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CD Review: Death of Fashion - Hello Movement
New York City envelops and spits out another victim here, unable or unwilling to breathe under its weight of music past. | 481 hits
Interview: FLING
FLING guitarist Jack, on fashion and freedom (Live at Leeds 2017) | 663 hits
Interview: Pixie Lott
Joseph Seager caught up with Pixie Lott, chatting about world domination, Hollywood, Brit awards and fashion lines. | 3,989 hits
News Article: Music HubTalks: music industry leaders to gather In Leeds
Some of the nation's most successful music industry leaders will be coming to Leeds on Sunday 6th September to speak at Music HubTalks, a brand new conference that is geared towards music industry professionals in the North. | 648 hits
Live Review: Cansei de Ser Sexy + The Last Shadow Puppets + Tenacious D + Feeder + Pendulum + The Music + Hadouken! + Lightspeed Champion + The Whip + Adam Green + Mindless Self Indulgence
Turning up on Friday morning, swapping my piece of paper for my press pass, pitching my tent in guest camping and making my way to the arena, I was really pleased I'd been able to come to Leeds this year. | 1,022 hits
Band Profile: Meihaus
Meihaus create memorable and often intense alt pop/rock music | 321 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Love Music Leeds 13
Love Music Leeds is an offshoot of the annual Love Leeds Arts Festival, set up with the aim of removing the stigma surrounding mental illness and promoting the role of music in the recovery process. | 723 hits
Live Review: Pen Knife Love Life
The crowd at The Vine had previously been occupied in deep conversation throughout the blur of the previous bands and were now livened up and transported into the madness and vibrancy of this five piece up and coming rock/emo/death metal band from West Yorkshire. | 1,509 hits
CD Review: Red Shift - Violent Cop EP
Not too sure what to think about this EP really. A 4 piece "Yorkshire-based alternative rock outfit", recorded this on an 8 track in their drummer's garage in true punk rock fashion apparently. | 261 hits
Band Profile: Boxing Club
BOXING CLUB are a 3 piece rock / new blues / groove band from Wakefield | 920 hits
Live Review: Metronomy
Metronomy are currently touring the country in promotion of their latest single 'Radio Ladio' as well as their 2006 album, 'Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 you owe)'. | 1,301 hits
CD Review: Situationists - Onwards and Upwards EP
This pleasant enough collection of four tracks gambols earnestly along, but is ever so slightly guilty of failing to engage the listener. | 356 hits
Band Profile: Concrete Bullet
rock | 875 hits
CD Review: The Cribs - Martell
The third offering from our very own Wakefield trio's second album 'The New Fellas' is yet another slice of charming indie pop responsible for securing the hype surrounding the so-called 'New Yorkshire' movement at the moment. | 833 hits
CD Review: Juxtaposition - Take a Holiday
Taken from the forthcoming 5-track EP, Take A Holiday is one of Juxtaposition's more accessible songs. | 442 hits
Band Profile: Ashes
Consisting of five talented, like minded musicians from Yorkshire, Ashes formed in the summer of 2010 producing innovative material designed to blitz the music industry. | 495 hits
News Article: Your Vegas sampler to be given free to Bloomingdale's (US) customers
New York (via Leeds) five-piece Your Vegas are to partner with Pan Am for the release of their Spring/Summer '08 collection of fashion accessories sold in Bloomingdale's stores across the USA and the band will this month appear live in-store at the New York launch event. | 429 hits
CD Review: Emmet - Nothing Vs Everything
It doesn't take a finger on the pulse to know that in recent times "Dance" music has been on its knees. | 515 hits
Live Review: Grandaddy
Apparently trucker style baseball caps are now "cool". Well Grandaddy were wearing them long before the ponces and poseurs deemed them suitable to wear and continue to do so now they are, but for much different reasons I'm sure than the world's fashion victims. | 417 hits
News Article: Penguin to release 'This is Believing' EP via Dead Sober Records
Penguin have announced the release of their eagerly awaited 'This is Believing' EP through the Dead Sober Records label. | 636 hits
CD Review: 4 Letter Holiday - Carefree Demo
Describing themselves as a no-nonsense rock band, 4 Letter Holiday hit the nail square on the head. It's always interesting to consider what any band's motives are in the music they write/record/release. | 617 hits
CD Review: iLiKETRAiNS - Progress Reform
Leeds' noisemongerers iLiKETRAiNS have always cut somewhat of a unique, solitary, some may say lonely figure amongst the trends of music and fashion. | 906 hits
CD Review: Silver Sun - Disappear Here
Admit it, you thought they'd split up didn't you? For those who don't remember 'em first time around, Silver Sun were one of those bands who emerged around the tail end of Britpop specialising in bright and sparkly guitar-pop anthems. | 525 hits
Live Review: 16 Days + The Debuts
I have to start by saying that I really don't like the Mixing Tin as a venue, its cramped, cluttered and you can never hear a word anyone's saying. | 812 hits
CD Review: Sarah McGuinness - Believe
'Believe' is an eclectic assortment of songs designed to accompany the feature length biopic of one of Britain's foremost comedy exports. | 935 hits
CD Review: Rob Nichols - Words & Numbers
"Words & Numbers" is the first single to be lifted from Nichols' new album "Small beer". Handed the award for Open-Mic Performer of the year at this year's Independent Leeds Music Awards it might be fair to expect something a little more daring from this release. | 807 hits
CD Review: The Tease featuring Megan Wyler - I'm Not Invisible
Despite being instantly recognisable as "that song off the Ford Ka advert," 'I'm Not Invisible' by The Tease featuring Megan Wyler has a more interesting backstory than most songs that achieve brief notoriety after being selected as the soundtrack for an ad campaign. | 1,101 hits
News Article: Danny North photography exhibition to launch at the Faversham on May 10th
When Leeds photographer Danny North came up with the idea of having an exhibition and releasing a book to coincide, he'd only been a full time pro for one year. | 789 hits
CD Review: Schizo Fun Addict - Atom Spark Hotel
As sensible as it is plain mental, as simplistic as it is complex, as delightfully naïve as it is pure genius. | 1,246 hits
CD Review: Dananananaykroyd - Some Dresses
Through the wreckage of complete structural dereliction, Glasgow punk collective Dananananaykroyd fashion an urgent, glorious mess of a track. | 632 hits
CD Review: The Dodgems - It's Alright
History has not quite made up its mind about Alan McGee's place at its table. At the helm of Creation he was once hailed as the saviour of the British independent scene, but then he signed Oasis and in one fell swoop invented AOR stadium Indie and lit the flames of chav culture. | 735 hits
Live Review: Alexisonfire + Saosin + The Ghost Of A Thousand
Currently riding high on their critically acclaimed third album 'Crisis', Canadian screamo types Alexisonfire storm the UK for the third time in as many years and it becomes clear that they just can't keep away. | 662 hits
CD Review: Royal Vendetta - The Lost Cause
Wearing their influences firmly on their sleeve, or more like in a big day-glow t-shirt that says "our influences are:" Royal Vendetta are Leeds' answer to Kasabian, The Cooper Temple Clause and The Music... | 578 hits
CD Review: The Kinks - Kinks / Kinda Kinks / The Kink Kontroversy
When one of the most influential bands of our times releases its first three original albums at once, you had better sit up and start taking notes. | 2,100 hits
News Article: Press Release - The Idol Dead
With Ginger Wildheart bopping in and out of the national press at the moment for his awesome achievements with his pledge album, 555%, - featuring Leeds' very own Chris Catalyst no less - I don't feel I have to fill you in on this new way of making music. | 253 hits
CD Review: Biffy Clyro - Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies
It's a well known fact, pop fans, that when you're in a band and you achieve even the faintest semblance of commercial success - be it a top 30 hit, MTV play or appearing as background music in a particularly septic episode of Hollyoaks - all previously-held scruples and convictions go out of the window. | 571 hits
CD Review: Viva Voce - Wrecking Ball
This certainly sounds promising. An indie duo consisting of a female singer/guitarist and her husband drummer (who really can play nearly everything: drums, various percussion, keys, and - wait for it - a kazoo. | 532 hits
CD Review: Vondelpark - NYC Bags and NYC Stuff
Vondelpark are a recent signing to legendary Belgian dance label R&S Records, and with the release of their second EP NYC Stuff and NYC Bags, they truly show why they are turning heads. | 287 hits
CD Review: Wire Happy - Short Cycles From A World Of Bumps And Swirls
'Short Cycles...' is a strange experience, which I must make that clear right now. As Kevin Mottram (aka Wire Happy) kindly points out it was originally intended to be a soundtrack to a game; and I can't decide if that admission was a good one or not pre-listening. | 281 hits
CD Review: The Somatics - Lemonade
I really wanted to like this record. I really tried hard, listening to it at home, at work, whilst doing the washing up, whilst playing the Play Station but alas the plain fact of the matter is, it has no place in my life. | 469 hits
Live Review: Various Cruelties + Little Comets
Indie-funk quartet Various Cruelties opened up with an eerie, ominous guitar twang, backed up by a staccato bass line. | 568 hits
CD Review: Rhesus - Narcolepsy Baby
This three track EP from Midland's four-piece, Rhesus kicks off in truly uplifting fashion, with feel good anthem 'So Alone.' Blending melodic, easy-on-the-ear indie-rock with sugared lyrics and pop-music vocals, 'So Alone' manages to be thoroughly pleasant, without being bland. | 635 hits
Live Review: Melvins
Melvins have a strong cult following. A last minute venue change from Brudenell Social Club to Leeds Irish Centre showed this, with the latter being crammed full of punters come the beginning of the performance. | 503 hits
CD Review: Mark Ronson - Oh My God
He clearly needs no introduction. If you don't know his name where have you been? He's the sound of '07 don't you know? | 572 hits
Band Profile: The Pigeon Detectives
rock indie | 18,490 hits
CD Review: Cardboard Cowboy - Untitled
This is a good CD. I'm told nothing about the band before I slot the disc in my machine, just a pretty piss poor name and a green CD/r. | 401 hits
CD Review: Kram - So This Is What The Soldiers Did
It's time to hold hands up and pay a knowing nod to Kram as this year's most dramatically improved band. | 746 hits
CD Review: Jon Allen - Dead Man's Suit
There was a part of me that really wanted to like this album. Admittedly, it wasn't the adventurous part of me. | 502 hits
CD Review: The 39Steps - Coming Clean
'Coming Clean,' the lead-off single from The 39Steps' debut album, is three and a half minutes of beautifully understated atmospherics, with chiming synths and eerie sound effects looped to hypnotising effect. | 474 hits
Live Review: The Cribs
Tonight The Cribs seem set on staging their own mini revolution as the end of their tour draws to a close in their home county. | 614 hits
CD Review: Nikoli - Take It & Go / She Asks Me
This two-song single confirms two things. Firstly, there is now no shortage of high-quality song-writing, musically-rich bands in the marketplace. | 742 hits
CD Review: Louise Distras - Spiders
Starting with a gross generalisation (what else), I'm not really very keen on the kind of new-punk-folk solo-artist thing going on at the moment. | 458 hits
CD Review: One Small Life - Factor 8
There are two songs on their debut single, lead track Factor 8 and additional song Spinning. With all records, there is always a song that you prefer over another. | 344 hits
CD Review: Ane Brun - It All Starts With One
Ane Brun is an artist first introduced to me by Mark Olson of The Jayhawks who suggested I check out this Norwegian singer's past work and I fell for her stunning 'A Temporary Dive' album, so how does the new record 'It All Starts With One' shape up to her previous work? | 750 hits
CD Review: Farming Incident - Please leave the state in the toilet in which you would wish to find it
Farming Incident are by far and away the most challenging horse to ride in the Wrath stables. They share none of the immediacy of there stable mates and with good reason. | 795 hits
Live Review: Burning Brides + My Red Cell + The Cribs
Mullets. When did they become fashionable again? They're all around me. I nervously feel that I'm being punished for having a chuckle at a few days earlier, or perhaps I've been warped into a parallel universe where all the rock chick style guides insist on one. | 938 hits
CD Review: Electric Eel Shock - Beat Me
Screaming their way all the way from Japan, home of lock n loll, Electric Eel Shock are here for your daughter. | 1,255 hits
Live Review: The Datsuns + The Cribs
The Cribs take the stage to Somewhere In My Heart by sensitive Eighties tunesmiths Aztec Camera, but this soon turns out to be a red herring from a band who clearly want to be identified with a more en vogue music trend. | 948 hits
CD Review: Lightning Bolt - Earthly Delights
Rhode Island's Lightning Bolt have been knocking around since 1994, but have only more recently been skirting the space between mainstream and ultra-leftfield. | 417 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Big Tunes: Ministry of Sound
If you are part of the clubbing scene at the moment, you will either already be familiar with these tunes, or you soon will be as they continue to make waves in the clubs. | 2,649 hits
Live Review: The Mystery Jets + This Et Al + Napoleon IIIrd
To say that I was a fan of Napoleon IIIrd would be a severe understatement; this so called low-fi wizard of leftfield rock is about as appealing as leprosy and manages to push the crowd to the recesses of the dingy corners of the bar for salvation. | 1,042 hits
News Article: Leeds Festival Fringe to takeover Leeds city centre in August
Organisers of the Leeds Festival Fringe, the 7 days grass roots music event that takes place in Leeds city centre venues, have announced its return for a second year in 2011. | 2,140 hits
Band Profile: Cotton Club
COTTON CLUB are a funk/soul band from Leeds, formed in 2010. The quartet is comprised of Jennie Kecic (vocals), Adam East (guitar), Dan Kudelnitzky (bass), and Chris Holdsworth (drums). | 1,304 hits
Live Review: Phema + Mojo Pin + The Shining Reserves
The Shining Reserves start the evening off with some delightful loud and proud tracks. A fairly tight set with a regular rock rhythm and original local band sound. | 412 hits
Live Review: Imogen Heap + Nemo + Scott James
Who is Imogen Heap? The place is certainly packed out with young, fashion conscious people, and there is a clear Perspex grand piano on stage. | 949 hits
Live Review: !!! + Blood Red Shoes + Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames
While !!! certainly wouldn't win a 'Google-friendly' award they seem to have built quite a loyal fan-base and concreted a strong reputation as an enthralling live act. | 990 hits
CD Review: Shock Defeat! - How Did We Make It So Angry?
The modern age, it's a killer ain't it? With the millions of infobytes each of us has to deal with every day why is it that music reviews are running longer and becoming increasingly verbose? | 365 hits
CD Review: Fieldhead - They Shook Hands For Hours
When Leeds' own Paul Elam is not making music in The Declining Winter, he hones his talents into Fieldhead - the solo work in a world of its own. | 506 hits
Band Profile: Sweet Suzi
punk pop | 750 hits
Interview: Heaven's Basement
Gerard Leachman sits down with Heaven's Basement drummer Chris Rivers | 359 hits
Live Review: Bodixa + Dionysus + Q-Dose
Tonight the Highwood, yet again packed to capacity saw another three bands from Leeds' increasingly fertile music scene. | 430 hits
CD Review: The Cut - Cold Sister
There's something about The Cut that just keeps me coming back for more and it's frustrating that as a music journalist I can't articulate that je ne sais quoi. | 505 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Across The Pennines VI
The heightened sense of regional pride in The North can become a bit absurd sometimes. Then again, on the strength of the deeply Northern music on the sixth Across the Pennines compilation, perhaps a little superiority complex is allowed. | 619 hits
CD Review: d-koy - Temperature
Seb Greenfield sings and plays guitar, Sam Hyman plays bass and the American Vic Pavon does for drumming. | 684 hits
CD Review: Rush - Beyond the Lighted Stage
As soon as this DVD begins you know it is going to be a special treat. I had no prior knowledge of Rush, although I have seen them once before and it's the memory of seeing the legend of Neil Peart play that monster of a 360 degree drum kit that made me interested in watching this feature length documentary. | 626 hits
Live Review: The Misfits + The Briefs + Daggers And Diamonds
Just as The Buzzcocks and more recently the Sex Pistols have celebrated their thirty year anniversaries, The Misfits and their horror punk are touring for their birthday. | 1,210 hits
CD Review: Le Corps Mince de Françoise - Bitch of The Bitches
A reviewer's job is occasionally made so easy that all their years of highly skilled investigatory, and inspired musical opinionating count for nothing. | 640 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - ...and besides everyone knows it's not just boys fun: Manifesta Compilation #1
Everyone knows that women do not a good rock star make. That is, of course, utter bollocks, and Manifesta are out to prove it. | 853 hits
CD Review: The Wallbirds - The Avenue
What is there not to like about this trio of lads from Donny? Signed to the infamous Dance To The Radio label here is the first release by the band on 7" vinyl, an old school fashion which is coming back and making every trendy indie kid go out and get a gramophone. | 1,553 hits
Live Review: Emmy The Great
During the course of the hour Emma Moss is on stage tonight she ponders whether MSN is an outdated reference, apologises for over-using the term 'sexy', invites us all to add her as a friend on Google+ and urges us to show our appreciation by earning her zoo bucks on the Tiny Zoo app. | 811 hits
Band Profile: The Indigo Project
Up and coming 5 piece indie rock band from Leeds. | 242 hits
CD Review: Dimbleby and Capper - Slick Maturity
I think we all know by now how new artists work: regardless of whether they acknowledge it or not, they strive to be the sum of all their influences whilst maintaining some degree of originality. | 593 hits
Live Review: Lunchtime Disco Club + Kanyose + L-Mo + Pilla
Opening tonight's proceedings in a serene and candid fashion are acoustic two piece, Pilla. The hushed male and female vocal dynamics demand the entire crowd's attention in Hi Fi and they are given a warming performance of laid bare folk numbers with more than a nod towards the poppier end of the folk spectrum, along the lines of Stephen Fretwell perhaps. | 590 hits
Live Review: Wilful Missing + The Fineprint + Dave Willis
It started out looking like an almost over-modest evening's entertainment. With no announcement either from pub staff or from himself, Dave Willis did a 25 minute set of strummed acoustic guitar (loud) and effective voice - before leaving the performance area in the same anonymous fashion he'd arrived, though to energetic applause from his listeners. | 750 hits
CD Review: The Blackout - The Blackout! The Blackout! The Blackout!
The Blackout have never claimed to be reinventing the wheel. Most of the criticism levelled at the valley boys are usually due to their lack of originality. | 505 hits
Live Review: Four Tet + Explosions In The Sky
After a feeding frenzy to buy tickets back in the heady days of summer, I was expecting a wee bit more excitement amongst the gig-goers for this one. | 1,707 hits
CD Review: The Wooden Spoons - Untitled
The twinkly piano-pop of lead-track 'You Can Call Me Peter' isn't an instant hit, its twee Englishness being initially underwhelming. | 398 hits
Live Review: Happy Mondays + The Sunshine Underground
I could tell it was going to be a good night, when a old guy who looked a little worse for wear, started to dance in a ballroom dance fashion to the music before the first band came on. | 1,011 hits
Live Review: Air Traffic
Putting Air Traffic as the second band on the line-up is extremely misleading. The implication given to the unsuspecting audience is that their performance will be equal to that of a slapdash support slot; anyone expecting this kind of set is about to be proved wrong in the most spectacular fashion. | 478 hits
CD Review: The Legendary Shack Shakers - Agridustrial
Fire-bellied Appalachian aggravators, The Legendary Shack Shakers have become something of a curiosity to music fans across the globe, blazing a trail that leads back to the Rockabilly heartland of Paducah, Kentucky. | 473 hits
Live Review: Little Japanese Toy + Storyville
Life Bar is a hollowed-out cavern of swank, devoid of an audience, save a handful of people, and obviously not accustomed to its new guise as a platform for Leeds' thriving music scene. | 354 hits
CD Review: Stewart King - Satori
'Satori' the debut full-length from York based singer-songwriter Stewart King has a more diverse sound than most albums that are masterminded by a solo artist, with bluesy rock and roll influences occasionally making their presence felt halfway through a song that was previously just an acoustic guitar and King's voice. | 1,122 hits
CD Review: Scott Wainwright - Bric A Brac Blues EP
I've been waiting for a new release from Scott a while now and when I realised his latest EP was part of a wave of fundraising for a very worthwhile local charity I was in there double-quick. | 505 hits
CD Review: Wild Beasts - Limbo Panto
Where to start with Wild Beasts? Their music is haunting and terrifying and oh so terribly exciting. And although admittedly, you'll most likely be freaked out to fuck at first listen, allow the Leeds/Kendal/somwherefarfromhere quartet work on you and thou shalt be thankful. | 598 hits
Live Review: Sub|Serene + Eskimo Sandwich + Phonetics + Broken Sunsets
Another week, another 360 Club and tonight's line-up features bands all of which I've witnessed before so it's going to be interesting to see how they've progressed. | 439 hits
CD Review: !!! - Heart Of Hearts
The first wave of dance punk hit these shores in 2003. Flown in from New York in the wake of The Strokes, Interpol and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it was depicted in typical NME fashion as the latest in a long line of movements to descend from the heavens and alter the course of music history. | 359 hits
Live Review: Muse
The long wait for Muse had the crowd watching the skies with a glimmer of hope that the rain would hold off long enough for the Teignmouth trio to warm them up. | 1,467 hits
Live Review: The Twang + The Priory
Even the torrential downpour as we got out of the car, couldn't dampen the enthusiasm for tonight's gig. | 1,348 hits
Live Review: The Sunshine Underground + Yes Boss + Holy Fuck
Fans were gathering and touts were waiting even before the doors opened at 7 tonight. For this was to be the triumphant homecoming and tour finale of local (kinda) hero's The Sunshine Underground. | 1,961 hits
CD Review: Jacqui Dankworth - It Happens Quietly
Jazz music is something that for me has never gone out of fashion and the songs are timeless and this album is a testament to some songs that have stood the test of time. | 368 hits
Live Review: Misled Vision + Cutout Hero + Dum Flux
Dum Flux opened up the evening in a punk rock fashion. Melodic, energetic but let down by out of time guitars and slightly out of tune vocals. | 524 hits
Live Review: The Warlocks
The stage is dark, and the unmistakable soundtrack from A Clockwork Orange starts playing, it goes on for ages. | 398 hits
CD Review: Richard Thompson Band - Dream Attic
Most people will know Richard Thompson as a stalwart of the British folk-revival scene and of course of Fairport Convention, the fore-runners of the uniquely British scene. | 2,252 hits
CD Review: Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor
Patrick Wolf is a great man. He has fabulous taste in fashion and thousands share his dislike of Lynx deodorant. | 430 hits
CD Review: Wintermute - Robot Works
The wait is finally over. The metal joints have been oiled, the nuts tightened and Wintermute's first long player, 'Robot Works,' is on the shelves. | 810 hits
Interview: Will & The People
LMS chatted Michael Jackson, French Kissing and Tenpin Bowling with Will Rendle of Will & The People! | 629 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - I Can Count Volume One
Mmm, electro, n' stuff like that. Good, innit? 'Specially if you're signed to I Can Count Music, a record label fresh from Bob-Monkhouse-himself's seal of approval. | 484 hits
CD Review: Sinkane - Mars
I regularly suffer interchanging phases of productivity and laziness in terms of written output. I'll pepper the LMS site for a month or two then take a more sedentary course for a few weeks. | 527 hits
CD Review: White Boys For Gay Jesus - White Boys For Brothel Med Clinics
With a name like that, and songs titles such as 'File To Fuck' and 'Pussy Cake' White Boys For Gay Jesus seem set to be a deliberately annoying, deliberately offensive band with Bloodhound Gang style tongue-in-cheek lyrics. | 1,232 hits
Live Review: Palma Violets + The Fat White Family + Slaves + The Wytches
The NME Awards rolled into Leeds on Friday, the second date on the tour and the first with a full compliment of four bands. | 798 hits
CD Review: Trans Am - Liberation
I love bands from Washington D.C. Especially bands that were or are on Dischord, the innovative, politically conscious and close knit label co-founded by Ian Mackaye (Teen idles, Minor Threat, Fugazi). | 478 hits
Live Review: The Bravery + Transfer + The Royal Chains
The Brudenell is fast becoming my favourite music venue ever! Not only is the beer cheap, and the company fantastic, but rumour has it they put on some cracking bands every now and again. | 963 hits
Live Review: Red Cells + Pulled Apart by Horses + The Humour
The hyperactivity begins outside with some rather fresh-faced Humour fans chanting an assortment of aphorisms, which can be heard a good few streets away. | 905 hits
Live Review: Catylyst
Out of all three bands playing at the Futuresound gig tonight it's obvious as the crowd disperses onto the dance floor which band most people have come to see. | 361 hits
Feature: The StrangeForms Interviews: &U&I
Stewart from Bad Owl Presents had a chat with &U&I bassist, Rich, in the lead up to the band's headline performance at StrangeForms. | 377 hits
Live Review: Not Great Men + Surprise... Fire + Ghosts in the Nightclub + Cables Cause Fires
Cables Cause Fires are this evening's opening act. A difficult act to sum up, the sound is somewhere between the more technically minded guitar orientation of the current Brit school and the chunky alternative rock of the stateside contingent. | 1,224 hits
Interview: The Romance
The Romance are a four piece band tired of being compared to Arctic Monkeys; "If you're from the North they compare you to Arctic Monkeys, if you're Southern it's The Libertines. It's just lazy journalism". Charlotte Oxnard chats to the band to find out more... | 1,685 hits
Live Review: David Thomas Broughton
Nothing could prepare me, or the dozens of those in my locality for what we were about to see "grace" the stage in front of our very eyes. | 616 hits
Live Review: Hella Cholla + Fran Rodgers + The Bacchae
It's already the penultimate Futuresound heat but nobody seems to be tiring just yet. In fact, given this evening's exciting array of artists, there will perhaps be a higher number of people disappointed to see the competition wind up than those relieved to push it towards its conclusion. | 743 hits
CD Review: Levellers - Static on the Airwaves
The problem with reviewing a new album by a band you really like is just that - because you really like them you a) want their new album to be brilliant and b) you want everyone else to like them too. | 460 hits
Live Review: Komakino + Flylife
Donning a pair of mucky old Converse Trainers - I headed down to Bad Sneakers, I felt, suitably attired. | 1,141 hits
Live Review: Scars On 45 + China Rats + Likely Lads
Local four-piece Likely Lads drew a hefty crowd, kicking off the weekend in a great fashion. The band's large following was justified by a huge boisterous intro, displaying a compromise between glimmering indie and gritty punk. | 677 hits
Live Review: The Streets
"Do you think your weekend could get better?" Mike Skinner asks the crowd as opening track (also the opener, title track and latest single from his new album) Everything Is Borrowed comes to a close, and he is greeted with euphoric response from the crowd packed into the new (though you wouldn't know it from the state of the floor) Academy in Leeds. | 690 hits
Live Review: Alice In Chains
Alice In Chains always straddled the divide between grunge and metal but tonight they are a grunge band (guitarist Cantrell is even wearing a checked flannel shirt) posing as a metal band. | 647 hits
Live Review: Happy Daggers
Unsure of what to really expect from my evening, I tentatively made sure my bow tie was securely in place, tried not to look too self conscious and alighted the steps into a wonderful little boutique, hidden away in Leeds' market district - Paper Dress Vintage. | 552 hits
Live Review: The Playmates + The Hair + O Fracas
Something's in the air tonight at The Cockpit and it's not just the smell of the Leeds music scene's great and good as they sweat profusely in the mid-Summer's heat which stifles the city's infamous indie club. | 1,851 hits
Live Review: City And Colour + Attack In Black
City And Colour are a curious act to find in a place like this. To think that a member of an internationally renowned screamo outfit would bring his solo acoustic tour to the Brudenell sounds absolutely ludicrous. | 1,763 hits
Live Review: Origami Bullets + Artibella + Dice City Lights + Acrobats of Crete
The first band, Acrobats of Crete have their very own man to introduce them, who does a very good job rousing the crowd into some level of attention. | 940 hits
Live Review: The Lodger + Downdime + The Chiara L's + The Manhattan Love Suicides
People teemed like ants from the early evening into the comfort of the Brudenell Social Club - one of Leeds' best loved venues. | 1,461 hits
CD Review: The Tempus - Untitled
This demo kicks off in encouraging style, with 'Thieves and Lovers,' a blend of innovative riffs, subtle hooks, genuinely heartfelt lyrics and slick drum rolls. | 768 hits
Live Review: Glasvegas + Thomas Tantrum
Quote from myself 5 months ago in my Glasvegas review from the 13th June Cockpit gig... "Glasvegas were absolutely brilliant and deserving of all the hype. | 859 hits
Live Review: The Charlatans
A little bit of magic happened on Thursday night. That enchantment was provided by two of the greatest indie giants the UK has seen over the past two decades. | 766 hits
Live Review: J Mascis
With its precisely arranged chair and music stand the stage might be set up for a night of polite, hushed ballads but any thought that Mascis has abandoned his hardcore routes are soon banished for what transpires tonight proves one thing: you can take J Mascis out of Dinosaur Jr but you can't take Dinosaur Jr out of J Mascis. | 794 hits
Live Review: Asomvel + Dillseed + Flesh Engine
For one night only, The Fenton was quite possibly the heaviest building on Planet Earth. Last night we had pop-rock masterpieces from Tempting Kate, but tonight in The Fenton we have metal at its heaviest. | 511 hits
Live Review: Misled Vision + Cutout Hero + Dum Flux
DUM FLUX The first band on in the New Roscoe pub was a rarity; a talented punk band. Their set included strong drumbeats, nice bass lines and good guitar chords and riffs to make it an enjoyable one. | 469 hits
CD Review: The Thermals - Personal Life
Everything's about context. If it's a fuck up an alleyway or a painting in a gallery, being in love or actually just being drunk, things can only be judged on their own merits. | 469 hits
Live Review: Rose Kemp + Joe Volk + Oli Deakin + Laura Groves
Blank generation disco is the new monthly live music night at the Love Apple, Bradford, a venue that is well worth the train journey from Leeds, or wherever you may be coming from. | 877 hits
Live Review: Dananananaykroyd + Castrovalva + More Than Conquerors
First, an apology to These Blue Arms who opened the night. Basically, old habits die hard and experience tells me that showing up to gigs on time usually means you'll spend a good hour or longer faffing about waiting for something to happen. | 606 hits
Live Review: The Imagined Village
A full room at the Irish Centre is a lot of people, especially for a Tuesday night, which creates a great atmosphere, and teasing anticipation. | 506 hits
Live Review: Ghosts in the Nightclub + Bearfoot Beware + The Talk + Daljit Dhaliwal
A new branch for the 360 Club tonight, as the four act unsigned bill is moved over to the Library for a Friday band session, and I was intrigued to see how this would work out. | 1,213 hits
Live Review: Goldie Lookin' Chain
"That's my run", said Hugh Grant in Mickey Blue Eyes as explanation of his endearing, but unusual running technique - "I thought you were doing a funny run". | 1,016 hits
Live Review: Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan + Euros Childs
Euros Childs, former frontman of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, provides some strange folk indie to warm up the crowd. | 738 hits
Live Review: This Et Al + Saving Lenny + Drag Cars Drive Too Fast + Farewell Party
So here we have an "unsigned band showcase". Call me bitter, and even counter productive in the encouragement of fledgling bands but I hate these things. | 1,318 hits
Live Review: Sky Larkin + Ellen and the Escapades + Gallops + Twisted Wheel + Germain + Telegraphs + Remember the Hurricanes + New Vinyl + Middleman
I arrive into Leeds at 12 for what is set to be the biggest and might I add the strongest Live at Leeds all dayer yet. | 1,264 hits
Live Review: The Subways + The Holy Terror + The Detonators
I hate buses. The result of standing, freezing my backside off for 25 minutes, at a deserted bus stop in the middle of Kirkstall, was me, missing first support band of the night, The Detonators. | 762 hits
Live Review: Black Wire + Grammatics + Laura Groves + White Light Parade
Right kids, before music, it's time for a bit of history... Dance To The Radio (DTTR) is a Leeds based record label started by Whiskas (yep that's right, the ginger one out of Forward Russia, some people have all the luck... | 1,160 hits
Live Review: Pretty Girls Make Graves + The Blood Brothers + Buzzkill
First up at The Well tonight were local sleaze punk rockers Buzzkill. A favourite in the local scene, Buzzkill have developed a popular status and rightly so. | 670 hits
Live Review: Mariko + One Minute Warning + String Fiktion + Loco
Bank Holiday Monday and "Lock & Load" bring us four local bands to play the Rocket Venue, fast becoming the best middle sized venue in Leeds, following the closure of the Duchess in March. | 557 hits
CD Review: Balto - Monuments
It's almost a year since Balto's debut album "October's Road" found me and it's now fondly located on the bowing shelves and features in my playlists more than ever. | 511 hits
Live Review: A Wilhelm Scream + Park Bench Society + Random Hand
Saturday bought rain to Leeds festival; a camper's worst nightmare. Luckily for me, I had opted out of camping over. | 699 hits
Live Review: Tupamaros + Hunter Gatherer + Pylon + Eighty Six
First - an apology to NONE OF THEM KNEW THEY WERE ROBOTS - as I trotted down the steps of The Cellars for this my first "Collective AKA" night, I heard the final chord of their set and saw the singer lie down on the stage. | 533 hits
Live Review: Bloc Party + The Mystery Jets + The Shivers
So I'm waiting for my friend, in the freezing cold, who happens to be twenty minutes late yes that's you sara gill, I ain't even gonna bother putting your name in capitals. | 1,346 hits
CD Review: Razorlight - Up All Night
Razorlight play ballsy punk-fuelled garage rock with a distinctly British pop sensibility. I like it; but I don't love it. | 701 hits
CD Review: David Broad - Untitled
David Broad, member of the Leeds Folk Theatre Partisans which also features Fran Rodgers, Michael Rossiter and Benjamin Wetherill, releases his debut EP and, unsurprisingly, it's four tracks of good old-fashioned folk music. | 782 hits
Interview: Chickenhawk
Richard Sykes speaks to Chickenhawk's Robert and Ryan ahead of the November 1st release of 'Modern Bodies' on Brew Records. | 956 hits
Live Review: Glasvegas + Friendly Fires + White Lies + Florence & The Machine
It's no doubt the NME Awards Tour presents some pretty big shoes to fill. With former headliners such as The Killers and Arctic Monkeys now dusting their platinum disc collection and the ever present danger of finding yourself engaged to a leotard-clad, Brazilian lass, it's a wonder any bands rise to the challenge. | 889 hits
CD Review: Full Scream Ahead - We Write Our Own Anthems
'We Write Our Own Anthems' does pretty much what it says on the tin, delivering six tracks of anthemic choruses and soaring vocals, with brief flirtations with screamo and punk to keep things interesting. | 530 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Scared to Get Happy
Apologies to the ace people at Cherry Red for taking so long to write this. Not for the first time I've been distracted by a book I was reading but in my defence it helped with the music. | 418 hits
CD Review: Thursday - Common Existence
'Common Existence,' the fifth full length offering from post-hardcore pioneers Thursday, kicks off in the best possible fashion, with impassioned anthem 'Resuscitation of a Dead Man.' This album-opener delivers a shot of abrasive noise, threaded through with long, grinding chords and black-hearted synths. | 522 hits
Live Review: ¡Forward, Russia! + Duels + Every Move A Picture + The Pigeon Detectives
The worst kept secret gig in the history of music it may be, but whenever ¡Forward, Russia! are in town, there's no way the crowds aren't going to find a way into the venue in their droves and from the first moment to the last, Joseph's Well is absolutely rammed. | 1,716 hits
CD Review: ¡Forward, Russia! - Life Processes
Let's take a leaf out of the Life Processes book and get straight on with this one (it's precisely three seconds before the first of many huge choruses on display here). | 954 hits
Live Review: Soberskin + Robochrist + Project New City
Enthusiasts of tonight's bands nervously surround me, uniting in small rival groups, all with a clear objective at hand, to support and more importantly, cast a vote for the devoted band of which they are acquainted to. | 771 hits
Live Review: Kimono + Johnny Poindexter + Vessels
I've been harbouring a prejudice for a long time now. To me, there is something innately distrustful about underground/unsigned bands who have that polished sheen of 9-5s spent in the rehearsal room about them. | 988 hits
Live Review: Funeral for a Friend + The Rapture + The Von Bondies + Franz Ferdinand
Who was Franz Ferdinand? He was an arch-Duke of the Austro Hungarian Empire until 1914 when he was killed by an assassin in Sarajevo. | 1,453 hits
Live Review: The Tennessee Traincrash + The Barbs + No Problem Disko
It's been a weird day. October has gone from cold to colder to coldest. Today, the corn exchange and I witnessed Rik Mayall buying a shit t-shirt (emblazoned with "No-one knows I'm a lesbian" or a slogan of the same ilk) from my mate's shop. | 737 hits
Live Review: Chickenhawk + Spectrals + The Neat
Dance To The Radio Stage's Festival Thursday night is one of the special treats of Leeds Festival. For the rest of the weekend this platform becomes the BBC Introducing Stage, where 36 new artists take different kinds of first step into a brighter limelight. | 1,059 hits
Interview: Beat Route 62
Dave Sugden gets five minutes with Beat Route 62 in the Cockpit dressing room | 633 hits
Feature: Dialects
Instrumental post/math-rock band Dialects from Glasgow are due to release their new EP this month and play Wharf Chambers as part of their forthcoming tour. We had a chat with guitarist, Conor, just before they hit the road. | 564 hits
Live Review: Los Campesinos! + You Say Party! We Say Die!
As those of you out there who are musical types will know, the wonderful world of MySpace allows you the excellent facility to advertise your wares via the listing of "upcoming gigs", marvellous! | 825 hits
Interview: Vib Gyor
Sam Robson catches up with Leeds five-piece Vib Gyor following the release of new EP "The Stalker" | 1,717 hits
Live Review: C.W. Stoneking + Brownbird Ruddy Relic
In this modern era it's not uncommon for disillusioned and quite often deluded members of society to feel that they belong to another time or place, a hubris conclusion that is usually spurred on by an influential novel, film or television series that can lead one to believe that they were meant to be an ad man from sixties Manhattan or an outlaw from the old American west and not say a clerical worker from modern day Uttoxeter. | 871 hits
Interview: Hot Club De Paris
Hot Club De Paris play Leeds on 1st June and release their new album on 16th June. Joseph Seager caught up with the band to ask them some questions. | 863 hits
Live Review: Ming City Rockers + The Franceens + Klammer
It's a packed Pack Horse pub in LS2 tonight, for three of Northern England's finest current home grown offerings when it comes to noise by way of drums, guitars and shouting a lot. | 771 hits
CD Review: Kong - Snake Magnet
While Manchester's Kong have their own distinct sound, Brew Records' latest release continues in the vein of previous signings, most notably improvised prog-rockers Castrovalva, and the mental vocal stylings of Chickenhawk. | 938 hits
Live Review: You Had Me At Hello + White Royal + The Dukes of Bevington + OtherPeoplesLives
Leeds Music Scene arrives late to the battle for a slot on the bill at the Reading Leeds Festival with a review of Heat 9 of the Futuresound competition. | 814 hits
Live Review: Infadels + ¡Forward, Russia! + Electric Eel Shock + The Rifles + Keith + Smother
For the uninitiated in things Nasty, Nasty Fest is the coolest, most fashionable festival in Leeds. This is the land of the true fashionista, where colossal hair for the boys; plunging neck lines for the girls and the most god damn cool clothing available to mankind are compulsory! | 1,800 hits
Live Review: Brother + Dog Is Dead
Brother are far from a secret anymore, their music having taken a backseat; their personalities, opinions and outspoken nature across the board have seen them generate exposure only comparable to that of Ryan Giggs' private life. | 650 hits
CD Review: Last Temple Orchestra - Untitled
The debut EP from Leeds' Last Temple Orchestra begins in promising fashion, with the excellent 'Inside.' Its spring-heeled drums are tempered by echoey chords, giving it an interestingly ethereal edge. | 504 hits
Live Review: Dan Mangan + Jason Collett
Late to the party: that was me with Dan Mangan's music. I was bowled over by "Oh Fortune!" towards the end of last year but beyond that my knowledge of his music was embarrassingly limited. | 1,422 hits
Live Review: Albert Hammond Jr + Rey Pila
As Albert Hammond Jr returns to the stage for his encore he thanks the sell out crowd for coming to this 'cool little club' which is some compliment given that if anyone should know 'cool' when he sees it is the man who as a member of The Strokes has been helping to define the concept for the best part of the last decade. | 1,072 hits
Live Review: Kaiser Chiefs + Duels + Robochrist
A charity gig for the Asian earthquake appeal saw local men-of-the-moment Kaiser Chiefs headlining on the eve of their short tour in America, and saying a fond farewell to the Joseph's Well crowd that has championed them over the last year and more. | 4,023 hits
Live Review: four day Hombre + Vib Gyor + Yellow Stripe Nine + Steer + Spring
The monthly TTS, or the Tea Time Shuffle, could soon become an institution. It's Friday, it's 6 o'clock, the Hi-Fi bar is well and truly open and 3 and a half of Leeds finest bands are playing before your increasingly Southern Comforted eyes and all for just a fiver. | 1,446 hits
Interview: Ryan Spendlove
After a whirlwind set at The Graziers, in Wakefield on Friday, I sat down with one of the most enigmatic young men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Ryan Spendlove is a force of nature to be reckoned with, both musically and on a more personal level. After many sambucas and plenty of vodka and cokes, I tried to get a better understanding of one of the hottest talents ever to have emerged from oop t'north. | 1,329 hits
Interview: My Passion
Sam Panasuik interviewed My Passion's Laurence Rene and Jamie Nicholls before their headline show at The Cockpit on 24th April 2011. They talk of festivals this summer, the new album and how they're hoping their friends The Blackout take them on tour in October or they will no longer be friends... | 899 hits
Live Review: Dry the River + Cut Ribbons + Dancing Years
To say I was excited ahead of tonight's gig would be an understatement. Dry the River have produced one of the best albums of the year so far - according to a poll of me held by me recently - so I was desperate to see their live show. | 1,059 hits
Live Review: Kaiser Chiefs + Red Light Company + The Hair
Fresh from having the accolade of 'Best Live Act 2008' bestowed upon them by no less august an institution than Q magazine, the Kaiser Chiefs arrive this evening - not only to kick off their autumn tour, but to christen their hometown's newest venue. | 1,092 hits
CD Review: Blacklisters - Swords
The debut single from Leeds' Blacklisters, is also the debut release of Leeds-based record label Best Enemies Records. | 511 hits
CD Review: Dry the River - Shallow Bed
Stir fry for dinner tonight which no matter how many times I make it, never tastes the same twice. Maybe the ginger will rule tonight, or the garlic will conquer all. | 865 hits
CD Review: Jameson Raid - Time Burn
The debut full-length from Leeds' The Jameson Raid takes much of its lyrics from contemporary American poetry. | 646 hits
Interview: VuVuVultures
Neil Chapman speaks to VuVuVultures. | 648 hits
Live Review: Steer
Received wisdom has it that Steer are something of an acquired taste. On the basis of this performance it is difficult to fathom what it is that needs to be acquired to appreciate their music other than a pair of fairly basic functioning ears. | 626 hits
Live Review: The Mexanines + British Daylight + PaperPlane + Indecisive Crisis + Another Life + The Artists + Inlaze + The Scandal + Traffic Wire + Distorted Sky + Euthemia + Seas-Of-Green + Glassbody
In the middle of April this year, just over thirty bands competed in the heats of the third year of the Centre Stage competition, where bands compete whilst raising gratuitous amounts of cash for a well-deserving cause in Martin House Children's Hospice. | 1,259 hits
CD Review: Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM
'IRM' by Charlotte Gainsbourg is a strange album. Initially, it won't elicit much - or possibly - any reaction from you but, after a few listens, you'll be wondering how you ever managed to resist Gainsbourg's whimsical charms. | 748 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Dance To The Radio Volume 4
Many years ago, one very clever theologian came to the conclusion that all good things must one day come to an end. | 1,497 hits
Live Review: Mariko + Beat Route 62 + Divided By Zero + Sugarvalve + Blueryder
Charity begins at home or so they say. Well I've never really understood what that means but charity was the aim of the nights over Monday and Tuesday this week at Joey's Well. | 680 hits
Feature: Live at Leeds 2011
With the fifth year of Live at Leeds promising to be even bigger and better than ever, Rosie Driver takes a look behind the scenes. | 1,539 hits
Band Profile: Juma
What is a Juma? Well it depends on whom you ask... To some it's a dance riddled drug fuelled monster of funky rock and roll. | 1,707 hits
Live Review: Vampire Weekend + Noah and the Whale
Start spreading the news; Vampire Weekend have hit the big time. New York's finest staked their claim for stadium greatness by leaving a sizeable bite-mark on a Leeds crowd that lapped up the heavy dose of infectious African rhythms and mad-cap pop that has made them one of the must-see bands of the last five years. | 822 hits
Live Review: Live At Leeds 2015
Live At Leeds took place this year under leaden skies but there was nothing gloomy about the music that filled the venues of Leeds. | 632 hits
CD Review: Broadway Calls - Good Views, Bad News
Pop-punk is currently a rather oversaturated genre; so, do we really need Broadway Calls' sophomore effort 'Good Views, Bad News?' Well, not really, although if you're looking for a 90s style, back-to-basics shot of melodic punk, you could do a whole lot worse than the Oregon three-piece. | 605 hits
Live Review: Maximo Park + Arctic Monkeys + We Are Scientists + The Mystery Jets
It all sits a bit on knife-edge this one; I can't be the only one that feels it. The sweet, sweet taste of anticipation impregnates ever fibre of my body and, in empathy with a dog on heat, I pace round the Refec like a chained beast. | 1,367 hits
Live Review: Boom Bip + Bracken
I arrived at the Mixing Tin just as Bracken were starting their set. Coming down the stairs I could already feel the Anticon associated bass thrumming up to meet me. | 714 hits
Live Review: Saving Lenny + Three 33 + The Fuss + Erin's Third Incident
The first band to take to the stage tonight are the local three-piece punk-rock outfit Erin's Third Incident. | 507 hits
CD Review: Madame Pamita - Wax Works
Madame Pamita's 'Wax Works' debut is one of those rare CDs where it really isn't about the music. The thirteen tracks that make up her musical debut are completely eclipsed by this album's backstory, method of production, packaging, and the press release that comes complete with tales of Madame Pamita's live performances. | 850 hits
Interview: The Glitterati
Victoria Holdsworth talks to The Glitterati as they make a welcome return to their hometown. | 1,371 hits
CD Review: Feldspar - Bright Day
'Bright Day' from folk-inspired Feldspar is a prime example of how you can keep on repeating a winning formula, until it loses its shine. | 627 hits
CD Review: The Offspring - Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace
The Offspring are one of those rare bands who can get away with putting out the same record time and time again. | 723 hits
Live Review: Jamie Lidell + The Sunshine Underground + José González + This Et Al + James Lavelle + The Young Knives + New Young Pony Club + Stephen Fretwell + King Creosote + The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
Jamie Lidell is an absolute nutter. Appearing as a diamond geezer dressed in silken bathrobe with gold rope strung loosely, provocatively, around his torso, he headbangs and face-pulls like a schizo on strychnine whilst a masked figure with white wires and whiskers coming out its face lurks about setting up cameras and sending disturbingly delayed footage to the screen at the back before propping up a mannequin's dismembered hand (which is, nicely, impaled on a metal pole, just in case you weren't freaked enough) in front of Lidell's mad-scientist decks; then leaves it to turn, slowly, in a revolving, demented circle. | 1,408 hits
Live Review: Tellison + Penguin + Richard Parker + Heliopause + The Spills + Battle Lines + Bearfoot Beware + Darwin and the Dinosaur
Given that this festival was organised in the cause of raising money for charities funding research into lung disease it's a shame that the turnout was disappointingly low. | 1,610 hits
Live Review: Kurt Vile and the Violators + Lushes
A couple of friends and myself had the privilege of travelling to Leeds on Tuesday the 17th November to see the enigmatic Kurt Vile and his backing band, The Violators in concert at Leeds University Student Union. | 631 hits
Interview: Fightstar
Daniel Powell interviews Fightstar, one of those bands that manage to inspire fiercely contested opinion. | 1,543 hits
CD Review: The Plight - Winds Of Osiris
'Winds Of Osiris' the debut full-length from Leeds' The Plight, is a definite grower. Initially, you'll struggle to see past frontman Al's vocals, which have all the garbled messiness of hardcore, whilst falling just short on the aggression that usually characterises the genre. | 1,153 hits
Live Review: Duels + ¡Forward, Russia! + iLiKETRAiNS + The Lodger + This Et Al + The Old House
Dance to the Radio was an event. Is it possible to review an event? Even straight description couldn't get deep enough into the complexities and impossibilities of making such a thing not just happen but happen so brilliantly. | 3,537 hits
CD Review: Outcry Collective - articles
'articles,' the debut album from Surrey quartet Outcry Collective, was recorded in a pig sty that the band gutted and converted into their own recording studio. | 838 hits
CD Review: Red Star - Law And Order
'Law And Order,' the debut album from Huddersfield's Red Star, kicks off with 'Northerners (In London Town).' This piece of low-key, laidback indie grooviness relies mainly on a strong vocal performance from frontman Will Bloy and some simple electro beats that add that extra oomph to the chorus. | 790 hits
CD Review: Goldie Lookin' Chain - ASBO4Life
'ASBO4Life' is one of the strangest albums I've heard in a while. In an ideal world new material would be judged purely on its own merits, but when a group has previously always followed such a rigid and distinctive formula, it's impossible not to expect more of the same. | 1,124 hits
Interview: Thunder
Victoria Holdsworth spoke to Luke Morley from Thunder before another sell out gig in Sheffield. | 1,670 hits
Interview: The Yards
Sam Saunders spoke to Chris Helme of the Yards in January 2004... | 1,166 hits
CD Review: Homebrew - The Heart of Insurrection
Homebrew's 'The Heart of Insurrection' is oldschool, cider-swilling punk rock with galloping drums, spiky riffing and bunged-up vocals aplenty. | 459 hits
CD Review: Fake Problems - It's Great To Be Alive
'It's Great To Be Alive,' the third album from Florida's Fake Problems, is so sublimely happy, that it'll leave you agreeing with the album title wholeheartedly. | 566 hits
Live Review: Soft Cell + Fuzz Light Years
In all the years of being a fan this was the first time I saw Marc 'live'. I had seen former associates of his from Vicious Pink some time back. | 766 hits
CD Review: Jack Butler - Fit The Paradigm
'Fit The Paradigm' is the debut single from Scotland's indie-rockers Jack Butler. The album kicks off with current single, 'Hit It Out The Park, Son' and, right from the start, frontman Liam Kelly has a voice to split opinion. | 1,329 hits
Live Review: Truvine + Kill Manticore + Interruptor Jones + Colin Mounsey
So this is the location for Wakefield's newest acoustic night (featuring two non-acoustic bands tonight, just for the hell of it). | 891 hits
CD Review: Senser - How To Do Battle
Rap-rock pioneers Senser have existed - in various incarnations - since the 80's, and their faux American accents, rapped vocals, vague but politically-charged ideology, and industrial-metal-meets-hip-hop backing tracks, feels seriously at odds with the current scene. | 1,488 hits
Live Review: The Fall + Allo Darlin' + The History of Apple Pie + The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band + Sky Larkin + The Chapman Family + Nine Black Alps + Post War Glamour Girls + The Do's + Let's Wrestle
This compact little metropolitan festival is a perfect aperitif to the season of summer behemoths about to kick off with Glastonbury. | 679 hits
Live Review: Slaves + We Were Promised Jetpacks + Yak + Hookworms + Rat Boy + Raketkanon + Plastic Mermaids + Gaz Coombes + Gengahr + Treason Kings + Polo
featuring.... Polo, Treason Kings, Gaz Coombes, Plastic Mermaids, Raketkanon, Rebecca Clements, The Mispers, Gengahr, Rat Boy, Hookworms, Yak, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Slaves Yay. | 751 hits
Live Review: Suicide Silence + Deez Nuts + Bleed From Within + More Than Life + TRC + Heart In Hand + Evita + Basement + Polar + Silent Screams + Crossbreaker + The Ocean Between Us
The Ocean Between Us have a tough job in opening up the 2nd day of Ghostfest, but rise to the occasion in spectacular style. | 1,410 hits
CD Review: Alestorm - Black Sails At Midnight
'Black Sails At Midnight' is one of those rare albums that'll leave you wondering "why has no-one tried this before?" Scottish four piece Alestorm take the gimmicky-but-actually-pretty-fun battle metal formula popularised by European metal bands such as Turisas, and replace references to Odin and Vikings with tales of quests, treasure and wenches. | 2,355 hits
CD Review: The Birdman Rallies - Moons
La! A new release from The Birdman Rallies! This is a brilliant (brilliant in the sense of effervescent, ebullient) album, just like all of the other material released by The Birdman Rallies, though with the added benefit of greater duration than their previous collections. | 673 hits
Live Review: Brutality Will Prevail + Carcer City + Comeback Kid + Broken Teeth + Brotherhood of the Lake + Heights + Grader + Heart Of A Coward + Heavy Hands + Ingested
Now in its 7th year of existence, Ghostfest is back to terrorise Leeds once more, swamping the city with tie-dye, snapbacks and more Desolated merch than a man can count. | 1,035 hits
Interview: Grammatics
Leeds is a graveyard. Here lies buried This Et Al, Immune, Forward Russia, Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst In To Flames, Polaris and Wintermute in amongst many others. Grammatics were added to the list of casualties on Friday 20th August 2010, their name now etched in stone, and I'm left with the distinct feeling that we fucked this one up more royally than most... | 1,734 hits
Live Review: Defeater + Pay No Respect + Last Witness + Bury Tomorrow + Odessa + Breaking Point + TRC + Departures + Demoraliser + Empires Fade + Polar
One of several bands making consecutive Ghostfest appearances, Polar have scaled the bill to the position of opening the Impericon stage for the Sunday of Ghostfest, a task which they tackle with much aplomb and gusto. | 612 hits
Live Review: Iron Maiden + Marilyn Manson + Incubus + Iggy & The Stooges + NOFX + Funeral for a Friend + Alkaline Trio + Turbonegro + My Chemical Romance
Dark sky in the morning, festival goers warning. Fucking brilliant ensemble of bands on the main stage tonight, festival goers delight. | 1,703 hits

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