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News Article: Preparation H voted Band of the Month for July 2003...
Preparation H were voted Band of the Month for July 2003 by members of | 478 hits
News Article: Seven Acres were voted Band of the Month for July 2004...
Seven Acres were voted Band of the Month for July 2004 by members of All votes have been reset. | 296 hits
News Article: Ins and Outs voted Band of the Month for July 2006...
Ins and Outs were voted Band of the Month for July 2006 by members of All votes have been reset. | 342 hits
News Article: Bad Beat Revue voted Band of the Month for July 2005...
Bad Beat Revue were voted Band of the Month for July 2005 by members of All votes have been reset. | 549 hits
News Article: Desert Eskimo voted Band of the Month for July 2007...
Desert Eskimo was voted Band of the Month for July 2007 by members of All votes have been reset. | 215 hits
News Article: ˇForward, Russia! to release a double A-side single in July on White Heat Records...
Following the sell out of the band's debut release, a split single with This Et Al, Leeds four-piece ˇForward, Russia! | 606 hits
News Article: The Wick Effect - "Been Let Down" nominated for award
The Wick Effect's "Been Let Down" has been nominated in the Woho Music "Track Of The Month" Award for July 2010 To listen to this song - and vote for it! | 232 hits
CD Review: The Koreans - Machine Code
There's a scratchy fizzed up modemic start on the black notes of a Yamaha PS something or other. Then a breathily credible vocal track. | 427 hits
News Article: New record label to emerge in Leeds...
A new Leeds-based record label - "Performing Chimp Records" - was officially launched at the start of this month with the release of its first title onto the streets of the city - the album Hypertension by local guitar-maestro Jon Gomm. | 697 hits
News Article: The Imports through to Centre Stage Final!
The Imports have been announced as one of the bands to get through to the final of the Martin House Centre Stage Competition 2013, after playing in the 3rd Heat on Thursday 25th April. | 120 hits
News Article: The Cribs release the album "The New Fellas" on 20th June...
The Cribs new album "The New Fellas" is released on Monday 20th June and formats include a special edition with a bonus 12-track live album recorded at the band's show in Leeds last month. | 621 hits
Band Profile: Poor Man's Plunder
In the month of July 2011 Poor Man's Plunder was born. Combining many years of past experience ranging from playing in a garage to playing live shows all over the country. | 204 hits
News Article: Kinch to release their debut single on the Halo UK label
Kinch, a young indie-pop band from the Halton area of Leeds, has just been signed by London-based indie label Halo UK and expect their first single, the double A-side 'Old Fashioned Love' / 'Everybody's Talking About It', to be released in July. | 459 hits
Band Profile: Vanquish
Vanquish was formed in August of 2001; the band set out with a passion for heavy metal music, with influences ranging from contemporaries such as Metallica and Dream Theater to classic Pink Floyd. | 178 hits
News Article: The new EP from The Wick Effect will be released on 16th August
The Wick Effect are pleased to announce the release of the "Everknowing EP" on August 16th 2010, on iTunes, Amazon, Napster and many more digital download sites. | 344 hits
News Article: Six local bands to battle for a place at Bingley Music Live
Last month Bradford Theatres launched a search for local music talent to appear the Bingley Music Live festival in September. | 562 hits
Band Profile: Sixty Watt Bayonets
Sixty Watt Bayonets are a female-fronted garage-punk band comprising Penny, Will, Mike and Billy who met at Reading University. | 86 hits
News Article: Penguin to release 'This is Believing' EP via Dead Sober Records
Penguin have announced the release of their eagerly awaited 'This is Believing' EP through the Dead Sober Records label. | 506 hits
Band Profile: Prismic
Prismic were formed in late 2007. They are a three piece band who write and perform all their own material. | 287 hits
Band Profile: The Breech
Leeds based four-piece, The Breech, were formed in July 2001 and have developed a deeply musical and distinctly unique sound. | 1,850 hits
Band Profile: Rob Galloway
Rob Galloway Dubbed 'The Rebel of the Leeds Music Scene' ROB GALLOWAY describes himself as Beck meets Iggy Pop, creating an electric sound from dance beats, guitars, trip hop and punk rock | 1,459 hits
Band Profile: Lethal Bizzle
Lethal Bizzle (also known as Lethal B) is one of the fastest growing East London Grime artists. In December, 2004 he released "Pow (Forward)", also known as "Forward Riddim", which was banned from airplay by some mainstream stations; it entered the UK Singles Chart at number 11 in the first chart of 2005. | 284 hits
Band Profile: Black Kids
Black Kids are an indie rock band who formed in Jacksonville, Florida, United States in 2006. Rolling Stone called them one of ten "Artists to Watch" in 2008 and they were also included in the BBC Top 10 Sound of 2008 poll. | 272 hits
Band Profile: Zebrahead
Zebrahead is an Orange County, CA-based punk-pop-rap band which was formed in 1996 by vocalist/guitarist Justin Mauriello (formerly of once there), guitarist Greg Bergdorf (formerly of 409), bassist Ben Osmundson (formerly of 3-Ply), and drummer Ed Udhus (formerly of 409). | 617 hits
Band Profile: The Cinematics
There are two artists with this name: 1. The Cinematics were an indie band which formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 2003. | 474 hits
News Article: Leeds students given opportunity to appear at Leeds Festival 2010
Martin House Children's Hospice are this month launching Centre Stage, a musical talent competition for over 150 secondary schools across West Yorkshire that has the support of Leeds band The Pigeon Detectives. | 2,891 hits
News Article: Finalists confirmed for Centre Stage 2013
Back in April, Martin House Children's Hospice held their fourth, annual Centre Stage Heats at The Wardrobe, Leeds. | 449 hits
Band Profile: Buck Brothers
The three Bucksters met accidentally in January 2005 at the unlikely setting of a suburban Buddhist Disco in North London. | 225 hits
Band Profile: Valient Thorr
Valient Thorr is a band whose Venusian spacecraft landed in Greenville, North Carolina, USA, forming in 2001. | 160 hits
Band Profile: Amy Studt
Amy Jane Studt (born in Bournemouth, United Kingdom, March 22, 1986) is a British singer, songwriter and musician. | 904 hits
Band Profile: One Bullet Left
There are two bands called 'One Bullet Left'. The first one is a thrash/death metal band with slight black and groove influences hailing from Balkbrug, The Netherlands. | 142 hits
Band Profile: The Decemberists
The Decemberists are a folk rock band which formed in 2000 in Portland, Oregon, United States. The band currently consists of Colin Meloy (vocals, guitar), Chris Funk (guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, pedal steel), Jenny Conlee (organ, piano, accordion), Nate Query (electric bass, acoustic bass, cello) and John Moen (drums). | 306 hits
Band Profile: Admiral Fallow
Admiral Fallow is a group, formerly known as Brother Louis Collective, born in 2007 and gathered round the singer/song-writer Louis Abbott. | 336 hits
Band Profile: Boy Sets Fire
Post-Hardcore band from Newark, Delaware, United States The hardcore, then later post-hardcore, band boysetsfire was founded 1994 in Delaware/USA. | 147 hits
Band Profile: Lauren Harris
Lauren Harris (6th july 1984) is the oldest daughter of Iron Maiden leader/founding member Steve Harris. | 282 hits
Band Profile: Morning Runner
Morning Runner (2003-2007) were an alternative rock band from Reading, England. They released one album, Wilderness Is Paradise Now, following top 20 single "Burning Benches", before their split in late 2007 due to commercial pressures from their record label, Parlophone. | 374 hits
Band Profile: The 69 Eyes
The 69 Eyes originate from Helsinki, Finland. They became a band in the early 1990's and are nowadays labelled as "gothic rock" though their early releases were more of a glam/hard rock style. | 167 hits
Band Profile: The Chevin
The Chevin is a Leeds, England, based indie rock band formed in 2010. The band is composed of four childhood friends, Coyle Girelli (lead vocals and guitars), Mat Steel (guitars and keyboards), Jon Langford (bass guitar) and Mal Taylor (drums.) The band gets their name from The Chevin, a ridge overlooking their home town of Otley, West Yorkshire. | 2,368 hits
Band Profile: The Boats
There are two successful bands called 'The Boats'. One is the UK-based band and the other is Australian Instrumental/Post-Rock outfit 'The Boats'. | 451 hits
Band Profile: Mondo Generator
Mondo Generator (sometimes known as "Nick Oliveri And The Mondo Generator") is an American punk/hard rock band fronted by Nick Oliveri. | 220 hits
Band Profile: You Me At Six
You Me At Six are a 5-piece pop punk band from Weybridge, Surrey who formed in 2005. The five piece played locally until early 2007 when spring support slots with Saosin at Leeds Cockpit (03.05.07) and later Paramore at the Colchester Arts Centre (10.06.07) saw them attract media attention from the likes of Kerrang, Musicscoop and NME. | 2,326 hits
Band Profile: Los Campesinos!
Los Campesinos! are an indie pop band which formed in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom in 2006. The band consists of Gareth Campesinos! | 468 hits
Interview: Heaven's Basement
Gerard Leachman sits down with Heaven's Basement drummer Chris Rivers | 260 hits
Band Profile: Deerhunter
Deerhunter is a band which formed in 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The band consists of Bradford Cox (vocals, guitar, piano), Moses Archuleta (drums, synths), Lockett Pundt (guitar, organ, vocals) and Josh Fauver (bass, vocals). | 161 hits
Band Profile: Rise To Addiction
About Rise To Addiction Who Do We Think We Are? Fast rising UK band RISE TO ADDICTION are the brainchild of guitarists Steve Wray and John Slater (former Blaze). | 239 hits
Interview: Kasms
Jessica Thornsby spoke with Rachel Mary Callaghan, vocalist with Kasms, about 'shriekbeat', their name and why they wrestle with people at their gigs! | 788 hits
Band Profile: Mir
Mir/MIR refers to more than 1 artist. 1. Canadian alternative/rock band 2. Dutch singer/songwriter Mirjam Timmer 3. | 227 hits
Band Profile: Silverstein
Silverstein is a 5-piece post-hardcore band from Burlington, Ontario, Canada; formed in 2000. The band name was taken from the famous children's author Shel Silverstein. | 456 hits
Band Profile: Brand New
Brand New is an American rock band that formed in 2000 in Merrick, New York. The band consists of Jesse Lacey (lead vocalist/guitarist/lyricist), Vincent Accardi (guitarist/lyricist), Garrett Tierney (bassist), Brian Lane (drummer), and Derrick Sherman (guitarist/keyboardist). | 572 hits
Band Profile: Kate Nash
Kate Nash (b. 6 July 1987) is a singer/songwriter/pianist/guitarist from Harrow, North London, England, best known for the UK #2 hit "Foundations". | 801 hits
Interview: Blue Sky Project
Maria Pinto-Fernandes speaks with Leeds band Blue Sky Project on the eve of the release of their 'Fenestrae' EP | 1,467 hits
Band Profile: Bloc Party
Bloc Party are an English alternative rock band. In 2005, the band released their critically acclaimed debut album Silent Alarm. | 562 hits
Interview: New Young Pony Club
Is 'New Rave' dead? Or is it just older and wiser? I delve into the dark side of pop with NYPC. | 771 hits
Band Profile: Stampin' Ground
Stampin' Ground are a band from England who have long been seen to have the vision, dedication and perseverance required to take themselves to the peak of the international metal scene. | 168 hits
Band Profile: Lorien
There are five artists using the name "Lorien". The first, is a metal band from Spain, formed in 1996. | 345 hits
Band Profile: Def Leppard
Def Leppard are an English rock band from Sheffield, who formed in 1977 during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. | 427 hits
Band Profile: Super Furry Animals
Super Furry Animals (also known as "SFA", the "Furries" and the "Super Furries") are a critically acclaimed welsh alternative rock band, with leanings towards psychedelic rock, punk, britpop and electronic experimentation. | 452 hits
Band Profile: Mower
There are two bands called Mower. 1. Mower is an American rock/metal band. 2. Mower is a UK alternative rock band formally on Graham Coxon's Transcopic label. | 348 hits
Band Profile: Saxon
Saxon is a british heavy metal band, formed in Barnsley, England in 1976. As pioneers of, and at the forefront of the then new wave of british heavy metal the band enjoyed a period of prominence in the UK (including popular chart success) and Europe in the early 1980s, and later the USA and Japan. | 273 hits
Band Profile: Draco
There are several artists named Draco. 1. The machine will never cease to function... Drone DraCo was born and raised in Croatia, escaping the Collective, and currently residing at the nation's capitol city Zagreb from where he runs a netlabel Diggarama together with his friend bLURiX (all heil Diggarama!). | 513 hits
Band Profile: AFI
There is more than one artist with this name: 1) AFI (A Fire Inside) is an American rock band from Ukiah, CA that formed in 1991. | 291 hits
Band Profile: The Mars Volta
The Mars Volta is an American rock group formed in 2001 by guitarist Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez and vocalist Cedric Bixler Zavala. | 400 hits
Band Profile: Guns'n'Roses
Guns N' Roses is an American hard rock band founded in Los Angeles, California in 1985. The band has released six studio albums: Appetite For Destruction in 1987, G N' R Lies in 1988, Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II in 1991, The Spaghetti Incident? | 220 hits
Band Profile: The Misfits
Misfits are an American horror-themed punk rock, or horror punk, band formed in 1977 in Lodi, New Jersey, United States and originally led by singer and songwriter Glenn Danzig (born Glenn Anzalone) until 1983. | 1,118 hits
Band Profile: Daft Punk
Daft Punk is a multi Grammy Award-winning electronic music duo formed in 1994 in Paris, France, and consisting of French musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (born 8 February 1974) and Thomas Bangalter (born 3 January 1975). | 6,157 hits
Band Profile: Feeder
Feeder are an award-winning Welsh rock band that formed in Newport, Wales in 1992. With the lead single "Buck Rogers" from their 2001 album Echo Park, Feeder entered the mainstream, around a time manufactured pop was frequently dominating the top 10. | 598 hits
Band Profile: Low
Low is an american alternative group from Duluth, Minnesota. The group was formed in 1993, by Alan Sparhawk (guitar and vocals), Mimi Parker (drums and vocals) and original bassist John Nichols (bass guitar). | 335 hits
Band Profile: Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth is an influential experimental rock band which formed in New York City, New York, United States in 1981. | 269 hits

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