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Live Review: Micky P Kerr
Roll up, roll up...get your first live review of the main man aka Micky P Kerr right here on LMS...roll up, roll up. | 947 hits
CD Review: Hayley Gaftarnick - Circles
Life is full of contradictions. Hayley Gaftarnick for example is a name synonymous with the Leeds music scene, forever promoting bands and gigs for fellow performers, yet 'Circles' released in October, is Gaftarnick's debut album. | 575 hits
CD Review: Kid iD - That Dreaded Monster What If
Bright young things Kid iD charmingly fuse a clean living blend of acoustic blues and folk, occasionally tinkering with bordering genres to mixed effect. | 602 hits
CD Review: Lail Arad - Someone New
Her voice sounds like it contains her entire personality, giggles, flirty flickering eye lashes, tears and jeers. | 923 hits
CD Review: Yonderboy - Untitled
For a band that describes themselves as 'Italian Pop / Dutch Pop / Chinese Pop' I was somewhat anxious of the audio content of Yonderboy's demo. | 574 hits
CD Review: Whole Sky Monitor - We Grow Up EP
Whole Sky Monitor start from a great name and a well tended niche in the Leeds music scene. We have a confident guitar band here, with strong drumming and top production values. | 433 hits
Live Review: Princess Superstar
Joined today by Kool Keith, New York hip-hop royalty Princess Superstar enters the stage looking the picture of pure innocence in a long white dress and white jacket. | 273 hits
CD Review: Callum Macintyre - From Me to You EP
The DIY music making culture can often lead to some very amateurish work and poor musicianship; however Callum Macintyre has blended it with a great skill for songwriting and a strong knowledge of music to produce an EP that would work well on local radio and throughout the local music scene. | 574 hits
CD Review: Jewel - 0304
On first hearing that Jewel had recorded a Pop album it seemed a strange move. This down to earth, cowboy dating, sensitive poet ditching her acoustic guitar in favour of a beat box? | 373 hits
CD Review: Laura Catlow - Skin & Bone
The press release and the reviews of her previous release keep mentioning Laura Catlow's northern accent, so I won't. | 456 hits
CD Review: Ric Neale - Hasn't Heard of You Either
Ric Neale does faultless pro-style songs with a contemporary r&b flavour. Great voice, slick sidemen and a warm jazz inclination add up to a luxurious journey through eight memorable tunes. | 662 hits
CD Review: A Camp - Love Has Left The Room
'Love Has Left The Room' is the first single to be taken from 'Colonia,' the sophomore album from 'A Camp,' which features Nina Persson of The Cardigans fame. | 1,371 hits
CD Review: Neil McSweeney - A Rope to Hang
From buskers sat on arse-numbing pavements to famous names gently rocking crowds to the land of nod in cavernous venues, performers who opt for the minimal approach of a simple acoustic guitar and tender vocal are ten-a-penny. | 371 hits
CD Review: Fran Rodgers - I Fell To You Under Winter Sun
Delicately weaving arpeggios underpin Fran Rodgers' latest single; however don't be fooled that this is fey music for the faint hearted - the minimal instrumentation of voice and guitar creates a level of intimacy and a haunting intensity that is enough to scare the bejesus out of anyone casting a cursory ear over the release. | 575 hits
CD Review: Polly Paulusma - Scissors in my Pocket
Newspapers and magazines have a habit of either creating new genres, or just blowing them out of all proportion. | 853 hits
CD Review: Garron Frith - Untitled
Manchester dwelling solo artist Garron Frith's debut, inspired by the likes of Ryan Adams, the late Elliott Smith and a several other usually cited solo artists has had much praise heaped upon him for his first demo release. | 460 hits
Live Review: Harrys Gym + I Swim With Sharks
First, I Swim With Sharks pop up for a set as baffling as it is underwhelming. A standard pop-rock affair with an interesting looking vocalist clearly not quite comfortable with singing procedure. | 698 hits
CD Review: Rupert Stroud - Chasing the Night
Now that more music than ever is being downloaded and the tangibility of a CD is becoming less frequent, it is really refreshing to get an album that has had so much thought put into the artwork. | 397 hits
CD Review: Yellow Stripe Nine - More
'More' starts off with a nice lazy beat, a bit of jangly guitar and then in comes Peter Bott with the vocals. | 656 hits
CD Review: Jeff Klein - The Hustler
This is the third album from Jeff Klein, a New Yorker relocated to Austin, Texas. It opens with the title track, with lullaby acoustic guitars and some truly beautiful, sparse, throbbing slide guitar. | 995 hits
CD Review: Louise Distras - Spiders
Starting with a gross generalisation (what else), I'm not really very keen on the kind of new-punk-folk solo-artist thing going on at the moment. | 458 hits
Band Profile: The Semaphores
alternative indie | 499 hits
CD Review: Chris Ayer - Don't Go Back To Sleep
One of Brooklyn's burgeoning singer-songwriter's animated 2009 album is still well-worth the light-hearted listen two years on. | 347 hits
CD Review: Buck 65 - Secret House Against the World
This is the latest long playing offering from Canadian hip hop poet Buck 65. His voice is a deep and rich drawl spilling out his lyrics above the varying musical backdrops. | 692 hits
CD Review: Esteban - Just A Girl
Inspired by PLAN UK's 'Because I'm A Girl' campaign, self-styled 'desert-funk' four-piece Esteban release 'Just A Girl.' Billed as the "alternative Christmas single," 'Just A Girl' is a politically-charged, world-music infused, easy-on-the-ears musical meander, with a genuineness that means it's nowhere near as toe-curling as most charity singles. | 489 hits
CD Review: Tim Canfer - Butterscotch
Hearing the news that you've been asked to review a demo from a local acoustic singer/songwriter is enough to send shivers down the spine of even the hardiest of writer. | 726 hits
CD Review: The Music Roll Exchange - Untitled
The Music Roll Exchange (North London with Huddersfield connections) have their chief blurb-writer primed to start abbreviating the name (they shall be known as TMRE) before anybody has heard of their carefully chosen long name. | 653 hits
Live Review: Hella Cholla + Fran Rodgers + The Bacchae
It's already the penultimate Futuresound heat but nobody seems to be tiring just yet. In fact, given this evening's exciting array of artists, there will perhaps be a higher number of people disappointed to see the competition wind up than those relieved to push it towards its conclusion. | 740 hits
Live Review: Jesse Malin + Jeff Klein
There's was no support listed for tonight's gig, so it's a surprise when a lone figure wanders onto the stage and picks up an acoustic guitar. | 627 hits
CD Review: Lovechild - Untitled
Lovechild have self belief and ambition. They've sent their stuff from Belfast to Leeds, and they're determined to get a wider audience. | 461 hits
CD Review: The Stills - Logic Will Break Your Heart
Titled for despair at the impossibility of rewriting pop's best ever song, the Stills' CD falls like a shiny stone into a lake of clear cold water to join the decorative thousands of similarly beautiful items. | 840 hits
CD Review: The Alarm - In the Poppy Fields
The Alarms' fresh new CD has two halves. Tracks one through six are clear throated, sharp sounding 80s post punk rock, evoking U2, Echo and the Bunnymen, Big Country and The Alarm. | 1,390 hits
CD Review: Laura Audio - Untitled
Sounding like five tracks fresh from the rehearsal rooms this demo announces another exciting project from Kevin McGonnel of And None of Them Knew They Were Robots. | 451 hits
CD Review: Ictus - Handmade & Homegrown
This mini-album from Leicester-based quartet Ictus, is five tracks of run-of-the-mill, buoyant pop-punk, plus one track of run-of-the-mill, buoyant pop-punk with a few added extras that'll have you taking Ictus just that little bit more seriously. | 516 hits
CD Review: Jameson Raid - Time Burn
The debut full-length from Leeds' The Jameson Raid takes much of its lyrics from contemporary American poetry. | 646 hits
CD Review: Ric Neale - Someone Else's Home
The most crucial factor for the success of any acoustic act, is the lead singer's voice. Thankfully, Ric Neale's voice is more than up to the mark. | 387 hits
Live Review: Sly Mr Fox + Slice
Tonight was unlike the typical gig where, if you want to catch the first band, you have to rush your tea and give yourself indigestion running down to the venue for at least 8 o'clock. | 891 hits
CD Review: Tiger Shadow - Stripe Two
One of the most exciting and original acts knocking around Leeds at the moment, it's hard to know where to begin when it comes to Tiger Shadow. | 470 hits
CD Review: Ghost Capsules - Inside EP
Electro quartet Ghost Capsules can trace their beginnings back to a Bomb The Bass gig in Vienna. Here it was that Tim Simenon, touring the 'Back To Light' album, met his support band that featured drummer Roman Lugmayr and keyboard player Georg Lichtenauer. | 708 hits
CD Review: David Broad - Untitled
David Broad, member of the Leeds Folk Theatre Partisans which also features Fran Rodgers, Michael Rossiter and Benjamin Wetherill, releases his debut EP and, unsurprisingly, it's four tracks of good old-fashioned folk music. | 779 hits
Live Review: Manchester Orchestra
Hailing from Georgia, the Manchester Orchestra are an annoyingly young band of incredibly gifted musicians playing emotionally charged indie with a dark edged sugar coating. | 822 hits
CD Review: Florence And The Machine - Lungs
London-born Florence Welsh is the fiery-haired, charismatically-voiced songstress behind Florence And The Machine, a band much lauded by such giants as BBC Introducing and The Guardian even before the release of debut album, 'Lungs.'  After so much build up it is interesting to see whether the album can live up to the hype, and on first listen it certainly seems to; indeed, 'Lungs' has even landed Welsh with a much-coveted Mercury Music Prize nomination. | 829 hits
Live Review: Colour Of Fire + New Legends + Ten Seconds of Chaos
When the Foo Fighters were born from the smouldering remains of Nirvana there was collective, worldwide pants wetting as the grunge world considered the possibility of the music to come. | 986 hits
Band Profile: The Bluefoot Project
The Bluefoot Project are an amalgamation of urban heads fusing many different styles into a vocal-led, beat-driven, 21st century soulful funk with nods in the right direction to reggae, hip hop, gospel and leftfield. | 979 hits
CD Review: The Nearly Men - Bianca
Schadenfreude. I bet The Nearly Men do this a lot. To put it quite frankly, there's a hell of a lot of bands out there that are not fit to lick these talented bastards' shoes. | 587 hits
CD Review: Just Handshakes (We're British) - Paper Cranes/Talking Pictures
First of all, the 'Paper Cranes/Talking Pictures' release comes wrapped in a bow, with an accompanying origami leaflet entitled 'Make Your Own Paper Crane' which pretty much sums up the intimate, small-scale feel of Just Handshakes (We're British)'s double A side release. | 1,447 hits
CD Review: Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor
Patrick Wolf is a great man. He has fabulous taste in fashion and thousands share his dislike of Lynx deodorant. | 430 hits
CD Review: Ellie Goulding - Lights
Ever since I watched young Ellie Goulding, from my bedroom, picking up the forever anticipated 'Critic's Choice Award' at the 2010 Brit's, I instantly trusted that this album was going to be the most highly recommended track of the year. | 1,025 hits
CD Review: Earth Crisis - Neutralize The Threat
Hardcore at its best, Earth Crisis' latest effort 'Neutralize The Threat' is reminiscent of classic Throwdown, God Forbid and even Chimaira. | 732 hits
CD Review: MonMon - Monkey Fist
Leeds' three-piece MonMon's debut EP is an interestingly varied effort, taking in scuzzy indie, melodic rock and more experimental areas. | 533 hits
CD Review: Joanna Newsom - Ys
This is an interesting beast. It's a mere five tracks in length, but sprawls out over an hour's playing time. | 773 hits
Live Review: The Pablos + Artibella + Films + Ben Peel
A self-styled purveyor of 'Northern Folk' kicked off proceedings at the 360 Club tonight, although Ben Peel didn't quite qualify this label with his first few tracks, coming across as more like Brit Pop goes acoustic. | 965 hits
Live Review: Sparklehorse + Gemma Hayes
In the dereliction of Leeds' nineteenth century railway arches Mark Linkous coaxes sublime and fragile music from a tangled mass of leads and electrojunk from the twentieth. | 781 hits
CD Review: Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences - We Are Not Other People
'Unexpected Error' makes no effort to ease the listener into the weird and wonderful world of Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences, as it opens with a blaring, Atari-esque sound effect that'll make you wonder whether this is, in fact, a comedy album. | 779 hits
CD Review: The Acutes - Tonnerre Et Wah EP
The Acutes have kept a surprisingly low profile in the past couple of years, after 2006's 'When I Left Work Today' and 2007's 'Set On You' singles they seemed to disappear as many unsuccessful indie bands of the past few years have done, so when this EP was announced it caught us all by surprise. | 564 hits
CD Review: Royal Blood - Royal Blood
Released on 25th August 'Royal Blood' is the self-titled debut album from Brighton rockers Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher. | 1,077 hits
CD Review: We're Not The Cool Kids - I'm A Hungry Little Girl EP
If somebody told me that Mary Cook (a.k.a. We're Not The Cool Kids) lived an entirely solitary existence, away from anybody else's music or influence, I think I'd believe them, at least for a minute (that being the minute that someone informed me that there was a Springsteen cover on her EP). | 876 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Ali Whitton / Sarah Williams split single
The split single can look deceptively simple - two bands that stand up well in isolation can incur a musical car crash when unsuccessfully married on release. | 986 hits
Live Review: Two Door Cinema Club
For a band signed to Kitsune I was surprised to see just how many guitars were being lined up at side stage; most of my experience with Two Door Cinema Club is based on floods of remixes, and their album ploughs with a kind of mechanical relentlessness, which is possibly a ridiculous way of saying they might have used electronic drum sounds. | 745 hits
Interview: Mother Mother
Jessica Thornsby spoke to Ali, drummer from Mother Mother. | 662 hits
Live Review: Starsailor + David Ford
The Refec is bloody weird tonight. Honest. It's a right merry concoction of young Romeos snuggling up to wistful Juliettes, posh folk draped in gold drinking white wine spritzers, farmers and tonnes of beards. | 1,218 hits
CD Review: Little Fish - Baffled and Beat
Little Fish's debut album is a mixed affair, consisting of quirky indie rock 'n roll that oozes laidback cool, and barebones, repetitive songs that feel constrained by Little Fish's two-member head count. | 1,515 hits
CD Review: Crystal Stilts - In Love with Oblivion
Brooding Brooklyn-based quintuplet Crystal Stilts made waves in 2008 with their debut album 'Alight of Night.' The group attracted acclaim from critics who complimented their downbeat lyrical subject matter, brusque guitar sound and reverb-heavy production. | 421 hits
CD Review: Samuel Foxton Welles - Pony and Trap
Debut album from Yorkshire-based individualist Samuel Foxton Welles is a charming, old-fashioned and eccentric trip through the English countryside, where the worst thing that can happen, is getting knocked off your bicycle while carrying a basket full of eggs, and all the locals know that you should stop to let a tractor pass. | 546 hits
Live Review: 65daysofstatic + These Monsters + Atlas
The show kicked off with electro quintet Atlas. Their mellow approach to dubstep was atmospheric and beautifully ambient. | 368 hits
Live Review: Edd Saffell + We Were Frontiers + Black Boat + Fran Minney
January might traditionally be a quiet time of recovery from Christmas and New Year exertions but clearly the 360 Club pays this truism no heed, for tonight the weekly session at The Library is back in full swing with an impressive four band bill. | 1,055 hits
CD Review: Two Gallants - What the Toll Tells
In the world of the commercial mainstream Arctic Monkeys are being proclaimed as the Messiah himself, uniting the indie elite, the council estate hobbits, and even your mum and dad in the dawn of a new musical explosion. | 744 hits
CD Review: The Yalla Yallas - Diamond in Dirt
This 12 song collection has been supported through Pledge Music, and is now available as a CD through the band's website. | 696 hits
Interview: Izzi Dunn
Izzi Dunn is an artist who has been on more records than you will realise having played cello with the likes of Gorillaz & Roots Manuva appearing live with both artists but she is not just a session musician! Izzi has just release 'Cries & Smiles' an album by an artist already heralded by the likes of Jazzy Jeff and Damon Albarn. Sam Murray emailed Izzi some questions while she was in America to find out about the album, the collaborations and what made Izzi want to get into music. | 829 hits
Live Review: Bright Eyes + Rilo Kiley
"When you're on, yeah you're really fuckin' on!" yells the diminutive Jenny Lewis, singer and guitarist for Rilo Kiley, an odd looking bunch of misfits from the stable of Saddle Creek, the label started by one Conor Oberst and pals. | 4,432 hits
Live Review: Two Gallants
/ I wake on the floor / / with my country at war / / and I wish I could care but my liver's too sore / / and if liquor's a lover / / you know I'm a whore / Disclaimer: I would crawl over hot coals to see Two Gallants play live and that fact may set the tone of this review. | 654 hits
CD Review: Little Comets - Hope Is Just A State Of Mind
Little Comets are an interesting band. They have been teetering on the edge of indie excellence for the last 5 years, and I cannot for the life of me work out why they aren't one of the biggest guitar bands in the country. | 501 hits
CD Review: Pride Tiger - The Lucky Ones
There seems to be renewed interest in the classic rock genre at the moment, and Pride Tiger are one of many modern bands specialising in a decidedly oldschool sound. | 787 hits
CD Review: Rob Nichols - Allegory
This is Rob Nichols third and most assured album. It's comprised of relaxed and natural sounding arrangements of ten fine new songs. | 885 hits
News Article: Jupiter Falls "Revolution" Album Review From The USA
Review By Leslie J. Bialik (Music Critique, California, USA "Revolution" by Jupiter Falls October 9, 2013 "Revolution", the debut release by UK band Jupiter Falls really is a showcase for their excellent songwriting, singing, musicianship and production skills. | 315 hits
Live Review: Jont + Breakmakers + Brendan Campbell
Tonight is a very unusual night at the cockpit, for the first time ever I have seen tables and chairs set out in room 2. | 1,163 hits
CD Review: Ultraxine - Taking Sweets From Strangers
'Taking Sweets From Strangers,' the debut album from female-fronted Ultraxine is a hit and miss affair. | 497 hits
Live Review: Sposh + Sly Mr Fox + Bawren Tavanzia
After an interesting wait at a bus stop (involving a chance meeting with a young lady who would later attempt to kiss me), I finally boarded a bus, which the driver said would be heading past the Royal Park. | 446 hits
CD Review: Mother Mother - O My Heart
Originally released in September 2008, Canadian five-piece Mother Mother have finally gotten around to releasing their second album, 'O My Heart' in the UK, and it's a difficult album to categorise. | 630 hits
Live Review: Wild Beasts + Vessels + Givers + Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks + Stalking Horse + Double Muscle + Dutch Uncles + Exitmusic + Big Deal
Big Deal's slightly awkward, nonplussed banter alone warms up the room noticeably (a half-full, darkened-out Riley Smith Hall at 2 o'clock in the afternoon seems to be a slightly peculiar experience for both audience and band) but, luckily, their bittersweet melodies are pretty winning, too. | 765 hits
Live Review: Sound Of Sirens + Broohaha + Woodrose + Origami Bullets
It's Friday 12th March, the time is 8:30, and The Library is the place to witness the good, bad and ugly of fresh local talent. | 869 hits
Live Review: Happy Daggers + Phonetics + Deadwall
My first musical excursion of the New Year found me at Leeds' own little hidden gem, Baby Jupiter. A wonderful little bar nestled underneath Wellington Street, no bigger than a northern line carriage but with considerably more visible signs of life. | 2,476 hits
CD Review: Miles Kane - Colour of the Trap
Miles Kane is a productive lad. In only a short few years he's gone from playing guitar in The Little Flames to piloting The Rascals, collaborating with Arctic Monkeys, and co-fronting The Last Shadow Puppets with best mate Alex Turner. | 585 hits
Interview: Wintermute
Lesley Jackson catches up with the drummer of Leeds' hottest band, Wintermute, and chats with Ben Johnson about rock socks, 'Robot Works' and why moody performers are just no fun. | 769 hits
Band Profile: Sweet Billy Pilgrim
In July 2009 Sweet Billy Pilgrim frontman Tim Elsenburg was busy with his day job when his mobile rang. | 201 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Some Things Still Matter
To celebrate their one year anniversary, Leeds-based record label Philophobia release a sixteen track compilation of some of the bands they've worked with over the past twelve months, with a few additional bands thrown in for good measure. | 807 hits
CD Review: The Black Box Revelation - Set Your Head On Fire
The debut album from Brussels' The Black Box Revelation kicks off with the sleazy rock and roll of 'Love, Love Is On My Mind.' Erratic drumbeats, jerky riffs and Jan Paternoster's all-over-the-place vocals give this album-opener the sort of vibrant-but-ramshackle energy you'd expect from a live performance. | 696 hits
CD Review: The View - Which Bitch?
The View's follow-up to chart-topping debut 'Hats off To The Buskers' is an interesting collection of songs that sees the band expand into previously uncharted territory. | 1,034 hits
Live Review: Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies + Threekseven + 65 Days Of Static + The Black Helicopters
Whiskas - Transmission promoter and tonight's doorman - is stressed. The doors are open, thirty punters are milling around already and The Black Helicopters are still sound checking. | 1,739 hits
Live Review: Laboratory Noise + Bobbie Peru + SYRUS + Royal Treatment Plant
A pretty quiet start to the evening for a Saturday night in Leeds, and bloody cold too, so I was looking for something to warm my cockles. | 691 hits
CD Review: Alestorm - Black Sails At Midnight
'Black Sails At Midnight' is one of those rare albums that'll leave you wondering "why has no-one tried this before?" Scottish four piece Alestorm take the gimmicky-but-actually-pretty-fun battle metal formula popularised by European metal bands such as Turisas, and replace references to Odin and Vikings with tales of quests, treasure and wenches. | 2,355 hits
Live Review: Oceansize + The Scaramanga Six + Loqui + four day Hombre + Vib Gyor + The Breech + Seeing Scarlet + Parisman + Samsa + The Butterfly + Rent + Vatican Jet + Johnny's In The Basement
The memories are hazy, the order of events may not be quite right but I know two things; beer flows freely in The Fav and amazingly it didn't rain, or at least certainly not enough to water down my Sol or to kill any of the musicians on stage. | 1,380 hits
CD Review: Goldie Lookin' Chain - ASBO4Life
'ASBO4Life' is one of the strangest albums I've heard in a while. In an ideal world new material would be judged purely on its own merits, but when a group has previously always followed such a rigid and distinctive formula, it's impossible not to expect more of the same. | 1,124 hits
Live Review: China Rats + Grandmaster Flash + Hundred Dollar Cigar + The D.O.T.
It is just after lunch and I arrive at Pontefract Park, the sun is high in the sky and occasionally disappearing behind a cloud. | 732 hits
Live Review: Maximo Park + Arctic Monkeys + We Are Scientists + The Mystery Jets
It all sits a bit on knife-edge this one; I can't be the only one that feels it. The sweet, sweet taste of anticipation impregnates ever fibre of my body and, in empathy with a dog on heat, I pace round the Refec like a chained beast. | 1,366 hits
CD Review: The Birdman Rallies - Moons
La! A new release from The Birdman Rallies! This is a brilliant (brilliant in the sense of effervescent, ebullient) album, just like all of the other material released by The Birdman Rallies, though with the added benefit of greater duration than their previous collections. | 672 hits

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