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CD Review: Bastions - Island Living
The Isle of Anglesey hides a dark secret in amongst its torrent of natural history and arable lands. A dark, sonic secret that renders you incapable of doing anything other than beating your chest red as the fragility of everything around you suddenly becomes all the more noticeable. | 522 hits
Live Review: Caliban + Stand + Fig 4.0 + D-Rail
At risk of being derided on the Fracture forum for the rest of eternity, I'm going to try and describe what I saw and heard at the Bassment one night last week. | 488 hits
Live Review: Kill To Gain + Nil Carborundum + Hostile Rising
We managed to make our way into the venue just in time for one song and a "Thank you and Goodnight" routine from metallers Hostile Rising. | 555 hits
CD Review: Reign Supreme - Testing The Limits Of Infinite
Fists come flying courtesy of Philadelphia's own wall of sound Reign Supreme. Taking shape as an almighty slab of dense but evocative hardcore that doesn't once try to masquerade its metallic influences. | 385 hits
CD Review: Beat The Red Light - Untitled
The original run of Beat The Red Light's debut EP sold out while the band were on tour, but this five-track effort is now being re-released into (hopefully) wider circulation, with a little help from Manchester-based not-for-profit label TNS Records. | 781 hits
CD Review: Fightstar - Be Human
Fightstar's third full-length, 'Be Human' finally sees the concept-loving, inherently theatrical post-hardcore band hook up with an orchestra. | 1,463 hits
Live Review: Arctic Monkeys + Architects + Die Antwoord + Marmozets + Beardyman + Basement + Brutality Will Prevail + Borgore + Jack Plant + The Hell
I've only ever been to Leeds Festival once, despite living in Leeds all my life. I went in 2002, when Dillinger Escape Plan, Slipknot and Aphex Twin played. | 872 hits
CD Review: Mum Locked In Castle - Vultures
Mum Locked In Castle's 'Vultures' EP kicks off with a song of two halves. The first half of 'Volta! Volta!' is scarily professional-sounding, buzzy rock that blends an unlikely combination of hardcore and experimental elements. | 748 hits
CD Review: The Plight - Winds Of Osiris
'Winds Of Osiris' the debut full-length from Leeds' The Plight, is a definite grower. Initially, you'll struggle to see past frontman Al's vocals, which have all the garbled messiness of hardcore, whilst falling just short on the aggression that usually characterises the genre. | 1,144 hits
Live Review: The Lodger + Napoleon IIIrd + Champion Kickboxer + The Folk Theatre Partisans + Piskie Sits + Monster Killed By Laser + Bonsai Kittens + Worriedaboutsatan + Unexploded Shells
The Bone is 1 year old today. No longer sucking at the mother's teat of gig promotion, it's now old enough and daft enough to stand on its own 2 feet. | 1,492 hits
Live Review: Defeater + Pay No Respect + Last Witness + Bury Tomorrow + Odessa + Breaking Point + TRC + Departures + Demoraliser + Empires Fade + Polar
One of several bands making consecutive Ghostfest appearances, Polar have scaled the bill to the position of opening the Impericon stage for the Sunday of Ghostfest, a task which they tackle with much aplomb and gusto. | 598 hits

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