-and-sweat punk rock into the 21st Century. | 261 hits
Band Profile: Master Shortie
Let there be no mistake, Master Shortie - rapper, entrepreneur - samplemeister - indie/rap pioneer and musical trail-blazer - is a man who always gets what he wants. | 181 hits
Band Profile: The Kills
The Kills are an alternative rock duo formed by American vocalist Alison "VV" Mosshart and British guitarist Jamie "Hotel" Hince that rose to public recognition at the dawn of the hype surrounding the genre explosion of the early 2000s. | 407 hits
Band Profile: Electric Soft Parade
( incorrectly redirects ESP and related scrobbles to this artist.) The Electric Soft Parade are a Brighton based indie rock band comprising siblings Alex White (guitar/vocals) and Tom White (guitar/main vocals), who are the creative core of the band, as well as a number of other musicians who they record and perform live with; Matthew Twaites from RestLessList on bass and Mathew Priest from Dodgy on drums. | 299 hits
Band Profile: Brassy
Brassy formed in 1994 and were based in Manchester, England. Their line-up comprised Muffin Spencer (from New Hampshire, USA, the kid sister of Jon Spencer of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) on vocals/guitar, Jonny Barrington (a.k.a. | 165 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Dance To The Radio Volume Three
The third instalment in independent, Leeds-based record label Dance To The Radio's 4x12" series, kicks off with a brand new song from Leeds' Chickenhawk. | 774 hits
Band Profile: Help She Can't Swim
Tom Denney - guitar, vocals, keyboards, glockenspiel Leesey Frances - vocals, keyboards, guitar Tim Palmer - bass guitar, keyboards Lewis Baker - drum Help She Can't Swim were an indie/art rock band formed in Southampton in 2003. | 280 hits
Interview: Umlaut
The best kind of pop music is pop music that knows it's pop music, and isn't afraid to tell everyone just how pop it is. Gavin Miller explains... | 1,314 hits
Live Review: Bodixa + Rigsby + Great North Patrol
Friday night, end of May, and we're down at Joseph's Well to see three top bands play to a 100+ audience. | 338 hits
Band Profile: The KBC
The KBC are an indie dance-rock band from Preston, England. The band has managed to come up with a very energetic almost disco/house-like type of rock, which impossible not to dance to. | 513 hits
Band Profile: Wheat
Wheat is an indie rock group consisting of Scott Levesque and Brendan Harney hailing from Taunton, Massachusetts. | 146 hits
Band Profile: Boy Kill Boy
Boy Kill Boy were a British indie-rock band who split up in October 2008 due to disappointments with their former record label Vertigo Records. | 617 hits
Interview: Daniel Pearson
Stacey Loren chats to Daniel Pearson. | 923 hits
Band Profile: Scout
Led by singer/guitarist Ashen Keilyn, SCOUT has firmly established itself as one of NYC's top and most sought after bands. | 163 hits
Band Profile: Camera Obscura
There are at least three bands named Camera Obscura: An indie pop band from Glasgow; a new wave hardcore punk band from San Diego; and a two-piece new wave/minimal synth band from London. | 987 hits
News Article: To KIll A King sign to Xtra Mile Recordings
Xtra Mile Recordings are excited to announce the signing of "Rousing orchestral-folk" (The Guardian) marvels, To Kill A King and give details of the band's forthcoming album, as well as their 13-date October/November UK tour. | 243 hits
Band Profile: Ridley Barbet
South Wales born singer songwriter Ridley Barbet began her singing career in York, North Yorkshire, in early 2007. | 333 hits
Band Profile: The Pattern
Oakland Ca based rock band that recorded for Lookout in the late early millennium prior to frontman Christopher Appelgren driving the venerable indie label into bankruptcy. | 178 hits
Band Profile: The Hedrons
The Hedrons are: - Gill (Bass) Rosie (Lead Guitar) Soup (Drums) Tippi (Lead Vocals) The Hedrons formed in 2005 in their native Glasgow. | 200 hits
Band Profile: The Twang
The Twang are an indie rock band from Birmingham, England, formed in 2001. The end of 2006 saw one of those moments in the UK music scene. | 692 hits
Band Profile: GST Cardinals
Kingston upon Hull, UK (2005-Present) GST Cardinals are a five-piece british indie rock band from Kingston upon Hull, UK. | 131 hits
CD Review: Volcanoes - Badchild Farsight
Volcanoes have got themselves into a bit of a lava, and rightly so. Another quality EP from this band with a lot to say and a lot to do and the Powers-That-Be have still not signed them. | 592 hits
News Article: Wrath Records announce Super Sevens singles club...
WRATH SUPER SEVENS - the aural equivalent of Reader's Digest, this singles club subscription will bring you a veritable smorgasbord of indie/rock/garage/punk mayhem in six highly collectable split 7-inch releases featuring the might of the Wrath roster plus some rather distinguished guests. | 394 hits
Band Profile: Maelkar
Maelkar were a band based in Nottingham, UK and Leeds, UK in 2000. They described themselves on their MySpace page as a "fierce sounding guitar slaughtering 3-piece". | 235 hits
Live Review: Oceansize
Although the number of Oceansize shows in Leeds can still be counted on the fingers of one hand, they are not all new faces to these parts having spent pre-band time in the heart of Leeds 6 before their formation over the hills in Lancashire. | 312 hits
Live Review: The Pablos + Artibella + Films + Ben Peel
A self-styled purveyor of 'Northern Folk' kicked off proceedings at the 360 Club tonight, although Ben Peel didn't quite qualify this label with his first few tracks, coming across as more like Brit Pop goes acoustic. | 801 hits
News Article: The Declining Winter release 'official' World Cup song
Leeds post rock/electronic 6 piece have thwarted the usual independent underground convention by releasing a World Cup song, the cheekily titled 'Official World Cup Theme 2010'. | 463 hits
Band Profile: We vs Death
"Brass meets strong rhythm and guitars, resulting in a dusty sound reminiscent of bigger cities in summer, not to be found in Holland at all. | 192 hits
Band Profile: Hot Hot Heat
Hot Hot Heat is an indie rock band from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. They formed in 1999 as a synthpunk band with Matt Marnik, who eventually left the band, on lead vocals. | 242 hits
Band Profile: Pete and the Pirates
Pete and the Pirates are an indie rock band from Reading, England. Bright, young commanders of a brand of unique Englishness, their blend of smooth edged punk and pop produces music which is sweet, raw, joyous, melancholic, raucous and tender. | 288 hits
Band Profile: White Lies
There are at least three artists who have used this name 1. A popular indie band from London, England 2. | 570 hits
Band Profile: French Kicks
French Kicks are an indie rock group from New York City, USA. Formed in 1998, their sound is a mix of garage rock, post-punk, and modded pop. | 203 hits
Band Profile: Infadels
Infadels are a London-based rock band signed to the Wall of Sound record label. The band is known for its frenetic live shows. | 316 hits
Band Profile: The Delgados
The Delgados were a scottish indie rock band who formed in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire in 1994 after friends Alun Woodward (vocals/guitar), Stewart Henderson (bass) and Paul Savage (drums) were forcibly ejected from the band Bubblegum. | 318 hits
CD Review: Monomania - Deadtape Promo 001
Chugging bass, airy guitars, respiring vocals and climactic songs at an andante pace, presenting Monomania's recent white label 006 promo. | 254 hits
Band Profile: The Get Up Kids
The Get Up Kids are a Kansas City-based American rock band. Formed in 1995, the band was a major player in the mid-90's emo scene, otherwise known as the "second wave" of emo music. | 237 hits
Live Review: Bilge Pump + The Velvet Orchestra + Solus Locus + Tigers!
It may be Friday 13th, but as someone who as of yesterday is free from the clutches of academia for 3 months, I am most certainly not going to let that stop me from having a top night; and judging by the line-up, a little superstition isn't going to get in the way at all. | 602 hits
Band Profile: Graham Coxon
Graham Coxon, best known for his time in Blur (which he left in 2002 and re-united with in 2009), is a singer-guitarist whose sound is based in lo-fi and garage rock His first solo album,'The Sky Is Too High', was released in 1998 and has a very muted, uncommercial sound. | 283 hits
Band Profile: Pilate
Originally formed as Pilate in 1999, the Toronto-based rock quartet changed their name to "Pilot Speed" in mid-2006, in order to avoid possible lawsuits as their music spread internationally from their native Canada. | 182 hits
Band Profile: Blake
There are at least eight bands / artists with the name "Blake": 1) A Canadian Math rock band. 2) A Finnish Stoner metal band 3) A Singer/Songwriter from England. | 431 hits
Interview: Jon Gomm
John Harvey catches up with Leeds' guitar virtuoso Jon Gomm... | 1,826 hits
CD Review: Mint Julep - Days Gone By / Days Gone By (Helios Remix)
A couple of very talented musicians based in Portland, Oregon are releasing single "Days Gone By" on September 26th. | 414 hits
Live Review: Brazil + Phluid + Monkey
Interpol had to drop out due to pressing engagement catching criminals in Paris airports (actually they were doing a Peel session if I heard rightly). | 267 hits
Band Profile: Paul James Berry
Singer/ Songwriter | 955 hits
Band Profile: Elle Milano
Elle Milano were an alternative rock band based in Brighton, UK signed to independent label Brighton Electric. | 640 hits
Band Profile: Guided by Voices
Inspired equally by jangle pop and artsy post-punk, Guided by Voices created a series of trebly, hissy, independent rock records filled with infectiously brief pop songs that fell somewhere between the British Invasion and progressive rock. | 235 hits
Band Profile: The Dykeenies
The Dykeenies are an art pop four piece named after the race of creatures from the movie "Willow". Hailing from the Glaswegian satellite town of Cumbernauld, they comprise of two brothers - Brian (vocals/synths), and Andrew Henderson (bass) - and two childhood friends, Steven Ramsay (guitar) and John Kerr (drums), all aged between 20 and 25. | 608 hits
News Article: Highlights of 2006: 12 months in the life of the Leeds music scene
Well, what a year! As we near 2007, we've been having a look back at what was hitting the news in the Leeds music scene in 2006. | 2,080 hits
Band Profile: A Place To Bury Strangers
A Place to Bury Strangers are a power trio comprised of Oliver Ackermann (guitar/vocals), Dion Lunadon (bass) and Jay Space (drums). | 237 hits
Band Profile: The Others
There are at least 15 groups that go by the name of The Others: 1.) The Others are UK dubstep artists Dexterous and D-Code. | 3,091 hits
Band Profile: The Antlers
The Antlers are an indie rock band currently based in Brooklyn, New York, fronted by Peter Silberman. | 357 hits
Band Profile: Charlotte Hatherley
Charlotte Hatherley is a British indie-pop solo artist from West London, UK and is also known as the former guitarist in the rock band Ash. | 449 hits
Live Review: Tupamaros + Hunter Gatherer + Pylon + Eighty Six
First - an apology to NONE OF THEM KNEW THEY WERE ROBOTS - as I trotted down the steps of The Cellars for this my first "Collective AKA" night, I heard the final chord of their set and saw the singer lie down on the stage. | 426 hits
CD Review: Public Relations Exercise - Maximiser Coordinator
The three track "Maximiser Coordinator" CD from the Leicester-based five-piece alt / experimental / hardcore outfit Public Relations Exercise is either a poorly timed EP release or a taster from their forthcoming album, "Come you are safe we are from the bombs", released through the indie label Field Records and apparently due late February. | 310 hits
Interview: Kava Kava
Victoria Holdsworth chats with Kava Kava main guy Pat Fulgoni. | 725 hits
Live Review: Fold + Invisible Hands
'American planes, full of holes and wounded men and corpses, took off backwards from an airfield in England. | 283 hits
Band Profile: The Longcut
The Longcut formed in Manchester in 2002 while attending the University of Manchester. Originally a four-piece, their vocalist left soon after the band started and the remaining members intended to make purely instrumental music. | 345 hits
Band Profile: The Yo-Yo's
1. The Yo-Yo's were a British rock 'n' roll influenced punk rock band. Formed in 1998 by ex-The Wildhearts bassist, Danny McCormack and singer / guitarist Tom Spencer (ex-SugarSnatch / The Lurkers) after the two met at a Toy Dolls recording session. | 580 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Dance To The Radio Volume 4
Many years ago, one very clever theologian came to the conclusion that all good things must one day come to an end. | 1,370 hits
Band Profile: The Maine
Graduating from high school early is nothing for a band when you have already graduated from the school of rock with honors. | 289 hits
Interview: The Hold Steady
The Hold Steady arrive in the UK next month for their first full UK tour. Danielle Millea caught up with guitarist Tad Kubler. | 1,754 hits
Band Profile: Polar Bear Club
Polar Bear Club is an indie rock/hardcore band from Rochester and Syracuse, New York. A demo released in 2005 brought them much attention, and was a precursor to their first EP, The Redder, the Better, released in Summer 2006 on Triple Attack and Luchador Records. | 200 hits
Band Profile: Ice Black Birds Brighton, 2008. Sam Denniston and old school friend George Grinling, whilst at university, get together and record some demos with fellow musicians under the name of Ice Black Birds. | 220 hits
Band Profile: Royal Treatment Plant
From daughter of Seventh Day Adventist preachers in New Guinea to dragging the uninitiated to worship at the altar of melodic rock as singer in RTP, Paula Steel has trodden an unconventional path to enlightenment. | 296 hits
Band Profile: Further
1) Led by brothers Brent and Darren Rademaker, the mid-'90s indie pop outfit Further transformed from an earlier band, Shadowland, who issued a pair of albums for the Geffen label, 1989's self-titled debut and 1990's The Beauty of Escaping, before becoming Further. | 136 hits
CD Review: Chasing Dragons - Take Flight for a Firefight
In December of last year, with the release of their first EP just a few short months away, Chasing Dragons faced the thankless task of finding a new member with bass player Joe (who has no surname apparently) departing. | 247 hits
Band Profile: Stars
Not to be confused with Japanese rock band, The Stars. There are several artists called Stars: Stars is a Canadian indie pop band signed to the Arts and Crafts label. | 357 hits
Band Profile: US Maple
U.S. Maple was an American avant-garde rock band. The group was formed in 1995 at Chicago's Northern Illinois University by former members of Snailboy aka. | 253 hits
Band Profile: Scott Matthews
From the confinements of four bedroom walls in the West Midlands, Scott Matthews produced the music that made him the first artist to be signed to record label San Remo Records in 2004. | 300 hits
Band Profile: Brendan Croker
Brendan Croker is described as a sympathetic, maybe rough, pubrocker with big ears, one of the most pleasant musicians to come out of England (as described by a German folk magazine). | 525 hits
Band Profile: The Walkmen
The Walkmen are an American indie rock band, with members based in New York City and Philadelphia. The band formed in 2000 with three members from Jonathan Fire*Eater-Paul Maroon (guitar, piano), Walter Martin (organ/bass), and Matt Barrick (drums)-and two from The Recoys, Peter Bauer (bass/organ) and Hamilton Leithauser (vocals, guitar). | 219 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Still Occupied Though Your Forget
Leeds-based independent record label Dance To The Radio turns five this year, and to celebrate they're releasing a compilation featuring acts who appeared on the first Dance To The Radio Release (namely The Sunshine Underground and I Like Trains) alongside some of the newer acts on Dance To The Radio's roster. | 681 hits
Live Review: Catfish and the Bottlemen + Drenge + To Kill A King + Dan Croll + Modo Stare
Seven strong, Modo Stare, fill up the BBC Introducing stage with a few familiar faces, and they have a quite a gathering for the time of day. | 312 hits
Band Profile: Last Days Of April
For over a decade main LDOA engine and songwriter Karl Larsson has steered the band from frustrated emotional hardcore to well-produced pop songs, without ever giving in to current fads and trends. | 194 hits
Band Profile: Gay Dad
Gay Dad were one of the last UK Brit rock bands to be launched in the late 1990s. They generated massive media interest and had moderate chart success but they failed to sustain their popularity and broke up in 2002. | 360 hits
Band Profile: Goose
(1) Dance/electro rock band from Kortrijk, Belgium. (2) Post- Rock/Noise Band from Thailand (3) 16 piece Funk Band, Adelaide, Australia (4) Rock Band Cicinnati, Ohio, USA (5) Dark Ambient project by Brett Lunceford (6) Amiga/mod artist, Sandnes, Norway (7) Hardcore band from Edmonton, AB (8) Underground hip hop artist from Tiffin,OH (9) Hip-hop artist(s?) from Miami, Florida (USA) (1) Formed in the summer of 2000, they won the Belgian National Humo Rock Rally which led to a live session on the Belgian Radio One and MTV equivalent. | 564 hits
Band Profile: Orange
Orange can refer to multiple artists. 1)American rock band who have released three albums; Most recently "Phoenix". | 153 hits
Live Review: Little Barrie + ICS + Marsicans
Big Fish Music Events? What are they then? I'll tell you - they're twice-yearly gigs run by Leeds City College at The Cockpit. | 521 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Dance To The Radio Volume One
To celebrate their 50th release, Leeds based label Dance To The Radio are releasing a series of four twelve inch singles. | 493 hits
Band Profile: Broken Social Scene
Broken Social Scene is an indie rock group formed in 1999 in Toronto, Canada. The band's core members are Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. | 317 hits
Band Profile: Nex
There are five bands with the name Nex. 1)A doom metal band from Sweden (pic with 3 individual members) 2)A black metal band from Arizona (currently split up) 3)A metal band from North Dakota 4)(shown in group photo) The purity of intent that glows at the heart of Nex has remained constant since their formation in 2002. | 378 hits
Band Profile: The Plea
Sit down with The Plea and they'll bend your ear about music for hours. They'll debate their favorite Rolling Stones songs, Hamburg-era versus mid-60s Beatles and whether Be Here Now was better than Definitely Maybe. | 420 hits
Interview: Shout Out Louds
Jonny Dartz speaks to Adam Olenius of the Shout Out Louds. | 676 hits
Live Review: Brother + Dog Is Dead
Brother are far from a secret anymore, their music having taken a backseat; their personalities, opinions and outspoken nature across the board have seen them generate exposure only comparable to that of Ryan Giggs' private life. | 493 hits
Band Profile: Amycanbe
Amycanbe hail from the coastal area of Romagna in north-eastern Italy. Originally comprised of Marco and Mattia, they formed in 2002. | 178 hits
News Article: Yorkshire bands in the spotlight at MIDEM and SXSW
Huddersfield's award winning social enterprise Timeless Music Project has just returned from France where it has launched the breakthrough new music development initiative 'Independent Sounds Of Yorkshire And The Humber 2008'. | 1,362 hits
Band Profile: GoodBooks
GoodBooks was an English indie rock band originating from Sevenoaks, Kent. They first received media attention upon releasing their self-published EP Valves and Robots in June 2005. | 270 hits
Band Profile: Idiot Pilot
Idiot Pilot is an electronic/post-hardcore band from Bellingham, WA. Its members include Michael Harris (vocals) and Daniel Anderson (multi-instrumentalist, programmer). | 158 hits
Band Profile: Zenith
There are multiple artists called "Zenith". 1) from Newcastle Upon tyne, England 2) Metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark 3) Indie/Rock band from Blackpool, UK 4) Hard Rock band from Belgrade, Serbia 5) Hard Rock band from around the Nottingham area, England 6) Ambient electronica duo of Tetsu Inoue (of Datacide, HAT, Shades of Orion, 2350 Broadway) and Carlos Vivanco. | 800 hits
Band Profile: The Twilight Sad
The Twilight Sad are an indie rock band from Kilsyth, Scotland formed in late 2003. The band is composed of James Alexander Graham (vocals), Andy MacFarlane (guitar) and Mark Devine (drums). | 762 hits
CD Review: North Atlantic Oscillation - Call Signs
As a debut release and supposed EP, 'Call Signs' is a little thin on the ground. Its four tracks include one remix and one cover, meaning you're only getting two original North Atlantic Oscillation songs for your money. | 504 hits
Band Profile: Buzzcocks
Buzzcocks are an English punk rock band formed in Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK in 1976, led by singer-songwriter and guitarist Pete Shelley for nearly their entire existence. | 473 hits
Band Profile: The Favours
The Favours are an indie/punk outfit from Hull, England, fronted by Sara Sanchez on guitar, and with Martin King on bass, Dave "You Know It Baby" Nivelles on drums and Paulo Burtoni on guitar. | 387 hits
Band Profile: Primal Scream
There are two bands called Primal Scream: a British rock band and an 80s American thrash metal band. 1) An experimental rock group from Scotland formed in 1982, headed by former The Jesus & Mary Chain drummer (and bassist for The Wake before that) Bobby Gillespie. | 385 hits
Band Profile: Saves The Day
Saves The Day is a Rock band from Princeton, New Jersey and formed in 1994. They got together when its members were only 13, signed a label deal while still in high school, and went on to sell thousands of records, tour with blink-182 and Weezer, land songs on the playlist of Los Angeles' KROQ, and influence countless followers. | 266 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Some Things Still Matter
To celebrate their one year anniversary, Leeds-based record label Philophobia release a sixteen track compilation of some of the bands they've worked with over the past twelve months, with a few additional bands thrown in for good measure. | 643 hits
Live Review: Throwing Muses + Tanya Donelly
In the early 1980s 4AD was blazing a trail with cool ethereal artists such as the Cocteau Twins, Xmal Deutschland and Dead Can Dance, but then the British label's co-founder Ivo Watts-Russell took a chance with their first American signing - Throwing Muses, an indie rock band from Rhode Island unusually fronted by two female singer-songwriters. | 801 hits
Band Profile: Skeletal Family
goth punk | 2,024 hits
CD Review: Biffy Clyro - Singles 2001-2005
A cynical attempt by Biffy Clyro's former record label to cash in on the Scottish trio's newfound popularity? | 2,270 hits
Interview: les Flames!
Andy Roberts reaquaints himself with the punk pidgin-French world of Leeds' very own twisted firestarters: les Flames! | 517 hits
Live Review: Kaiser Chiefs + Sixty 6 + Ryan Shirlow and the Bloody Marys
I'm starting to feel like a York correspondent for LMS as I stroll down to Fibbers to catch one of Leeds' most talked about bands of the moment. | 1,900 hits
Band Profile: Plants and Animals
Plants and Animals are a Canadian indie-rock band from Montreal, composed of guitarist-vocalists Warren Spicer and Nic Basque, and drummer-vocalist Matthew 'the Woodman' Woodley. | 180 hits
Band Profile: Dawn Parade
The Dawn Parade was a rock band from Bury St. Edmunds, UK, formed in 2000 initially called The Hip Down. | 174 hits
Band Profile: The Maple State
The Maple State formed in 2004 in Manchester, England after meeting at school/college, the band originally drew most of its inspiration from emo-rock bands such as The Get up Kids, The Anniversary and Hot Rod Circuit. | 417 hits
Live Review: Palma Violets + The Fat White Family + Slaves + The Wytches
The NME Awards rolled into Leeds on Friday, the second date on the tour and the first with a full compliment of four bands. | 491 hits
Band Profile: Gold Blade
Led by music journalist and ex-Membranes frontman John Robb, Goldblade are a punk band that incorporate ska, rockabilly and other different musical style into their music. | 385 hits
Band Profile: The Hundred in the Hands
The Hundred in the Hands (often abbreviated as THITH) is an electropop duo, formed in 2008 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. | 145 hits
Band Profile: Deathcab for Cutie
Death Cab for Cutie is an American indie rock band formed in Bellingham, Washington in 1997. The band consists of Ben Gibbard (vocals, guitar, piano), Chris Walla (guitar), Nicholas Harmer (bass), and Jason McGerr (drums). | 126 hits
Band Profile: Earth Crisis
Earth Crisis are a Vegan Straight Edge Metalcore band from Syracuse, New York that have recorded and are still performing. | 105 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Brew // DTTR Split 10
Brew have certainly demonstrated a keen eye for finding 'the next big thing'; at least as far as innovative new Yorkshire bands go. | 647 hits
Band Profile: Stars Of Track & Field
Stars of Track and Field is a three-piece indie pop band from Portland, Oregon, currently on Wind-Up Records. | 148 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - On The Bone Records: Compilation One
Eventually, a compilation release is the logical step in any promoter's relationship with their artists and audience. | 631 hits
Band Profile: Les Savy Fav
Les Savy Fav is an indie rock band which formed in Providence, Rhode Island, United States in 1995, where the members were attending the Rhode Island School of Design. | 314 hits
Band Profile: Metric
Metric is an indie rock band formed in 1998 at Toronto, Canada and based at various times in Montreal, London, New York City and Los Angeles. | 331 hits
Band Profile: Nemo
There are 18 artists by this name. 1) A French progressive rock group. 2) A Japanese post-punk/alternative rock band. | 254 hits
Band Profile: Maximo Park
Maxïmo Park are an indie rock band hailing from various towns in North East England. Consisting of Paul Smith (vocals), Duncan Lloyd (guitar), Archis Tiku (bass guitar), Tom English (drums) and Lukas Wooller (keyboards), the band has drawn comparisons to Northeastern counterparts The Futureheads, as well as Franz Ferdinand, Pulp and Bloc Party for their addictive musical style and direct, edgy rock-pop sound. | 623 hits
Band Profile: Chris T-T
Chris T-T is a singer-songwriter with a unique gift of capturing the subtleties of British life. Not one to keep his opinions to himself, this articulation often results in audience members being offended, outraged or otherwise aghast. | 303 hits
Band Profile: Straw
There are at least four acts named Straw: 1) Straw are a band from Fife, Scotland. Formed in 2008 by Graham Munks (guitar, various instruments and backing vocals) and Gus Black (lead vocals,bass,various instruments) they were joined a year later by Derek Barclay on backing vocals and acoustic guitars. | 431 hits
Band Profile: Viva Stereo
Electro noise beat confusion Formed in 2002, Viva Stereo aimed to provide a soundtrack to Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. | 232 hits
Interview: Junction 47
There's going to be a sequel! The charity CD will launch this year's CD at Leeds newest venue The Platform | 433 hits
Band Profile: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Yeah Yeah Yeahs are an indie rock band formed in New York City, New York, USA in the late summer of 2000 by Karen O, born Karen Lee Orzolek (vocals), Nick Zinner (guitar, keyboards) and Brian Chase (drums). | 365 hits
Band Profile: The Shins
The Shins are an American indie rock band consisting of James Mercer (vocals, guitar), Jessica Dobson (guitar), Yuuki Matthews (bass), Richard Swift (keyboards) and Joe Plummer (drums). | 120 hits
Band Profile: Orphan Boy
The story so far... Orphan Boy signed to Manchester's Concrete Recordings in March 2006, a little over a year after the band had formed in their hometown of Grimsby - a place so devoid of glamour that it so far boasts not one single footnote in the entire history of rock'n'roll. | 416 hits
Band Profile: Ten Kens
Members: Dan Workman, Brett Paulin Sully Sullivan, Ryan Roantree Genre: Grunge Noir Emotive Post-Rock...or something. | 183 hits
Band Profile: Melt Banana
Melt-Banana is a Japanese noise rock group founded in 1992 by friends attending Tokyo University for Foreign Language. | 175 hits
Band Profile: Reel Big Fish
Reel Big Fish is a ska punk band from Huntington Beach, California, | 278 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Holly Is The Enemy
For years the beguiling Holly Hernandez has charmed this scribe through her 'Demo Hell' column in the Melody Maker and more latterly the NME. | 785 hits
Interview: Violent Soho
Jessica Thornsby spoke to Michael Richards, drummer for Violent Soho. | 854 hits
Band Profile: The Shallow Call
Salt. Chemicals. Apathy. Subsidence. Northwich is a town notable for little, but it was here that The Shallow Call drifted out of school and into a band. | 288 hits
Band Profile: Deadline
There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Deadline is a female fronted Punk Rock band from London, England formed in 2000. | 1,258 hits
Interview: The Lodger
James Brown caught up with Leeds trio The Lodger midway through their nationwide tour with The Long Blondes | 1,237 hits
Band Profile: Secret Machines
Secret Machines are a space rock band which formed in Dallas, Texas, United States in 2000. They consist of Brandon Curtis (vocals, bass, keyboards), Phil Karnats (guitar) and Josh Garza (drums). | 188 hits
Band Profile: The Durbervilles
Currently known as matters. The D'Urbervilles began in the Toronto suburb of Oshawa, Ontario as a means for childhood friends and underagers Tim Bruton (guitar, synth) and John O'Regan (vocals, guitar, synth) to see rock shows at local bars. | 341 hits
Band Profile: Pure Reason Revolution
Pure Reason Revolution formed at the University of Westminster, United Kingdom, in 2003. Their music incorporates elements of progressive rock, grunge rock and electro, with its vocal harmonies reflecting those of The Beach Boys. | 719 hits
Band Profile: Rosemary
There several artists with this name: 1) Female rocker from Nashville. 2) Skatepunk band from Bandung, Indonesia 3) Band from Dartford, UK 4) Alternative rock band from Mumbai. | 331 hits
Band Profile: Gossip
There are two artists with this name 1. An American indie rock band 2. A Japanese visual kei band An American indie rock trio from Portland, OR, originally formed in Arkansas. | 321 hits
Band Profile: Modest Mouse
Modest Mouse is an American rock band. The band was formed in 1993 in Issaquah, Washington, United States by guitarist Isaac Brock, drummer Jeremiah Green and bassist Eric Judy. | 364 hits
CD Review: Stuffy and The Fuses - Join me or Die!
Stuffy and the Fuses crash in like a lump of hard coal through the window. There's a scary noise, some local damage, and a cold wind rushes in behind. | 586 hits
Interview: Red Stars Parade
Red Stars Parade: a refreshingly piquant slice dropped into Leeds' musical soft drink | 1,467 hits
Band Profile: Emanuel
There are at least two bands called Emanuel. 1. Christian rock band from Croatia. 2. Four-piece rock band from Louisville Kentucky, United States. | 304 hits
Band Profile: Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy Eat World formed in Mesa, Arizona, United States in 1993. They are associated with an array of genres including emo, alternative rock, indie rock and pop punk. | 399 hits
Band Profile: The Appleseed Cast
The Appleseed Cast is an indie post-rock band based in Lawrence, Kansas, currently comprised of singer/guitarist Christopher Crisci, guitarist aaron pillar, bassist Nate Whitman and drummer John Momberg. | 402 hits
Band Profile: Geekgirl
GeEkgiRL: (n.) a 3 piece band orig. manchester, england pl. form. electric and/or acoustic (roars and purrs respectively) v.t. | 172 hits
Band Profile: Nightmare Of You
Nightmare of You is an indie rock band which formed in Long Island, New York, United States in 2004. They consist of Brandon Reilly (vocals, guitar), Joseph McCaffrey (guitar), Brandon Meyer (bass) and Michael Fleischmann (drums). | 734 hits
Band Profile: The Decemberists
The Decemberists are a folk rock band which formed in 2000 in Portland, Oregon, United States. The band currently consists of Colin Meloy (vocals, guitar), Chris Funk (guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, pedal steel), Jenny Conlee (organ, piano, accordion), Nate Query (electric bass, acoustic bass, cello) and John Moen (drums). | 304 hits
Band Profile: Ok Go
OK Go is an American rock band which formed in Chicago, Illinois, United States in 1998. The band consists of Damian Kulash (guitar, vocals), Tim Nordwind (bass), Andy Ross (guitar, keyboards), and Dan Konopka (drums). | 201 hits
Interview: Ejectorseat
A hop skip and a jump into the next county and you will find these suave lads, who go by the name Ejectorseat. | 1,212 hits
Band Profile: Juma
What is a Juma? Well it depends on whom you ask... To some it's a dance riddled drug fuelled monster of funky rock and roll. | 1,463 hits
Band Profile: Clinic
Clinic is a Liverpool based indie rock band noted for their often fast-paced, eclectic sound. Their distinguishing sound can commonly be recognized by their prominent use of vintage keyboards/organs, most notably the Philips Philicorda, and peculiar off-scale chord progressions. | 335 hits
Band Profile: Mastodon
Mastodon is an American progressive metal band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 1999. The band comprises bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders, guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds, guitarist Bill Kelliher and drummer Brann Dailor. | 354 hits
Band Profile: Vibracathedral Orchestra
British avant garde collective Vibracathedral Orchestra was formed in 1998 by Julian Bradley, Neil Campbell, Bridget Hayden, Adam Davenport and Michael Flower. | 485 hits
Band Profile: The Unseen
Originally "The Extinct", The Unseen is a punk band (formerly considered a street punk band from '93-'00 that was formed in 1993 in Hingham, Massachusetts, United States. | 229 hits
Band Profile: Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire is an orchestral indie rock band which formed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2003. The band consists of Win Butler (vocals, guitar, piano), Régine Chassagne (vocals, accordion, keyboards, hurdy gurdy, drums), Richard Reed Parry (bass, guitar), William Butler (keyboards, guitar), Tim Kingsbury (bass), Sarah Neufeld (violin), and Jeremy Gara (drums). | 505 hits
Band Profile: Tilly And The Wall
Tilly and the Wall are an indie rock group which formed in Omaha, Nebraska, United States in 2001. The band consits of Derek Pressnall (vocals, guitar), his wife Jamie Pressnall (tap dancer), Neely Jenkins (vocals, bass), Kianna Alarid (vocals, recorder, bass) and Nick White (keyboards). | 282 hits
Band Profile: The Killers
The Killers are a rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, formed in 2001 and consist of Brandon Flowers (vocals, keyboards), Dave Keuning (guitar, backing vocals), Mark Stoermer (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. | 751 hits
Feature: Pinkerton: Ahead of the world
Daniel Powell re-examines Weezer's seminal 'Pinkerton' in the wake of its November 2nd reissue. | 678 hits
Band Profile: Art Brut
Art Brut is an indie rock band which formed in London, England in 2003. The current line-up consists of Eddie Argos (vocals), Ian Catskilkin (guitar), Friederike "Freddy" Feedback (bass), Jasper Future (guitar) and Mikey Breyer (drums). | 383 hits
Band Profile: British Sea Power
British Sea Power are a four-man indie rock band based in Brighton, England, although three of the band hail originally from Kendal in Cumbria. | 640 hits
Interview: Billy Talent
Billy Talent put us straight on hangover cures and the fact that Canadian music's not all Celine Dion and Bryan Adams... | 2,700 hits
Band Profile: Happy Mondays
Happy Mondays are an alternative rock band formed in Salford, Greater Manchester, UK in 1985. The band is fronted by Shaun Ryder, who formed the band with his brother Paul Ryder, who played bass. | 389 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Album Of The Year 2009
When reviewing each year in music, it's often difficult to pinpoint exact albums that represent the year best. | 1,684 hits
Band Profile: Tokyo Police Club
Tokyo Police Club are an indie rock band from Newmarket, ON, Canada. The band consists of Dave Monks (vocals, bass), Josh Hook (guitar, percussion), Graham Wright (keyboards, guitar, vocals) & Greg Alsop (drums, percussion). | 222 hits
Band Profile: The Features
1) The Features formed as middle-schoolers in Sparta, Tennessee, a small Southern town that boasts bluegrass picker Lester Flatt as its claim to fame. | 261 hits
Interview: Young Guns
With their much-anticipated debut full-length released earlier this month, Jessica Thornsby spoke to Simon Mitchell, the bass player in High Wycombe's Young Guns. | 1,327 hits
Band Profile: Meat Puppets
The Meat Puppets are a rock band formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 1980. The band's best known lineup consisted of Curt Kirkwood (vocals, guitar), Cris Kirkwood (bass) and Derrick Bostrom (drums) (a lineup that lasted from its inception to 1996). | 245 hits
Band Profile: Karma
There are, at least, sixteen artists known as Karma: 1) A German downtempo / drum and bass duo. 2) An Egyptian heavy metal band. | 599 hits
Band Profile: Luke Doucet
Luke Doucet (born June 9, 1973) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist. He writes and performs both as a solo artist and as a member of the indie rock band Veal. | 251 hits
Band Profile: Belle & Sebastian
Belle and Sebastian is a band from Glasgow. Led by guitarist/vocalist Stuart Murdoch, the seven-piece band has an intimate, majestic sound that is equal parts folk-rock and '60s pop. | 265 hits
Band Profile: Frightened Rabbit
Frightened Rabbit are an indie rock band which formed in 2003 in Glasgow, Scotland. The band currently consists of Scott Hutchison (vocals, guitar), Billy Kennedy (guitar, keyboards), Grant Hutchison (drums, vocals), Andy Monaghan (guitar, keyboards) and Gordon Skene (guitar, keyboards). | 560 hits
Live Review: The Fall + Allo Darlin' + The History of Apple Pie + The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band + Sky Larkin + The Chapman Family + Nine Black Alps + Post War Glamour Girls + The Do's + Let's Wrestle
This compact little metropolitan festival is a perfect aperitif to the season of summer behemoths about to kick off with Glastonbury. | 435 hits
Band Profile: Manchester Orchestra
Manchester Orchestra is an American indie rock band which formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 2004. The group is currently composed of rhythm guitarist, singer/songwriter Andy Hull, lead guitarist Robert McDowell, keyboardist and percussionist Chris Freeman, bassist Jonathan Corley and drummer Tim Very. | 341 hits
Interview: Elliot Minor
Following the release of their second album 'Solaris', we spoke to Alex Davies, singer and guitarist in York band Elliot Minor. | 963 hits
Band Profile: David Bazan
David Bazan (born January 1976) is an indie rock singer/songwriter from Edmonds, Washington. Bazan (pronounced "buh-zahn") was the lead singer and creative force behind the now-defunct band Pedro the Lion and was the lead singer of HEADPHONES, a band he formed out of his interest in synthesizers. | 202 hits
Band Profile: Lorien
There are five artists using the name "Lorien". The first, is a metal band from Spain, formed in 1996. | 344 hits
Band Profile: You Say Party! We Say Die!
You Say Party (known as You Say Party! We Say Die! until June 2010) was a dancepunk band which formed in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada in 2004. | 327 hits
Band Profile: Sparklehorse
Sparklehorse was an American alternative rock band formed in 1995 and led by Mark Linkous (September 9, 1962 - March 6, 2010), a Richmond, Virginia native and last of a long line of southern coalminers. | 242 hits
Band Profile: Carina Round
CARINA ROUND British-born Carina Round has earned tremendous accolades from fans, critics and the artistic community alike for both her distinctive, yet versatile vocal style and gut wrenchingly honest songwriting. | 332 hits
Band Profile: Bloc Party
Bloc Party are an English alternative rock band. In 2005, the band released their critically acclaimed debut album Silent Alarm. | 559 hits
Band Profile: Terrorvision
Terrorvision were formed in Bradford, (or more accurately the small town of Keighley) West Yorkshire, England in 1987, originally with the moniker "The Spoilt Bratz". | 3,007 hits
Band Profile: Dawn of the Replicants DAWN OF THE REPLICANTS 1996 - 2006 A brief year-by-year bio by forward captain frog 1996 A kitchen table in Galashiels, Scotland, is struck by improvisation. | 197 hits
Interview: Volcanoes
Lesley Jackson talks with Leeds and Sheffield four piece Volcanoes | 608 hits
Band Profile: The Holloways
The Holloways were an indie rock band which formed in London, England in 2004. The band's final line-up consisted of David "Alfie" Jackson (vocals, guitar), Bryn Fowler (bass) and Edwin Harris (drums). | 1,264 hits
Band Profile: Low
Low is an american alternative group from Duluth, Minnesota. The group was formed in 1993, by Alan Sparhawk (guitar and vocals), Mimi Parker (drums and vocals) and original bassist John Nichols (bass guitar). | 334 hits
Band Profile: KRS-One
KRS-One (born Lawrence Parker on August 20, 1965 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York) is an American hip-hop MC. | 204 hits
Interview: Simple Plan
Charlotte Hird caught up with Simple Plan when they supported Bowling for Soup at LMUSU | 7,013 hits
Live Review: The Wedding Present + Gruff Rhys + Too Many T's + Post War Glamour Girls
Ah, Long Division festival. This is the third time I've trotted along (out of the four so far), and I've never been anything other than wholly enamoured. | 718 hits
Live Review: Design + Lazer Kid + Beautiful Feet + Draco + Icarus Smith
The annual Bright Young Things showcase has been very much like a 'Kinder Surprise' over the last few years - yes you may look back fondly enough, but you'd rather have a 'Fizzy Cola Bottle' (Futuresound competition) or even a 'Flying Saucer' (local band nite at Joseph's Well) because, at the end of the day, while the 'Kinder Egg' promises much, open it up and a crappy toy that you play with for five minutes and then lose down the back of the sofa is all that confronts you. | 506 hits
Band Profile: Bell X1
Bell XI is an indie rock which formed in 1999 in County Kildare, Ireland. The band consists of Paul Noonan (vocals, drums, guitar), David Geraghty (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and Dominic Philips (bass, vocals). | 342 hits
Live Review: Scroobius Pip + B. Dolan
A pair of influential, truth-speaking, Indie-rappers made their mark on the Leeds crowd with their infectious, inferring lyrics and hip-hop beats. | 814 hits
Band Profile: Super Furry Animals
Super Furry Animals (also known as "SFA", the "Furries" and the "Super Furries") are a critically acclaimed welsh alternative rock band, with leanings towards psychedelic rock, punk, britpop and electronic experimentation. | 448 hits
Live Review: Local Natives + Temples + Ghostpoet + Childhood + King No-One + Micky P Kerr + Hookworms + Moon Duo + Danny Brown
Beacons Festival returns to the beautiful surroundings of Skipton this year for a weekend suited to any music lover. | 494 hits
Band Profile: Wilco
Wilco is an American rock band based in Chicago, Illinois. The band was formed in 1994 by the remaining members of alternative country group Uncle Tupelo following singer Jay Farrar's departure from that group. | 327 hits
Band Profile: Henry Rollins
Henry Rollins (born February 13, 1961 as Henry Lawrence Garfield) is an American Grammy Award-winning alternative rock singer and songwriter, spoken word artist, book author (prose and poetry), radio and TV personality, occasional movie actor, comedian, and voice-over artist. | 143 hits
Band Profile: Green Day
Green Day is an American rock trio formed in 1987. The band has consisted of Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals, guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass guitar, vocals), and Tré Cool (drums, percussion) for the majority of its existence. | 449 hits
Band Profile: Feeder
Feeder are an award-winning Welsh rock band that formed in Newport, Wales in 1992. With the lead single "Buck Rogers" from their 2001 album Echo Park, Feeder entered the mainstream, around a time manufactured pop was frequently dominating the top 10. | 596 hits
Band Profile: Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth is an influential experimental rock band which formed in New York City, New York, United States in 1981. | 268 hits
Feature: British Jazz Blog
Gale Searcher speaks to Josh Jennings of British Jazz Blog | 767 hits
Live Review: Defenestration + Scurge + Misled Vision + One Bullet Left
The Snooty Fox in Wakefield is slightly different to the majority of pubs that you'll will have no doubt drank in. | 1,028 hits
Interview: Grammatics
Leeds is a graveyard. Here lies buried This Et Al, Immune, Forward Russia, Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst In To Flames, Polaris and Wintermute in amongst many others. Grammatics were added to the list of casualties on Friday 20th August 2010, their name now etched in stone, and I'm left with the distinct feeling that we fucked this one up more royally than most... | 1,507 hits
Band Profile: Eels
Eels is an American alternative/acoustic indie rock band formed by singer/songwriter Mark Oliver Everett, better known as "Mr. | 373 hits
Band Profile: Sufjan Stevens
Sufjan Stevens (pronounced "SOOF-yan"; born July 1, 1975) is an American musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Petoskey, Michigan. | 201 hits

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