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News Article: Leeds Pride/Manchester Pride
Kath and The Kicks confirmed for both Leeds and Manchester Pride. Playing on Sunday 5th August in Leeds city centre on the Victoria Gardens Stage in front of the Art Gallery at midday. | 201 hits
Band Profile: Pride Tiger
We do not have a biography for Pride Tiger | 201 hits
CD Review: Pride Tiger - The Lucky Ones
There seems to be renewed interest in the classic rock genre at the moment, and Pride Tiger are one of many modern bands specialising in a decidedly oldschool sound. | 722 hits
CD Review: The KBC - Pride Before the Fall
Dance-punk... it's one of those catch-all, media type short-term genres isn't it? You know the score: don't bother with giving some thought to the task you've been set, just dig out some old Shed Seven b-sides (don't get dewy eyed on me now), add a bit of hissing hi-hat and a dollop of white funk bass and the indie disco is your empire. | 790 hits
CD Review: The Smoking Hearts - Pride of Nowhere
There's something very oldschool about the particular brand of punk-and-roll meets pub-rock pedalled by The Smoking Hearts. | 456 hits
CD Review: InMe - The Pride
When I mention InMe, most people tend to recall their more popular numbers from the early 2000's - tracks such as Underdose and Firefly - which became anthems for the Kerrang kids of the era. | 564 hits
Band Profile: Dimension
Dimension is a four piece alternative rock band from Harrogate and Leeds. They pride themselves in blending catchy choruses with heavy riffage and unconventional sections. | 238 hits
Band Profile: Misery Business
Paramore tribute band | 177 hits
Band Profile: Seas-Of-Green
Lo-Fi Indie Art Pop Music | 819 hits
Band Profile: Redlights
4 piece Alt Rock band founded in Barnsley | 127 hits
Band Profile: Instant Species
indie, alt-pop, alt-rock | 1,294 hits
Band Profile: The Arrogance Of King Canute
Ste Gallivan - Vocals/Guitar Harry Miller - Bass Max Shearer - Drums Tom Cookson - Sax/Guitar The four members of 'The Arrogance of King Canute' bring together a mixture of musical influences resulting in a vibrant and unique sound. | 6,720 hits
CD Review: Faintest Idea - Ignorance Is This
'Ignorance Is This' from Norfolk based Faintest Idea, is the sort of ska-punk that plays down the chirpiness usually associated with the genre. | 726 hits
Band Profile: Maji
Awesome Funky Magic from the tightest, heaviest, most powerful 4 piece in Leeds! Maji are not to be missed! | 529 hits
Live Review: Placebo
Placebo made a welcome return to Leeds to play the O2 Academy. It was all in aid of charity and the event saw proceeds being given to The Mercy Centre in Thailand and the Kagyu Samye Ling centre in Scotland. | 378 hits
News Article: Timeless Music Project release CD box set of Huddersfield talent...
Huddersfield's Timeless Music Project have released a special limited edition 3 CD box set of purely Huddersfield Music. | 368 hits
Band Profile: The Picture Palace
Folk-Rock 4-piece based in Leeds & Manchester. | 598 hits
CD Review: Nerve Engine - Chrome
Nerve Engine wield their guitars, with the precision of a surgeon's scalpel. Barrage after barrage of "Gugga Gugga" guitars rain down and some intricate playing shows off the highly flexed skills of the band. | 337 hits
CD Review: Jetplane Landing - Once Like a Spark
Anglo/Irish four-piece Jetplane Landing have been part of the punk/hardcore DIY community for nigh on 3 years now. | 311 hits
CD Review: Joakim - Lonely Hearts
They say that in every decade, there was some great music. It just takes us time to realise it. It took the 1980's years to recover from synthesiser pop which, was rebuked for its mechanical, recapitulatory ideals at the behest of the mainstream. | 683 hits
Live Review: Chapter Thirteen
For a rock band like Chapter Thirteen an acoustic gig is to say the least - unexpected. I've seen the band many times and when I first heard about this gig I wondered what was going to be left without the crunching guitars and the wide range of effects they usually use in such an imaginative way. | 280 hits
News Article: Hawk Eyes announce 'Ideas' album
Exciting news from the Hawk Eyes camp today with the announcement that their album 'Ideas' will be coming out on Fierce Panda in March, and that the album track 'Headstrung' is currently available for streaming now. | 274 hits
CD Review: Part Chimp - Thriller
This is the third album from London's Part Chimp. And it continues to carve out much the same deep, muddy, craterous channel that the band has been labouring at for a few years now. | 571 hits
News Article: Kinch to release their debut single on the Halo UK label
Kinch, a young indie-pop band from the Halton area of Leeds, has just been signed by London-based indie label Halo UK and expect their first single, the double A-side 'Old Fashioned Love' / 'Everybody's Talking About It', to be released in July. | 497 hits
CD Review: Beat The Red Light - Untitled
The original run of Beat The Red Light's debut EP sold out while the band were on tour, but this five-track effort is now being re-released into (hopefully) wider circulation, with a little help from Manchester-based not-for-profit label TNS Records. | 755 hits
CD Review: Disarm - By Any Means Necessary
What can I say about Disarm? This is a band of energetic musicians that makes a team Sir Alex Ferguson would be proud of. | 802 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Full Charge: High Voltage Sounds Compilation
What with all the exciting musical happenings occurring in our own backyard at the moment, we folk of West Yorkshire could be accused of having become ever so slightly introspective when it comes to seeking out our sonic thrills these days. | 941 hits
Live Review: Emily and The Woods
"It still has its rosy glow" breathes Emily Wood, introducing the new Small Song to Leeds' Cockpit. Stood in front of a mike stand adorned with the fairy lights she had spun around it, the band's name sake clearly has a knack of beautifying the simplest things. | 331 hits
Live Review: Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles + The Blonde + Tag-Team Preacher
Another multi-band pile up at the 360, luckily there were no serious injuries and only one bands pride hurt. | 1,054 hits
CD Review: Joseph & David - Rise Up The Sun
For a few days now I've been promising myself a night of listening to music just for the hell of it. It's been a while (at least a week) since I delved through the collection to rediscover a forgotten gem, trawled the web to find something new, or indulged in a spot of nostalgia via a certain video-sharing website. | 1,184 hits
CD Review: The Sunshine Underground - Put You in Your Place
Well, bugger me. There was a moment a while back when I dared to wonder (gasp!) whether The Sunshine Underground could ever produce another song as gut-churningly ace as 'Commercial Breakdown' - I mean, come on, that's a pretty elephantine, Trojan-like task, right? | 1,701 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Across The Pennines VI
The heightened sense of regional pride in The North can become a bit absurd sometimes. Then again, on the strength of the deeply Northern music on the sixth Across the Pennines compilation, perhaps a little superiority complex is allowed. | 520 hits
CD Review: The Maccabees - Wall of Arms
In the indie explosion of 2006, The Maccabees' debut 'Colour It In' was a glorious highlight of intelligent, frantic guitar pop amongst a rabble of mundane albums. | 454 hits
CD Review: Luxembourg - Front
Bless Luxembourg. They're even trying to write the review for me with their press notes. They also take pride in having a "real life audience rather than a virtual one", before going on to say how "myspace had no part in generating the word of mouth...". | 666 hits
Live Review: The Sunshine Underground + Pixel Fix
Friday night and unplanned, I find myself at Leeds University Stylus to watch The Sunshine Underground with support from Pixel Fix. | 724 hits
CD Review: Shaun T Hunter - For Adults and Brave Children
Shaun T. Hunter has an album on his own label called "For Adults and Brave Children". He has sent 6 of its 15 tracks for review. | 943 hits
News Article: Charlie Barnes signs to Superball Music to release 'More Stately Mansions'
Superball Music is extremely pleased to announce the signing of talented singer & multi-instrumentalist Charlie Barnes, for the release of his forthcoming debut album 'More Stately Mansions' on the 11th May 2015 in Europe. | 141 hits
Live Review: Hobo Jungle
Things get loud when Hobo Jungle take to the stage after what was billed as an acoustic night at Mixing Tin. | 400 hits
CD Review: The Blood Arm - Lie Lover Lie
"Let's lay down some f**king hits" drolls The Blood Arm frontman and all round king of cool sleaze Nathaniel Fregoso on their new long player's opening number. | 526 hits
Live Review: Paul Thomas Saunders + Gary Stewart
Towards the end of last year, Paul Thomas Saunders got the opportunity to support Blue Roses on a national tour. | 1,231 hits
Live Review: Kids In Glass Houses + Boys Like Girls + You And What Army
Upon arriving outside Leeds Met to see Kids In Glass Houses, I casually asked one girl how long she'd been queuing for. | 639 hits
Live Review: While She Sleeps + Bury Tomorrow + Feed The Rhino
Upon entering The Cockpit for tonight's gig you can already tell it's going to be something different. | 425 hits
CD Review: Sage Francis - Human the Death Dance
There was a bang-on recent summary of the average product lifespan of your typical mainstream band that I'll attribute to Dave Simpson from The Guardian. | 649 hits
Live Review: Diego Snail + Ajanta + Backyards + Little Parades
Little Parades are creating a big buzz for a new band and a surprisingly large number of people have turned out to see their set tonight at the 360 Club, despite it being Easter holiday time for many and an early night after drinking all day in the sun for many more. | 932 hits
CD Review: Martin Plock - Repeating Mistakes
So many great thriving scenes in Leeds and yet blues might not be your first thought when looking for something new. | 720 hits
Live Review: The Maccabees + Peggy Sue and the Pirates
Peggy Sue really deserved this high-profile support slot with The Maccabees. The two female voices of Katy Klaw and Rosa Rex are just so mature, soulful and powerful for their young bodies that they seemed to stun the crowd into awed appreciation. | 812 hits
Live Review: Eagles Of Death Metal + Mother Vulpine
All dressed in black; sultry with stiff motions, Mother Vulpine's heavy QOTSA style guitars lap over some gorgeous male to female harmonies. | 1,018 hits
Band Profile: Practical Headz
hip hop | 717 hits
Live Review: The Blueskins + The Bazaars + The Ebb
The Ebb are about to reach make or break time. Ball-busting, tribally triumphant drums soundtrack the band's rock and Borrell swagger onstage, the supremely confident singer causally sauntering across the pit before thrashing himself into a Columbia sized riff. | 1,035 hits
Live Review: The Academy Is... + The Audition + Young Love
The Cockpit this evening is surrounded by more buzz than I've seen here before. But perhaps buzz is not quite the right word - it would be more accurate to say that there are more hormones flying around tonight than gigs I have previously attended. | 593 hits
Live Review: The Phoenix Fall + Bright Sons + Robbie Redway + Tom Bradley
The Phoenix Fall have been gathering momentum in the Leeds music scene for some time now and tonight's sold out event is the climax of their latest efforts on new single: 'Tearing Me Apart' which is available through all the usual suspects: iTunes, Amazon and 7digital. | 644 hits
CD Review: The Savage Nomads - Tension in the Middle
There I was attempting to iron a shirt for work the next day, 6 Music on in the background to soften the blow of the one domestic task that genuinely grates on my spirit on the rare occasions I actually bother, when I heard some familiar vocals. | 304 hits
Feature: StrangeForms Interview - Himself
We shared some doughnuts and chai lattes with Adam from Himself as we looked forward to their set at StrangeForms... | 445 hits
Interview: British Fiction
British Fiction: Twilight's Lost and Dreaming of Modern Peacocks | 886 hits
Live Review: Mumford & Sons + Prides + Eliza and the Bear
Saturday rolls round and I look forward to seeing Eliza and the Bear, who, again I caught last year at The Wardrobe, Leeds. | 352 hits
Interview: Editors
Chris Urbanowicz - Editors' lead guitarist and synthesiser player - joins David Brookmyre backstage at St Georges Hall in Bradford for a few words | 958 hits
Live Review: The Killers + The Futureheads + Bloc Party + Kaiser Chiefs
It doesn't seem all that long ago that you would see a Kaiser Chief every week, most often behind a bar. | 4,500 hits
Live Review: Forever Cult + Adore//Repel + Yawning Dog + Follow The Lion
When asked "so man, are you into grunge?", the temptation to namedrop Nevermind is often too great; "Kurt Cobain? | 773 hits
Live Review: Canterbury + Straight Lines + Proxies + More Than You'll Ever Know
We're driven up the walls, by peace and quiet... In honesty, Canterbury couldn't be any more on the dot. | 705 hits
Live Review: The Music + The Rain Band + The Bandits
I was excited about this gig. I've enjoyed The Music's debut album and have been looking forward to tonight for sometime - tickets sold out about 4/5 weeks earlier so I was expecting an electric atmosphere inside this rather strange new venue under Leeds train station. | 694 hits
Interview: The Casual Terraces
Andy Roberts catches up with The Casual Terraces before their gig with Radio Clash... | 1,979 hits
Interview: Black Flowers Audio
Rachel Gardner speaks to Black Flowers Audio frontman Daniel Francis. | 786 hits
Live Review: Iggy & The Stooges + Idlewild + The Sunshine Underground + The Young Knives + Sons and Daughters + The Horrors + The Dirty
As soon as you walk into the grounds of Harewood House, it hits you right in the face: this gig is as close to a sixties' "peace and love" throwback as you're likely to find in this day and age. | 746 hits
Live Review: The World Keeps
It was a muggy August evening. Walking across the park to The Library, where the much-heralded 360 Club hosts a regular congregation of licentious, intrepid music revellers, had me feeling nervous. | 763 hits
Live Review: Waking the Witch + Gallo
No it's not the Onion Cellar, though you'd be excused for referencing that particular venue. However, the grass is, indeed, green(ish), unlike The New Roscoe's shiny brass which is busy reflecting the populating of here, and the faces of solitary guys, with an honest lustre, (that match-making call was a good one). | 1,515 hits
Interview: Fieldhead
LMS catches up with Fieldhead (aka Paul Elam), currently Leeds' ambassador to Vancouver. | 865 hits
Interview: Catylyst
Andy Roberts catches up with Catylyst prior to their Joseph's Well gig special... | 1,534 hits
Live Review: Tristan Mackay + Andrew James O'Brien
I like expanding my musical tastes, seeing a diverse range of gigs in random venues and this one was different in more ways than one! | 931 hits
News Article: DAN AUDIO- By Ben Bradford
Dan Audio - Interview Published by Ben Bradford May 20th, 2009 in Interview. Pop and soul band with an edge and an ambition, plus they're not afraid to take on U2. | 406 hits
Interview: Goldie Lookin' Chain
Holden DeForge is invited aboard the Goldie Lookin' Chain tour bus to talk to Two Hats and Roscoe P about their current tour, leisurewear and mums with cocks... | 3,102 hits
Live Review: Hopesfall + Nora + A Destructive Issue + Shot By Both Sides
Before I start I'd just like to say that I've eaten the nicest tea I've had in ages tonight. It was a stir-fry. | 1,233 hits
Interview: Jim Kroft
I recently took the time to catch up with Jim Kroft, a bursting new talent full of deep, inspiring thoughts and colorful folk tunes! His debut album 'Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea' is available in stores now. | 820 hits
Live Review: British Racing Green + In Between Echoes + Rob & Amy + Daniel Clark
The Crow Knows Music is a developing local independent music company whose progress I've been charting of late. | 1,300 hits
Interview: Apollo's Basement
Gale Searcher philosophises and trivialises with Apollo's Basement. | 694 hits
Live Review: Defenestration + Scurge + Misled Vision + One Bullet Left
The Snooty Fox in Wakefield is slightly different to the majority of pubs that you'll will have no doubt drank in. | 1,101 hits
CD Review: The Birdman Rallies - Gondola
The first issue I noticed with this CD is that it is titled "Gondola," yet features some vaguely equine illustration for the cover art. | 788 hits
Interview: Jon Gomm
Matt Bentley catches up with Jon Gomm. | 1,805 hits

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