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Band Profile: So So Modern
Hello! Nice to meet you. We are are a four-person collective interested creating a more fun and meaningful future through performance and music. | 150 hits
Band Profile: Braveface
Leeds based originals band playing modern yet simple popular rock music | 323 hits
CD Review: Modern Day Urban Barbarians - The Endless Retreat
It is well known that sometimes the albums that you find the most challenging on a first listen will later prove to be one of the best you own. | 250 hits
Band Profile: Tomorrow We Sail
Forever procrastinating future sailors making post-rock-folk-modern classical ambient music. | 686 hits
Band Profile: Arcomnia
Playing ancient music with sympathetic modern grooves using English Border Pipes, didgeridoo, clarinet, percussion, keyboards and programming | 154 hits
Band Profile: Kascarade
Kascarade are a 5 piece band with a retro/modern crossover sound from the city of Bradford. Kascarade formed with the aim of making music that is fresh, full of hooks, riffs and beats with each song having a different direction, vibe, emotion and message to get across. | 394 hits
Live Review: Field Music
Field Music are completely out on their own, and have been for some years now. Their highly unique brand of prog-pop is totally unparalleled, and as four albums worth of material, along with two solo records has proven; the Brewis brothers are definitely not in it for any kind of lazy indie guitar offerings. | 623 hits
CD Review: Hot Water Music - Exister
Reunions are risky business a lot of the time. A newly reformed band will play a handful of successful shows... | 200 hits
Interview: Chickenhawk
Richard Sykes speaks to Chickenhawk's Robert and Ryan ahead of the November 1st release of 'Modern Bodies' on Brew Records. | 783 hits
Interview: British Fiction
British Fiction: Twilight's Lost and Dreaming of Modern Peacocks | 804 hits
Band Profile: Jacobean Ruff
Jacobean Ruff are a young modern folk band based in Leeds, forming in mid 2012. Despite being relatively young, they have already gained notoriety on the Leeds gig scene, playing in various venues including Oporto, the Cockpit, the Wardrobe, the Brudenell, Nation of Shopkeepers and Carpe Diem, as well as beginning to establish themselves as a festival band, playing in 2013 alone Beacons, Live at Leeds, Tockwith Beer Festival and Lainfest, among others. <br /><br />Their music has often drawn comparisons with Mumford and Sons, Fleet Foxes and Laura Marling, and could easily be described as a blend of the three. Communion Leeds called it 'An exciting pairing of thoughtful, traditional folk styles and clever pop songwriting'. | 540 hits
News Article: Shlomo shortlisted for the 2008 New Music Award
The PRS Foundation have just announced the shortlist for their 'New Music Award', and Shlomo has made the last six from over 130 hopefuls! | 243 hits
Band Profile: Northern Glory
'The music scene will do exactly what we tell it to' Adam Russ, Northern Glory | 806 hits
Interview: Defend Moscow
Leeds Music Scene had a chat with guitarist Dave Fawbert from Defend Moscow | 741 hits
Interview: The Scandal
Shortly after they played the First Direct Arena open day, I caught up with the trio at Old Chapel Music Studios to see how it felt to play such a massive venue and what comes next for the band | 321 hits
Feature: Constellations Festival 2010
In Leeds Music Scene's first ever feature, Nick Rowan gets us psyched up for the inaugural Constellations Festival, 13th and 14th November 2010. | 1,813 hits
CD Review: The Blakes - s/t
Seattle trio who seem to have their fingers on several pulses, the 13 tracks here run through genres like a modern rock 101. | 236 hits
Band Profile: Northern Theremonic
electronica alternative | 250 hits
Band Profile: 54 Knockouts
The 54 Ko's are here at last. A band that bring classic rock, pop & punk influences into modern day music. | 170 hits
Band Profile: Dead Leg
rock | 558 hits
Band Profile: A Free Soul Poetic
A Free Soul Poetic are three musicians living in Leeds. Creating frenzied folk music and post modern blues of shambolic beauty. | 421 hits
CD Review: Zealous - Untitled
Right from the word go, you can tell that Zealous are a force to be reckoned with. They describe themselves as "Modern rock with a dynamic twist", and yes, the modern rock part of the statement statement is just about true but the "dynamic twist" I'm not too sure about though. | 341 hits
News Article: Feeds release new video Shallow Eyes
Feeds release new video 'Shallow Eyes' Continuing their penchant for innovative and exciting music videos, the Leeds based 5-piece are back with their latest release 'Shallow Eyes'. | 196 hits
Band Profile: Lorenza Woods
It is with great pleasure we announce the fusing of music art/horror with a modern hybrid of industrial tinged electronic inspired metal music. | 189 hits
Band Profile: The Gold Fever
indie rock | 503 hits
Band Profile: Hjaltalín
The band Hjaltalín began as a one-act thing in the music scene of MH, a Reykjavik gymnasium that is renowned for harboring musicians. | 92 hits
Band Profile: Down The Machine
Down The Machine are a 4 piece alternative rock band from Leeds. | 559 hits
CD Review: Sam Lee - Ground of Its Own
To go from visual artist to survival expert to musician is very impressive but what place does Sam Lee's traditional folk album have in today's music scene? | 283 hits
Band Profile: Outroads
With a unique mixture of blues, country, folk and downright ORIGINALITY, Outroads is one of the most uncaterogorized and truly expressive groups in the United Kingdom. | 196 hits
Band Profile: Jinzena
Jinzena... we do it our own way - the music that is. No conforming to unwritten rules or daft trends. | 817 hits
News Article: Now available from Jumbo Records!
You can now buy my album from Jumbo Records! I was taken by this fragile, delicate yet powerful folk gem that harks in part to Sandy Denny and the Strawbs, Nick Drake and has a real 60's feel yet this stand up to today's contemporary folk scene and modern tastes too...Recommended. | 191 hits
Band Profile: A Lot Like Eskimos
A Lot Like Eskimos- pop / punk rock | 1,858 hits
CD Review: Widgykeff - Made in Korea
The first impression of 'Made in Korea,' the debut single from Widgykeff, is that frontman James Halliday has the perfect voice for this sort of indie-rock. | 327 hits
Band Profile: Kill Stereo
British Rock music is alive and well and London rockers Kill Stereo are happy to form part of a healthy scene that has developed under the radar. | 135 hits
Band Profile: Aidan Marriott
Acoustic folk fingerpicking from Northern Irish songsmith. | 540 hits
Band Profile: Fragments
Progressive metal/groove from Harrogate / Leeds | 124 hits
News Article: Gary Stewart releases his 'Year and a Day' EP
Gary Stewart has announced the release of his 'Year and a Day' EP, which will be available through the Babaganoush Records label on 18th June. | 273 hits
Band Profile: JustDEFY
Rap-rock-electronica band from Keighley | 154 hits
Band Profile: The End Frets
Oringinal post punk style band based in West Yorkshire | 242 hits
Band Profile: Second Thought
experimental electronica | 512 hits
CD Review: The Bravery - Unconditional EP
It's happening, I can feel it in my waters, bubbling beneath the surface, a new genre will infest the radios, TVs and magazines of the UK in the year two 00 five, led by Franz Ferdinand, Razorlight and The Killers, this is the bastard offshoot of what came of The Strokes inspired NY explosion at the turn of the century, ladies and gentlemen feel free to dance again because indie dance rock is back and it's catching like a fire in a hay factory. | 1,244 hits
Band Profile: Holy Fuck
Holy Fuck is an electronic rock band based in Toronto, Canada. Their current line-up includes original and core members Brian Borcherdt and Graham Walsh along with Matt Schulz on drums and Matt McQuaid on bass. | 208 hits
News Article: Kaiser Chiefs and The Cribs to release a limited edition tour single...
Kaiser Chiefs and The Cribs are to release a limited split 7" single, with each band covering the other's music. | 767 hits
Band Profile: Tytania
rock/pop | 3,097 hits
Band Profile: The Holcombe Family String Band
Ragtime, Hokum, Hot Jazz and Western Swing from darkest Leeds. | 757 hits
Live Review: Superelectric + Monkey Steals The Drum + Rio 6
London's Circuit magazine and Manchester's Charabanc Promotions have tonight arranged to bring Leeds three of the best bands from the top Northern cities of Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. | 340 hits
Band Profile: Damage Control
1) Damage Control was a Norwegian straight edge hardcore band. They broke up in 2006. Members went on to form bands such as Common Cause, Death Is Not Glamorous & Another Year. | 178 hits
Band Profile: Naomi Coombes
Singer-songwriter based in Leeds | 89 hits
Band Profile: Danger Radio
Danger Radio is an alternative dance-rock band from Everett, Washington (also known for producing bands like Dumt, Bigtop, and Sabre). | 192 hits
Band Profile: The Peppermint Lounge
After soaking up the sun and sounds of Asia for most of their lives, this duo inject the heat and energy of contemporary electronica into their tropical acoustic compositions, to create The Peppermint Lounge - a music that brings composition to sampling to dance to lounge. | 407 hits
CD Review: Cypress Hill - What's Your Number
I bet the remaining members of The Clash are laughing their asses off on a regular basis. Not only do they still have an army of loyal fans after all this time, but pretty much all their more groovy stuff gets sampled. | 2,053 hits
Band Profile: Book Of Job
Metal | 1,009 hits
Band Profile: Back Ted N-Ted
From the SXSW Artist Bio page: "Phoenix, Arizona based Ryan Breen (aka Back Ted N-Ted) programs computers to wear their hearts on their sleeves. | 154 hits
CD Review: Dead Disco - Automatic
"Automatic" is the third single to be released by Leeds über cool, all girl trio Dead Disco, their first on the well-respected label Fierce Panda, and the last single the label will ever release, concentrating solely on albums in the future. | 872 hits
CD Review: The Rain Band - Knee Deep and Down
Hailing from Maannchestuur!! The Rainband don't half support their Mersey heritage. Hear with me the Roses and New Order, and the now extinct Food artists - Space Monkeys. | 320 hits
Band Profile: Sarah Brickel
Funky Soul/Jazz Singer-Songwriter | 141 hits
Band Profile: The Western Front
indie rock | 434 hits
Band Profile: Can't Kill The Heat
Towards the end of 2008, 3 friends (Members of BOYS WITH BEAKS and EVERY SECOND OF EVERYDAY) decided to progress a studio project forward into a live setup with a full band. | 333 hits
Band Profile: Party Station
Party Station were formed in 2002 by alumni of Leeds College of Music. The band has been working across Yorkshire on weddings, University Balls, parties and corporate events since then. | 54 hits
Band Profile: Fable
Started by Alastair Nielson and Joe Kemp in 2006 after playing in bands such as Mr Charming, Chimp Tiao. | 320 hits
Band Profile: Matt Abbott
Matt Abbott is a solo artist from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK. Matt used to perform under the name Skint & Demoralised but has recently reverted back to using his own name. | 256 hits
Band Profile: Vector Lovers
Vector Lovers is the moniker used by electronic music producer Martin Wheeler of the United Kingdom. Wheeler is described by the soma label as a "computer nerd" and "80s-obsessed knob-twiddler" and creates music which falls into the intelligent dance music (IDM) and electro genres. | 598 hits
Band Profile: The Escape Route
punk rock | 592 hits
CD Review: Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes
With this the (probably) last single from 'Absolution' Muse have simply outdone themselves yet again. | 694 hits
Band Profile: Wild Beasts
pop | 2,174 hits
Band Profile: Mosaicist
rock electronica dance | 427 hits
Live Review: Not Great Men + Cables Cause Fires + Eskimo Sandwich + These Five Walls
First up on tonight's roster are These Five Walls a local heavy riffing five piece. The bassist is the keystone to their sound with his competent hardcore playing and rock 'n' roll demeanour at times his bass parts sound as though they could be directly lifted from a Cancer Bats album. | 840 hits
CD Review: The Baddies - Monkeys in their Money Suits
Wow, it's another nu-mod punk band, but hey, they aint half bad, they have a real catchy sound as this live mini EP shows. | 393 hits
CD Review: Ridgevex - s/t
Not bad beginner stuff. But a long way from ready to roll up the slithering pile of shite that is modern popular music. | 621 hits
CD Review: The Dykeenies - Waiting For Go
The most striking thing about this single is how it takes seemingly disparate parts of guitar-based pop music from the last 25 years and turns them into a rolling, modern blast of a song. | 416 hits
CD Review: Yuck - Chew
When Yuck first emerged with their debut, self-titled album just last year, they were credited for their very 90's-esque sound, brilliant for people who fondly remember the music of the 90's, and also for a younger generation who live in an era of Gaga's and Riri's. | 238 hits
Band Profile: Sub45
Sub Forty Five - Unashamed Uncool Contemporary British Rock | 236 hits
CD Review: Dave Depper - The Ram Project
Everyone has that obscure favourite album they believe is true art, a masterpiece only worthy of listening to in full. | 433 hits
CD Review: Lifetime Skiver - Binoculars
'Binoculars' is the long awaited debut album from Darlington based rockers, Lifetime Skiver. Quite in fitting with the band's name, the album has been in the making for 18 years, which has to be some kind of world record? | 217 hits
Live Review: Kaiser Chiefs
A happy version of indie music, or a depressed version of The Wannadies, either way, Kaiser Chiefs impressed. | 1,093 hits
Band Profile: The Compression
The Compression are from Wakefield, originally forming as school chums with this eventual low rent release on the ever fabulous Philophobia record label. | 364 hits
Venue: Red Lion (Shadwell)
The Red Lion at Shadwell is a traditional village pub in Shadwell, north Leeds. Having taken over management a couple of years ago landlord Richard Hicks has been putting bands on regularly, and the pub has started building a bit of a reputation with recent gigs from Styckleback, FOG and Chunky Butt Funky going down a storm. | 1,493 hits
Interview: Jon Gomm
Jon Gomm talks to Mile Spilsbury about the state of the industry, his upcoming tour and, erm, Chaucer? | 740 hits
Band Profile: Frowser
Inspiring singer songwriter Jamie Waller (Lead Vox/Rythmn Guitarist) and long time friends Rob Newman (Bass/Backing Vox), started the Frowser project along with the addition of Jatinder Balkhu (Drums/Backing Vox) and brother Sam Balkhu (Lead Guitarist). | 272 hits
CD Review: Paul Stone - Reprise of Swing
The uplifting feeling you get from the 'Reprise of Swing' is unbelievable. Paul Stone (a modern day Jack Jones) croons his heart out on this record which fancily looks like an old record. | 373 hits
News Article: Club Smith to release 'Call To Harm' in November
Leeds-based four piece Club Smith have announced the release of their second single 'Call To Harm' on 7th November via All Sorted!?! | 253 hits
Band Profile: The Imagined Village
A reworking of English folk music to reflect the multiculturalism and culture of modern England. Primarily the project of Simon Emmerson (Afro Celt Sound System) but including contributions from: The Copper Family, Sheila Chandra, Benjamin Zephaniah, Martin Carthy, Eliza Carthy, Paul Weller, Transglobal Underground, Tunng, Chris Wood, Billy Bragg, Tiger Moth, The Gloworms and Dhol Foundation. | 137 hits
Band Profile: The Frugal
Pete Donnelly - Guitar / Vocals Logan Helps - Bass / Backing Vocals Iain Bamford - Drums / Percussion The Frugal were formed in 2010 as a folk / indie three piece determined to create a stripped down yet energetic acoustic sound. | 323 hits
Band Profile: Chickenhawk
Avant-garde prog ideals and chaotic, balls out, rock and metal | 1,996 hits
Band Profile: Benjamin Wetherill
folk | 2,082 hits
CD Review: 50 Cent - 21 Questions
I've been given a copy of this single that contains the "clean" version of this single so I don't get to hear naughty Mr Half Dollar get nasty on our asses. | 578 hits
Band Profile: Mute Math
Mutemath is an alternative rock band which formed in Louisiana, United States in 2003. They consist of Paul Meany (vocals, keytar, keyboards, samples), Greg Hill (guitar, vocals), Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas (bass, percussion) and Darren King (drums, samples). | 241 hits
CD Review: Sarandon - The Feminist Third
Sarandon have a simple plan: four 7-song mini-albums short enough to be released on 7" single, this being the third. | 452 hits
CD Review: The Apes - Oddeyesee
As always I'm going to show my complete ineptitude at reviewing by saying I don't know how to review it. | 223 hits
Band Profile: Royal Vendetta
indie rock | 1,030 hits
CD Review: The Boyfriends - No Tomorrow / I Love You
While the band may have a crap name they actually do have the knack to pen a couple of decent tunes as demonstrated on this two-track CD. | 390 hits
News Article: Kaiser Chiefs release 'Souvenir' singles collection
Leeds band Kaiser Chiefs have announced the release of 'Souvenir' The Singles 2004-2012, a compilation of all of the band's singles plus two brand new songs 'Listen To Your Head' and 'On The Run'. | 784 hits
Band Profile: Soul Definition
Soul Definition are the ultimate Motown Era Party Band | 345 hits
Band Profile: No Joy
The female-fronted noise poppers are certainly content to mine the depleted fields of shoegaze and twee indie sounds for inspiration. | 256 hits
Band Profile: The Feelies Inc
alternative indie | 467 hits
CD Review: 30 Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday
After a super incredible year, and being in the public's heads with single 'The Kill' not so long ago, Leto & co release track seven from their album as a single. | 667 hits
Band Profile: Chris Selman
Chris Selman is a singer/songwriter in the classic style of the early '70s troubadours. | 320 hits
Band Profile: Vinyl Collide
indie rock | 746 hits
CD Review: Emmet - Nothing Vs Everything
It doesn't take a finger on the pulse to know that in recent times "Dance" music has been on its knees. | 444 hits
News Article: Empire to host 'Over The Bridge' Festival
Leeds music venue Empire are to host a festival this weekend, with all donations going to Marie Curie Cancer Care. | 335 hits
CD Review: Paul Weller - That Dangerous Age
As far as rock and roll credentials go, the name 'Paul Weller' is way up there amongst the other heroes, both historical and contemporary. | 432 hits
CD Review: The Xenith Sound - Untitled
What a relief, The Xenith Sound appear to have finally found the "Sound" their moniker so proudly advertises. | 622 hits
News Article: Micky P Kerr to release 'The Joke' on Monday
The new single by Micky P Kerr - titled 'The Joke' and produced by Dan Hulme (The Coral, Tricky, Delphic) - is released on Monday 16th November through the Modern English record label. | 440 hits
CD Review: The Lost 45s UK - What Time Do You Call This?
The Lost 45s UK nobly continue their campaign to make beat music a force to be reckoned with on this long awaited debut album. | 387 hits
CD Review: Avenged Sevenfold - Waking the Fallen
Three albums into their career and Orange County based 5 piece Avenged Sevenfold's fusion of Goth-punk and Metal has gained them a cult following which Waking the Fallen is sure to add to. | 1,599 hits
CD Review: Faithless - No Roots
On awaiting 'No Roots' I heard a rumour that it was a political album. This had me slightly worried as I believe music made with a political agenda often sounds awkward, forced, and artificial, although, I admit there are exceptions. | 756 hits
Band Profile: Inspades
Inspades are a Metal band from York, United Kingdom. | 218 hits
Band Profile: The Coral
The Coral are a rock band that formed in 1996 in Hoylake, Wirral Peninsula, England. The band consists of James Skelly (vocals, guitar), Lee Southall (guitar), Paul Duffy (bass), Nick Power (keyboards) and Ian Skelly (drums). | 394 hits
Band Profile: Darwin and the Dinosaur
Controlling the flailing appendages of Darwin & the Dinosaur are three individually working members who come together to create simplistic, yet enormous songs. | 76 hits
Band Profile: Termite
Neo-Psychedelic 4 Piece. | 504 hits
Band Profile: TV On The Radio
TV on the Radio is a Brooklyn, New York, USA-based band that was formed in 2001. Their music is difficult to classify and is often described as art rock or post-punk, but is educated by a diverse spectrum of styles including freeform jazz and a cappella music, psychedelia and trip-hop, modern soul and classic '90s indie rock, giving them a unique and original sound. | 215 hits
Band Profile: Abi Moore
Like that pair of shoes you pull on time and time again, because they're made to measure and gloriously comfortable, Abi Moore's music harks back to those times when things were hand-crafted and made to last. | 122 hits
CD Review: Designated Driver - Design At Edd River
Middlesex's Designated Driver do what a lot of modern Emo frat-party nu-punk rockers don't - they actually write songs that feel like they mean it rather than purely sounding good when you've got a skinful. | 428 hits
CD Review: Tomahawk - Mit Gas
Ask some people to name a rock "super group" and their response will usually be Audioslave unless you ask you're grandma who'll probably just look at you funny. | 396 hits
CD Review: Motley Crue - If I Die Tomorrow
In December last year cock-rock legends Motley Crue, well known for their drug overdoses and womanising, decided to reform to give music one more crack. | 853 hits
News Article: Dead Young Records announce first artists for High & Lonesome Festival
Dead Young Records presents the very first High & Lonesome festival, which looks to celebrate the influence of Americana in modern music. | 466 hits
CD Review: Pino Forastiere - From 1 to 8
Guitar Chemistry at its very best. Affectionately known as the 'mad scientist' of acoustic guitar by fans, Forastiere cradles his guitar, hunched over it, utterly engrossed. | 461 hits
CD Review: Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man
Instigating 2009's great folk-pop takeover is Mumford & Sons with their riotous, exhilarating single 'Little Lion Man.' Following in the footsteps of Noah and the Whale and the exquisite Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons have shown that modern folk music can be as relevant to pop culture as Jay-Z, and consequently this has fought its way onto the Radio 1 playlist where it continues to gain popularity. | 1,288 hits
CD Review: Chilli - Killing Me
Now here's a novel idea, a CD single (a format predominantly bought by a 11-16 girls) that contains the purest "adult" orientated rock I've heard in a long time. | 316 hits
Live Review: Living Thing
Fox & Newt, Friday night, it can mean only one thing ... the latest offerings from top local duo Living Thing. | 321 hits
CD Review: The Sugars - Doo Wop (Sugar So Sweet)
Bands such as Arctic Monkeys may dispute that image isn't everything, and whilst it certainly isn't, it's always good to find a band who, in addition to writing first-rate songs, also have a good ol' bash at looking damned good. | 1,391 hits
Band Profile: The Budda Cakes
THE BUDDA CAKES SHOP OFFICIAL SITE Vintage Future ala Jules Verne meets Electro-Accordeon and 1984-Walkman. | 222 hits
CD Review: 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill
Every so often a really catchy metal/rock song comes along where people stand up and take notice. With the nominations and awards this song has gained, 30 Seconds To Mars are currently hot stuff, riding the waves of success. | 1,285 hits
Band Profile: Earl Okin
Earl Okin (31st January 1947) is a London singer-songwriter, musician and comedian with a long international career. | 217 hits
CD Review: Kinn - Untitled
The main problem with the three songs that make up this EP, is that frontman Nikki's soulful voice, smooth vocal rhythms and naff pop-music lyrics ("right now you want me / right now you need me" etc.) are a bad fit for the steady, rock 'n roll chug of the music. | 296 hits
CD Review: Chungking - The Hungry Years
Chungking certainly don't lack ambition. It's an ambition that has songs to back it up. Hailing from Brighton, the 3 piece have released their debut album 'The Hungry Years' on Monday 18th October. | 985 hits
Band Profile: Sativa
Sativa are a 5 piece metal band currently based in Halifax, West Yorkshire | 112 hits
Live Review: Frank Turner
The NME tent must be running a little early as Frank Turner is midway through a buoyant rendition of "I Knew Prufrock Before He Was Famous" some ten minutes before the scheduled start time. | 672 hits
CD Review: One Minute Silence - One Lie Fits All
Lets start on a good footing. I don't like metal. I went to the download festival and didn't see a single metal band for Christ's sake! | 481 hits
CD Review: Shy Child - Summer
Appropriately here is a review of a song called "Summer" just as the weather turns wet and cold... no hang on it's always been wet and cold. | 258 hits
CD Review: Squarepusher - Hello Everything
A purveyor of experimental music and a bass guitar fanatic, Squarepusher has become one of the world's most respected electronic artists releasing one acclaimed record after another on the mighty Warp Records. | 355 hits
Band Profile: New Found Glory
New Found Glory (often abbreviated to NFG) are an American pop-punk band based in South Florida (Coral Springs). | 273 hits
CD Review: Dead Disco - Untitled
I wasn't sure if it was because I'd just seen the picture that came in the CD sleeve that I thought this music sounded really sexy. | 740 hits
Band Profile: Nerve Engine
"like Sevendust battling it out with deftones and Metallica" - The Machine | 1,167 hits
Band Profile: Protokoll
Formed in 2004 Boston's Protokoll combine luxurious synth-pop melodies with shoegaze inspired guitar swells, backed with a juggernaut rhythm section. | 186 hits
Band Profile: Saudade
There are two artists named Saudade. 1. Saudade is Christopher Cantino (CA) and Jason Gray (VT). | 292 hits
News Article: Happy Daggers To Release New Single 'Get Yourself Together
After a successful start to 2013 - with critically acclaimed performances at Live At Leeds, supporting Public Service Broadcasting, and BBC radio airplay - Happy Daggers are set to release their new single: 'Get Yourself Together', on Saturday 20th July. | 173 hits
CD Review: Incubus - Talk Shows On Mute
It's been a funny few years for Incubus. From the dizzy heights of success with the mall-metal of their breakthrough album 'Morning View', to nu-metal's untimely demise and losing their bassist, the good looks of lead singer Brandon Boyd aren't the only thing that draws people to them any more. | 982 hits
CD Review: Son Of Dave - Ain't Goin' To Nike Town
'Ain't Goin to Nike Town' is the latest single from one time Crash Test Dummy, Son Of Dave. A one man band, crafting hip hop saturated blues from little more than an old box, an harmonica and a sampling pedal. | 260 hits
CD Review: Floozy - Untitled
Five nice blokes, four affable tracks. Some springy little guitar riffs and a load of enthusiasm. A goofy, friendly CD with a big SG type guitar in moody black and white on the sleeve. | 386 hits
Band Profile: As Silence Falls
Sharing the hometowns of Hondo Maclean and Funeral For a Friend and having spent enough time performing alongside the likes of the aforementioned bands who have risen up and out of the thriving South Welsh music scene - As Silence Falls, who are somewhat of a 'local band super group' to those in the know are infact a genuine proposition to join the UK's metal elite. | 132 hits
Band Profile: Joakim
Joakim is a French modern electronic music artist. Multi talented and well-cultivated, he has released two audacious albums on Versatile Records (Tigersushi in 1999 and Fantomes in 2003) and founder of Label and Proteinic website Tigersushi. | 155 hits
CD Review: The Palms - Untitled
The Palms really fit the modern day bill with their take on the current Indie rock / dance scene ala Kasabian, but one or too vocal production issues and an occasional penchant for misguided fret-wanking hold them back from hitting the full throttle. | 799 hits
Band Profile: The Dead Formats
The year is 2009, and the battle is just beginning... This is THE DEAD FORMATS. Tired of dull, tired, uninspired British music? | 188 hits
Live Review: The Imagined Village
A full room at the Irish Centre is a lot of people, especially for a Tuesday night, which creates a great atmosphere, and teasing anticipation. | 365 hits
Band Profile: A-Sun Amissa
A-Sun Amissa is a project formed out of Leeds, UK in 2011 by members of Glissando and The Rustle of the Stars. | 155 hits
News Article: Tiny Planets announce release of their debut EP
Wakefield 4-piece Tiny Planets have announced the release of their debut EP, 'The Trick Is To Keep Breathing', on Monday 16th January 2012 via the Philophobia Music record label. | 319 hits
CD Review: Alistair Sheerin - Animal Farm Sessions
Alistair Sheerin is a singer-songwriter from Middlesbrough with a melodic-rock style, comparable to that of The Beatles, The Kinks and Oasis. | 267 hits
CD Review: Bell X1 - Flock
Considering Bell X1's criminally under-rated record "Music In Mouth" passed under most people's radar a couple of years back, I was more than excited at the prospect of hearing their new offering "Flock". | 1,064 hits
Band Profile: Back Page First
Back Page First is a newly formed Bradford based rock band. Their first 4 track EP is now available on iTunes at the store link below and as of November 20th is available from all major online retailers. | 350 hits
CD Review: Maps - We Can Create
Sadly, I've forgetten the accepted history of the synthesizer. Did Prof. Moog descend from the mountain top to impart the mystic benefits of his new electronic musicianship? | 480 hits
Band Profile: Bibio
Bibio is Stephen James Wilkinson from Wolverhampton, England. Wilkinson studied 'Sonic Arts' between 1999 - 2002 at Middlesex University in North London, it was during this time in London he came up with the name Bibio. | 321 hits
Band Profile: Afro Celt Sound System
The Afro Celt Sound System is a musical group which fuses modern dance rhythms (trip-hop, techno, etc.) with Celtic and African influences. | 137 hits
CD Review: The Lockjaws - Look Dad, You Can Cook Muffins On It
Crawling out of the dingiest and filth ridden areas of Bradford come the alcohol fuelled Lockjaws. A band bred on old school punk rock, beer, Guinness, late nights, hangovers, lager, kebabs, vodka, cider, gin, whiskey... | 565 hits
News Article: Christophe Godin Masterclass Sunday 8th June
Music Nation Leeds welcomes French guitar virtuoso Christophe Godin for a very special masterclass in June. | 111 hits
CD Review: Rufus Wainwright - House of Rufus
Rufus Wainwright is a musician whose career unravels the more you stop to look back, and with this latest offering we see the release of Wainwright's entire back catalogue under the fitting title 'House of Rufus', an astonishing collection of songs which are of their own genre. | 749 hits
Band Profile: The Pablos
The Pablos are: Mitch Cameron - Vocals, rhythm guitar Andy Steingold - Lead guitar, mouth harp James Pepper - Bass Paddy Phillps - Drums Hailing from Leeds, the band is an original psychedelic garage outfit formed in winter 2008 and quickly rising from obscurity to playing at popular venues including The Cockpit and The Brudenell Social Club. | 1,229 hits
News Article: NARCS to release double A-Side on April 1st
The final single taken from NARCS' debut album 'Two Birds, One Stone Later' will be the double A-side 'Coast To Coast' and 'Souvenir', which will be released on April 1st through Clue Records. | 211 hits
Band Profile: Un-Cut
Enter Un-Cut, a pair of plucky Manc producers and a front woman who has the words urban diva stamped all over in large, neon letters, and their debut album, The Un-Calculated Some. | 115 hits
CD Review: Tame Impala - Innerspeaker
Who? Tame Impala are a psychedelic rock band hailing from Perth, Australia. Relatively unknown in the UK compared to their Australian counterparts such as Wolfmother and Jet, the group have built a significant following back home, and already have three No.1 singles in their homeland under their belts. | 305 hits
CD Review: A Silver Mt. Zion - Horses in the Sky
"Horses in the Sky" is the third and most expansive album to date from this collaboration of various artists from the Montreal post-rock scene. | 673 hits
Band Profile: Fizzy Blood
Fizzy Blood are a band born from ambition, determination and resilience. Based in Leeds, UK, their refreshing musical bravery has seen them shed any traces of the generic with their own brand of retro-inspired rock. | 48 hits
CD Review: Chris Ayer - Don't Go Back To Sleep
One of Brooklyn's burgeoning singer-songwriter's animated 2009 album is still well-worth the light-hearted listen two years on. | 265 hits
CD Review: Joakim - Lonely Hearts
They say that in every decade, there was some great music. It just takes us time to realise it. It took the 1980's years to recover from synthesiser pop which, was rebuked for its mechanical, recapitulatory ideals at the behest of the mainstream. | 649 hits
CD Review: The Lonesome Organist - Forms and Follies
Thrill Jockey are good to us. In a bad week, the poetic grace and certifiable madness of the Lonesome Organist drops through the letter box with a muffled thud that bears no more relation to the CD case inside than any of the 14 tracks do to each other. | 312 hits
CD Review: The Bishops - s/t
I've heard a lot of noise about these guys and with their self titled album, would it get louder or would it have to be drowned out? | 272 hits
Band Profile: The Robotz
The Robotz are a hip hop/alternative band formed in Leeds in 2010. | 209 hits
CD Review: Elixir - Drowning
After listening to this EP a vast number of times and reading through the huge press release and reviews and then searching through the over the top website the words of Bruce Campbell come to mind. | 248 hits
Live Review: Cute Is What We Aim For + Ten Seconds Of Chaos
The males in attendance tonight could be forgiven for thinking that they have walked into the wrong gig, such is the abundance of females pouring through the bar in anticipation of tonight's proceedings. | 572 hits
CD Review: Damien Rice - Rootless Tree
Anticipation for the second album from the Irish troubadour gradually built in the few years between the critically-lauded O and his second offering, the painfully beautiful 9. | 342 hits
Live Review: Propagandhi + Protest The Hero + Strike Anywhere + The Final Crisis
This was an unusual pairing for this Canadian double-header: a veteran political punk band, and a modern progressive metalcore band without a political bone in their collective body. | 826 hits
CD Review: Whole Sky Monitor - Bland Bland Bland
There's such an obvious joke opportunity in the title of this record that I'm having to put a lot of effort into actually writing an honest review, instead of falling back on a cheap gag. | 442 hits
Live Review: Idlewild + Now It's Overhead
Band names get more elaborate these days. It's a shame the music they produce doesn't. Now It's Overhead are very dull to watch and listen to. | 454 hits
CD Review: The Boy Tate - In The Head Of The Ice Cream Girl
Well, thanks, Dave. 12 tracks, a terrible band name and an even worse title. I cursed the day the editor was born, reached for my trusty Star Trek phaser and set it to "snore". | 298 hits
Band Profile: Bearfoot Beware
Alternative | 1,581 hits
CD Review: Lowlife UK - Barstool Preaching
First and foremost it must be said that this is pure punk. Not modern day American, high pitched vocals, whining about your girlfriend while you're at the mall kind of punk but traditional old school British punk. | 721 hits
Live Review: Chris T-T + Thomas Truax + Sergeant Buzzfuzz + Napoleon IIIrd
After a near-continuous onslaught of terrific gigs in the last couple of weeks, perhaps a breather was what was needed. | 921 hits
Live Review: Mr Shiraz + The Dead Pets + Mr Dogg + Malibu Stacey
MALIBU STACEY This is what I need. I've been at work all day, now I'm out with my ex- girlfriend having been stood up by all the people I was supposed to meet, and here are the first band of the night, the un-heard of Malibu Stacey. | 814 hits
Band Profile: Superface
rock pop | 241 hits
Band Profile: Samiam
Samiam is a band from El Sobrante, CA formed in 1988 after the breakup of the Gilman club mainstay Isocracy. | 189 hits
CD Review: The Xenith Sound - Fear is the Enemy
Xenith Sound are all about lovingly recreated classic rock with very meaty guitar lines cutting under Toff Banks' soulful and gutsy voice. | 468 hits
CD Review: Parisman - A Lesson In The Art Of Balance
Parisman take one great leap into their own future with this very polished three track CD. No more uncertainty about how to balance the rock and the electronics. | 364 hits
Band Profile: Issimo
ISSIMO are an 8-piece ska/reggae/funk/ jazz ensemble from Yorkshire, fronted by Marc and Abi and backed by the ISSIMITES (a rogue bunch of unruly jazz musicians) | 440 hits
CD Review: Scott Wainwright - All That Glitters Is Not Gold
For me this year has been one continuous discovery. Everywhere I look I find local talent just waiting to be heard and shared. | 373 hits
Live Review: Make Model
With a name like Make Model it reminds me of a time before cybernetting and interblogging; an innocent time when opening one's Christmas or birthday presents was a joy to behold. | 488 hits
Live Review: The Cat Pack
My first gig of 2003 and in the dreaded month of January, the skint month, the after payday month, the "gigs are low priority on my spending list" month - but no, what's this, "you'll have to squeeze in at the back"; "you can stand on the chairs if you want"; "I'm not going to the bar again, it was murder" for tonight The Primrose is packed for its first gig of the year and the first gig ever for The Cat Pack all 19+ of them. | 348 hits
CD Review: Simple Kid - #1
I was disturbed when I received this CD through the post. Not by the cover or the content, but by what it said on the label stuck to it. | 583 hits
Band Profile: Stereo 360
Stereo 360 is a Los Angeles based band formed by Shad Hills and features free-thinking individuals, each actively seeking to challenge themselves and their listeners through intense and provocative performance. | 147 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Chocolate Fireguard presents... Interesting Flavours
If, like me, you're sick and tired of the tedious monotony of modern rap and hip hop music, then you'll probably like to know about this CD. | 817 hits
Band Profile: Paint It Black
Paint It Black is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based modern hardcore punk band. Their music is often described as melodic hardcore, characterized by fast tempos, catchy melodies and emotionally charged vocals delivered via shouting and singing. | 241 hits
CD Review: Sigur Rós - Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do
There are a few things you should know about this EP before we get started. Here's basically a run down of the few major facts that led to this EP being recorded by Sigur Rós. | 516 hits
CD Review: Cousin Marnie - Is Sleeping E.P
All art contains an aspect of autobiography, but the reinvention of existing music, always seems to attract the most severe criticism. | 318 hits
CD Review: International Trust - Talk of The Town
International Trust are about as complicated as beans on toast. You think this is a derogatory statement? | 739 hits
Band Profile: CUT
1.) From : "while their compatriots where playing the fast/melodic/screamy sound france became known for in the mid 90s, these guys were opting for a much ulgier, noisier sound.......something i havent heard from any french band (or really any band) since............the sound occupies the nebulous space between that old german band abyss and maybe deadguy.............the vocals are strained and remind me alot of the guy who sung for ice 9/mahjas...........maybe a little AMREP style in there as well.......overall one of those uncatagorizable bands from the mid 90s......." 2.) With their story made of four adrenalin filled albums, hundreds of gigs and an unique mix of punk rock wars, blues explosions and new wave shocks, CUT are one of the best (re)known Italian underground bands. | 61 hits
Band Profile: The Sound Divide
rock | 604 hits
CD Review: Shock Defeat! - How Did We Make It So Angry?
The modern age, it's a killer ain't it? With the millions of infobytes each of us has to deal with every day why is it that music reviews are running longer and becoming increasingly verbose? | 297 hits
Live Review: The Bronx + Fucked Up + Rolo Tomassi
Let's just say you need to have brass balls to hold your weight against carnage titans The Bronx and Fucked Up. | 541 hits
Live Review: C.W. Stoneking + Brownbird Ruddy Relic
In this modern era it's not uncommon for disillusioned and quite often deluded members of society to feel that they belong to another time or place, a hubris conclusion that is usually spurred on by an influential novel, film or television series that can lead one to believe that they were meant to be an ad man from sixties Manhattan or an outlaw from the old American west and not say a clerical worker from modern day Uttoxeter. | 547 hits
Band Profile: White Rose Movement
White Rose Movement are a post-punk/electro band from London, England. They mix the post-punk style and attitude of early bands of the genre such as Joy Division and The Chameleons with a more new romantic image reminiscent of bands like Duran Duran, Depeche Mode and A Flock Of Seagulls, as well as more modern electroclash and post-punk revival influences. | 506 hits
CD Review: Mogwai - Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait
Mogwai have always been seen as one of the rightful heirs to the upper echelons of the post-rock pantheon, their 1997 debut Young Team proving to be both a boisterous statement of intent and the warning shot that was fired across the bows of the bloated sub-Oasis-junk that was cluttering the mainstream hinterland of the time. | 366 hits
Band Profile: The Click Five
The Click Five is a power pop band from Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. Formed in 2003, the group consists of five members: Joe Guese, Ben Romans, Ethan Mentzer, Kyle Patrick, and Joey Zehr. | 195 hits
CD Review: The Strokes - Room on Fire
Finally one of the most eagerly awaited albums is here, but have The Strokes returned with a modern day classic, or will "Room on Fire" leave fans asking 'Is this it?' Hyped for months by the music press, The Strokes' latest offering sounds aurally much like their last album, just with a few more ideas thrown in. | 288 hits
Live Review: Seth Lakeman + Carus Thompson
The main room of the Cockpit is heaving tonight so I have no chance of getting in to see Carus Thompson, usually of Carus and the True Believers. | 550 hits
Live Review: The Wave Pictures
"There's a lot of you here tonight but we feel like we're playing to no one at all," remarks The Wave Pictures singer and guitarist David Tattersall somewhat wistfully, motioning to the empty space in front of the stage. | 346 hits
CD Review: KC - Fracture Flows Volumes 3 & 4
KC was born into the life that he chose to lead regardless of making it his decision; hailing from East London, grime capital of the UK, he's been relentlessly pushing material since the age of 15. | 396 hits
CD Review: Broadcast 2000 - Building Blocks
I'll begin this review by thanking Broadcast 2000. This CD is like a breath of fresh air and perfect for chilling out and laying back. | 668 hits
CD Review: Rob Nichols - 2nd Album
Rob Nichols is some rare creature darting across the normally beaten tracks with a flurry of noises and graceful swerves, to disappear in the woods and haunt your memory weeks later. | 421 hits
CD Review: The Drums - Money
It seems as though any voice that comes out of a "Jonathan Pierce" I always have a love/hate relationship with. | 461 hits
Band Profile: Attack In Black
With a population of just under 50 000 people, Welland, Ontario has not traditionally been known for being a hotbed of break-out musical scenes. | 241 hits
Band Profile: Just Jack
Jack Allsopp - Just Jack Born in North London, Jack grew up on a diet of dance music including, break dance, electro hip hop and house. | 164 hits
CD Review: International Trust - Bruce Lee
The rapid rise of computers in the workplace has revolutionised the art of skiving. Whereas once slacking off was itself a complex process of fabricating meetings and leaving coats on the backs of chairs, now any imbecile (at least any imbecile not restricted by those pesky filtering systems) is only a click away from an online escape route from the drab and dreary reality of the modern office. | 816 hits
CD Review: Seismic Loveshift - Any Old Price
"sei'smic love'shift (n.) - geological earth movement akin to orgasm commonly occuring in West Yorkshire, created by the tumultuous confluence of crisp drumming, melodic bass, clean guitar and vocal mellifluence performing some of the most thoughtful, inspiring and haunting music of the twenty-first century" - SL. | 305 hits
Live Review: Supergrass
What a truly splendid place Leeds City Varieties is to get up close and personal with a band. No big muddy field stood next to a disinterested bunch of metal-heads watching from a mile away but sat comfortably amongst fervent fans eager to witness the close up skill of Messrs Supergrass. | 694 hits
Band Profile: The Heist
There is more than one artist with this name: 1) The Heist are a London, UK based rock band. Formed in 2008, they consist of Frontman Roni, Guitarist Joel, Bassist Jon and Drummer Aaron. | 231 hits
Band Profile: Lazy B
Lazyboy are two bands/artists: 1) The first is a musical project started by former Aqua member Søren Nystrøm Rasted, also known as Lazy B in the UK. | 153 hits
CD Review: Enter Shikari - Sorry You're Not a Winner
Metal guitars blended with euphoric dance lines? Surely this must be some sort of mistake, or possibly a mix from the Belgian brothers: 2 Many DJs possibly? | 2,187 hits
CD Review: Polar Bear Club - Chasing Hamburg
'Chasing Hamburg' has been one of the most anticipated alternative releases of 2009, following the somewhat unexpected popularity of 'Sometimes Things Just Disappear.' This popularity is no doubt set to continue to rise and fill the band's packed touring schedule to the maximum. | 352 hits
News Article: Brew and DTTR to release split 10" vinyl for Record Store Day
Leeds label Brew have teamed up with Yorkshire label Dance to the Radio (¡Forward, Russia!, Holy State, Grammatics) to release a limited 10" vinyl split to coincide with Record Store Day 2011 on 16th April 2011 and in honor of a certain royal wedding. | 411 hits
Band Profile: Colour of Fire
Colour of Fire were a rock band from York, UK. They were signed to Riverman Music, PIAS in Europe and King Records in Japan. | 1,067 hits
Band Profile: People in Planes
People in Planes is an alternative rock group from Porthcawl, Wales which formed in 2000. Previously the group was known as Robots in the Sky, and later Tetra Splendour before settling on People in Planes. | 325 hits
CD Review: Dugong - Hat Danko
This is infectious, intelligent, tough music that thrills the hairs on your arms and tucks your granny up at night with a cup of something poisonous. | 918 hits
News Article: Coast review
"Third time we've seen COAST now and they ROCK!! • Great vocal harmonies, • Great musicians, • Good fun on stage, • Massive repertoire of old/modern, pop/rock. | 275 hits
Band Profile: Chris T-T
Chris T-T is a singer-songwriter with a unique gift of capturing the subtleties of British life. Not one to keep his opinions to himself, this articulation often results in audience members being offended, outraged or otherwise aghast. | 303 hits
Band Profile: Patchwork Grace
Exploding out of Nottingham and Leeds Patchwork Grace live and breathe their art and wear their souls for all to see. | 224 hits
CD Review: Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Given their back catalog, it seems fair enough to hold high expectations of anything Arcade Fire release. | 1,736 hits
News Article: Beacons Festival: Toots and the Maytals confirmed as Sunday's headliner
Beacons Festival are pleased to announce that Toots and the Maytals are confirmed as Sunday's headliner on the Stool Pigeon stage. | 579 hits
CD Review: Pride Tiger - The Lucky Ones
There seems to be renewed interest in the classic rock genre at the moment, and Pride Tiger are one of many modern bands specialising in a decidedly oldschool sound. | 648 hits
Interview: In This Moment
Jessica Thornsby spoke to In This Moment guitarist Chris Howorth | 1,742 hits
Band Profile: The Unthanks
The Unthanks were formerly known as Rachel Unthank & The Winterset. The name changed with the lineup, in the summer of 2009. | 283 hits
CD Review: Cerebral Ballzy - Cerebral Ballzy
Cerebral Ballzy don't do pop punk. They don't do intelligent, political punk. They're not into genre crossings. | 259 hits
Band Profile: Mother Mother
Mother Mother is an indie rock band which formed in Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada in 2005. The band consists of Ryan Guildemond (vocals, guitar), Molly Guildemond (vocals, keyboards), Jasmin Parkin (keyboards, vocals), Jeremy Page (bass) and Ai Saidat (drums). | 259 hits
Live Review: Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles + The Blonde + Tag-Team Preacher
Another multi-band pile up at the 360, luckily there were no serious injuries and only one bands pride hurt. | 972 hits
CD Review: Joseph Arthur - Nuclear Daydream
Releasing two new albums simultaneously is a big ask of any artist, but when you see what Joseph Arthur has done and is all about, it's another step on an amazing journey for this man. | 337 hits
CD Review: Sailors - s/t
For Leeds based four piece Sailors, this is paradoxically, both their first and last 'proper' release, as they have in actuality already split up, playing their last gig earlier in March. | 305 hits
Live Review: Secret Machines
Punk was a reaction against the excesses of the 70s music scene. Songs tripped out, ten, fifteen minutes long. | 409 hits
CD Review: Tom Odell - Songs From Another Love
Tom's debut LP is due out early next year so this four track EP is a good way to get to know him. I was enjoying 'Another Love' enough until halfway through when the pulse of the song starting beating louder and stronger. | 860 hits
CD Review: Sound Team - Movie Monster
An integral piece of modern music promotion is the framing devices bands and their associated promotional agencies use for classifying and categorising their sound. | 290 hits
Live Review: Chicken Legs Weaver + Cardboard Cowboy + Tom Rodwell
First, a grumble. Tonight, there were three great acts on for a measly three quid, on a well though out bill, in a venue just outside the city centre, with probably the most consistently good sound in the city. | 2,129 hits
Band Profile: March of Dimes
Laid back folk-rock with heart. "Movingly Poignant" - Sandman Magazine | 833 hits
Live Review: Ryan Spendlove + Jasmine Kennedy + The Tritones
The DSC is just down the Bradford Road from Dewsbury town centre. Two quid in Margaret's collecting bucket and we were in for an excellent evening of music. | 560 hits
Band Profile: Sun Dial
A British psychedelic rock band formed in 1990 by Gary Ramon. The precursor to Sun Dial was Ramon's the Modern Art, formed in the mid-'80s with a loose lineup that never played gigs but did see the release of two studio albums. | 227 hits
CD Review: Tiger Shadow - Stripe Two
One of the most exciting and original acts knocking around Leeds at the moment, it's hard to know where to begin when it comes to Tiger Shadow. | 362 hits
Band Profile: Owen Pallett
Owen Pallett (born Michael James Owen Pallett-Plowright, on September 7, 1979) is a violinist and singer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and winner of the inaugural Polaris Music Prize. | 100 hits
Band Profile: Waking Theo
Relentless and uncompromising yet soaring and intricate, Waking Theo weld the brutal to the beautiful to create music that is both stunning and epic, in the truest senses of the words. | 289 hits
CD Review: The Drastics - Fuck Romance
It wouldn't be too far fetched to say that the last 15/20 or so CDs I have reviewed on various different formats helped contribute to a brief and recent exile from 'music journalism'. | 381 hits
Band Profile: Buckcherry
Buckcherry is a band formed in Los Angeles back in 1995. The band released two albums before dissolving in summer 2002 after lead singer Josh Todd left to pursue a solo career. | 215 hits
Band Profile: Blur
Blur is an alternative rock band which formed in Colchester, England in 1989. The band consists of Damon Albarn (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Graham Coxon (guitar, vocals), Alex James (bass) and Dave Rowntree (drums). | 205 hits
Live Review: iLiKETRAiNS
I don't think I really 'got' I Like Trains up until now. I sort of categorised it in my mind as 'music to kill yourself to' and didn't really have much of an opinion past this (clearly wrong) assumption. | 792 hits
CD Review: Wot Gorilla? - Wot Gorilla?
Imagine, if you will, a vast melting pot of influences, of vibrancy and deliberate musical sleight of hand, dashed together with the inventiveness of Cap 'n Jazz, the forthright post-hardcore edge of Kidcrash and the arithmetic adroitness of Seattle's Minus The Bear. | 742 hits
Band Profile: Son Of Dave
Former Crash Test Dummies guitarist/mandolin player Benjamin Darvill is Son of Dave. He brings the Blues kicking and howling into the 21st Century without thievery or pretension, creating sweet Devil music with just his bare lips and hands. | 267 hits
Live Review: Napoleon IIIrd + O Fracas + Middleman + Micky P Kerr
The Engine Room's fourth birthday celebrations were always going to be something special. The Brudenell Social Club was absolutely heaving, filled with many a familiar face from Leeds' bands. | 1,280 hits
Live Review: 5ft4 + Evil Little Sister + Floozy
It makes a change tonight that the Rocket is actually packed to it's brim tonight and it only helps that the music being played is deserved of such a crowd. | 430 hits
Live Review: The Twang
For a band about to release their second single to be playing a headline set at the Leeds Met is no small feat. | 1,129 hits
CD Review: Napoleon IIIrd - Hideki Yukawa
The designation of Napoleon IIIrd's 'Hideki Yukawa' release as a mini-album is a clear-cut example of understatement. | 377 hits
Band Profile: Elliot
There are at least 2 artists with the name Elliot: 1. An american rock band 2. An experimental hip-hop producer Elliot is a five-piece rock band from the Pacific Northwest playing energetic, acoustic and melodic rock with a heart for social justice. | 213 hits
CD Review: Afro Celt Sound System - Capture (1995-2010)
'Capture,' 15 years of the Afro Celt Sound System is a great compilation, not excellent throughout, but different people will like different tracks. | 1,331 hits
Band Profile: Radiohead
Radiohead are an English alternative rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The band is composed of Thom Yorke (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, beats), Jonny Greenwood (lead guitar, keyboard, other instruments), Ed O'Brien (guitar, backing vocals), Colin Greenwood (bass guitar) and Phil Selway (drums, percussion). | 198 hits
CD Review: AKp - The Blast Apex
It seems that Alex King, has whittled his circle of trust down to a trio of himself and two backing musicians, and in doing so has created the eponymous collective AKP. | 500 hits
Band Profile: Resonance
Resonance, Fouad - Rhythm Guitar John - Bass Jonny - Lead Vocal Mark - Drums and Backing Vocals Sean - Lead Guitar and Rhythm Guitar "Resonance is a great name for the band, big sound, big energy, you are Resonance and need to be on a big stage..." Alan Raw (BBC Radio DJ) "'Shaman' is the standout track displaying their ability to write catchy numbers which also showcase all five members' respective talents. | 754 hits
Live Review: Visa + Being 747 + Graeme Stanton
Tonight was a much-anticipated event. Visa had been away from the live scene for around 7 months, taking time to build a themselves a studio and record some fine tunes indeed. | 324 hits
Band Profile: Lethargy
There are at least 7 bands named Lethargy: 1) Smooth, technical death metal from Rochester, NY. Today Is the Day, Sulaco, Brutal Truth and Mastodon all feature alumni of Lethargy at some point. | 174 hits
Band Profile: Tinariwen
Formed in 1982, in strikingly unusual circumstances for a musical ensemble, Tinariwen blend ancient musical traditions with radical contemporary politics. | 131 hits
CD Review: Simon Pollard Band - The Dark Before the Dawn
Whilst sitting down listening to this EP from The Simon Pollard Band, thinking about an angle for this review, I was trying to think when it was that Country music became cool. | 307 hits
CD Review: The Budda Cakes - s/t
Sometimes you can just tell a band's going to be good from their name. These guys call themselves The Budda Cakes so obviously they're gonna be brilliant. | 362 hits
Band Profile: Stereolab
Stereolab are a UK-based band whose style, mixing 1950s-1960s pop and lounge music with the "motorik" beat of krautrock, was one of the first to which the term "post-rock" was applied. | 305 hits
CD Review: Matt Bentley - Something to Find
According to commentators at the recent BBC2 Folk Awards; the genre is making a comeback and is becoming especially popular with today's young people, but of course they would say that, wouldn't they? | 628 hits
Live Review: Down Radio + Terra-ist + Strangers In Paradise
Tonight is a special night at the 360 Club with Terra-ist releasing their band releasing their debut album 'Civilian Army', not to mention it being the final gig of the year. | 467 hits
Live Review: Emmy The Great + Pengilly's
In the intimate setting of the Brudenell Social Club, Emmy the Great was surrounded by folk fans, eager to listen to "Emmy", also known by her real name, Emma-Lee Moss, singing her kooky songs about dinosaurs having sex and the TV series "24". | 404 hits
CD Review: Bloc Party - I Still Remember
Lets clear one thing up before I write this review. I love Bloc Party. I can find very few criticisms of them. | 693 hits
Live Review: Mama Scuba + Herbie + Farming Incident
Tonight is advertised as a "Leeds 6 Alternative Music Extravaganza" and by heck did promoters Panama get it right, for tonight they have booked perhaps the best three alternative bands I have seen in a long time, all local bands, all doing the city of Leeds proud, and as Steve Kind (Panama) put it when he introduced the headliners Mama Scuba, "I've been wanting to book this band for two years now" - it was well worth the wait! | 514 hits
Band Profile: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are a ska-core band from Boston, Massachusetts, United States (Bosstones is a play on Boston). | 259 hits
Band Profile: Scams
Andy Morgan : vocals/guitar/samples and programming Jamie Macneal : guitar/vocals/samples Adam Fenwick : bass/vocals Daniel Harvey : drums/vocals Depo : drums/samples/vocals Whether playing to expectant audiences in their adopted hometown of Leeds, or showcasing everywhere from Europe to the US, Scams are rapidly establishing a reputation as genuine purveyors of a unique sound and a dynamic and infectious live act. | 482 hits
Band Profile: Devil Sold His Soul
Devil Sold His Soul is a post-hardcore band from London, England formed in 2004. Their music is a blend of crushing hardcore riffs intertwined with ambient dynamics. | 374 hits
Band Profile: Ram
There are ten artists known as Ram. 1st: Ram (Ram Boon) is a trance DJ from the Netherlands, formerly known Bas & Ram. | 261 hits
Live Review: Parva + All Star 69ers + Maude
Bloody hell, it's busy in here for a Monday. Usually a night of rest following the weekend, but tonight a haven of rock and roll activity the likes of which we haven't seen since... | 355 hits
CD Review: The Catharsis - God Damned
If you're looking for a straight-up hardcore kicking, then The Catharsis could well be your new favourite band. | 398 hits
Live Review: Jim Bob
Some misguided people out there might tell you that the post-Madchester pre-Britpop years weren't much fun to be growing up as an "indie kid". | 471 hits
CD Review: The 1975 - Untitled
The 1975, indie-alternative band released their self-titled album in September 2013, but they are still creating a stir with their upbeat electro, pop-rock sound. | 446 hits
Band Profile: Ajanta
Edward Harrington - Guitar, vocals Alex Greaves - Bass, vocals, percussion Robert Harrington - Drums, vocals, percussion When Edward, his brother Robert and their friend Alex decided to form a band in 2001, the then-young-teens could only have dreamed of the status and respect they would achieve within half a decade. | 1,164 hits
CD Review: Dave Pilla - Dave Pilla EP
My shameless self-promotion on Twitter has come up trumps. Dave Pilla (real name: Dave Rees) got in touch for a review of his music and a few bars in my obliging nature was rewarded with smugness. | 375 hits
CD Review: Department M - Department M
Department M is "a creative vehicle for one Owen Brinley" from Leeds. After releasing a few singles, they have brought all their work so far, (including some unreleased songs) into one mini album, available now. | 417 hits
Live Review: Vincent Vincent and the Villains
To say it lacked atmosphere would be understatement of the year, especially considering the reputation that North by South Best has. | 517 hits
CD Review: Malcolm Middleton - Sleight of Heart
Middleton cracked into the public consciousness with the cheerily titled electro-pop single "We're all going to die", briefly in contention for Xmas number one status thanks to Radio 1. | 633 hits
Band Profile: Magic Arm
Magic Arm - who, in 2009, you will see erroneously described as a singer-songwriter; laptop-folk troubadour; and more - is otherwise known as Marc Rigelsford. | 211 hits
Band Profile: Pino Forastiere
Forastiere, acoustic guitarist and composer Forastiere is a remarkable virtuoso and his techniques and musical ideas are a true mix of acoustic and classical guitar styles. | 90 hits
Live Review: Daljit Dhaliwal + Dan Audio + Leesa Mae + Forty Million Mexicans
Guilty of arriving late to tonight's 360 club, I managed to miss the first ten minutes or so of openers, Forty Million Mexicans. | 520 hits
CD Review: Wild Beasts - Limbo Panto
Where to start with Wild Beasts? Their music is haunting and terrifying and oh so terribly exciting. And although admittedly, you'll most likely be freaked out to fuck at first listen, allow the Leeds/Kendal/somwherefarfromhere quartet work on you and thou shalt be thankful. | 488 hits
CD Review: Queen Adreena - The Butcher And The Butterfly
Hate to sound so abrupt, but Katie Jane-Garside is weird. Is it that I personally don't understand her twisted world of sickly intense lyrics? | 2,150 hits
Band Profile: Neil Cowley Trio
As a 10 year old child protégé he performed a Shostakovich piano concerto to an audience of 1200 at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall. | 193 hits
Band Profile: Detroit Cobras
The Detroit Cobras are a cover band who specialise in versions of Motown, soul and '50s rock and roll standards, played in the garage rock/punk blues style. | 354 hits
CD Review: Sawsound - We Have It All
Leeds' Sawsound take the violins of modern, trendy indie-folk and present it with a more rock aesthetic. | 465 hits
Band Profile: Seth Lakeman
Seth Lakeman, the West Country born singer and songwriter credited with bringing folk music to a whole new audience since his 2005 Mercury nominated album, 'Kitty Jay', released his eagerly anticipated 4th album, 'Poor Man's Heaven', on June 30th 2008. | 580 hits
Live Review: Rise Against + The Bronx
The Bronx as support. What a show. I last caught these guys on the Kerrang! tour earlier this year, where singer Matt Caughthran had broken his knee, which didn't stop him jumping into the crowd. | 824 hits
Band Profile: 36 Crazyfists
36 Crazyfists are a metalcore band from Alaska, United States. Their sound is characterised by unique vocals and intelligent songwriting. | 417 hits
Band Profile: Skinny Lister
Skinny Lister are not your average, modern day, gentrified English folk group. Fronted by Dan Heptinstall and Lorna Thomas; a vocalist with a lusty cackle and flirtatious presence, the London based five-piece hail from across England. | 152 hits
CD Review: Japanese Fighting Fish - Day Bombs
Japanese Fighting Fish have been knocking around for a while now, flirting with mainstream press recognition but never quite achieving the full-blown exposure they crave. | 386 hits
Band Profile: The Plea
Sit down with The Plea and they'll bend your ear about music for hours. They'll debate their favorite Rolling Stones songs, Hamburg-era versus mid-60s Beatles and whether Be Here Now was better than Definitely Maybe. | 420 hits
Band Profile: Cosmo Jarvis
Cosmo Jarvis is going to be a big deal. He is a complete package; an accomplished filmmaker, a brilliant composer and an exceptional live performer. | 696 hits
CD Review: Severin - Everything Breaks
It was announced last week that a minimum price of 40p per unit of alcohol was to be introduced in England; this of course was good news for some, and bad news for others. | 296 hits

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