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News Article: Preparation H voted Band of the Month for July 2003...
Preparation H were voted Band of the Month for July 2003 by members of | 531 hits
News Article: Ins and Outs voted Band of the Month for July 2006...
Ins and Outs were voted Band of the Month for July 2006 by members of All votes have been reset. | 398 hits
News Article: Seven Acres were voted Band of the Month for July 2004...
Seven Acres were voted Band of the Month for July 2004 by members of All votes have been reset. | 337 hits
News Article: Desert Eskimo voted Band of the Month for July 2007...
Desert Eskimo was voted Band of the Month for July 2007 by members of All votes have been reset. | 262 hits
News Article: Bad Beat Revue voted Band of the Month for July 2005...
Bad Beat Revue were voted Band of the Month for July 2005 by members of All votes have been reset. | 609 hits
News Article: ˇForward, Russia! to release a double A-side single in July on White Heat Records...
Following the sell out of the band's debut release, a split single with This Et Al, Leeds four-piece ˇForward, Russia! | 699 hits
News Article: The Wick Effect - "Been Let Down" nominated for award
The Wick Effect's "Been Let Down" has been nominated in the Woho Music "Track Of The Month" Award for July 2010 To listen to this song - and vote for it! | 299 hits
CD Review: The Koreans - Machine Code
There's a scratchy fizzed up modemic start on the black notes of a Yamaha PS something or other. Then a breathily credible vocal track. | 491 hits
News Article: New record label to emerge in Leeds...
A new Leeds-based record label - "Performing Chimp Records" - was officially launched at the start of this month with the release of its first title onto the streets of the city - the album Hypertension by local guitar-maestro Jon Gomm. | 794 hits
News Article: The Imports through to Centre Stage Final!
The Imports have been announced as one of the bands to get through to the final of the Martin House Centre Stage Competition 2013, after playing in the 3rd Heat on Thursday 25th April. | 157 hits
News Article: The Cribs release the album "The New Fellas" on 20th June...
The Cribs new album "The New Fellas" is released on Monday 20th June and formats include a special edition with a bonus 12-track live album recorded at the band's show in Leeds last month. | 768 hits
Band Profile: Poor Man's Plunder
In the month of July 2011 Poor Man's Plunder was born. Combining many years of past experience ranging from playing in a garage to playing live shows all over the country. | 384 hits
News Article: Kinch to release their debut single on the Halo UK label
Kinch, a young indie-pop band from the Halton area of Leeds, has just been signed by London-based indie label Halo UK and expect their first single, the double A-side 'Old Fashioned Love' / 'Everybody's Talking About It', to be released in July. | 544 hits
News Article: The new EP from The Wick Effect will be released on 16th August
The Wick Effect are pleased to announce the release of the "Everknowing EP" on August 16th 2010, on iTunes, Amazon, Napster and many more digital download sites. | 435 hits
News Article: Six local bands to battle for a place at Bingley Music Live
Last month Bradford Theatres launched a search for local music talent to appear the Bingley Music Live festival in September. | 697 hits
News Article: Penguin to release 'This is Believing' EP via Dead Sober Records
Penguin have announced the release of their eagerly awaited 'This is Believing' EP through the Dead Sober Records label. | 636 hits
Band Profile: Shake Your Halo Down
Shake Your Halo Down is a lo-fi indie collective on the PhilophobiaMusic label. | 355 hits
Band Profile: Prismic
Prismic were formed in late 2007. They are a three piece band who write and perform all their own material. | 390 hits
Band Profile: The Breech
Leeds based four-piece, The Breech, were formed in July 2001 and have developed a deeply musical and distinctly unique sound. | 2,000 hits
Band Profile: Rob Galloway
Rob Galloway Dubbed 'The Rebel of the Leeds Music Scene' ROB GALLOWAY describes himself as Beck meets Iggy Pop, creating an electric sound from dance beats, guitars, trip hop and punk rock | 1,741 hits
News Article: Leeds students given opportunity to appear at Leeds Festival 2010
Martin House Children's Hospice are this month launching Centre Stage, a musical talent competition for over 150 secondary schools across West Yorkshire that has the support of Leeds band The Pigeon Detectives. | 3,093 hits
News Article: Finalists confirmed for Centre Stage 2013
Back in April, Martin House Children's Hospice held their fourth, annual Centre Stage Heats at The Wardrobe, Leeds. | 657 hits
Band Profile: The Chevin
The Chevin is a Leeds, England, based indie rock band formed in 2010. The band is composed of four childhood friends, Coyle Girelli (lead vocals and guitars), Mat Steel (guitars and keyboards), Jon Langford (bass guitar) and Mal Taylor (drums.) The band gets their name from The Chevin, a ridge overlooking their home town of Otley, West Yorkshire. | 2,671 hits
Interview: Heaven's Basement
Gerard Leachman sits down with Heaven's Basement drummer Chris Rivers | 359 hits
Interview: Kasms
Jessica Thornsby spoke with Rachel Mary Callaghan, vocalist with Kasms, about 'shriekbeat', their name and why they wrestle with people at their gigs! | 1,186 hits
Interview: Blue Sky Project
Maria Pinto-Fernandes speaks with Leeds band Blue Sky Project on the eve of the release of their 'Fenestrae' EP | 1,633 hits
Interview: New Young Pony Club
Is 'New Rave' dead? Or is it just older and wiser? I delve into the dark side of pop with NYPC. | 892 hits

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