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Live Review: The Toasters + Sonic Boom Six + Bobby Six Killer
For someone who's not really a ska fan, I definitely enjoyed this show. No matter what your tastes are, sometimes you just need something that makes you jump. | 416 hits
Live Review: Melvyn + The Antibiotics + Bobby Six Killer
What is this? Another ska / punk night? It does seem like ska is taking over the underground scene and I know ska is a love it or hate it kind of thing, so will Melvyn, The Antibiotics and Bobby Six Killer be able to compete with all the other 10 a penny ska/punk bands in Leeds? | 405 hits
Live Review: Radiohead + Gallows + Yeah Yeah Yeahs + Crystal Castles + The Old Romantic Killer Band
Facebook Aug 26th: "I'm off to Leeds Fest as it's the only place on earth I can be absolutely sure of not seeing The Killers, even then I'll take a high powered sniper rifle, just in case" Yep. | 1,577 hits
Band Profile: Fontaine
Leeds Based Party-Noise duo Fontaine | 263 hits
Band Profile: The Blanche Hudson Weekend
The Blanche Hudson Weekend is here. Featuring Caroline and Darren (ex-The Manhattan Love Suicides) along with a bunch of other Weekenders, and bringing to you all kinds of noise, fuzz, melody, dissonance, rawness, killer tunes and buzzsaw pop. | 662 hits
CD Review: The Tennessee Traincrash - Untitled
Yes!. It's very good. Panic over. Notes as follows: Magazine: is "Run, Run, Run" interfering with "Born to be Wild" up against a wall in a Leeds back lane. | 482 hits
CD Review: Mark Ronson - Toxic
Mark Ronson is that hip-hop guy who remixed "Just" by Radiohead last year. That song was fucking rad. | 472 hits
News Article: The Cribs continue their musical blitzkrieg with a new single on 22nd August...
On Monday 22nd August, The Cribs release the third single - titled "Martell" (Wichita) - to be taken from their 2005 album "The New Fellas". | 796 hits
News Article: The Blanche Hudson Weekend to release their debut single on 23rd November
The Blanche Hudson Weekend will release their debut 7" single - titled 'The Letters To Daddy EP' - via the Leeds-based Squirrel Records on 23rd November 2009. | 810 hits
Live Review: Kid Symphony + Sixty 6
A half full Fibbers sees local lads Sixty 6 take to the stage for their first ever gig. The youthful three piece burst into their opening number with a degree of confidence and if I'd not been told you wouldn't have thought it their first time on stage. | 575 hits
CD Review: Fi-Lo Radio - Skin Deep Demons
I've been impressed with Manchester three-piece Fi-Lo Radio ever since I stumbled across their 7" single "Pretty Bones"; and when they showed they could cut it live too - a gig at Josephs Well late 2001 saw Fi-Lo Radio win over a rocking Leeds crowd - I reckoned they'd be ones to watch in 2002. | 605 hits
Live Review: Galitza + Falconetti + Mi Mye + Dave Cooke
It's an early festive treat for punters at The Vine, although when I arrive it looks like a makeshift Berlin Wall made of sheets has been erected, with the bizarre prospect of a gig one side, and a huge fucker of a piss up with 70 quid plus rounds on the other. | 938 hits
CD Review: Dolores - Please Note
Dolores offer up five atmospheric and mature sounding tracks on this their debut EP "Please Note..." Occasionally blending Radiohead intensity with Sneaker Pimps sultry and Portishead dark it's a brooding mixture which is aptly summed up by the band themselves as "filmic". | 393 hits
CD Review: The Accidental - I Can Hear Your Voice
Crikey, with a name like The Accidental I thought this lot were going to be some mad disjointed punk effort, complete with a customary boredom inducing 2 stars. | 304 hits
Live Review: Bad Beat Revue + LaRusso + Western Suburbs
Let's get this over with. Western Suburbs have a female drummer. She's hot. Men stare, under the pretence they are watching the singer of course, but you can see their eyes wander slightly toward the back of the stage. | 2,807 hits
CD Review: Signal Generator - Square Wave EP
The "Square Wave" EP from Huddersfeld's Signal Generator (Peter Morttram) is four tracks with (as far my lugs can tell) not a square wave anywhere. | 475 hits
Live Review: Yen + sammyUSA + Mutiny
There's not a great crowd down tonight, but there often isn't for opening bands so hopefully it'll fill up later. | 520 hits
Live Review: The Hold Steady + i concur
A sound that is lacking in music today, i concur's dirty layer upon layer of guitar and vocals, plus the thumping rhythms carrying the tunes along with the tricky bass lines, sound so wrong but so tight at the same time. | 1,570 hits
Live Review: The Academy Is... + We The Kings
These are rather depressing times in this country - as if the fact that no-one dares put their money within 50 miles of a bank account and that Norwich's county town may soon be Atlantis isn't bad enough, there's been barely the thinnest of smatterings of sunshine to brighten us up. | 526 hits
Live Review: Luke Sital-Singh
Luke Sital-Singh, looking like a young Mark Ruffalo with his shaggy hair and black rimmed glasses, has a number of tips for aspiring live performers, not least of which are: don't wear a thick winter jumper with nothing underneath it when you are playing under hot lights and don't eat a whole pizza shortly before you take to the stage if you don't want to be interrupted by wind half way through a delicate acoustic ballad. | 491 hits
CD Review: We Are The In Crowd - Guaranteed to Disagree
We Are The In Crowd are Hopeless Records' new young hopefuls (bad pun intended). Armed with an irresistible female/male vocal combo, the group were snapped up just one year after forming. | 290 hits
CD Review: The Black Velvets - s/t
Those of you whose interest in the rock press goes no further than Kerrang! might be a bit surprised to learn this but there is actually quite a burgeoning sleaze/glam metal scene underground in the UK at present. | 418 hits
CD Review: Modey Lemon - Thunder + Lightning
Garage rock duo/trio Modey Lemon burst out of Pittsburgh to not only kick out the jams but to actually boot those jams firmly in their jammy balls. | 476 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Across the Pennines III
This is another fine offering from the good people at AtP. Again, not every tune is perfect but it's as good a sampler as any of what's going on musically right now along the M62 corridor. | 668 hits
Live Review: LaRusso + The Landaus
The Landaus look a bit of an odd bunch on stage. There's the Britpop esque bassist, Taylor Hawkins on the drums and two singing guitarists who help bridge the indie to rock gap whilst sounding at times like Caleb Followhill. | 825 hits
Live Review: Jeff Klein + People In Planes + Loudmouth Soup
I thought Leeds was all about indie rock n roll and skinny white boys with guitars?? NO! Of course it's not you silly boy. | 573 hits
Live Review: The Scaramanga Six + International Trust + Make Model + Gym Class Heroes + Wintermute
Wintermute - The Carling Stage Wintermute's prize for winning the Cockpit's Futuresound competition is the opening slot at the festival, 11.30am on The Carling Stage. | 904 hits
CD Review: Animal Collective - Sung Tongs
Having witnessed their insane live show, it's a good feeling to know that Animal Collective don't disappoint on CD. | 885 hits
Live Review: Kill Manticore + Blacklisters + Fixit Kid
For all my scheming and plotting, it is the simple things in life that keep me most amused. Plans. I love plans. | 440 hits
CD Review: Oceansize - One Day All This Could Be Yours
Chris Sheldon (Feeder and so on) has done a very tidy production job on a couple of new but shapeless and over extended Oceansize tunes, with a storming live recording of "Massive Bereavement" that pushes the playing time up to over 20 minutes. | 483 hits
GALAXIANS TWO NEW US VINYL EPs AVAILABLE NOW Buy on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Juno, Jumbo Records, Piccadilly Records etc. | 606 hits
Live Review: Capital State + Rigsby
Saturday night saw a packed house at the Cockpit, where over 300 people were out in force to witness a three-band bill topped by Capital State. | 675 hits
Live Review: Yellow Stripe Nine + 45 Revolutions + Pierpoint
Local showcases are always unpredictable and without pretense thus making them top reviewing candy. Occasionally rousing, sadly more than often easily forgettable and very very rarely awe-inspiring. | 1,064 hits
CD Review: Curtis Eller's American Circus - 1890
Weird is good. Wonderful is better. Weird and wonderful cannot be beaten with anything. This here artefact, electronically emitting noise like a raree-show demon from the audio equipment to my right is Curtis Eller's first CD album, recorded by himself in league with his very own and very mighty American Circus. | 1,754 hits
CD Review: King Nothing - LTGTR
80's Hair Metal is a genre that smacks of 'Guilty Pleasure' right? Come on we've all played air guitar to Motley Crue, and we ALL wish we were Wayne Campbell at that Alice Cooper concert, but that's where it ends right?... | 499 hits
Live Review: Wildhearts + Hurricane Party + Terrorvision + Days Of Worth + The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster + Planet Of Women + Shortcut To Newark + Hanoi Rocks + Plan A + The Glitterati + The Grit + Tokyo Dragons + Robochrist
So this is what I missed Leeds Festival for then. Catching the train out to the coast first thing on a Saturday morning (well, halfway to the coast - due to trouble on the line I end up getting a bus from York) to see the last ever gig by both Wildhearts and Terrorvision, today has the omens of being a good day. | 1,639 hits
News Article: GALAXIANS announce October Tour starting in Leeds
Petit Machins / Stargaze Records present... GALAXIANS (Stargaze//Dither Down//Rotating Souls) OCTOBER TOUR 23.10 LEEDS Wharf Chambers 24.10 MANCHESTER Star & Garter 25.10 MILTON KEYNES Gallery 26.10 LONDON Lock Tavern 27.10 SHEFFIELD Audacious Art Space 30.10 GLASGOW Art School NME "The spirit of disco is alive and well in Yorkshire. | 467 hits
Live Review: Snipereyes + Finka + Speakeasy + The Restaurant
Sounding like a hybrid of The La's accompanied by Beach Boys-esque style vocals The Restaurant open a mixed evening at the Vine in terms of style and quality. | 844 hits
Live Review: Feeds + The Wax Collection + Jonny Quits + Orange Pulp
Orange Pulp - These guys love garage rock. They smash out their set with a vaguely arrogant panache, including both melodic, slow build ups and huge emphatic choruses. | 852 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - One Love
It's a harsh reviewer who criticises a charity album, you look like a complete git if you say anything honest that might be damaging to sales. | 674 hits
Live Review: The Stills + The Open + Kaiser Chiefs
Two support bands. Why? Why oh fucking why? Maybe I need clarification, but I thought the whole point of a support band was to warm up the crowd for the main event, not take away all the time from them? | 2,126 hits
CD Review: The Darkness - One Way Ticket To Hell And Back
Don't get me wrong, I wanted to like this record. Like most rock fans wanting a break from the whole "distorted guitars and vocals which sound like the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street" schtick of yer Slipknots and Papa Roaches in 2003, I thought The Darkness were a breath of fresh air - a group with their eyes shamelessly set on selling out Wembley five nights in a row rather than just staring at their feet and being happy to be anchored to the toilet circuit. | 665 hits
CD Review: Being 747 - Fun and Games
On a bar-full of chemically dubious sweetiepops and bilious lagers here stands a single malt of geological integrity and permanent joy. | 908 hits
CD Review: The Bundesrats - Half Finished Horse
'Half Finished Horse,' the debut EP from Wakefield's The Bundesrats, takes the oompa-oompa, carnival-esque beats of Madness, and puts them together with jaunty, ska-punk keyboard refrains, and a frontman who seems to think he's providing the vocals to an opera. | 457 hits
Live Review: Thursday + Kaiser Chiefs + Bromheads Jacket + The Sunshine Underground + Little Man Tate + Boy Sets Fire + Guillemots + The Long Blondes + The Pigeon Detectives + Mumm-Ra
Saturday is all about the killer sequences, from the likes of Rise Against and Boy Sets Fire on the Lock Up Stage, to the incredible mid afternoon New Yorkshire mash-up on the Carling and ultimately to the two heavyweights jiving it out at the top of the bill for commercial indie supremacy. | 1,417 hits
Interview: Ash
Will Ridge interviews Tim Wheeler and Rick McMullen of the band Ash and tries to establish what the future has in hold for them now they have turned their back on the conventional album. | 952 hits
Live Review: Bassa Bassa
Graham Jones - Bass Mark Priestly - Guitar Bruce Renshaw - Drums (dep) Ruth Coffey - Congas Caroline Standen - Flute/Alto Saxophone Alison Sheldon - Clarinet Paul Lee - Soprano/Tenor Saxophones Christine Smith - Tenor Saxophone Richard Scott - Baritone Saxophone Helen Mills - Trumpet Jem Dobbs - Trumpet Steve Etheridge - Trombone Rich Warrington - Trombone Throwing a party? | 1,110 hits
Live Review: Liars + Broken Social Scene + Chickenhawk + Los Campesinos! + Sky Larkin
I'm fat, and I'm old, and my back hurts. I want this noise to stop, and I wanna go home. I'm watching Liars. | 725 hits
Band Profile: The Hoosiers
"We came back to it for a very simple reason: we started enjoying writing songs again." Sam Swallow's description of how The Hoosiers re-formed, and in doing so reconnected with what had made them start a band in the first place, is matter-of-fact, but the expression on the keyboardist's face as he says this is passionate. | 96 hits
Live Review: JJ72 + Amen + Alfie + Starsailor
The NME brought its Carling Awards tour to Leeds on Tuesday night, meaning the city was buzzing with three different types of music lover. | 919 hits
Live Review: Little Fish + Wot Gorilla? + Our Fold + Amy's Ghost + The Gang + We're Only Afraid Of NYC + Sketches + The Mighty Stef + Stagecoach + Mr Fogg + End Of Level Baddie + Arcs & Trauma
Halifax-bred musical primates Wot Gorilla? have a sound animal name, thrive in a West Yorkshire habitat, and seem to have inherited a Minus The Bear tendency from Wintermute. | 1,648 hits

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