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News Article: Solus Locus and The Velvet Orchestra to release a split single
Leeds-based bands Solus Locus and The Velvet Orchestra will release a split single on the Salt The Wound Records label. | 383 hits
Band Profile: Locus of Control
We do not have a biography for Locus of Control | 485 hits
Band Profile: Solus Locus
We do not have a biography for Solus Locus | 758 hits
Live Review: Solus Locus
A violin bow on a guitar is no longer an interesting sight. As an opening gambit by a new band it's even a bit ponderous. | 542 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - The Velvet Orchestra / Solus Locus - split single
'The Creator' is a slice of prog-rock madness you're either going to love or not understand in the slightest. | 593 hits
Live Review: God Is An Astronaut + i concur + Solus Locus
Solus Locus know how to do a "final" gig. This evening they are not only musically vibrant and precise but their stage personas have suddenly surged forward into the rock-star stratosphere. | 910 hits
Live Review: The Dead Eyes Of Quint + Solus Locus
It's Wednesday and that can only mean one thing: making the hour-long journey from work to the Cockpit in just a little under thirty minutes. | 672 hits
Live Review: Bilge Pump + The Velvet Orchestra + Solus Locus + Tigers!
It may be Friday 13th, but as someone who as of yesterday is free from the clutches of academia for 3 months, I am most certainly not going to let that stop me from having a top night; and judging by the line-up, a little superstition isn't going to get in the way at all. | 916 hits
Live Review: The Playmates + Antihero + Napoleon IIIrd + Locus of Control + Tract
This review of the Transmission Weekender starts here, on the Friday. I arrive on Sunday, just in time to see an half arsed attempt at guitar destruction at the end of Tract's set - break it and torch it boy! | 3,215 hits
News Article: Fran Rodgers wins Futuresound 2008 to play at Reading and Leeds Festival 2008
The winners of Futuresound 2008 were revealed this week with the judges choosing Fran Rodgers as their overall winner. | 1,327 hits
News Article: The Velvet Orchestra to release limited edition EP
The Velvet Orchestra have revealed they are set to release a new EP on 7th July. The 'Riddles and Tales' EP will initially be released as an extremely limited run of cassettes, with the buyers using activation codes found on the packaging to receive special MP3 bonuses. | 372 hits
News Article: Leeds label Brew Records to release a compilation of Yorkshire's experimental music scene
Leeds-based record label Brew Records will release a compilation album in December. The label started in June 2007 when Thomas Bellhouse received community grant funding from the Scarman Trust and set out, along with fellow enthusiast and musician Simon Glacken, to document more of the experimental music bursting out of Yorkshire. | 1,366 hits
News Article: Thirty bands selected for Futuresound 2008 competition - five to play at Leeds Festival
Futuresound 2008 organisers have today revealed the thirty bands that have been selected by the judges to take part in the heat stages of this year's competition. | 2,528 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Brew Records - Vol. 1
Newly formed in June in this year with the intention to showcase "more of the experimental music bursting out of Yorkshire" Brew Records Vol. | 912 hits
Live Review: Pushbike Army + Mr and Mrs + Killing Fields Of Ontario
Almost implausibly, tonight is the final of the Futuresound heats. All of the bands we've seen so far have been impressively talented in their chosen style, and tonight is no exception. | 828 hits
News Article: Live At Leeds 2010 full line up and timetable announced
To complete a week of festival line up announcements, the full and final Live At Leeds 2010 line up was this week confirmed. | 3,669 hits

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